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star wars CFNM femdom laser swords fighting nude jedi vs woman sith

Update: 21.06.2019

A-577 "Lady Sith's disciple"

Gallery size: 230 Full HD pictures

Armed mixed fighting, 230 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.



A Young man does not know his way in live, especially making contacts with women and eventually he makes friends with a lady trainer at a women’s training gym that specialize in self-defence against men. 


The young man wants to learn self-defence against females as he has been beaten up repeatable by women who hate men. The shy guy soon finds out that women can be friendly and helpful to a man who they have taken a fancy to. At first, she refuses to help and eventually she takes pity and she sends him to a Sith lady who gladly helps him organise his life through submission and supremacy for a single male who is shy and strong.
A well-developed and shy young man sees a female Jedi for the first time and instantly becomes attracted to her. He wondered why he was feeling Horney as his feelings were very strong as he noticed visually her strength showing her bulging muscles within her arms. Through his shyness he tries to talk to her and as he talks, he becomes even more aroused by her silky sexy voice responding in dominance expressions in the tone of her voice. The poor young man becomes embarrassed when she sees her laughing at his bulging genitals that were now expanding and throbbing with pain as his balls were being squashed by his engorged penis as it tries to bust out through his pants. His erection swells now even harder and grows even more longer as he loses control over his unwanted desire. Try as he might his penis remains solidly rigid with a pounding sensation around his balls his balls. She starts to tease him with her voice getting louder and louder and he feels sad and disappointed as she makes fun of him while refusing his approaches. Tears now start to run down his cheeks and there is nothing he can do except feel very miserable and he starts to feel very angry as well. He wants to take her by force and have his way with her but is too scared to do so as he feels that she is more powerful than he is. He starts to walk away as she makes more fun of him saying he is the weak and inferior male. He starts to think of what he could do to make his body stronger and to be more dominant over young women that he meets as he wanted to be the alpha dominant male over the female. She continues to laugh at his embarrassing situation as she points a finger at his hard and thick penis that just would not go down. Suddenly her voice changes without the usual laughter and she tells him about a woman who loves men who are very vulnerable in being easily aroused so they can be ridiculed for fun and amusement once aroused. These women are commonly known as the dark ladies of Sith and are well known to torment and hit men’s balls in all sorts of ways, especially in demonstrations of self-defence from trained girls. The female Jedi continued to talk to him that his size and his well-developed genital structure would be appreciated by the dark Sith lady. Well the young and timid man was not too sure if it was all true, however he trusted the young lady Jedi. He said goodbye to the female Jedi and thanked her very much for her help. The first thing he did was to start searching for a lady that could teach him how to fight, so He approached women’s self-defence clubs as well as women’s mixed boxing and wrestling organisations, who mainly competed against men.


Finally, a women wrestler who was very helpful found a lady that he was looking for. She was commonly known as one of the dark Sith ladies who defend the force in from attacks from enemy’s within space. The women Sith ladies were extremely talented in hand to hand combat and had never lost a fight in defending themselves and fighting men. The young man eventually finds one of the many dark Sith ladies and before he started to speak to her, he decides to ask a few of the wrestling girls whether the strong lady known as the dark Sith Lady had trained men also. From what he had heard about this lady caused him to be sure that she would make his body stronger and give him specialized skills in fighting against women to win as the strong and supreme alpha male. It appeared it was not all true. 

On his first visit to the dark Sith lady she refused point blank to help him. Once again, he shed tears, sobbing this time as he did not know what to do. The dark Sith lady looked at him quietly and then she noticed by her secret magical skills that this young man had a yearning to be submissive to women. 

The dark lady felt sorry for him and asked him to come back in a week where she would run some tests on his male abilities to really find out his real desires. He asked what sort of tests he would have to know but the dark lady just smiled and said it was not for him to know at this time. 

The young man turned up very early at the dark lady’s house for his first appointment and as told by the dark lady he was wearing a one-piece sack tunic without any underwear. His sack tunic hung down from one shoulder that had been cut from a large sack and he could feel his unsupported heavy genitals swinging and bouncing from side to side to slap his inner thighs as he walked. As the young man stood in front of her sitting in her chair, he became a little shocked at her manners as she seemed very bossy and domineering. She was a Sith lady and was very powerful and she immediately told him to kneel in front of her of which made him even more frightened. He immediately kneeled and closed his eyes as though praying in worship of her. “Stand”, she shouted, and as he did so she raised her feet to rest upon the high footrests that were fitted either side of the chair. Sitting on the chair with her feet high up and either side of the chair helped balance her body. Sitting in this position caused her to open her legs wide apart. He gasped in shock as he could see her female privates covered in waves of thick brownish hair which clearly showed she was a strong and powerful woman. He also noticed her slightly bulging organ was partially covered at the entrance by a black piece of material that looked as though it was glued over to protect and guard her entrance from male undesirable’s. This made it even more exciting for him as he immediately began to have another pounding erection right in front of her that lifted his now hard penis to bulged out like a tent against his sack cloth.


She started to talk, which was a distraction for him to managed and quell his erection back to almost normal, but it still was a little enlarged. It was now a soft organ that hung downwards and flopped about with his balls. She then made him kneel very close in front of her and she leans forward and grabs four fingers of his hand. With his fingers held tightly by her hand she pulls back and brings him close to her body and orders him to suck her feet. Still holding his fingers, she then orders him to suck and lick her between her legs. She laughs at him as he struggles to pull away the protection tape away with his teeth. As she moaned in pleasure, he found that for the first time he was enjoying being submissive and liked doing this to please her and he also felt a yearning to seek the pleasure of capturing and fighting other women until the submitted. She suddenly started to groan, and she slid forward on her chair to ram her crutch hard into his nose. He was now also just about to come when she pulled away and said, “now we must discuss what I must do to train you, so that you will develop your submissive abilities in pleasing women and to learn all the tricks of how to fight them. First, I am going to give you some training in using a lightsabre which is a valuable weapon and very good to use as it strengthens your body”.


It took him a while to get used to working with the lightsabre and eventually he was using it with confidence. During the afternoon the dark lady of Sith decided to see how much pain he could stand. She tied him up and trampled on him with her stiletto heels for over two hours. He was wincing in pain from the sharp heels and once she had finished with him, she attended him with first aid as he was cut in many places. She gave him a good score of nine out of ten which was a very good score. When he arrived for day three, she immediately picked up a lightsabre and pulled the trigger. Flames of sparks and blue lightning hit his drooping sack and instantly they were burnt off his body, leaving him now totally nude. Of course, he had a few burns, especially around his balls and penis which were now quite swollen and red in colour. The Sith lady attended to a little more first aid and when that was done, she thought now was a good time for him to receive some ball busting around and upon his swollen and partially burnt balls. 


He was nearly screaming with pain, but he managed to hold his screams as the dark lady Sith kicked and punched into his balls as though in a fight. He tried to avoid her kicks and punches, but he just could not avoid the blows into his balls as she kicked him from behind and Infront. She even managed to back kick him several times by walking in front of him and kicking out backwards. Although she could not see what she was aiming for, she just knew where and every kick was a painful hit. She used her hands to punch hard into his balls when the opportunity was there. Several times he was on his hands and knees and she would be holding him down by his back. She would reach over and drive her fist through the back of his thighs to hit his balls time and time again. Every day the dark lady had said she would be doing something different and today and tomorrow I am going to teach you how to dance and if you do not do well, I am going to hurt and demoralize you. You will feel the pain all over your balls again, but this time we are going to pull and squeeze your balls if you do not dance correctly.


We have arranged a small female audience to see you dance naked and get your balls pulled and squeezed if you do not do your dance moves correctly. This will be entertaining and very amusing for the women audience. Yes, we do have a women audience at times as this helps to encourage men who are a bit slow to absorb the dance steps. The day has not ended yet and she decides to use the young man as a sparring partner to learn about fighting techniques in using lightsabres and unfortunately, he loses every fight. With loud laughter she directs high voltage electricity as a lightning strike into his groin that zaps his penis and balls which burns his hairs and some skin that smoke up briefly. He can feel the hot pain stinging upon his balls as well as his hot penis. Both his balls and penis are now swollen to twice the size and are heavily drooping low to swing and flop between his upper thighs. She starts to laugh as she sees his swinging engorged burnt penis slapping the inside of his thighs with loud wacks.


She does not want to burn him too much more, so she users her lightsabre to cast love spells into his brain to make him love her and to be attracted to her and for good measure she also throws in a few fighting skills as well. She now users her magic force to make him bigger and stronger. Already she can access his brain with spells and with each spell or magic commands he grows bigger. She has by magic added a solution to his prostate gland that he will ejaculate at the peak of his sexual arousal. She starts to tickle his penis which immediately stiffens and enlarges to stand upright with a banana bend shape pointing to the front. She now gently penetrates the orifice of his penis which is already dripping precum. Gently she pushes the point of her heel in and out of his penis while he serves her orally again. While he is under her spell of acute sexual excitement, he cannot now resist her magic. He starts to grow very fast now as she Sith lady modifies his brain some more and adds even more fighting skills. All this time he has been growing taller and muscular and after about two minutes he jerks up and down from his hips and ejaculates that forces out her heel by the pressure of his ejaculation of sperm that spurts all over the bottom of the chair and floor. With his brain now modified he knows that he must eat some of his own sperm with the magical additions that was recovered from inside her heel to mix with the sperm. He now is fully grown and towers over the Sith lady that now tells him in a very strong tone "Go and rape that young jedi bitch who has denied you, then get her and bring her to me here so I can make her my slave!" 

From his body changes he found that men were now very easy to fight, not many men wanted to challenge him. Women of course had now many skills to use against a man and he alone was running classes for woman’s self-defence. He could now fight both sexes with ease. He is now living in a girl’s self-defence gym as a security guard and is also a training officer for the girls to learn self-defence against men. He has become a gentle giant with the girls. They love him very much, but there is one thing that annoys him is that sometimes the girls get him floored by grabbing and pulling at his balls. He is now such a nice guy that he accepts this as another win for women to make them very confident. He never will take real advantage over a woman except in training where its all a fun and happiness.

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