mixed boxing leotard female domination match

Update: 03.02.2017

B-447 "Amaya vs Jack II - Revenge"

Gallery size: 190 Full HD pictures

Mixed boxing, 190 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Jack waited a week for this rematch. Clad in blue satin boxers, blue leather headgear and matching boxing gloves, he is ready to fight and going to win! He staring at Amaya, dressed in black leotard-like bodysuit with matching boxing boots she has red boxing gloves and red headgear protection on. Match begins, Jack trying to punch Amaya with his right hand, but she defends herself with forearm block and quickly punches him into gut with other hand. "Too light shot for me!", he laughs and sends a jab to her head. Amaya evaded with easy, answering with a swift hit to his ear. Headgear protects him but this hit forced him to see stars so fast! Second hit going to his chin, big guy trying to evade but his tryout is not so successfull. Jack turns to ropes but Amaya jumps closer, gets his head to her right armpit and punches his nose with her left hand, driving her knee to his solar plexus at same time. Jack tries to punch her with his left hand, but his jab meets just empty air when his jaw feels a backhand punch of Amaya's right hand. Jack turns left just for receive a good hit into liver! Anticipating her next move, he raises both his hands up and her right jab is unusable. Frustrated, Amaya sends him a left jab but he is ready and moving his head aside from that danger. Now big guy was recovered, he fights more offensively. Both boxers punching each other without a great success before Amaya trying to punch her opponent with full force. Jack moves fast, he grabs her head in his armpit then delivers a hard punch to her gut. Amaya is out of control, he takes her head with both hands and moves it down. Her hands hugged his hip when he beats her with elbow. Amaya falls down, her victor posing over her with both hands raised. Big smile on his face, it was a good revenge to stupid female who hurted his balls so much one week ago! Amaya slowly stands up and going to her corner, pulling higher a zipper of her bodysuit. Jack waiting for her at the center of the ring, she approaching to him and his right fist immediately flies to her face. But she is ready to that. Bending back, leotard clad girl kicks her opponent right in the groin! Don't waiting for his recover, she steps aside and punches his head down. His body bends backwards and Jack going trapped into a headlock, but at the last moment his right hand delivers a powerful hit up to Amaya's chin! She was not ready to it, staying deafened - it was a great mistake! Hard jab in her right ear sends her down to knees. Beautiful girl is down at second time, Jack towering over her with big smile and both hands in the air. Yes, his revenge was pretty good! Now he will teach that cheeky girl to respect a real fighters! Grabbing a chin of Amaya's headgear, Jack pulls her head up then sends his fist to her vertex. Looks like young girl in trouble, the heavy body of her opponent is above, he going to destroy her with powerful punches from up to down! But what's that? Amaya applies her jiu jitsu skills, it's her last chance! Suddenly her long legs picks up a Jack's right leg and twists it. Big guy loses his balance, his heavy body going down and he can't understand why when his hand is already locked by Amaya's hands and her long legs twines his neck! Just one swift move and girl on top! She sits on Jack's body and punches his face again and again, trying to turn it into a patty. Jack trying to defend himself but with no success. Finally, Amaya turns his body up and Jack feels her boot into his groin before he was sent flying. Completely disoriented, big guy sits on the mat, back to his opponent, covering his poor face with hand. The triumphant smile lights up Amaya's face. Reaching her opponent from behind, she puts him into hammerlock. Jack can't resist, he didn't waited for that wrestling hold! Amaya's forearm slowly suffocates him, moving him down and straddling his back, she turns a hammerlock into camel clutch then changes a camel clutch into sleeperhold. Jack can't breathe, he loses a consciousness - his resistance is over. Amaya places her knee into neck of her defeated opponent, disabling him completely. Her hands raised up, and joyful smile on her face. She won again! But she must humiliate her defeated opponent, let it be her revenge for that pain she was received from him! Stooping down, she takes off his boxers then going away, swinging them like a flag. Great victory!