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W-547 "Black Amazons"

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Isa - Body 66-70 kilo. Age 35. Height 171 cm. Undersized tight might costume. Brown eyes and intense makeup silver eye shadow very red lipstick. Typical ebony hair, style a bit wilder medium length. Skin tone dark. White pumps.

Amandinha - Body 54-57 kilo. Age is about 21. Height 162 cm. Proper fitting maid costume. Hazel eyes and longer hair. Heavy makeup blue eye shadow and darker red lips. Skin tone extremely dark. Black pumps.

Isabel - Body 52-55 kilo. Age 40. Height 165 cm. Bikini like orange. Moderate makeup green eye shadow and orange lips. Very white skin. Blue eyes and dirty blond hair. Long and wavy. White pumps.

My age is some more to late 50s. Height 169 cm, weight 92 kilos.

My wife Isabel and I are taking a brazillian Island vacation at a resort that caters to swingers. After our first night at the resort we decide to order coffee room service. I remind Isabel that the staff at this resort are available to swing with us if the price is right and we tip well. The maids work in pairs to make sure they don’t get into unmanageable situations. The two maids arrive, Isa and Amandinha and deliver the coffee. As Amandinha bends over to pour the coffee revealing her panties and ass I mention that Isabel should challenge her to wrestle. Amandinha smiles and says for the right price she will. I tell her that if she wins I will double the tip. She smiles at that. Isabel tells her no she won’t win and as a matter of fact she will not only defeat Amandinha she will sit all over her face and humiliate her for daring to wrestle with Isabel. Amandinha seems surprised at the claim. I tell Amandinha that if she wins and sits on Isabel’s face I will triple the tip! Amandinha smiles laughingly and says get your money ready because I’m going to sit on your wife’s face and then – she points her finger at me — as my prize I’m going to fuck you right in fornt of her and shes going to watch it all.

The two circle in the room and the grab each other testing strength). It is soon clear that Isabel is stronger. They take each other down and roll some but Isabel gets on top.

Isabel gets a strong seated head scissor on Amandinha looking into her face she taunts the girl.

Amandinha Catches Isabel from behind with her own scissors unseating Isabel. Amandinah rolls on top taunting Isabel that she has her now. This advantage is short lived as Isabel squeezes Amandinha’s breast eliciting a scream and bucks tossing her aside to regain the top, escaping Amandinha’s scissors. Isabel spins again applying a tight forward schoolgirl pin. She smiles as she advances threatening to sit on her face, forcing cries of panic from Amandinha. From this point on Isabel has Amandinha under control as she moves through a couple of holds before moving up to sit on her face. Terrified of this Amandinha tries to surrender but Isabel ignores her and begins enjoying herself sexually on Amandinha’s face. Isa tells me to stop the match and pay Isabel for wrestling because the fight is over. I tell her to shut up and wait until Isabel takes her sexual prize. After all she earned it. Isa tells me if I won’t stop it she will.

Isa moves over and grabs my wife by her hair dragging her off Amandinha. Isabel resists and the two are wrestling around the room until finally Isa drops her down and get on top of her. She chokes Isabel who struggles but isnt strong enough to stop her. I see that Isabel is in real trouble, so I rush over to help her and pull Isa backwards off her. Isabel scrambles to get on top of Isa as I try to control Isa’s arms. Isa is as strong as me — and I have trouble doing this. But Isabel pulls Isa’s head between her thighs and takes control of the battle from Isa. Her scissors has good affect because I can feel Isa’s strength weaken some.

It is at this moment that Amandinha attacks me from behind –pulling me back to the floor as we sit I’m caught in her body scissors around my waist from behind. She crushes my ribs and pulls my head to her with her arms choking me and biting my ear. I cry out in shocked pain. I roll around and struggle, but I cannot escape her viper lock. I can see that Isa is struggling with Isabel having escaped the scissors, but they seem evenly matched now and neither can gain a lasting advantage. Soon I’m exhausted Amandinha rolls me to my back and mounts my face grinding her crotch laughing. See what you get? See? She laugh gleefully. Finally, Isabel seems to have control of Isa as both are quite tired now. Isabel sits on Isa just wanting to take a rest but sees my plight and asks me in disbelief, You let her beat you? Really? She is weak and besides that she was totally defeated. A tired Isabel comes over to help me but Amandinha is ready for her they struggle. Amandinha sitting on me and Isabel on her knees hands locked testing strength to try and force Amandinha off me. But they both discover something. Isabel is more tired from wrestling big powerful Isa than anyone knew and now — Amandinha is STRONGER! Much stronger and she takes glee in overpowering my wife and controlling her in one wrestling hold after another. I begin to regain my senses and I see Isa crawling over to me and the pushing me under her she crawls on top of me. I cannot do anything as she pins me in a heavy full body press — her whole body covering my body — leg to leg — face to face - arm to arm — crotch to humping crotch. I hear Isabel with a muffled begging from under Amandinha’s ass for my help but I can do nothing as Isa owns me. When Isa sits up satisfied I can see Amandiha has her ass sitting over Isabel’s face. The two maids trade victims demonstrating a contest of who can do the most painful or humiliating hold on my wife and I each time 1 upping the other. With their total victory the maids spit on us pose over us and finally pee in our faces as total victory ensues. They take ALL the money and leave us desecrated and defeated on the floor laughing and high fiving each other.