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one piece swimsuit woman vs man beach fighting

Update: 08.02.2019

B-558 "Gina vs Nick"

Gallery size: 160 Full HD pictures

Ballbusting, 160 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

Nick is strutting around in a tight speedo, showing off his bulging balls. Gina laughs that his bulge seems to be only balls. He takes off his swimsuit and tries to show off his naked package. She laughs because his balls are so much bigger than his cock. She points to his sack, which hangs down almost halfway to his knees, and shows how much longer it is than his dick. She slaps his testicles to make them swing and squeezes them. He tries to fight her but she knees him in the balls. She squeezes his huge balls and stretches them. She makes him bend over so his balls are hanging down from behind and then kicks them and punches them. She laughs at how low they hang. Then she turns him around and squeezes and pulls his balls again, stretching them down.

"Take your clothes off slave." Gina said in a cute but demanding voice.

Nick quickly complied and stripped off his clothes and stood before her. Her fingers caressed his body slowly, then her left hand found his nipple and her right, his balls.  She squeezed both vigorously.  "Ahhh!" he said.

She was being intensely rough.

"Oh be quiet, you want this." She said.  He did.  She used her nail on his nipple and her other hand squeezed his balls.  He was breathing quickly but kept himself perfectly available for whatever she had in mind.

Her hand let go of his balls and immediately slapped his nuts hard. Hard enough for him to gasp and bend inward.

"No, push your hips out." She continued to squeeze his nipple.  He did quickly. Again she slapped his balls, five more times she did, each one hurting more then the last.  The last one had brought him to his knees. She let go of his nipple at the same time.

"I want you to know, I'm not mad at you.  I'm going to hurt these," she said as she wrapped her hand around his testicles and squeezed, "but only because I need to, and I know you'll enjoy it." She let go briefly and like a jolt of lightning, her hand slapped his trapped balls sending waves of pain and pleasure coursing through his body. Nick gasped loudly. She pushed his knees back apart and slapped his balls hard, over and over.  

He felt like he was going to orgasm from thekinkiness of it. If only she was stroking him a little more. He felt hisorgasm building and was his moaning became more and more pronounced. Shefinished pushing the fourth one in and noticed his pleasure. She smirkedas she stroked his cock some more, up and down his whole shaft. She couldsee his body tighten as the orgasm was nearing. But just before he wasabout to cum she let go of his cock, made a fist and punched him right inhis sperm filled scrotum. Nick howled as he closed his legs and gasped inpain and frustration. "You don't get to come yet. And you didn't ask," she sounded actually mad. 

Gina, the female fighter, says: "I like to wear my leotard and beat a naked man. There are a lot of things I like doing to my man’s nuts. I kick, squeeze, punch, slap. My favorite techniques are holding the balls in my right hand while punching with my left and squeezing his balls until he’s begging me to stop. I play this game with him where I’ll have a ball in each hand and squeeze them until it looks like he can’t take anymore. When he’s wriggling around trying to get out of my grip I’ll start counting down from whatever number I feel like and squeeze even harder until I get down to zero. He goes pretty crazy for that one. I love the feeling of total control I get when I’m busting his balls. Anything he has to say doesn’t Nicker because his nuts are mine and I’ll do whatever the hell I want with them. One of the best moments was when we were both standing up; I was holding his shoulders and I kneed him in the balls so hard that he actually had to take a step back, put his hands on his knees and take a minute to recover. It was a little disappointing because my knee didn’t bring him all the way to the ground, but it was satisfying enough. I like seeing how the little things I do can make him just keel over. He’s a tall boy and I’m a relatively small girl, so it’s an amazing feeling knowing that just one kick from me could take him down. I kneed him in the balls. Everyday on the playground, Nick would come up to me, wrestle me to the ground and pin me. It was then I noticed that I had a shot at his genitals. I threw up my leg as hard as I could. WHOOOF! His eyes bugged out. The leaning on my shoulders ceased as he reached down to cradle his scrotum. He tilted sideways onto the grass, curled in a fetal position. Tears were streaming down his face as mewling sounds issued from his mouth.

It felt soft and mushy as my instep sunk hard, fast and very deep between his thighs coming to a stop once I encountered his tailbone and butt cheeks. The blow actually jarred my lower leg with the sudden stop.

He immediately collapsed from the initial pain of the blow to his muscles and bone, then the unique internal testicular agony doubled him over on the ground. He screamed one long burst, then gagged, choked on his flem and threw up. He then alternated between screaming and crying for over 30 minutes till an ambulance arrived to take him away. Why don't you guys just admit females are superior for not having balls? A woman can contol a man anytime she wants with his balls. So why not ladies enjoy the power that you have over a man's balls. Nature gave it to you and us, so why not use it. Now prove it."

Nick, the male fighter, says: "Men who love to worship women, want to feel dominated, want to feel owned, want to feel pain and pleasure at the same time- these are just some of the reasons why men love CBT. Why does it hurt so much when you get kicked in the balls? Because the entire area of a man's nuts and dick is very, extremely sensitive. The nuts are covered by a very thin layer of skin, so any contact greater than a gentle hand will cause extreme pain to the point of taking the man down to his knees and, if hit hard enough (it doesn't take much), will cause an upset stomach and nausea - and take the guy all the way down to the floor.

Women should understand that even a little backhanded flick of your finger hitting a naked man's balls will render him defenseless and curled into the fetal position for a minute or two, sobbing in pain. Flick him harder and he's down longer, probably outright crying, too.

Long ago I suffered a kick in a fight and it brought me to my knees- pain, disorientation, couldn’t breathe.

A kick to the balls is something that is incredibly painful.

When someone gets kicked in the balls, it's like their testicles have a headache — or more accurately, a migraine, depending on how hard his balls were hit — to which the impact affects his stomach, which has become upset and causes him to feel as if he’s about to defecate all over the floor, or paint the room’s walls in vomit.

Because of this pain, he keels over as if he’s about to birth his own testicles without an epidural. His balls are nothing more than two oval-shaped bruises at this point, to which the only feasible remedy is to curl up in a fetal position and curse out the person responsible for all of this.

Testicles are crucial to procreating, and since — unlike ovaries — these organs literally hang outside of a man's body, they’re extremely vulnerable to injury. Because of this weakness, a man’s testicles are covered in an abundance of pain neurons (known as nociceptors) which alert him that, when hit, something’s going to hurt — a lot.

When a man is kicked in the junk, these nociceptors go on a mission throughout the body to let a man know what kind of pain he’s in for, but in order to do that, they must make their way through nerves in the stomach — particularly the vagus nerve, which runs from the brain through the face and down to the stomach and groin.

Even the slightest of taps to a guy's groin can bring a man to his knees, and that’s a sorry sight for both of you — unless he’s about to propose."

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