CFNM leotard femdom UFC mixed wrestling woman wins

Latest update: 13.06.2018

F-522 "New fighting night"

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This is what all the new young fighters are waiting for, their night to shine. There are three rookie matches on tonight’s card. All three are CFNM matches. All of the fighters are making their first appearance in the cage. All of them have just graduated from fight school. 


First up are 24 yr old Mike Zinder and facing him is 19 yr old Sandra Abbot. As mike enters the cage there is a wild screaming reception for the handsome young fighter. The reason for all the screaming is that Mike is extremely well endowed, his manhood is enormous. Sandra on the other hand is welcomed by polite applause. At 5 ft 11in Mike is slightly taller that Sandra. And at 142 lbs he is also just slightly heavier. Both have just finished their training. Mike has on light green boots and light green fighting gloves.  Sandra is in a skintight thong cut leotard dark pantyhose and with black boots and gloves.

The ref gives his instructions and sends the two fighters to opposite side of the cage. This is a three, five minute round match. The bell sounds and the fight begins. Mike and Sandra come straight at each other. Both are in the fighters stance shoulders turned hands up guarding their faces. Mike throws a quick jab that lands on Sandra’s face and she backs off. Trying to find the range Mike follows her trying to reach her with his jab. 

Sandra has gone defensive and is making Mike miss most of his punches. As she blocks Mike’s attack she is also trying to time his shots. Mike throws a jab that misses as Sandra ducks under it. With blinding speed she counters his jab with a smashing punch to his jaw. She follows that with a hard shot to his mid-section. Then lands a stiff upper-cut to his chin. 

Mike stumbles backward his hands drop and he falls to his knees. 28 seconds into his very first fight, Mike  has been knocked down by his younger opponent. The ringside announcers call the action “ He’s down. Mike Zinder has been knocked down. 28 seconds into to his very first fight and he is down.” The ref is standing over him and has begun the count. “ONE – TWO – THREE – FOUR – FIVE”  Mike has gotten to one knee and is trying to get to his feet. “SIX – SEVEN – EIGHT” Mike has gotten to his feet and has indicated he wants to continue to fight. 

As the ref signals for the fight to continue Sandra quickly moves in on her opponent. “BAM!!! BAM!!! BAM!!! Sandra lands three very hard body shots to Mikes mid-section and side. Everyone sitting a cage side can see the Mike is hurt and also very scared. His face is a mask of pain and fear. The ref is keeping a very close eye on him, to see if he wants to quit. 

He never gets the chance to submit. Sandra moves in on him and begins to throw punches. The now battered and dazed 24 yr old male fighter cannot hold her off. BAM!!! BAM!!! BAM!!! BAM!!! Sandra lands a devastating four punch combination on Mike. 

Her first punch lands directly in the center of his abdomen. This punch forces all the air out of his lungs. It also doubles him over enabling her to land a sizzling upper-cut. Mike is straightened up by the punch and his head is sent rolling back on his neck. With his head back Mike can no longer see her punches coming. Her third punch is a straight right hand the crashes into his chin. 

Most observers at cage side believe that Mike was knocked out by this punch. Taking no chances Sandra lands a left hook the catches Mike on his cheek as he is on his way down to the mat. He lands on his butt and falls over onto his back.

The ref moves in on the downed fighter and begins the count “ONE – TWO – THREE – FOUR – FIVE – SIX – SEVEN – EIGHT – NINE – TEN!!!! The ref waives his hands signaling that 24 yr old Mike Zinder has been knocked out by his 19yr old female opponent Sandra Abbott.  

Mike is lying stretched out on the mat. The trained is kneeling beside the beaten fight. Across the cage his young opponent is all smiles and is happily holding her arms in the air. The announcer begins:


All during the announcement the trainer has been working on Mike Zinder. He is still down on the mat as Sandra comes over to see him. She looks down on him and a sly smile crosses her face as she exits the cage.   


The second of the newcomer fights futures two older fighter, first 31 yr old Ari Goldman. He will be facing 29 yr old  Greta Herzfeld. Although a little older than most fight time fighters, both are in fantastic physical condition. Ari enters the ring wearing red boots and red gloves. Greta has on a very tight thong cut leotard. It hugs her excellent figure very tightly. The outline of every curve is well defined. 

With all the preliminaries now finished the fighters wait for the bell. BONG!!! Both fighters race at each other ready to fight. Ari is first to land as he hits Greta with two hard body shots. She takes both punches very well and fires back at Ari.  Her first punch miss it’s mark, but the second lands flush on Ari’s chin. The punch drives him backward into the cage wall. Greta races after him and quickly begins to pound him. In rapid suction four or five hard punches crash into Ari’s body and head. 

17 seconds into the fight and Ari is on his way to the mat. Greta’s punches have knocked him off his feet and onto all fours. With Ari down on his hands and knees the ref begins, “ONE – TWO – THREE”  He is very quickly back to his feet and ready to continue. 

For the rest of the round the two fighters pound each other without mercy. Just seconds after his knock down Ari is give Greta all she can handle. His punches have penetrated her guard and are landing with great regularity. As for Greta she is also landing punches that hurt Ari. 

With less than a minute left in the first round Ari has driven Greta back against the cage wall. With her guard held high Ari is slamming punches into her middle. Holding her back against the cage he pounds on her stomach. With only seconds left in the round Ari steps back and Greta slowly slides down the cage wall to her knees. The ref moves in and start to count her. Greta using the wire cage slowly pulls herself up just as the bell rings, BONG!!! The first round ends with both fighters having been knocked down. Back on their stools their trainers work to revive both fighters.  

Round two begins just as round one ended. Both fighters come at each other with fire in their eyes. Greta begins to pound Ari with heavy punches. He takes several very hard shots and is forced to clinch and tie Greta up. Back and forth the fight goes between the two fighters. Both have begun to show signs of how hard they are fighting. Ari now has a swollen eye and cheek and Great has a cut lip and several welts on her face. Round two ends with both of them breathing hard as they return to their stools. 

Round three is a mirror of the first two rounds. At the two minute mark Greta is again able to knock Ari down send his crashing to the mat on his back. He quickly is back on his feet even before the ref can count. He has suffered his second knock down. 

At the round continues both fight give it everything they have. Punch after punch lands on them both. Each fight is staggered and the signs of a very hard fight are on their faces. With a minute and 40 seconds left in the fight Ari drives his fist into Greta’s stomach and follows that with a right hand to her cheek. Greta stumbles backward and fall to the mat. She has now suffered her second knock down. 

The ref is quickly over her counting for the knock out. “ONE – TWO – THREE – FOUR – FIVE!!!!"  To the surprise of everyone Greta struggles to her feet and the ref signals for the fight to go on. For the next minute both fighter throw every punch they can. Each knows that the next knock down can win the fight. Punch after punch slam into each of them. Finally it is over, both fight stagger back to their stools. 

For almost all of round three the crowd has been on its feet cheering both fighter. They continue to cheer them both as they sit on their stools trying to recover for this fight. They is a delay as the judges try and score the fight. It takes almost three minutes to get the decision. As the announcer begins there is almost dead silence in the arena. 

"Fight fans, the three judges as well as the referee all agree THIS FIGHT IS DECLAIRED A DRAW!!!"


The crowd begins to cheer wildly as the decision is announced. Ari and Greta meet in the middle of the ring and hug each other. 

Then it was time for the last of the three rookie fights. This fight would feature a set of twins facing  each other. Hannah Stewart vs. her twin brother Blake. So far as anyone knows this is the first time in league history that twins have faced each other.

In his dressing room Blake slips out of his street cloths. He laces on light blue boots and pulls on light blue gloves. Across the hall his twin sister is also preparing to fight. She removes her jeans, top and bra then slips off her panties. Next she stretches shiny black pantyhose over her legs and butt. She then wiggles into a shiny white spandex leotard. It fits her tighter that a second skin. Every bump and curve are clearly visible. You can see her young per key nipples thru her leotard. She steps into shiny white boots and then pulls on white gloves. Both young fighters are ready.   

The crowd cheers as the twins enter the cage. The Announcer begins: 

“Fight fans, this is a three round fight. It features a brother vs. sister fight. To my right we have Hannah Stewart and to my left her opponent as well as her twin brother. Blake Stewart"


The ref calls both fighters to the center of the cage to give her instructions. With that done, both fighters shake hands and give each other a quick embrace. The sound of the bell sends them at each other. BONG!!!! They both come out and move toward each other. They seem at first very tentative. Almost as if they do not want to hurt each other. 


From the fans comes a smattering of boos. With that both fighters acknowledge they if they want to be pro fighters they must fight everyone and anyone the enters the cage with them. They each begin to punch. Blake seems to be more aggressive that his twin sister. He begins to land his jab and several sharp body shots. 

Those punches cause Hannah to raise her guard to block Blake’s jabs. She has begun to time her brothers punches. JAB!!! JAB!! JAB!! Blake throws three hard jabs at his sister. Hannah has timed all three of his jabs and none have gotten between her guard. As the third jab lands Hannah counters with a  very hard hook to Blake’s body. 

The eighteen yr old male fighter bends sideways and pulls his elbow in tight to cover his side. It was very clear to those at ringside that Blake winced with the punch. Blake, Hannah and the fans now know that Hannah can and has hurt her brother. It seems that she has some punching power. 

Quickly realizing that she can hit Blake and hurt him Hannah picks up the pace. Now it’s her jab that is landing. JAB!!! JAB!!! BANG!!!! Hannah has found the rhythm of Blake’s punches and is countering that. Blake tries a double jab followed by a straight right hand. Hannah block both jabs and quickly moves out of the way of the heavy punch. 

With Blake off balance from the punches he has just thorn, Hannah lands a hard straight shot to Blake’s chin. The 18 yr old male stumbles backward and falls to the mat on his back. It seems to be a flash knock down. The ref moves in but Blake is very quickly back on his feet. The ref asks him if he is OK and Blake nods yes. 

Realizing that his twin sister can punch, Blake tries a new tact. As he gets to his feet and the ref says to continue Blake charges toward Hannah. Taken by surprise Blake takes her to the mat. His tact is to now try to wrestle her. 

Knowing he is already behind in this fight do to being knocked down, he will now try to get a submission on Hannah.  Back and forth they wrestle. Hannah manages to get Blake off her and then she is on top of him. She grabs is legs and pulls them up. Bending him in half at his waist. She holds him there as he struggles to get free. Bent like that makes it very hard for him to breath. 

Blake is finally able to get his legs free and reverses his sister, putting her into a waist scissors. He clamps down tightly on the scissors and has Hannah moaning in pain. “Can’t breathe, can’t breathe. You’re hurting me Blake, you’re hurting me!!” Now having the upper hand Blake continues to squeeze his sister tightly. 
For over a minute Hannah struggles in Blake’s hold. She twists and wiggles trying to get free. After about 30 seconds of that the ref comes to her. “What do you say Hannah? Want to submit? I can stop it, do you want to give up? The pain and the struggle are very clearly showing on Hannah’s face. She looks up at the ref, “NO – NO, don’t want to submit!! Don’t stop it!!!" 


At last Hannah is able to escape from Blake’s hold. She quickly gets to her feet as does Blake. Once again Blake charges at her. This time she is ready for him. She side steps him as he comes at her. He slips by her, and she grabs his arm as he does. 

Taking her brothers arm she twists it up behind him into a hammer lock. She then kicks him very hard in the back of his legs sending him to the mat on his knees. Hannah grabs both of Blake’s arms and pulls them behind him. After only a few seconds Blake is screaming in pain. “MY ARM’S, YOU’RE GOING TO BREAK MY ARMS!!!!”. 

Blake slowly rises to his feet. Once up, he tries to break Hanna’s hold on him. He manages to free one of his arms, but before he can do anything Hannah grabs him around the neck and locks on a DRAGON-NECK BREAKER. Blake is bent backward by the hold. His large manhood is very prominently displayed for all to see. 

After struggling for almost 30 seconds all Blake has managed to do id tighten Hannah’s hold on him. Everyone in the crowd can see him gasping for air. He is now desperately clawing at his twin sisters arm that are around him neck. 

“I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!! You’re chocking me, I can’t breathe!!!” This is however Hannah’s plan. She hopes to be able to weaken her brother enough for her to overcome his advantage in strength.  

Hannah now shifts he hold on Blake. Spinning him around she now has him in a FRONT-HEAD LOCK. Blake is now bent over at the waist with his head trapped by Hannah’s arm around his neck. Again she is restricting his air flow. Holding him tightly she lifts her leg up between his and flips him over onto his back. 

Blake is now stretched out on the mat with Hannah on top of him. She is now actually sitting on his manhood holding him down. 

With him under her, Hannah begins to pound Blake with both of her fists. Punch after punch slams into the helpless male fighter. Blake holds his arms up in front of his head trying to block some of Hannah’s punch with very little success. 

After over two minutes of pounding on her brother Hannah raises up to her knees. Kneeling over him she rolls a barely conscious Blake onto his front. She then gets to her feet and grabs his arm. As Blake stairs up into the lights Hannah pulls his arm out straight and locks him into an ARM-BAR.

She now has her twin brother locked into one of the most painful hold in cage fighting. As for Blake he snaps back almost instantly. He begins to kick his legs wildly. The pain of the hold has turned him into a wild man. The expression on his face is one of both fear an horrible pain. He begins to scream with the pain “AAAAAAAHHH!!!, NOOOO!! NNOOOO!! MY ARM, OH GOD MY ARM!!!! 

Within only a few seconds Blake is screaming his surrender to Hannah. 



The ref calls for the ball and tells Hannah to release Blake. “Let him go Hannah, let him go!! he’s given up. You’ve defeated him!!"


Hannah quickly lets go of her beaten twin brother and gets to her feet. As for Blake he is on the mat curled up holding his arm. The ref has come to Blake and is kneeling down beside him. “Are you OK Blake? Do you need help?" With tears running down his face 18yr old Blake answers. “My arm, I can’t move my arm. I’ll need help getting up"

At the announcement is made that Hannah has beaten her brother by submission, Blake has been helped to his feet and is on his way out of the cage. Back in his dressing room Blake is lying on the rub down table still wearing his light blue boots and gloves. His injured arm is draped across his chest as he holds it with his good arm. 

It is then that door opens and Hannah comes in. Going straight to were her brother in lying Hannah asks, “Blake are you OK? Is your arm OK?” Blake looks up at his sister, “How Hannah, how were you able to beat me so badly? I’m stronger that you and faster that you. How could you defeat me like that?"

Hannah then tells her brother how she won the fight. “I beat you because that is what you were thinking. That you are stronger than me and faster than me. That’s how I beat you. You are only a little stronger and a little faster. But I am a much tougher fighter that you. That is how I defeated you Blake!!"  Having told her brother that Hannah turns and leaves the room with Blake lying on the table with tears running down his cheeks.