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Update: 16.02.2018

W-505 "Junior Pro's main event"

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Tonight the National Wrestling League will feature a Junior Pro match as its main event. This is the first time in the history of the league that a junior event has been the main event. For this first time event the league has mandated a title match. The Junior Pro Champion with face off against the number one contender. 

The participants for this match will be the league champion Brent Islip and the top contender for the title Brandy Russell. Both of these excellent young wrestlers are 18yrs old, and they both come from the same home town. With over an hour till the main event the arena is already full and now has standing room only. From the front row back on both sides of the ring are high school and junior high school students from two different schools. On one side are the kids from the champions, Brent Islip’s school and on the other are the kids from Brandy’s school. Both are here to cheer their friend on to victory. 

Back in the dressing area both young wrestlers are getting ready. In the Champion’s dressing room Brent slips out of his school cloths. He has just come from a pep rally for his title match with Brandy. Reaching into his gear bag he pulls out a bright red shiny spandex thong. He steps into it and pulls it up his legs and over his butt. Taking care he forms his manhood into the shiny red pouch and makes adjustments. Even at only 18 yrs old Brent is very well endowed. His pouch forms into a large bulge. He next slips on shiny red boots and laces them up tight. He wraps the league title belt around his waist and buckles it on. Finally a shiny red ring jacket finishes his preparations.

Directly across the hall Brent’s opponent is also getting ready to fight. She too has come directly from a pep rally for her, encouraging her to fight hard and win the title. Off with her jeans and top. She unhooks her bra and slips out of her thong panties. As with the champion young Brandy is also well built. Large breasts, slim waist and great legs. First she steps into sheer black pantyhose. Next comes a very tight thong cut pink leotard. Her leotard hugs every curve and bulge in her body. Except for the high thong cut the leotard is quite modest. It covers her all the way up to her neck and also has long sleeves.  Slipping her feet into shiny pink boots Brandy laces them up and ties them. She then slips into a pink silk robe that comes just to the bottom of her leotard.  

The time has come for the Junior title match. Brandy heads to the ring first. As she steps between the curtains a huge cheer rises from her school mates on one side of the arena. Shots of “BRANDY, BRANDY, BRANDY!!! Fill the arena. She waives and smiles as she mounts the steps to the ring. With her arms high in the air she accepts the cheers of her school mates. 

Then the lights go dark, the music blares when a spot light shines down on Brent. Screams, cheers, whistles and shouts fill the arena. Even at only 18, Brent is one of the most popular wrestlers in the league. He too climbs into the ring to deafening cheers. 

Both 18 yr olds wave and bow to the crowd. The arena seems to be evenly divided between the supporters of Brandy and those of the champion Brent. The ring announcer begins:


“This is the main event. It is a one fall to a finish, pin or submission match. It is for the The Junior Pro championship. In the blue corner.
She is the challenger. She is undefeated and making her first attempt a winning the title. BRANDY RUSSELL!! 
And in the red corner. He is the current Junior-Pro Champion. He too is undefeated BRENT ISLIP!!"

Once again the fills with cheers.


Both young wrestlers again wave to their fans as they stand in their corners. The ref signals to wrestlers that it is time to start. Brandy slips out of her ring robe and drapes to over the turnbuckle. As she turns the entire crowd gasps. Seeing her in her pink leotard, black pantyhose and pink boots almost everyone is stunned by her figure and good looks. 

Now it is Brent’s turn. He removes his sparkling ring jacket and drapes it over his turnbuckle. Almost every young girl in the crowd begins to scream and shout as they see him in his shiny red thong. Next he unbuckles his league title belt and raises it high over his head. He them places it gently over the turnbuckle. Both young wrestlers are ready to fight.  

BONG!!!! the bell sends the two young wrestlers out to face each other. Brent standing in his corner with his back to the ring lets go of the ropes, turns around and SLAM!!!  Brandy’s fore-arm crashes into the side of his face. The champion is instantly stunned by the blow. His female opponent had run across the ring as soon as the bell sounded and has caught the champion totally by surprise.  

Brent slams backward into the turnbuckle. Before he can do anything Brandy lands a second very hard fore-arm. Brent’s head flies back and his knees buckle.  Now a third powerful fore-arm explodes on the side of the 18 yr old champion. Brent’s head slumps to one side and he drops to the mat on his knees. 

From the crowd there are screams and cries as Brent falls to the mat. However, from the other side of the arena there are cheers and whistles as Brandy stands over the downed champion. Soon from the challengers fans come the chant. “PIN HIM- PIN HIM-PIN HIM!!!! Brandy being an experienced pro knows it is too soon to try to pin the champion, they have only been wrestling for 45 seconds. 

Brandy does know that right now she has the upper hand on her 18 yr old opponent. She grabs Brent’s hair and pulls him up off the mat. Brent is dazed, his arms hang loosely at his sides and his eyes seem to be glazed over he has a blank look on his face. 

Pulling him to the center of the ring, Brent staggers, stumbles and wobbles on rubbery legs. Slipping in behind him Brandy wraps her arms around Brent’s waist and squeezes. Her fingers lock just above the waistband of Brent’s shiny red thong. As she squeezes him the young champion head slumps forward with his chin resting on his chest. “Can’t breathe, you’re crushing me. PLEASE I NEED AIR”. Brent breathlessly pleads with Brandy. 

After several more seconds of squeezing his mid-section Brandy dumps Brent on the mat. The 18 year old Junior Champion is in big trouble as he lies face up on the mat. His face is a mask of pain as he struggles for breath. 

With her opponent lying at her feet Brandy grabs Brent’s arm giving it a twist as she drops her black nylon covered legs across his chest. Pulling as she twists Brent’s arm Brandy soon has the young champion screaming in pain. “My arm, my arm!! You’re pulling it off. You’re going to tear my shoulder!!” The stunned crowd has heard their class mate screaming in pain. To encourage him to keep fighting they begin to chant. “Fight Brent Fight!!! Fight Brent Fight!!! Don’t give up, Fight Brent Fight!!!!” 

From the other side of the ring Brandy’s class mates also begin to shout. “ Make him submit!!! Make him submit!!! You can beat him, Make him submit!!! Back and forth the chants from both sides fill the Arena. 

While both sides have been cheering for their favorite wrestler Brandy has keep the pressure on Brent’s arm and shoulder. Brent has struggled to get free and has failed. The pain continues to increase in his arm and shoulder. Trying his best to fight threw it Brent’s eyes have begun to tear and now small rivers of tears run down his cheeks. 

Knowing he must escape this hold or he will be beaten Brent kicks his legs wildly and twists and wiggles as much as he can. After several minutes he is able to get close enough the the ropes to drape his shiny red boot over the bottom one. Almost instantly he starts screaming at the ref. “Ropes, ropes I’m in the ropes. Break the hold. Please break the hold. Get her off me, I’m in the ropes!!!” 

The ref  tells Brandy to let Brent go that he is in the ropes. Brandy is no rush to let Brent go she holds on to his arm as the ref begins to count “ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR.” As the count reaches four Brandy releases Brent from her hold.   

Although he has been let go by Brandy, Brent continues to lay on the mat with his leg draped over the bottom rope. He is holding his arm trying to ease the pain. For those in the ring side seats it is easy to hear him as he softly moans to himself. My arm, OMG my arm! She almost broke my arm. How am I going to wrestle her with only one arm? I don’t want to get beat by her.” 

At this point the ref moves in and tells Brent “Come on Brent, you have to get up. You have to wrestles her or you will be counted out. Come on get up. Struggling hard Brent grabs the ropes and pulls himself up. Still holding his arm he tries not to engage with Brandy. He backs into a corner and tries to wipe away the tears that keep running down his cheeks. 

Brandy has had enough of waiting for Brent. She moves past the ref and goes after Brent in the corner. Pushing him back by placing her hand on his chin she bends Brent back over the top rope. As he is bent back Brandy drives her knee into the champions abdomen. Brent screams in pain OOOOOOOHH! And he instantly grabs at his stomach. As his hands clutch at his mid-section Brandy lands several very hard fore-arms to his chest and head. Backing away Brandy lets Brent slid down the turnbuckles. He is now slumped on the mat with his legs bent up under him and his arms hanging at his sides. 

At this point in the match Brent is a beaten young man. The 18 year old champion is dazed, gasping for breath and just barely conscious. He can no longer defend himself against his female opponent. Brandy backs away for the downed champion who remains slumped on the mat. She raises her arms over her head as she looks out on her fans and class mates. A loud cry raises from her side of the arena. “YOU CAN BEAT HIM!!! YOU CAN BEATHIM!!! YOU CAN BEAT HIM!!!! As her classmates cheer her on to victory. 

After all the cheers for her, Brandy moves in on Brent. She grabs his arm and pulls him to his feet. She then twists his arm up behind his back locking on a HAMMER-LOCK. Brent cries out “AAAAAAUUUWWW, my arm, my arm!!! Brent is up on the toes of his shiny red boots trying to ease the pain in his arm. 

Using his bent arm for leverage Brandy forces Brent to the center of the ring. Releasing his arm Brandy wraps her arm around his head and bends him back. Brent has gone from a Hammer-Lock into a DRAGON NECK BREAKER!! As brandy increases the pressure on Brent’s neck his knees buckle and bend and he begins to slump to the mat. In only a few seconds the 18 year old champion is on his knees with his neck and back bent nearly to the breaking point.  

Brent is now very close to the breaking point. His face clearly shows the tremendous pain his is in as tears flow down his cheeks. Openly sobbing Brent tells Brandy: PLEASE Brandy PLEASE!! You’re hurting me. Please just let me go and pin me. I won’t fight you, just pin me.” Brandy smiles at the thought that she has the champion completely under control. She however has no plans to pin Brent. “Sorry Brent, but I want to win big. I’m not going to pin you. I’m going to make you submit to me!!” 

Hearing that throws Brent into a terrified panic. Tears now begin to gush from his eyes. His manhood begins to swell from fear of defeat. He softly gasps “NO-NO, please don’t. Don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me. 

The end of Brent Islip’s championship reign is almost here. His mind races as he looks for a way to escape from Brandy “I’ve got to get free. I can’t take any more of this pain. She’s beating me and I’m going to lose my title. I have to find a way to get back into this match.” 

Brent continues to struggle when suddenly Brandy lets him go. Brent falls forward onto his face. He lies with his legs apart and his arms at his sides. His head is turned to one side and those fans at ringside can see that his face revels the pain he is in. The look is one of fear and pain. They can see the tears running down his cheeks and on to the mat. They can see his chest heaving in great sobs. 

Again Brent’s mind races. “I’ve got to get up, get back on my feet. I need time to recover. Ropes, I’ve got to get to the ropes.”  Brent begins to crawl toward the ropes. Although still flat on the mat he claws at the canvas trying to pull himself to the edge of the ring. Inch by inch Brent closes in on the ropes and freedom. With less than a foot between his out stretched hand Brant’s hopes of making it are shattered as Brandy grabs his shiny red boots and drags him back to the center of the ring. 

With his legs in the air as he is being dragged Brent cries out in fear. “NO-NO, she’s got me!! OMG. she’s got me!! She’s going to hurt me again!!!” The 18 year old champion is back in the center of the ring a long way from the ropes and freedom. Brandy drops Brent’s boots and he lies face down at her feet. Dropping down on his back, Brandy grabs his arms and hooks them over her knees. She then grabs Brent’s head and pulls back hard. Brandy has the champion caught in a CAMEL-CLUTCH!! Again the champion screams out as Brandy pulls back on his head. “OH god, she’s got me again!! My back, My back, you’re going to break y back. OH it hurts so much!!!” With the champion screaming in pain Brandy thinks the time is right for him to submit to her. “Come on Brent, I’ve got you, you’re finished. Submit to me. Don’t make me hurt you, come on give up you can’t win!!!” 

Even though he is trapped in her Camel-Clutch Brent still has a champion’s hart. Fighting thru the pain he tells her “NO-NO, I won’t submit. I’m not giving up!!”  Brent’s school mates hear his refusal to submit and they begin to cheer for the champion. “BRENT-BRENT-BRENT!!!” However how loudly they cheer for him Brent will not win this match. 

Unable to get a submission from Brent with the CAMEL-CLUTCH Brandy drops his head and pushes his arms off her black pantyhosed thighs.  The hold has accomplished one thing it has weakened the 18 year old wrestler even further.  Brent now lies face down on the mat immobile. He can no longer gather enough energy to get to his feet. His head is turned to one side, his arms lay at his side and his legs are spread apart just a little. The only indication that he is even still alive are the tears running down his cheeks. 

As much as his school mates wanted to cheer him on, Brandy’s school mates feel the same way. As the champion lies motionless at her feet the kids from her school begin to chant for her. “Finish him- Finish him-finish him!!!” It’s clear that they want Brandy to make Brent submit to her. 

It is also clear that Brandy wants the same thing. Still unable to get to his feet Brent is an easy target. Brandy steps on the the back of Brent’s thighs. She reaches forward and grabs one of his arms. Brent offers no resistance to her. Continuing to reach for him Brandy delivers two very hard punches to Brent’s side, causing his arm to come down toward his body. Brandy quickly grabs that arm and then pulls both arms up behind him. 

Brent instantly knows what Brandy is going to do to him. Those at ringside can see the fear on his face. They can see the tears running down his cheeks. The champion Brent Islip is terrified. He swiftly begins to scream “NO-NO, not this, PLEASE not this. Don’t do this to me. You’re going to hurt me!!! Slowly Brandy begins to rock back and forth. Rhythmically she picks up speed. Then in an instant she pulls up on Brent’s arms as hard as she can. 

Up and over he comes. Brent is upside down, looking up at the ring lights. His back is arched and both his legs and arms are trapped under him. 

For the longest time he just remains that way, back arched up, arms and legs held tightly. Everyone in the arena notices his manhood bulging under his thong. It has begun to stiffen and expand as he gets closer to defeat. Then as if a switch has been thrown and he suddenly feels the pain Brent begins to scream.”OH god, oh god it hurts. Pain I’m in pain. Can’t take any more, I have to surrender to her!! Hearing Brent scream, Brandy encourages his to give up. “I’ve got you Brent, I’ve got you. Submit the match. I’ve beaten you!!” 

Knowing he has no hope of winning, overwhelmed by the pain Brent knows he’s finished. He cannot continue he has to surrender to her. 




Hearing the champion screaming the ref asks him


“Brent is that it? Have you given up? Has she beaten you?"


At this point Brent has no fight left in him. He quickly concedes defeat. 




The ref calls for the bell and Brandy lets Brent down softly to the mat. It is a very sad sight for the former champion’s fans to see. Suffering only his very first defeat Brent Islip has not only lost the match but also his title, he is champion no more. 

As for Brandy she is jubilant. She hold her arms in the air as she waves to her fans and class mates. The ref kneels down beside Brent and asks him “Are you OK Brent? Do you need the med staff?"


Brent answers “I can’t move, I can’t get to my feet. No med staff, I’ll be OK in a few minutes.”


In fact Brent is too embarrassed to ask for help. He is stunned by his defeat and just wants to crawl away. 

The announcer begins:

“Wrestling fans, in the time of 17 minutes & 12 seconds. The winner of the match via submission and now the new Junior pro Champion Brandy Russell!!!"


With the defeated former champion still on his back in the middle of the ring Brandy is handed the league title belt. As she stands over the beaten champion Brandy buckles the title belt around her waist. She looks down at Brent lying on the mat: “Looks like I’m the champion now Brent!!” With his tears beginning to flow again all Brent can manage is he raises his arm as if to grab the title belt. “My title, she’s taken my title. OH god, I lost my title!!” His arm falls back to the mat and he lies there with his arms across his face sobbing.