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Update: 17.12.2021        F-707 "Fury girls"

F/F and mixed wrestling, 200 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Nicole has been pissed every since Sumiko beat her ass in the cage last month. Sumiko won their fight series 4 to 3 and was crowned the worlds best Atomweigth female fighter in the world. Nicole was humiliated by Sumiko in one round. Sumiko submitted her and then knocked her out and has been celebrating on social media with her fans. The fact is Nicole was on social media making excuses for her loss as soon as she had recovered from what Sumiko did to her.

Nicole claimed she was not able to train properly for the fight. She had been sick with the flu days before the fight. She did not know all of the rules of the fight. Sumiko got lucky and Nicole was unlucky. Nicole would win a rematch if Sumiko was willing to fight her again.

Sumiko was tired of Nicole and all of the whining. Sumiko had beaten Nicole in 4 different fighting styles completely dominating her. Nicole was dominant in only 1 fight and the other 2 she won Sumiko had her beat, but made huge mistakes to let Nicole comeback and win. Sumiko accepted Nicole's challenge to fight and she let Nicole pick the style. Nicole wants to box in a ring. Sumiko agrees, but she wants to fight with MMA gloves. Sumiko let's Nicole know she likes the smaller gloves. That way she can hear Nicole whimper as her fists pound Nicole ribs and jaw. Nicole agrees to the rules and they will fight at Kimiko and Todd's gym. Todd will film the fight so the winner has proof of their superiority.

Fight Night is here and the girls meet in the same ring that Todd had lost to the Perfect 10 Sapphire in one round. Sexy Nicole is wearing red and the beautiful Sumiko is in Yellow. Todd is wearing tan shorts and manning the camera. Kimiko will be in brown and look exactly like she did when she reffed the MMA fight all brown with the ponytail.

The girls enter the ring Nicole is warming up and Sumiko hugs Todd and tells him "I am going to knock out this whore just for you" Todd has a big smile Sumiko calls Nicole the whore that keeps losing Nicole calls Sumiko the bitch that got really lucky The girls have a stare down Todd announces both of them Todd says "the rules are simple this is boxing match to the finish. The winner will knock out or make the loser quit"

The bell rings and the girls take their fighting stances. Nicole fires a left jab Sumiko easily slips it. Sumiko fires a left jab that snaps Nicole's head back. Sumiko tells her "like that whore" Nicole is pissed and throws a wild right that Sumiko ducks under Sumiko then lands a punishing left hook to the ribs.

Nicole face is stunned and she tries to back pedal. Sumiko steps in and lands a perfect right cross to the chin. Nicole is flat on her back and Sumiko standing over her tells her "Another 1st Round KO Whore?" Sumiko with her gloves on her hips starts to counts "1,2,3 Nicole the queen of bad decisions" Nicole on all fours as Sumiko counts "4,5,6 Nicole you are not women enough to fight me" Nicole on her knees as Sumiko counts "7,8,9 Nicole did I punch you too hard?" Nicole stays on her knees and Sumiko counts "10 and I win again I knocked out Nicole again!"

Sumiko raises her hands and says"The winner by 1st round KO AGAIN the great Sumiko"

Sumiko tells Nicole to get on her back and plants her foot on Nicole's chest.

Sumiko tells the crowd "Hope you enjoyed the fight tonight I don't think Nicole did!"

Sumiko looking down at Nicole tells her "Once again i proven I am the better woman and you are a WHORE!"

Sumiko sits on Nicole in a schoolgirl pin and says "I am so sick of you Nicole you need to go away"

Sumiko stands up and stares down at Nicole and laughs and says "That was an easy FIGHT!!

Sumiko hugs and kisses Todd and tells him "Come on upstairs if you want to be dominated" Todd says "Yes Please"

Sumiko leaves the ring and Todd tries to help Nicole up

Nicole yells at Todd "I lost because of you!! 

Nicole gets up and pushes Todd and demands "He fight her right now put your gloves on if you are man enough"

Nicole and Todd do a stare down and Nicole tells Todd "The only way to win the fight is by KO or if I beat you up and make you quit you pussy" Todd says "Fine with me boxing match with small gloves"

They do a stare down

Kimiko grabs the camera and tells them to FIGHT

Nicole lands a left jab

Todd throws a left jab but Nicole slips it

Nicole lands a right cross 

Todd clinches

Nicole overpowers him and pushes him into the ropes

Nicole lands a left tot he body Todd feels pain

Nicole then lands a right to the body Todd's eye show the pain

Todd protects his body, so Nicole hits him left hook to the chin

Nicole lands a right to the chin

Todd protects his face and Nicole hits him with a left right to the body.

Todd drops to his knees Nicole yells "Too Soon"

Nicole standing over him with her hands on her hips tells him "No count be a man you get up and fight me"

They face each other in the middle of the ring. Todd is in trouble

Nicole lands a left jab 

Todd's hands cover his face and Nicole lands a right to the body

Nicole with a big smile and tells Todd "It is time for the knockout"

Nicole with a left jab

Nicole with a right hand to the body

Nicole with a left hook to the chin

Nicole with a right cross to the chin

Todd staggers and drops his hands

Nicole with a huge left hook to the chin

Todd drops and Nicole stands over him with her hands on her hips. She says "Todd I think the fight is over and I WON"

Nicole counts 1,2,3 tells Todd "I don't think you are man enough to fight me"

Nicole counts 4,5,6 tells Todd "I am the dominate one and you are my bitch"

Nicole counts 7,8,9 tells Todd "In fact you are my bottom bitch"

Todd sits up as Nicole counts 10 and KO tells Todd "I have proven you are not man enough to fight me"

Nicole is not done and puts Todd in a rear naked choke

Nicole tells Todd "I am the boss and you need to submit my bottom bitch"

Todd yells out "I Submit you are the boss and I am the bottom bitch"

Nicole for fun moves into a reverse head scissors and with Todd on his back she squeezes hard

Nicole says "Does my bottom bitch Todd submit?" 

Nicole with a big smile as Todd yells "Please stop squeezing I Submit to Nicole and I am your bottom bitch"

Nicole moves into a reverse face sit and tells Todd "Now I am taking you sexually bottom bitch.

Nicole shows Todd's loser erection.

Nicole starts to rub him as Kimiko tells her "No"

Nicole feeling dominate finishes off Todd in a few strokes.

Kimiko is pissed and get in Nicole's face.

Nicole getting cocky challenges Kimiko to do something about it.

Kimiko puts her brown MMA gloves on that match her one piece

The girls do a stare down.

Nicole tells Kimiko "are you sure you want to fight me after what I did to you bitch hubby"

Kimiko tells Nicole "I saw what Sumiko did to you bitch, so YES I want to fight you right now"

They square up Sumiko comes in and takes the camera

Nicole throws a left jab that Kimiko easily slips 

Kimiko smiles and hits Nicole with a powerful left jab snapping her head back.

Kimiko lands a right cross on Nicole's jaw. 

Nicole staggers backwards and drops her hands

Kimiko steps in and lands a left hook to the jaw.

Nicole hits the canvas dazed and confused

Kimiko stands over her with her hands on her hips and says "Nicole I think you are the bottom bitch"

Kimiko raises her arms in victory

Kimiko starts the counts "1.2.3. I think I taught you a lesson Nicole"

Kimiko counts "4,5,6 You can beat up my hubby, but he belongs to me sexually"

Kimiko counts "7,8,9 I am the Queen Bee Nicole and you are the bottom bitch"

Kimiko counts "10 and your out bottom bitch" as she raises her arms in victory

Kimiko plants her foot on the defeated Nicole and does a victory pose

Kimiko schoolgirl pins Nicole and ask her "Who owns Todd" Nicole says "Kimiko"

Kimiko asks Nicole "who owns you Nicole you bottom bitch" and Nicole says "Kimiko"

Kimiko gets up and plants her foot on Nicole as Sumiko raises her hand.

Sumiko announces "The winner of this challenge by 1st round knockout the Stunning Kimiko"

They girls hug and Sumiko tells Kimiko "You laid Nicole out you are so powerful"

Kimiko kisses Sumiko while feeling her breasts and says "I had to match what you did to her"

Kimiko asks Sumiko "do you want to go upstairs and have a little wrestling match" Sumiko says "YES I want to wrestle you"

Kimiko tells Sumiko "Winner get to be on top" Sumiko says "Are you going to be ok being on the bottom?"

Kimiko laughs and hugs Sumiko and says"I am going to kick your perfect ass"

Kimiko asks Sumiko"which of us was more dominant in beating up Nicole" Sumiko says "Both of Us"  

They leave the ring, but look back at Nicole who is on her knees and they both say: "We agree Nicole is the true bottom bitch!"

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