ballbusting mixed wrestling leotard femdom fighting

Update: 27.01.2017

W-446 "Amaya vs Jack: Steel balls"

Gallery size: 140 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, ballbusting, 140 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

18 y.o. japanese female rookie against most experienced male fighter. Jack fights offensively, he takes a thin body of his female opponent and sends it flying then trying to finish a fight but Amaya uses all advantages of her flexible body and applying some wrestling holds, including bodyscissors and headscissors then trying to put Jack in headlock but he is really strong, her body was sent flying again! Jack's attack is fast, he lifts a girl up then drops her down to mat. When she stays knelt he kick her once and once but she blocks all his shots! His last kick has a direction to her head but young girl quickly moves down and kicks him into groin. Jack didn't waited for that, he tries to protect his balls when Amaya's other foot meets his head in the air. Big man is down on the knees, but his opponent doesn't give him a break! Merciless kick from behind right in the balls and powerful male fighter is immobilized and unable to defend himself! Amaya jumps to his back and grabs his trousers, stripping him naked before a big crowd of fans! Oh, what a shame! Naked and humiliated, Jack can't fight more, his leotard clad victress towering over him and pointing to his naked groin, now he has no choice and must submit! Amaya wants to leave a ring but Jack stops her and asks her for rematch. "It's not interesting for me", answers young lady, "because just two kicks in the groin made me a winner - you have too weak balls for fighting, big man!". Completely humiliated, Jack answers: "It was just so unexpected kicks, usually my balls can take a lot of pain and I'm still fighting!" - "Can you prove it, big man?", Amaya giggled - "Why not, let you kick me three times now, and if I'll stay on my feet you'll give me a rematch, O.K.?". Amaya laughed then pointed to the corner of the ring: "Well, let me kick you but don't try to protect yourself, you must receive a full-forced kicking without any moving!". Jack agrees and receives his punishment with the great stamina. "Well", Amaya says, "Looks like you won this challenge, do you still want a rematch?". Feeling a strong pain in his groin, Jack answers: "Yes, I want a rematch in boxing!". Amaya giggles: "You've choosed a boxing to protect your weak balls, big man? Are you so scared of young girl?". Jack has no choice, he must keep his reputation of fearless fighter! "No", he answers, "I don't scared, I'll give you a handicap - you can use your legs in our boxing fight, I'll win the match anyway!". Amaya just smiled: "Let's see!"