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leotard ballbusting mixed wrestling femdom fighting free story

Update: 24.12.2021        W-708 "The new wrestling league"

F/F, M/M and mixed wrestling, 330 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Once again the senior wrestlers will be in the ring tonight. The second event from this new league is completely sold out, and has been for almost 3 weeks. It seems as though the older wrestlers are still very popular. Tonight’s action will feature a tag team match and two singles matches. 

Up first will be a ladies singles match. The contestants are 58 yr old Susie Q. She will be taking on 61 yr old Betty Lou Hopkins In her dressing room Susie Q is getting ready. She strips off her street cloths and grabs her gear. first comes shiny tan pantyhose. Then a white and red leotard and white boots. 

In a dressing room next door Betty Lou is also getting ready. She is larger and heavier than Susie. Susie weights about 124 lbs, where as Betty Lou weights almost 145 lbs. Betty Lou works to get into her black tights. She then wiggles in a very tight black and gold leotard. It is very high cut and very revealing. Finally she laces on her gold boots. Both ladies are ready to wrestle. 

With both wrestlers in the the match is about to start. In her corner, Betty Lou is taking a few seconds to adjust her skintight leotard. As a large woman the spandex leotard is stretched very tightly and Betty Lou needs to take time to fix it. 

As she is pulling and stretching her leotard the bell rings starting the match. BONG!!!!! Susie Q is out of her corner like a shot. She races across the ring driving her shoulder into Betty Lou’s mid-section The big woman grabs at her stomach and drop to the mat like a lead weight. The surprise and pain on Betty Lou’s face can be seen by all. She opens her mouth to scream but nothing comes out. She is desperately gasping for air. 

As for Susie Q she is not finished with her large opponent. Susie begins to stomp on her downed opponent. Every time Susie Q’s boot crashes into Betty Lou she cries out in pain "OOOOOOO!!! OOOUUU!!!! Susie Q continues to stomp betty Lou, every other stomp crashes into a different place. With Betty Lou stretched out on the mat, Susie stomps her stomach and then stomps her breast. Finally the big woman cries out to the ref. "Help me ref, help me!!!! Let me get to my feet. She’s stomping me to death." 

The ref moves in and forces Susie Q to back off Betty Lou. Free from the crushing stomps, the large wrestler slowly gets to her feet. As she stands in the corner, she has one arm protecting her stomach and the other arm across her breasts protecting them. For the next several minutes Susie Q subjects her much larger opponent is some very painful holds. Betty Lou’s arms are bent and twisted. She is taken down to the mat and has her legs worked over in several very painful holds. 

Back on her feet, the large 61 yr old wrestler is holding on to the top rope with one hand and holding her stomach with the other. At this point everyone in the arena, including Susie Q thinks that Betty Lou is finished and will be an easy pin and victory for Susie. Everyone except Betty Lou. 

As Susie Q very quickly moves in to finish Betty Lou off, The big wrestler drives her fore-arm into Susie Q’s chest with enormous power Susie Q grabs her breasts with both hands each hand cupping one breast. Her eyes open wide and there is a look of overwhelming pain on her face. 

She staggers back a few steps and falls to the mat on her bottom. Susie sits there holding her breasts gasping for air. She can’t get to her feet, she can’t even move. Betty Lou moves in quickly on her. Betty Lou grabs her white boots and lifts them straight up. Susie Q topples over on her back. Betty Lou then flips her opponent face down on the mat. Using all her weight she bends her 58yr old opponent back. Betty Lou now has her younger opponent trapped in a BOSTON CRAB. 

It is obvious from the start that Betty Lou weights far too much for Susie Q to move. She is hopelessly trapped. In just seconds the 58 yr old female wrestler is screaming her surrender. 


The bell clanging brings the match to an end. 61 yr old Betty Lou Hopkins stands over her beaten opponent with her arms in the air. Susie Q lies face down on the mat at Betty Lou’s feet. The defeated 58 yr old eyes fill with tears as she moans in pain. "My back, she beat me bad!!! I can’t move. 

As the crowd settles down in the back of the arena the wrestlers for the next match are getting ready. It took several of the ring staff to get Susie Q to her feet and out of the ring. Now the next match can go on. 

This will be a male Vs male match. In one corner is a former world champion from the United States 56 yr old Aaron Rosen. His opponent is from Russia and he too is a former world champion 63 yr old Vlad Putin. With only a short time to go both men are headed to the ring. Aaron has on a bright blue thong with matching blue boots. Vlad wears a dark red thong with dark red boots. 

The bells sends both men at each other. Aaron moves very slowly and carefully. Vlad takes no precautions, he moves quickly. Attacking Aaron he scoops the American off the mat lifts him high in the air and slams down to the mat. The entire arena fills with the sound of the explosion as he hits the mat. Many of the fans have never seen BODY SLAM that powerful before. 

It’s obvious that Aaron Rosen has never seen a BODY SLAM that powerful either. He is stretched out on the mat his face twisted in pain unable to move. Vlad cares nothing about the 56 yr old American wrestler. He again scoops Aaron off the and repeats lifting his high in the air. 

This time however when he goes to slam Aaron down he does across his thigh. Aaron screams in pain. The look on his face is frightening. His eyes are open wide and his mouth is formed in a scream. Instead of pushing Aaron off onto the mat, Vlad places on hand on Aaron’s upper chest just below his neck and the other on his thigh. Aaron is caught in an OVER THE THIGH BACK BREAKER. 

In the arena the fans can see that Aaron is in huge trouble. He trapped and can’t get free and on top of the he now has a huge DEFEAT BONER inside his thong. Hopping to inspire the American wrestler the crowd begins to chant USA USA USA!!!! Sadly it does nothing to encourage Aaron to fight harder. 

Now Vlad does push Aaron off his thigh and onto the mat. Aaron just lies there unmoving. Vlad reaches down and pulls him up. He lifts him high enough to get Aaron on his shoulder. Even as the fans continue to chant USA USA USA!!!! Vlad has trapped the 56 yr old American in an OVER THE SHOULDER BACK BREAKER. Vlad has the former champion by the neck. His boots dangle uselessly in the air as his back bends over Vlad’s shoulder. His DEFEAT BONER has grown larger.

It is obvious that the American wrestler is almost unconscious. He is hopelessly trapped and can’t escape. The only thing he can do is surrender to the powerful Russian. So at 1 minute and 11 seconds of the match Aaron Rosen surrenders the match. 


Humiliated and beaten, the American wrestler surrenders to his Russian opponent. Vlad has dropped Aaron to the mat and he lies stretched out in the center of the ring. He lasted less than two minutes. The fans look on in silence as Vlad is declared the winner and raises his arms in victory. 

Aaron Rosen, the defeated American wrestler lies on the mat with a huge DEFEAT BONER in his thong. Vlad moves to where Aaron is lying on the mat. He stands over him with his arms in the air. "I have beaten you American. You had no chance against me. I am too good for you. You are weak, not strong like me. I made you submit, you are a coward!!" Sadly Aaron has no answer for the bragging Russian. It seems as though Vlad is too strong for him, also too good for him. The fans are quite now, both sad and embarrassed by how easily the American was defeated. 

After Aaron is helped from the ring the action continues. Up next will be the tag-team match. This is an elimination match. The winner goes on to try for the league tag team championship. The first team is made up of the former world tag team champion. 58 yr old Jim "the Prince" Winsor, and his long time partner 56 yr old Princess Anastasia. In their dressing room Jim begins to change into his wrestling gear. He pulls on shiny black very sheer pantyhose, you can see his manhood and his legs thru the nylon of the pantyhose. Next he steps into and pulls up a shiny gold metallic thong. At 58 Jim is still very much all man. He still has a great body and his manhood is still very large. Finally he laces on shiny gold boots, The Prince is now ready to wrestle. 

Now Jim’s long time lover and partner begins to prepare for the mat. Annie Lester removes her street cloths. She slides shiny black pantyhose up her legs. She then wiggles into a skin-tight gold leotard. And just like The Prince, she laces on shiny gold boots. Princess Anastasia is ready to head to the ring. 

In another dressing room their opponents are also getting ready. 61 yr old Tyler Denizen slips out of his street cloths. Out of his gear bag he pulls a white spandex thong and pulls it on. He grabs his shiny white boots and laces them on. Tyler is ready. As for his tag team 60 yr old Lois Jonson. she strips down to her bra. She then pulls on shiny tan pantyhose, then a bright white thong cut leotard. Finally shiny white boots finishes her look. They too are now ready to wrestle. 

With the bell ready to sound The Prince and Tyler will face each other to start the match. BONG!!!! The two male wrestlers move out face one another. They lock up collar & elbow and struggle for dominance. The Prince is able to push Tyler back against the ropes. with his back against the top rope, Tyler is bent backward. Before the ref can get to them and break the hold, The Prince is able to drive first his fist and then his knee into Tyler’s mid-section. 

The punch landed just at his belly button. The knee however landed much lower. Tyler’s thong seemed to be a much better target. Tyler screams at the impact. "My balls, OOOOOOOHH my balls. He kneed me in my manhood." Grabbing his manhood with both hands Tyler drops to his knees.  

The Prince take4s full advantage of his opponents problem. Grabbing Tyler by both his hair and his arm, The Prince pulls him to his feet. Twisting his arm a hard as he can, he whips Tyler into his corner. Waiting for him is Princess Anastasia, As Tyler’s back slams into the turnbuckle the Princess wraps her arm around Tyler’s neck. 61 yr old Tyler Denizen is trapped in his opponents corner. 

The next several minuets are a horror for him. Not only is he being chocked by Princess Anastasia, he is being pounded by The Prince. With his hands clawing at the Princess’s arms trying to get air to breath, he cannot defend against the heavy punches of The Prince. Of the 8 or 10 punched that The Prince has thrown at least half have landed very low. In fact they have landed squarely into Tyler’s shiny white thong. 

At last the ref moves in and breaks the hold as well as forcing Princess Anastasia to release the chock she has on him. Even though he is finally free, it is of little cancelation to Tyler. He has dropped to the mat face first. After only about 4&1/2 minutes into the first fall Tyler Denizen is almost out of it. 

From across the ring, Tyler’s tag-team partner screams to him. "Get up Tyler, get up. Don’t let them beat you!!!! We can’t lose the first fall!!!!" Sadly, it seems as though Tyler might already be past any efforts to get him to fight back. 

The Prince grabs the boots of his nearly out cold opponent. He drags the downed male wrestler to the center of the ring and drops his boots. In a move meant to humiliate their opponents, The Prince goes to his corner and tags in Princess Anastasia. She goes to where Tyler is lying. She rolls him over face up with her boot. 

Tyler makes no effort to stop her or to fight back. Picking up his boots, Princess Anastasia bends his legs into a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. Instantly the instance pain in his legs snaps Tyler back to reality and he begins to scream. "Help me Lois, please help me!!!! She’s got me, I can’t get free!!! She’s breaking my legs. Help me please help me!!!" 

Sadly for Tyler there is nothing his partner, Lois Jonson can do to help him. The only one who can help him now is the ref and she moves in quickly. "Are you ready to call it Tyler? Do you want to submit?" Even though his mind is telling him to keep trying to win, his body is saying something completely different. Trapped in the leg hold Tyler has gotten a giant DEFEAT BONER in his shiny white thong. He soon realizes that the end has come for him. He now quickly surrenders the fall to Anastasia. 

"I submit, I submit!!!!! I’m finished, I give up, I give up!!!" 

Tyler’s submission ends the first fall. He lies in the center of the ring with both hands cupped over his manhood. His partner has come to kneel beside the beaten male wrestler. "Take it easy, Tyler. It’s over now, just rest here for a minute or two." Still keeping his grip between his legs he tells Lois, "My manhood, he punched my right in my manhood. All my strength was gone. Couldn’t fight back." 

After several minutes, Lois is able to help Tyler up to his feet. He continues to keep his hands cupped over his manhood. It takes all of the time between falls to get Tyler ready to wrestle again. The bell for fall number two sends a very shaky Tyler out to face Princess Anastasia again. 

As per their plain, Tyler makes quick contact with Princess Anastasia and then rust to his corner to tag in Lois. Lois leaps over the top ropes and runs toward The Princess. As she gets close, Lois slams her fore-arm into Princess Anastasia’s breasts. The Princess screams loudly as her hands fly up to her chest. "OOOOOHHHH!!!! My chest, my chest!!!" As Anastasia struggles to get breath, Lois grabs her by her head and SNAP-MARES her over, landing on her bottom in the center of the ring. 

Lois grabs Anastasia’s arms and pulls them behind her. Anastasia is sitting on the mat, with her legs spread wide apart as Lois pulls hard on her arms. Lois soon has The Princess screaming in pain. "Oh god my arms, she’s pulling my arms out!!!! Oh my god!!! She’s going to dislocate my shoulders!!!" 

It takes Princess Anastasia several minutes to get close enough to the ropes to drape one of her boots over the bottom rope. As the hold is broken, The Princes crawls’ close enough to her corner to tag in her partner. As Anastasia leaves the ring The Prince enters. Lois is very quick with the pay back. Moving as fast as she can, Lois grabs The Princes’ head with both her hands. Pulling it toward her, Lois drives her knee up between The Prince’s legs and right into his manhood. The well aimed knee slams into his thong as The Prince screams in pain. OOOOOUUU!!!! She crushed me. She kneed me in my manhood!!!"   

Now it’s The Prince’s turn to hold tightly to his manhood. Having dropped to his knees The Prince is unable to defend himself against Lois. It is now pay back time for 60 yr old Lois, as she begins to try and destroy the 58 yr old Prince. Pulling him to his feet Lois drives him back into a corner. There she begins to pound on him. Now it’s The Prince’s to have his manhood grow inside his thong. 

In Lois’s corner Tyler is still struggling to regain his ability to wrestle. It is very clear that he is not yet ready. It’s now up to Lois to try and even the score. She drags The Prince out of the corner. Jamming her arm between his legs, Lois lifts The Prince off the mat. Lifting him over her head she slams him down On her out stretched thigh. The Prince screams in pain as he crashes into Lois’s thigh.

My back, oh god my back!!!! Where are you Anastasia, where are you?? I need help, she’s breaking my back!!!!" The Prince’s predicament is serious. He is stretched across Lois’s knee with his back arched in a very painful hold. He can escape and he can’t reach his partner to tag out and his shiny gold thong is stretched to its limit by his huge DEFEAT BONER. 

After several more seconds of struggle, Lois asks the ref, "How about it ref, ask him. Go ahead and ask him. The ref agrees that The Prince is in serious trouble and asks him "How about it Prince? Are you ready to submit? Do you want to give up, have you had enough? The Prince wastes no time in surrendering the match to Lois. 

"MY BACK, OH GOD MY BACK!!!! Yes-yes I’ve had enough!!! I submit, I submit!! She’s beaten me. I GIVE UP OH DEAR GOD I GIVE UP!!!! LET ME GO, I GIVE UP!!!" 

The Prince’s surrender of the second fall to Lois evens the match a one fall each. 

Now it’s Princess Anastasia’s turn to kneel beside her defeated partner, although it seems that The Princes is in far worse shape that Tyler was. "Jeeze, she really kicked your ass! You gave up very quickly. What happened to you?" Sobbing as he speaks The Prince tries to answer her. "First he hit right in the jockstrap. You, know my thong. I was pretty much finished at that point. Then she took over and beat the hell out of me. I’m sorry, I am so sorry I lost the fall!!!"  

Starting the third and final fall Lois will face off against The Prince. As the bell sounds Lois moves in very quickly on her opponent. This time she grabs The Prince by his arm and whips him into a corner. Following him in very quickly Lois slams into him hard. That quickly The Prince is in trouble. He seems dazed and is almost breathless. 

It is then that something strange happens. Lois seems to allow The Prince to get to his corner and tag in Princess Anastasia. The princess also noticed how easily The Prince escaped the ring. This causes her to be very cautious as she get close to Lois. 

Her caution is well placed. Lois moves first, getting behind Princess Anastasia she wraps her arm around The princess neck get her in a REAR NAKED CHOKE. Lois makes no effort to hide the choke. In just seconds the Princess begins to gasp for air. She claws at Lois’s arms but the choke is too tight.

While his partner is being choked by their opponent, The Princes is on the outside of the ring on his knees holding on to the middle rope. It’s clear that he is no condition to help his partner. As for his partner, she has dropped to her knees and is still grabbing at her opponents arms. 

Finally Lois releases Princess Anastasia and she falls face first to the mat. However, her pain and suffering does not stop. Lois bends her legs at the knee, folding one over the other. Within seconds Princess Anastasia begins to scream in pain. The 56 yr old female wrestler pounds the mat in pain. "My legs, oh god my legs!!" Desperately she reaches out toward her corner. At once, she realizes that is a lost cause. Her tag-team partner is of no use to her. He remains on his knees just outside of the ropes. 

Almost instantly the fans can see the fear on her face. She knows that she must finish the match on her own, there will be no help from her partner. Slipping her hand under the Princess’s thigh Lois rolls her face up. It is an amazing sight. Princess Anastasia’s leotard is skin tight and reveals every bump and curve. She then tries to sit up in an effort to try and free her legs. It is no use. 

Holding her legs tightly, Lois locks one over the other and drives her boot into the Princess’s boot locking her legs tightly. Trying to cause more pain, Lois them pushes down on Anastasia’s knees splitting her in half. 

Princess Anastasia screams pain as her legs are bent downward. "Dear god, you’re going to split me in half!!!!!!" she screams. Her hands go up to her face trying to cover up the pain she is in. It’s no use, soon her hands drop to the mat and every one can see the pain and fear on her face. 

Releasing her from the hold, Lois now takes one of Anastasia’s boots in her hands. Standing on her other boot Lois continues the torture. She splits the Princess’s legs wide apart. Looking at her, you can see the pain she is in. Her eyes are wide open as is her mouth. It is as if a silent scream was coming from her. Just to add a little more to the leg split, Lois uses her boot to stomp Anastasia directly between her legs. All she can do is scream loudly. "She stomped me!!!!! Oh my god she stomped me!!!!"         

The ref moves in and asks Anastasia if she wishes to concede the fall and the match to Lois. Almost without thinking The Princess shouts: "NO-NO, I won’t give up!!!! She can’t make me submit!!!!" Lois has a different idea. Holding her boots off the mat, Lois stomps her legs. First one then the other is kicked and stomped. Now flat on her back she cannot protect her nylon covered legs. 

Having kicked or stomped Princess Anastasia over twenty five times, Lois returns to her corner and tags in her male partner Tyler. Tyler enters the ring and goes to were Anastasia is lying. He stands over her looking down. As for The Princess she is on the mat stretched out moaning in pain. "OH, oh, oh, oh!!! My legs. Dear god my legs!!!!" After a few seconds Tyler picks up Princess Anastasia’s boots and tucks them under his arms. 

Instantly she begins to scream. "Oh no no, please don’t do this to me!!!!! Oh no, help me, please Prince help me, help me!!!!" Her screams are to no avail, The Prince can’t help her. It’s then that Tyler takes her legs and twists them around his trapping Princess Anastasia in a "FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK" Almost instantly the ref is at her side. "How about Princess, have you had enough? Are you ready to give it up? Do you want to submit." With her partner outside the ropes on his knees and her being hopelessly trapped by her opponent Tyler, Anastasia has no real choice. She must concede the match. 


By surrendering the fall The Prince and Princess Anastasia have lost falls number 2 and 3 and also the match. Tyler has released Anastasia and she is stretched out on the mat. Her face is showing all the signs of both great pain as well as defeat. 

Finally The Prince is able to limp to where she is lying. Looking down he ask her, "What happened Anastasia? How did you get beat? How did we both get beat. We’ve lost the match." In great pain she tells him. "Well Prince, it’s pretty simple, Lois made you submit to her and Tyler made me submit to him. We lost two falls". 

A few seconds later Anastasia struggles to her feet, then both her and The Prince stumble out of the ring.

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