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Update: 24.11.2017

F-492 "Ballerina fights back"

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Lady Vivian Danforth was as usual fully ready to begin rehearsals. As is her custom she is always on time and ready. That however cannot be said about her dance partner Gavin Honeycutt. Gavin looked upon himself as a huge star in the ballet world. He felt his stardom entitled him to ignore the rules. That he was above the petty needs of normal people. He had great talent and was a star of huge magnitude. He included in those lower forms of life his dance partner Lady Vivian. She was there only to enhance his image and make him look good. 

This attitude has been going on for over a month now. Gavin arriving when it suited him, keeping her waiting as long as he wanted. Day after day, rehearsal after rehearsal Lady Vivian was on time and ready. And Day after day, Rehearsal after rehearsal Gavin wondering in when he felt like. Finally she had enough. Today she would tell him about his atrocious behavior. 

And sure enough there he was arriving late and strutting about like some prince. That was it the time had come “Gavin, this has to stop!! I will not tolerate your behavior any longer. From this day on you will be on time and ready to dance, is that understood?”
Gavin looked at her like she was from Mars. “OR WHAT!!! What are you going to do about? I’m the star here, not you. Your job is to make me look good. So keep your mouth shut and do as I tell you. I’ll show up when I’m ready and not before!!! And so the rehearsal went on, Gavin strutting about and Lady Vivian fuming at him. 
The next day things started just as they always did, Lady Vivian on time and ready and Gavin arriving as he pleased. However today would be different. Today would change attitudes. Today would hold a huge surprise for one dancer. 


She began with her usual warm-ups. As always she was alone. She is Lady Vivian Danforth one of the world’s best young dancers. She is in black from her neck to her toes. A shiny black thong leotard, shiny black tights and black ballet slippers. For almost twenty minutes Vivian did warm ups and dance moves. To say she is fuming is an understatement. She is red hot livid. 

Suddenly the door flies open and the subject of her anger struts in. Gavin Honeycutt the self appointed star of this ballet. He is bare chested but wearing light gray tights and ballet boots. Lady Vivian is lovely but Gavin is stunning. Handsome does not begin to describe how he looks. Those shiny gray tights leave nothing to the imagination, it’s very clear he is all man, with a huge bulge.   
He takes several steps into the rehearsal hall , looks at her and says “I am now ready to begin. I hope you are prepared.” With this her anger boils over, “Ready? You hope I’m ready? You arrogant, pompous ass!! I have been ready for over 40 minutes. I’ve been here waiting for you!!!!  He looks down his nose at her and tells her “Well wait no longer, I am here and ready to begin.” 


That’s it for Lady Vivian, she has had all she can take from this egotistical male. After months of his constant lateness and belittlement her anger boils over. She comes face to face with Gavin, Behind her back her fist is locked tightly. “I’ve had enough of you. You’re not nearly as good as you think you are. It’s I that carries you. You are no more that a mediocre dancer”. 
Before Gavin can respond Lady Vivian swings her balled up fist and hits him square on his chin. The stunned male dancer staggers back a few steps and falls to the floor. Lying there face up he does not move. It seems that Lady Vivian’s punch has knocked him out. A now frustrated Vivian is shocked by how easily she was able to knock-out Gavin Honeycutt. 


Unconscious, Gavin lies on the floor unmoving. His legs are stiff, his arms are out to his side and the only movement from him is his chest going up and down as he breaths. Lady Vivian jumps on his chest and begins to slap his face. “Wake up you coward, wake up!! I’m not finished with you. Get up a fight like a man!!” 
After several slaps to his face Gavin slowly comes to. He looks up and sees Lady Vivian sitting on his chest. “What happened? What did you do to me? Why am I on the floor?” Still very angry she grabs his arms and pins them to the floor. “I’ll tell you what happened, I punched you. I hit you right on your chin. I knocked you out!! You’re not much of a man. It only took one punch. 
With that Lady Vivian begins to slap Gavin again and again. Four of five hard slaps sting his face. He struggles to get his arms free to protect his face. Tears begin to form in his eyes and roll down his cheeks. Soon he begins to cry out to her. “Let me go!! Let me go!!! You’re hurting me, please let me go!!"


Vivian now knows what she has suspected all along, Gavin Honeycutt is a frightened coward. Slowly she stands looking down on him. He begins to get to his feet. He struggles getting to one knee. Then slowly he stands up. “I’m leaving. No one can treat me like that. I should smack you down!” Lady Vivian smirks as he say that. “You’re not going any were. I’m not done with you yet!!”
As he stands there looking at her, Lady Vivian draws back and punches Gavin right in his stomach. The punch lands just below the waistband of his shiny gray tights. “OOOOFFFF!!! Gavin staggers back a few feet. His hands go instantly to his belly as he bends over slightly at the waist. A look of fear and pain crosses his face. He is afraid of what may be coming next. He does not have to wait long. Still holding his belly, he is unable to stop Vivian’s next punch. Her left fist crashes into his chin, exploding like a bomb. Gavin staggers to his right stumbling as he goes. After only a few steps he drops to his knees. 


For the second time in the last 3 or 4 minutes Lady Vivian has knocked down Gavin Honeycutt. On his knees in front of her Gavin looks up at her in fear. Her cries out to her “PLEASE-PLEASE, don’t hit me again!! You’re hurting me, please don’t hit me!!! A smile crosses Vivian’s face, OK, Gavin I won’t hit you!!” 
What she does do though is push Gavin’s head between her legs. With his head held there she begins to squeeze. As the pressure on his head increases Gavin grabs at her legs trying to pull them apart. It is no use, she is too strong for him.  


Gavin struggles trying to pull Lady Vivian’s legs apart. After a minute or two he begins to plead with her. “STOP!!! Please stop, it hurts too much!! I can’t stand any more, please let me go!!” Vivian has no mercy for Gavin, as she continues to squeeze him for another minute. 

At last she finally lets him go. On his knees, Gavin buries his head in his hands and begins to sob. “Please no more, it hurts too much. Why are you doing this to me? I’ve never hurt you!” Vivian chuckles as he says this. “You hurt me? That’s a laugh. You could never hurt me. I’m much tougher that you are.”  Vivian explains that before she became a ballerina she was a high school and collage wrestlers. And that Gavin Honeycutt is no match for her.


After an additional minute or so Lady Vivian releases Gavin’s and tells him “Get off your knees and stand up!!” Gavin does as he is told and gets to his feet. 

“You need to be taught more of a lesson Gavin!!” A now terrified Gavin Honeycutt, tears running down his face begs Vivian to tell him what she is going to do to him. “WH-WH-What are you going to do to me? The Lady Vivian explains to him that it can be painful if you treat a Lady poorly. Gavin’s face becomes a mask of fear. “NO-NO!!! Please don’t do this!!! Don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me”. It’s already too late for the young male dancer. Vivian has grabbed his arm and twisted up behind his back. 

Gavin twists and turns trying to get free. He has neither the skill or the strength to break her hold. After a few seconds he begins to wine and sob “AAAAHH!! OOOOOOHH! My arm- OH god my arm!!! Vivian takes this opportunity to inflict lots more pain on Gavin.

After bending each of his arms in painful HAMMER-LOCKS she grabs then pulls them back into a shoulder breaking SURF-BOARD. Gavin can no longer speak, he is openly crying and the tears running down his face are obvious. Lady Vivian is delighted to see her arrogant dance partner in tears. “Is that you crying Gavin? This must really hurt. Does it really hurt Gavin? Are you in pain?” Gavin sniffles and answers “YES-YES, it really hurts. Why are you doing this? It really hurts!!!” 

Releasing his arms Lady Vivian raps her arms around Gavin’s head and slowly begins to squeeze. He looks around wide eyed trying to figure out what is happening to him. Soon his arms weaken and fall to his sides. “What’s happening to me? I’m getting weaker. What are you doing?”  Gavin’s head drops to his chest as Vivian tells him what she is doing to him. “I knocking you out Gavin. This is called a sleeper hold and it will leave you unconscious”.  As his mind begins to fog over Gavin begs her to stop. “NO-NO!!! PLEASE don’t knock me out!! I GIVE UP!!! You win, you’ve beaten me. PLEASE-PLEASE Don’t do this!!! Don’t knock me oooouutt!”  
It’s over, Gavin lies on the floor on his back eyes closed out cold. Lady Vivian looks down on him “Maybe that will teach you to respect a Lady. She may be able to kick your butt.”