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CFNM gym leotard femdom fighting erotic mixed wrestling

Update: 11.11.2016

W-435 "Flexible gymnast"

Gallery size: 220 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, Ballbusting, 220 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Is it nice to have a flexible gymnast as girlfriend? Especially if she wearing a pink gym leotard that was cut high on the hip to accent her long and shapely legs?

Brenda decided to work out in the gym after school today, as she didn't have any other plans. She was one of the top ranked gymnasts in the NCAA. She was best on the floor exercise and the balance beam. She always picked a day during the week to work on her gymnastics in private. She felt comfortable in solitude while trying to better her skills for herself and her team.

Brenda was an attractive young lady, she wasn't tall nor very thin, but she was muscular and awfully cute. She stood at five foot one and weighed 114lbs, which was a little heavy for a gymnast, but the extra weight, mainly in her butt and thighs, didn't cause her any problems while competing. She had brown hair and hazel-green eyes, her complexion was fairly tan and her chest was relatively small, but large for a gymnast at the size of 34B. Her best feature was her tight ass, even though it was a tad bit chubby, it was difficult to tell without touching it. She wore a pink leotard. The leotard was tight, as is all gymnasts' competition apparel. Brenda pulled it up over her butt and forced it up high above her hips. She enjoyed practicing in her leotard because she enjoyed the feeling of it on her body, the way it formed to her torso and felt like a second skin.

Her boyfriend David found her in gym when she made her usual gymnastics routine, her sexy body clad in gym leotard gave him a perfect idea - he asked a beautiful gymnast for wrestling match.

Brenda, the young female gymnast, says: "I'm 18 now, and a cheerleader in high school. I used to be a dancer and take dance lessons before I got into cheerleading. I still have a lot of my leotards, tights, and dancewear that I wore for classes and recitals. My boyfriend found this out recently, and now he wants me to wear that stuff when we're wrestle. I refused but finally he provoked me to attack him and I decided to give him a lesson. I know - the lust, sexiness, beauty from the girl makes the boys weaker. Boys are taught not to hit girls so that also keeps them from attacking. when a man/boy is sexually excited/happy it makes him weaker. In front of a girls beauty a boy cannot raise his potential and in most cases when a girl comes and hugs him during the fight he becomes weaker due to erection and in other view boys like the touch and hug of girls so in the girls appearance itself a boy is partially defeated and the girls skills, strength contribute in their victory. One of the secrets for a woman to beat a man is to get the man into a hold early and then keep it tight and painful to weaken him. Next, I feel like the clothed person is freer. Clothes are protection - the naked person is vulnerable. A naked man is vulnerable and defenceless against a woman - it's so much easier for her to break him. I've stripped him naked while keeping my leotards on myself and then dominated him. The balance of power was reversed: the man feels he is naked and vulnerable, dictated to by the woman. Wearing a leotard for wrestling is female empowerment of being the centre of attention and a fantasy figure actually makes us dominant. I know I have the power to defeat a nude guy and that guys are fantasizing over me, i believe the nudity of male wrestler is quite submissive. As a former tomboy who got in my share of fights in elementary and middle school, I can tell you that I always found it so much easier to fight boys. Everybody is pretty much the same size back then, but with boys, one kick and it's over, I win. Every single time. Or if they tried to wrestle me, I would knee them in the groin or grab them and pinch down there. I'd get up, they wouldn't. ballbusting is a form of control and thus can be interpreted as a form of superiority. The naked balls stresses the inferiority and the vulnerability of the male before leotard-clad girl. But why girl kicking him in the nuts when he gets a hard on, isn't it a beautifull compliment to her? Balls do serve a purpose. They let us girls have fun. As to his cock getting hard, unless it is because of something I did to cause it to get hard, I see it as he is thinking the wrong things about me. That is why I like males to be naked while women remain dressed in leotards. We can keep track on what he is thinking and if he is wrestles us, well his balls are there at our disposal. Personally I prefer squeezing a guy's balls. I find it tremendously empowering, and holding a man by his balls means you can control him, and the pain you are giving him very precisely. And it can last for a good length of time too, unlike a kick, punch or knee which is generally a one-off thing because he's helpless & in agony for ages after the blow. I love to wach a guy's expression as I slowly squeeze harder & harder over several minutes and listen to him whine, beg me to stop, and finally scream as I squeeze really hard at the end. I love kicking boys in their balls too. I get away with it because I make the boys think they made me mad and because I am a girly girl but I really do it because i love to see boys faces when they get a good one in the balls. So funny, makes me laugh when I think of it. I am good at it too. before a boy knows it I get my foot in his balls and he goes down holding on to them, lol. More girls should try this. It is so much fun and so funny. I am laughing now thinking about it. If you are a girl reading this you should try it to. It makes you feel like the queen of the world and you have power over all those boys just by kicking them where it hurts. The feeling of power over a much stronger boy is amazing!"

David, her boyfriend, says: "I've often fantasized about being dominated by a leotard clad girl who would do nasty things to my nude body while I struggled helplessly to break free from her various wrestling holds. I adore my girlfriend and asked her to wrestle when she made her gymnastics workout, she looked fantastic wearing a leotard, she has the curves to wear one. She just laughed "Are you turned on when see me in leotard? And I'm sure, you want to be naked during wrestling? Come on, I'll strip you and kick your ass!" I knew she can be competitive but I didn't knew how canny and strong is she. I'm always dreamed to wrestle her and submitted quickly, staying before her completely naked. "Obedient boy" she laughed again "I see you ready to accept all my terms". Being happy from her agreement to wrestle, I just nodded. I got beat up by a girl but I didn't really fight back. I was taught to never, ever hit a girl. It was more a situation of her shoving me to the ground, pouncing on top and putting me in wrestling holds. She tried to make me give up and say a girl beat me but I refused. She was wearing just a gym leotard and said I have too much clothing for loser. So she proceeded to take my clothes off. I ended up naked with her pointing and laughing at me. I lost to my girlfriend. She used to do a lot of aerobics and workouts, while I did not. She was as strong as I am, but she has a gym leotard on when I finally wrestled naked, she verbally humiliated me with mocking on my nudity, my confuse (I lost my pants while fighting) made me vulnerable, I was tired to protect my naked groin when she had much more endurance and got the upper hand."

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