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CFNM femdom mixed wrestling facebusting

Update: 13.07.2018

W-526 "CFNM wrestling league 2"

Gallery size: 420 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 420 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

The new league has been a smashing success. Starting out with just a few fans, it has now reached over a thousand. Tickets for the matches are getting harder and harder to get and the price has also risen. Also very surprising the fans as well as some of the wrestlers have begun to suggest different types of matches and very specific match nights.


Tonight is one of those nights. There are three matches on the card tonight. All of them are husband vs. wife matches. Some are to prove dominance of one partner over the other. Some are to settle long standing arguments between husband and wife. All of them will be to a finish and the winner will be able to dictate to the loser. 

First up will be Tim Mathews vs. Lynda Mathews his wife. No one but the two wrestlers knows what the outcome will mean. Both have agreed that this match will settle the difference between them. 
Tim is 34 yrs old and a partner in a downtown law firm. He is athletic and well built. He is also extremely good looking and very well developed in the manhood. Lynda his wife is a socialite that does good works in the community. She is 28yrs old and a stunning beauty. 


Tim comes to the ring wearing light blue boots. Lynda enters with a sparkling green thong cut leotard, green boots and black pantyhose. As she enters the ring calls and whistles rise from the crowd.      

The has given her instructions and both wrestlers are in their corners waiting for the bell. BONG!!! Both wrestlers exit their corners and come toward each other. KABAM!!! Lynda has launched a SPINNING SIDE KICK that has exploded on the side of Tim’s face. Tim staggers backward and then sideward and then drops to the mat on his back. 3 seconds into the match Lynda Mathews has knocked her husband Tim down. 

Tim is on the mat stretched out on his back with his legs spread apart. Lynda has gone to a neutral corner with her arms held high in the air. She believes that she has knocked Tim out. The ref comes to were Tim is lying. “ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR-FIVE.” Tim has rolled to the ropes and has gotten to his knees. “SIX-SEVEN”. He has gotten to his feet, but is bent over at the waist holding the ropes. “EIGHT –NINE”. Tim is standing telling the ref he wants to continue. 

The ref steps back and the match continues. Lynda rushes at her husband, grabs his arm and twists it into a WRINGER. Holding him tightly she whips him across the ring into the ropes. As he is flung back at her, she drives her fist into his mid-section. 

Tim instantly drops to his knees holding his stomach. Lynda moves in behind him, grabs both of his arms and pulls them back behind him. As she pulls his arms back she also twists them very hard. She puts her foot into the middle of his back for added leverage. Tim is now up erect on his knees. With both of his arms twisted and pulled he cries out on pain. “OOOOOOOUUU!!! MY ARMS!!! OH GOD MY ARMS. YOU’RE BREAKING MY ARMS LYNDA!!! Lynda gives his arm a jerk and Tim screams again: OOOOOOUU!!! Looking down at her husband Lynda tells him “GIVE UP TIM. GIVE UP AND I’LL LET YOU GO!!!” Gritting his teeth Tim tells her NO!! 

Out in the crowd 20 or so of Tim’s co-workers are stunned by what is happening to him. Many believed that Tim was a mans, man. They just can’t believe he is being battered by a women. But that is just what is happening to him. Tim is just as shocked as his friends are. He can’t believe that his beautiful wife is able to do this to him.  
Unable to get her husband to submit to her using just his arms Lynda changes holds. Releasing his arms she kicks him in the back sending Tim slamming face down into the mat. Tim is dazed and not sure just what is happening to him. Using his hands he tries to push himself up off the mat. He gets into a push-up position, looking around for his wife Lynda. Just as he is ready to stand she slams her boot down on his back, sending him crashing back to the mat. 


Again lying face down on the mat Tim feels her lifting his boots up. Holding him by his boots Lynda rolls her husband onto his back. She splits his legs wide apart and sits between them. Grabbing his legs under his knees, she then places one of her boots directly over his manhood. Feeling his wife’s boot  pressing on his balls and shaft Tim begins to scream. “NO-NO, PLEASE NO!!! DON’T DO THIS TO ME LYNDA!! I’M BEGGING YOU PLEASE NOT MY MANHOOD!!!"

But it is already too late for the now terrified male wrestler. Fear and panic are visible on Tim’s face. Slowly Lynda pulls on his legs as she pushes down hard on her husband’s manhood. She can very clearly see the fear on his face. She tells him “I’ve got you Tim. I’ve got you and you can’t get away. I’m going to make you submit to me!!! Come on honey, you have to give up now!!"

Knowing his wife is correct he still does not want to concede the match to her. He twists and turns as the pain between his legs increases. He reaches forward trying to push his wife’s boots of his manhood. It’s no use she has got him locked up good. 

It takes only a few seconds for Tim to be overcome by the pain and scream his surrender to Lynda. 



Lynda hears her husband’s cry for mercy. So she again asks him


“Are you giving up Tim? Have I defeated you? Do you want to submit?” Tim knows this is the end for him he just can’t take any more. 




Lynda releases Tim and stands over her beaten husband. Tim reaches down cupping his injured balls and shaft. Looking up at his beautiful wife Tim says: “You beat me Lynda, you beat you beat me!! Why did you make me suffer so bad? Why did you hurt me like that?” So much pain Lynda, why-why?” Looking down on him all she says is “YOU KNOW WHY. 


It takes the trainer several minutes to get Tim to his feet and out of the ring. Then it’s time for the second match of the evening. This is a very special match as it is a tag-team match. Once again it is a male vs. female match. One one side the male team features Adam Holgood and his tag team partner Dominick Grigoiro. Across the ring are their wives Debbie Holgood and her partner Angela Grigoiro. 

As in the first match only the four wrestlers know what is at stake in the match. The persistent rumor about the match is the wives need to prove their superior skills to their husbands. Both of these are young couples. Neither couple has been married very long. Dominick and Adam have come to ring wearing white boots. Their wives are both wearing orange thong cut leotards, black pantyhose and orange boots. 

With the intros over the wrestlers wait for the bell. GONG!!! The first fall of this 2 out of 3 fall match is underway. It looks as though Dominick will be facing off against Debbie. 26 yr old Dominick will have a small weight advantage over 23 yr old Debbie. Both of these young wrestlers are very athletic and were standouts in training.  

They move quickly toward each other. Debbie is quicker and gets in behind Dominick wrenching his arm up into a HAMMER-LOCK. Dominick is quickly up on his toes twisting from side to side. For all those at ring side it is an exciting sight seeing Dominick’s large manhood slap his thighs as he twists. He soon reaches behind him, grabbing Debbie’s head and SNAP-MARING her over his shoulder onto the mat.  

He tries to move first but Debbie is much quicker. As he closes in on her, she grabs his head, plants her boot in his middle and flips him over her onto his back. The speed of her move stuns Dominick. He lies on the mat stretched out in front of her. Grabbing him by his boots she lifts his legs off the mat and begins to kick each leg. She stomps on his thighs, first one then the other. 

Dominick is now really struggling to get free. He twists from side to side, he reaches up and grabs the back of his legs trying to lessen the impact of Debbie’s kicks. The pain in his calves is enormous. He goes from covering his legs to holding his hands over his face to hide his tears of pain. 

From his corner his tag-team partner shouts to him “Fight her Dominic, fight her!! Don’t let her beat you, fight her off!!!” Dominick would like nothing else but to be able to fight off his opponent. The problem is he can’t. Debbie has him hurt and his pain is only increasing. He has never felt pain like this before. The back of his legs have turned bright red from Debbie’s kicks. 

As Debbie continues to kick away at Dominick’s legs, he becomes frightened and begins to cry out to his partner. “Help me Adam, help me!! She’s smashing my legs!!!” There is nothing Adam can do for his stricken partner. Dominick is on his own. 

As the kicks continue to smash into Dominick’s legs He grows weaker and weaker. It is at this point in the match that Debbie makes her move to end the first fall. She can very clearly see the tears in her opponents eyes. She knows that Dominick is very close to being finished. His facial expression is one of complete surrender. He is over come by fear. 

Dropping to the mat between Dominick’s legs Debbie slams her boot into his exposed manhood. Dominick screams in pain as Debbie pushes forward on her boot as she pulls his legs toward her. Dominick waves his arms wildly he has a look of overwhelming fear on his face. In just seconds he screams his surrender to Debbie: 

“I’m done!!! I’m done!!! I GIVE UP!!! LET ME GO!!! PLEASE LET ME GO!!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!!!"


Debbie releases Dominick from her hold and he collapses to the mat on his back The beaten male grabs his manhood with both hands as he lies on the mat moaning in pain. “OH, OH IT HURTS. IT HURTS. SHE CRUSHED ME. MY BALLS ARE SMASHED.“ 


Adam enters the ring and goes to his beaten partner. “What happened Dom? It only took my wife 2 minutes to beat you, what happened?” Dominick is breathing deeply. He still has a tight hold on his manhood as he tries to answer. “Too fast, way too fast for me. She stunned me and I never got going. OH god Adam, I lost to your wife. I let a women beat me. Everyone saw it!!! I got beat by a woman.” 

Adam helps his partner to his feet and back to their corner. Dominick is sitting on the middle turnbuckle still holding his manhood. “I don’t want to go back out there. She’s going to hurt me again. I won’t be able to fighter her off. She ‘s too fast and too strong for me. I’m scared.” Adam tries to calm his partner down. With only seconds left between falls Dominick agrees to continue wrestling.  

At the bell Dominick exits his corner very slowly. He is reluctant to engage with Debbie. Instinctively he keeps one hand on his manhood trying to protect it from more damage. This leaves him with just one hand to fight off Debbie. It is a fight he just can’t win. Debbie quickly gets behind him and locks on a HAMMER-LOCK. With his arm bent up behind him Dominick is quickly up on the toes of his boots. 

Debbie then switches holds and gets Dominick in a FULL-NELSON. She now has complete control of him. He struggles to get free but never comes close to it. With his head bent forward and his arms being stretched upward, Dominick is caught in a painful and strength sapping hold. 

To help matters along Debbie forces Dominick toward her corner. As they get close, Angela his wife drives her forearm into his chest. “ONE-TWO-THREE times Angela pounds her husband. The ref finally brakes it up and forces Debbie to back away from the corner. 

Dominick has taken all the punishment in this match. Debbie has concentrated on him from the opening bell. This seems to be the perfect strategy as Dominick seems to be the weak link in this match. Debbie knows that she is faster and stronger that he is. Also she has taken her training very seriously and is a better wrestler that Dominick. 

Feeling that she has weakened him enough she again forces him to her corner. This time however she tags off to Angela. As Angela enters the ring this becomes a true husband Vs wife match. Angela grabs Dominick’s wrist and twists his arm into a WRINGER. Dominick grabs at his twisted arm as he sinks to the mat. 

Angela now has her husband kneeling in front of her. Badly battered and once beaten Dominick looks up at her from his knees. “PLEASE ANGELA, PLEASE. DON’T HURT ME!! LET ME TAG OUT. PLEASE LET ME TAG OUT!! I’M IN TOO MUCH PAIN!!” Angela has no intention of letting her husband tag out.  

Having twisted his arm tightly Angela grabs Dominick by his hair and pulls him to his feet. Getting a running start she whips him into the ropes on the other side of the ring. He slams into the ropes and is shot back toward her. As Dominick gets close Angela drives her fist into his abdomen. Dominick gasps, staggers a few feet and drops to his knees. 

As he sinks to his knees he moans in pain: “OOOOOHH!!! Angela gives her battered husband no time to rest. She again grabs his hair and pulls him to his feet. This time Dominick screams out in fear ”NOOOO, PLEASE NOOO!! Don’t hit me again. Please Angela. NOOOO!! Not again!!!” 

This time as she whips him across the ring she has something else in mind. As he flies back toward her Angela ducks under his arm and wraps her leg around his body. Bending him over at his waist she hooks her arm across his neck. Angela has just trapped her husband in an ABDOMINAL-STRETCH. 

Holding him tightly in the stretch she also reaches around in front of him and grabs his manhood with her free arm. Dominick is now trapped in both an ABDOMINAL-STRETCH and a PENIS CLAW. For several seconds he just stands there with his mouth open and his eyes wide apart. Slowly his head drops and looks down at his manhood in terror. 

Then it happens, a blood chilling scream comes from Dominick. As he sees his wife squeezing his manhood between her fingers. “OH GOD SHE’S GOT ME!!! SHE’S GOT ME!!! SHE’S CRUSHING ME!! HELP ME ADAM HELP ME!! AAAAAAOOOOWWW!!! SHE’S CRUSHING ME!!!"

Seeing his partner caught in both the stretch and the claw Adam knows he must take action. He leaps into the ring and rushes toward Dominick. He never makes it. Just as he is about to attack Angela from behind, his wife Debbie intercepts him. She drives her knee into his manhood. Adam screams in pain as Debbie’s knee slam into him: AAAAAAAAAHH!!! Then just a Dominick before him Adam grabs his penis with both hands. 

Debbie now joins her partner in trapping her husband in the same hold. Debbie quickly wraps her body around Adam’s, she hooks her arm across his body locking him into an ABDOMINAL STRETCH. She too then reaches in front of him and grabs his manhood squeezing it tightly with her fingers. Debbie now has her husband trapped in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH and a PINIS CLAW. 

Both men are now screaming in pain. Angela has her husband trapped and Debbie has her husband trapped. The crowd is going crazy as both male wrestles scream in pain. Both wives have begun to feel their husbands manhood growing in size and getting stiff as they continue to squeeze. 

As for the men, they are terrified by what their wives are doing to them. Neither man had any idea that their wives could come to close to defeating them. Both men are now screaming in pain.               
Dominick:  “OH GOD, SHE’S CRUSHING MY HANHOOD!!! WHERE ARE YOU ADAM? WHERE ARE YOU!! SHE’S GOING TO BEAT ME, HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME!!! Dominick has no idea that his partner Adam has already entered the ring in an effort to save him. But in doing so he has also been caught in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH and PINIS CLAW. 



The screams of both men fill the arena. Those in the front near the ring can very clearly see the pain and the fear on both men’s faces. Dominick and Adam are terrified by what their wives can and are doing to them. Neither man has ever felt pain like this before. 

On one side of the ring were Angela has her husband trapped, Dominick has begun to fade in and out of consciousness. His head rest on his chest and he is breathing hard. Angela tells the ref:



The ref sees that Dominick is hopelessly trapped and can’t escape from his wife’s hold. “COME ON DOMINICK, ANGELA’S GOT YOU. TIME TO SUBMIT TO HER. YOU KNOW SHE’S DEFEATED YOU. TIME TO GIVE UP!!"

Even in his weakened state Dominick knows it’s over. He knows he has lost to Angela:



After hearing Dominick’s submission, she quickly mover to were Debbie has her husband in the same hold. She tells Adam that he too must surrender for the match to be stopped: Dominick has given up, Adam. You must surrender also for me to stop the match. Do you want to submit to Debbie? Adam has no hesitation about submitting to his wife: 




With both men having submitted to their wives the ref calls for the bell. Both women release the men and both men drop to the mat on their knees. 

Dominick and Adam hang their heads in shame. Neither of them can believe that they were so easily beaten. Angela and Debbie stand over their downed husbands with their arms in the air. The trainer comes to both men, but it is their wives that help them to their feet. Each man stands in front of his wife with their heads down. They each put one of their arms around their wives shoulders while still holding their injured manhood with their free hand. The women help both men out of the ring.   

Match number 3 is an interesting contest. It will be a “LUCHA LEBRA” match. Both wrestlers will wear Lucha masks. The male wrestler will wear a mask as well as spandex arm gauntlets. The gauntlets start at the top of the wrestlers fingers and go up his arm half way between his elbow and his shoulder.  Although their identities are unknown to anyone they are husband and wife. 

The female wrestler is known as Marietta, and the male is known as El Macho the Magnificent. The promoter has announced that this is a “GRUGE” match. Marietta enters the ring wearing a yellow thong cut leotard, with black pantyhose and yellow boost and a yellow mask with silver flames on the side. El Macho the Magnificent enters wearing white boots a white mask and white arm gauntlets.  

The bell sends the two wrestlers at each other. Marietta races toward her husband and launches a FLYING DROP KICK right into the center of his chest. El Macho is sent flying backward and down to the mat. Lying on his back he grabs at his chest with both hands. Marietta is quickly back on her feet. She again races at her husband El Macho. Before he can get to his feet she begins to stomp him over and over. 

From inches above his manhood to just below his neck Marietta’s yellow boots slam into El Macho the Magnificent’s body. Each time her boot strikes him his body jumps. Each time it jumps his manhood flies up. Up and down, up and down with every stomp. 

After some time the ref pulls Marietta away from El Macho. The battered young male makes almost no effort to get to his feet. With the ref standing over him she tells him: “Get up El Macho. Get up or I’ll count you out.” Slowly he rolls over and begins to rise off the mat. Although he is now standing he remains bent over at the waist, both of his hands clutching at his mid-section. 

As the ref steps back Marietta again attacks. This time she locks her fingers together and brings them down on El Macho’s back in a DOUBLE AX HANDLE CHOP. The chop catches him on the back of the neck sending El Macho crashing back down face first to the mat. This time Marietta leaps onto his back. She grabs one of his white boots and pulls it up. Bending his leg at the knee Marietta has El Macho the Magnificent in a SINGLE LEG CRAB. 

Instantly Marietta’s husband begins to scream in pain. “MY BACK, MY BACK!! PLEASE MARIETTA, YOU’RE GOING TO BREAK MY BACK!!!" He begins to grab at the mat trying to pull himself to the ropes. Inch by inch he get closer to the ropes and freedom. At last he reaches out with one hand trying to grab the bottom rope. Stretching as far as he can his fingers are only inches away. Again he tries tries to pull himself closer. Just as he is about to reach out, Marietta drags him back to the center of the ring. As he is being dragged from the ropes El Macho cries out in fear. “NO-NO!!! OH PLEASE MARIETTA LET ME GO!! YOU’RE BREAKING MY BACK. She does not stop and drags him to the center of the ring. 

Knowing her husband is in severe pain Marietta tells him: “Give up El Macho!! Give up!!! I’ve got you, you can’t get free. GIVE UP!!! In a pained voice he answers her: NO-NO, I won’t give up!! You can’t defeat me!! I won’t let you beat me!! I am the man of this family!!"

Marietta knows what her husband does not. That she was always the better wrestler in this family and that she could have beaten him at any time. She decides that this is the time to show him who is best. “OK, El Macho the Magnificent I am going to defeat you now!!"

With that warning Marietta reaches down and grabs her husband’s manhood. Taking both his balls and his shaft she squeezes them very tightly. It takes only seconds for El Macho to scream his surrender to her. 



And with that El Macho the Magnificent is defeated. Marietta releases her husband from the hold and he remains on the mat. Her hand is raise in victory as she stands over him. She then knees down beside him and rolls him over face up. She instantly notices that his manhood has grown larger and is now stiff. El Macho the Magnificent has a defeat boner. 

Looking up at her he asks: “Why, why Marietta? Why did you do this me? Why did you beat so badly?  Looking down on him she says: “You refused to believe that I was a better wrestler than you. I’m stronger, faster and more skilled that you are. I will be the only champion in this family!"

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