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mixed wrestling pedigree hold femdom fighting leotard pantyhose

Update: 06.11.2020

W-649 "Senior wrestling league"

Gallery size: 300 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 300 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Yea, that’s right a senior wrestling league. It is for wrestlers over 50 yr old that still want to compete and show off their skills. It takes place in a medium sized arena and there is always a packed house. One reason for the packed house is the league champion, Nelson Albert. He is 53 yrs old but looks more like 35. He has a fantastic body with a manhood to match. He is also a great wrestler. 

Tonight Nelson will defend his world title against a highly skilled opponent from Germany. She is the German senior champion and this will be her first attempt at the world title. Gretchen von Hindsdorf is 56 yrs old, three years older than the champion. It is said that she too is in great shape and has a fantastic body. The fans are excited to see her wrestle. 

In her dressing room Gretchen pulls on shiny black pantyhose. Over her stockings she wiggles into a light blue thong cut leotard. She manages to fill out the leotard very nicely. Gretchen has large breasts and fantastic legs. She steps into light blue wrestling boots, then wraps the German title belt around her waist. 

In his dressing room, Nelson is also getting ready to wrestle. He wiggles into orange tights. His tights fit tightly to his body, showing off his every muscle and bulge. He laces on his light brown wrestling boots and wraps the world title belt around his waist. Both wrestlers that will be in the main event are ready to wrestle. 

While they were getting ready for the title match the other matches on the card were happening. In the first match 50 yr old Ginny Wilson, pinned 58 yr old Barry Reynolds.  Match number two saw Bob Lewis submit Larry Olden. Both of those wrestlers were 53 yrs old. In the third match 52 yr old Mary Lewis, who is married to Bob got a submission from Grant Wilson, Ginny’s 53 yr old husband. 

It is now time for the main event. 

"Wrestling fans, this is the main event!! It is for the World Senior Wrestling Championship!! In the blue corner making her American debut she is the German Champion GRETCHEN Von HINDSDORF!! And in the red corner. He is the undisputed World Senior Wrestling Champion!! NELSON ALBERT!!!"

As the champions name is called a huge cheer comes from the crowd. Along with the cheer comes a chant of "USA- USA- USA!!! The all American crowd is behind the champion 100% 

As both wrestlers wait for the bell the champion raises his arms over his head exciting the fans. Everyone unanimously agrees that this will be an easy match for the champion. Gretchen has never wrestled outside of Germany before. She has never faced someone as skilled or powerful as the champion. The only question most people are asking is how long it will take Nelson to either pin her or force her to submit to him. In fact the only person who thinks she has a chance of defeating the Champion is Gretchen herself. 

BONG!!! The match begins. Gretchen and Nelson exit there corners and come toward each other. Nelson moves first getting Gretchen in a HAMMER LOCK!! He desires to show her his power from the start. He pulls up on the hammer lock as hard as he can. He is a bit surprised that she has little reaction to it. 

For her part she is surprised that it does not hurt more. She begins to wonder if Nelson Albert is as strong as she has been told. Although the arm hold hurts she can manage the pain. It takes her only a few seconds to reach the ropes and break the hold. 

After breaking the hold Nelson steps back and Gretchen quickly gets off the ropes. Both wrestlers come at each other. This time it’s Gretchen that makes the move. Ducking inn behind Nelson Albert, she slips her arms under his and get him into a FULL NELSON. Almost instantly he lets out  groan for pain. "OOOOOHHHH!!!" He is very surprised by how strong Gretchen is. 

Nelson does everything he can think of to escape the hold. He first tries to power out of it, but can’t come close to budging lose for her hold on him. He tries twisting and turning, but too is of no use. She is just too strong for him or maybe anyone. 

For the next 5 or 6 minutes Nelson and Gretchen trade holds. Back and forth the battle goes. Many of the fans in the crowd can’t believe that Gretchen is still in this fight. Most expected her to pinned of to have submitted to Nelson by now. 

With the match now about 9 minutes old, there seems to be a subtle change happening. Nelson Albert seems to be on the defensive now. It is taking him much longer to escape from her holds and those holds seen to be doing much more damage to him. His face is flushed and red. His breathing is far heavier and comes in gasps. Also his facial expression has changed. To many at ring side he has a look of fear on his face. 

In truth, Nelson is scared. He has felt Gretchen’s power and knows he can’t match it. She is stronger that he is. He has seen her speed and knows she is faster that he is. And the worse thing is he knows she is a better wrestler than he is. Nelson has every reason to be scared. 

Right now Gretchen has hold of Nelson’s arm and is twisting it hard. Taking a few quick steps she whips him across the ring into the turnbuckle. She instantly follows him into the corner and as he slams into the turn buckle, she is right there to drive her knee into his mid-section. 

Almost before he can react, she sinks her fingers into his belly and squeezes as hard as she can. Gretchen has Nelson lock into an ABDOMINAL CLAW. In what is a very unusual move she has him locked into a standing abdominal claw. He is trapped in the corner with her fingers digging deeply into his AB’s. 

Using both of her hands she has him held very tightly, with one hand just above the waist of his tights and one hand well below the waist. In fact her lower hand is very close to his manhood. 

This is a new kind of pain for Nelson Albert. A pain he has never felt before. It is an overwhelming pain. It shows on his face and well as his body. He grabs Gretchen’s hands with both of his. He tries to pull her hands off his mid-section. It’s no use, she is just too strong for him. 

Slowly, Nelson’s knee begin to buckle. Inch by inch he sinks to the mat. Gretchen has followed him down and is now kneeling in front of his. Not for one second has she let go of his AB’s. Nelson is about to break one of the biggest rules in wrestling, never let you opponent know how much they are hurting you. As she continues to squeeze his belly. He cries out in pain, "Oh god it huts!! It hurts!! You’re tearing my AB’s apart!! 

One look into Nelson’s face tells Gretchen all she needs to know. The world champion is terrified. She has has him scared and near tears. He is gasping for breath. And very softly moaning "let me go. Oh please Gretchen let me go. You’re hurting me. Oh god you’re hurting me." His voice is so soft that no one but Gretchen can hear him. Just as softly she tells him, "you must submit!! I’ll let you go as soon as you give up!!" 

Nelson is a very proud man and wrestler, he does not want to submit to her. Softly he whispers, "Can’t submit to you!! Must keep wrestling. Never going to submit!!" Brave words from a brave champion, but Gretchen and Nelson know better. 

Gretchen releases his AB’s and gets to her feet. Nelson remains on the mat, on his knees holding his mid-section. He cannot get to his feet, he no longer has the strength. Gretchen reaches down and pulls the champion to his feet. She twists his arm and pulls him out of the corner. With his arm still twisted she flings him across the ring into the ropes. He is shot back toward her and he gets close she drives her knee into his belly. 

The champion doubles up, grabbing at his stomach. Before he can drop to the mat she is on him. She again twists his arm and again whips him into the ropes. This time as she is shot back at her, she wraps her leg around his, bends him sideways at the waist and locks him into an ABDOMINAL STRETCH.  

The pain that Nelson is in is almost unbearable. Instantly he begins to scream, "Oh god it hurts. My AB’s, oh god my AB’s!!! OOOOOOOOUU!!!! The quickly asks him if he has enough and does he want to submit. "How about it champ? You had enough? You want to submit? Are you done?" Showing the true hart of a Champion, Nelson refuses to submit to Gretchen. "NO-NO!! I won’t submit!! Not going to give up!!" Having no choice the ref lets his torture continue. 

As for Gretchen, all his refusal has done is make her more determined to defeat him. She softly whispers in his ear, "You should have given up!! Now I’m really going to hurt you!! I’m going to take your title!!" 

Gretchen releases Nelson from the abdominal stretch. He instantly grabs at his stomach and drops to his knees. Wasting no time Gretchen pulls the battered champion off the mat. Placing her arms against his shoulders, she drives him into the corner and against the turnbuckle. She grabs his arms and wraps them over the top ropes. She has Nelson trapped in the corner. As she holds his arms she drives her knee into his belly. The air rushes out of his lungs and he begins to gap for breath. 

Nelson’s face turns red as his lips turn blue. He is suffering from oxygen deprivation. His eyes begin to flutter and he is close to losing consciousness. Seeing this Gretchen begins to chock the champion. Releasing his arms she now has both hands wrapped around his neck. He begins to claw at her hands trying to get free. 

Nelson cries out as loud as he can "Chocking me, she’s chocking me!! Can’t breathe!! Make her stop!!! She’s chocking me!!" The ref moves in and pulls Gretchen of the champion. He is however in very bad shape, bent over at the waist he is holding his neck with both hands. He is also gasping for air. In the last several minutes he has been AB clawed, AB stretched , kneaded and chocked. 

The crowd of wrestling fans can hardly believe what they are seeing. The World Wrestling Champion being destroyed in front of their eyes. They can’t believe the beating he is taking. The chants of USA, USA have stopped. It is very clear that the German challenger is going to defeat the American world champion and take his title back to Germany with her. 

In the ring things have not improved for the American title holder. He is still in deep trouble and is still taking a beating from his German challenger. Gretchen has pull Nelson out of the corner to the center of the ring. She has lifted him off the canvas and has BODY SLAMMED down. He lies at her feet starring up into the ring lights.  

Those at ringside can see for themselves that Nelson is just about finished as the champion. He is on his back in the center of the ring and is making no effort to get to his feet. Also very obvious is that he now has a giant DEFEAT BONER sticking straight up between his legs. His orange tights are stretched tightly over his now stiff manhood. 

From Gretchen he will receive no mercy. She wants to destroy Nelson as well as take his title from him. She is now standing over him with her arms in the air. "It’s time to finish you off weakling!!The great American champion, beaten and lying at me feet. Your time is up. I’m going to take your title from you!!!"                                   

No one is sure that Nelson even heard her speak to him. He looks almost unconscious. Gretchen drops to her knees beside the downed champion. Raising her hands in the air she makes the sign of the claw. Then she strikes!! She jams both of her hands into Nelson’s abdomen and squeezes as hard as she can. 

If the champion was unconscious he is very quickly awakened. The pain from the CLAW HOLD  startles the champion back to life. His eyes grow wide and there is a look of terror on his face. He is afraid of what she is doing to him. In just seconds tears begin to run down his face. 

At this point Gretchen calls the ref "Ask him ref, go on and ask him. Am I the Champion now? Does he want to submit to me? Ask him-ask him!!! Does he give up?" The ref acts as quickly As she can "How about it champ, do you want to submit? Have you had enough? Please let me end it for you. You can’t take much more, just give up and it will be over!!" 

For the first time in his life The World Champion is terrified. He can’t control the fear he feels and it shows on his face. He is scared!! He knows the end is hear.


And that ends the reign of Nelson Albert as the world senior wrestling champion. 

The now defeated ex-champion lies on the mat unable to move. He has just suffered the most crushing defeat of entire career. He never even got a chance to mount any type of offence at all. The ref makes a great show of taking the world title belt from Nelson’s corner and wrapping it around the waist of the new champion. 

Gretchen now stands over the former champion with her arms in the air. Showing the she has no pity for the former champion she places her boot on his still painful mod-section. This gets an instant reaction from Nelson. He grunts "OOOOHH!! Don’t hurt me!!! Please don’t hurt me anymore!! I’ve given up, you’re the Champion now. Please don’t hurt me!!!" 

The fear is clearly in his voice. After several minutes Nelson is able to get to his feet. He cannot as yet stand up straight. He slowly gets to his corner bent over at the waist still holding his belly. It takes him several minutes to get back to his dressing room. He looks at himself in the mirror. He can’t help but see his manhood, straight out and stiff. I reminder of his defeat. "Beaten, destroyed, I can never wrestle again. I’m finished, my career is over!! Submitted by a women." He buries his head in his hands and begins to cry openly.

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