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mixed kickboxing sister vs brother high heels leotard femdom fighting ballbusting

Update: 27.05.2016
Gallery F-408 "No rules!"

Gallery size: 200 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 200 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.


No rules - no punches barred, no holds barred, really cruel MMA mixed fight!

John, the male fighter, says: "I do think physical competition is healthy in so many ways (being the winner I guess makes it easier to say that lol). I am always trying to get my gf's into this. Very few try but the ones that do end up loving it. I always imagine girls felt a sort of sexual "power" about wrestling a male. If they can emasculate us, they get off on it. Can any girls confirm or deny that theory? Whenever I see a girl in competitive wrestling, there's just some sort of drive about her that's different than a male. We get turned on by the physical contact, I think the girl gets turned on by the idea of dominating us. We have talked about it and she enjoys the dom style much more becasue it empowers her and she likes the idea of being competitive and winning".

Renata, the female fighter, says: "I explain to him, I can be sensual, but I don't do anything Sexual. It does not bother me if a man gets turned on during a session. In fact, it helps me win I enjoy teasing him and then using my power to mentally and physically dominate. I do not physically get turned on myself, however it is a psychological turn on. If that makes any sense... And my idea of sensual is just giving him the sexy eye as I look down upon his helpless face while sitting on him in a school girl pin. I've been wrestling my bf for about 4 months now and yes, it does arouse me. The physical contact for sure and the psychological impact of beating a guy at something guys normally win. I am very skilled actually and usually win kind of easily which definetly causes some awkward moments when I make it sexual. The struggle is the best part!! I love when he resists, it excites me that much more. I know this will sound bad but if he gets angry or sore, I get even more excited which I feel bad about but I cant deny how thrilling it is too. I don't like a guy giving up especially when he's turned on. I prefer him to get mad that he can't so easily be dominant. Much sexier. Like him to struggle and try to turn the tables on me, to re-assert his supremacy in front of his mates and his girl. Then I've got a challenge on my hands, but I like that!"

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