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mixed boxing leotard femdom fight woman win

Update: 21.10.2016

B-432 "Michelle vs Juan"


Gallery size: 180 Full HD pictures

Mixed boxing, 180 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Young girls are capable to successfully compete with boys in some contact combative sports. Coed training and sparring with men are very useful for formation of a woman fighter. Working out together with male fighters, women can learn a lot: techniques, speed, aggression, dexterity, boldness, toughness and many more. Girls like to compete against men. Even if they lose they still look very womanly and prettily, even more than if win. Mixed wrestling always run ardently and everyone has a good time. Female contestants have a good opportunity to attract general attention and to be subjects of admiration.

Juan, the male fighter, says: "My GF is a die hard gym rat. She takes kickboxing and other classes. Recently she wanted to put on the gloves with me, said it would be good foreplay. It sounds different, like it might be arousing. Of course, I could never actually spar with her and hit her hard or attempt to hurt her, not in me to strike a woman. I enjoy boxing with my girlfriend as a form of foreplay (of course i let her win) then after she wins, she makes me do to her what she wants and does to me whatever she wants, and beats me up with the boxing gloves, I really enjoy this, for some reason it really turns me on when she beats me with the gloves on!"

Michelle, the female fighter, says: "I like to make boys cry. I've got the perfect, exotic face and fine-boned body of a supermodel (in fact, I started modeling when I was 16). Some girls don t want to be seen as sexual objects, but I don t mind at all. It gives me incredible power that I just love to use. If he tries to force himself on me, I jab my fist into his balls (the first time I did that, at age 14, I had an orgasm)!".

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