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mixed wrestling leotard erotic fighting CFNM massage sex

Update: 30.12.2016

W-442 "A massage or a struggle?"

Gallery size: 140 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 140 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

It was a first date of Rob and Hettie. This girl is playful, she is a professional massagist and Rob felt very nice in her hands. He asked Hettie: "I have a mixed wrestling fetish - is this alright? I can't exactly remember where in my life it stemmed from. But I am turned on by women defeating men in wrestling. And this is a fetish I'm very immersed in. I'm still trying real hard to find a girl to do this with me, but I haven't had any luck yet. I had some girlfriends in the past, but they preferred not to play it out with me. I guess my ultimate fantasy is being trapped in a girl's headscissors while she's wearing a leotard. I think the headscissors thrills me the most because in a sense its a very erotic and humiliating hold. Can you play with me please?"

Hettie just laughed: "Well though I know for a fact I would look like slut in a leotard, I can assure you that you are not alone. I love wrestling, ESPECIALLY before sex. Usually I'm just wrestling for fun and I get so turned on by it that I end up having sexual pleasure!"

Rob was really happy to find a girl of his dream! He says: "Girls, would you think it's weird for a guy to have a mixed wrestling fetish? That's when a guy and a girl wrestle and the girl wins. My absolute favorite hold is when my sexy girlfriend gets me in a reverse figure four headscissors. Once she has the hold applied she slowly tightens it, pulling on her upper ankle as my face is forced further and further up between the smothering cheeks of her amazing arse, pushing my nose right up against her anus. As she works the hold, wriggling her arse into my helpless face, I can feel her crotch getting wetter and wetter as she enjoys her dominant position over me. When she is ready, she reaches back with her free hand and pulls the crotch of her leotard aside so my face is pressed tight into her wet smothering crotch. She then makes me earn every breath of air by using my tongue to pleasure her to orgasm."

Hettie says: "My boyfriend has always liked play wrestling with me, or should I perhaps say used to like it. He is not a big muscular man, good looking though if you prefer the slim type. He used to let me get the upper hand and I straddled him with exultation. He has tried to throw off his female rider but I held him down in schoolgirl pin. After ten minutes of fighting where he almost freed himself a couple of times he started to get real tired while I was still rather fresh. I slowly pressed him to his back and pinned him easily. He was just too tired to resist because I have jerked off my boyfriend most days of the week, to say the least. I'm wondering if all this could be making him physically weak. I beat him wrestling. If him coming too much would contribute to being weaker?"

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