Chinese CFNM mixed kickboxing ballbusting

China girl

The sign on the glass door read "Closed".  Through the glass, I could see a dim light coming from inside.  I knocked lightly, but no one came. I pushed on the glass, and to my surprise, the door swung open.

I entered, glancing around as if the owner of the gym might jump
out and scold me at any minute.  I made my way down the small hallway, and turned left into a large gym.  At first I thought the gym was completely empty, but as I turned to leave, I noticed a girl in the distance stretching her leg against a wooden beam like a ballet dancer.


"Hello?!" I yelled across the gym.

The mystery girl glanced up, slightly startled.

"We closed!" she yelled back in a foreign accent.

"I know, I'm answering your ad for sparring partners?"
She lowered her long leg to the ground and walked toward me. As she neared, I suddenly realized her intense beauty. She looked to be Chinese. She had long black hair tied into a pony tail with a sexy red ribbon, and the most piercing oriental eyes I had ever seen. She was wearing a high cut black leotard revealing her long, lean legs. 


"We do look for fighters. You big man, maybe you do." she said,
stopping a few feet from me.


"I'm sure I could handle myself."
With her only a few feet away, I realized I had underestimated her beauty again. Her lips were thick, red, and she had the softest skin I had ever seen.


"What you name?" she asked.

"Mike Gallagho, and yours?"

"Mae ling.  You have belt, Mike?"

"I don't have any belt."

"Oh, no hire fighter unless black belt."  She turned and began to walk away.


I seized the opportunity to touch her by reaching out and grabbing her soft shoulder. I was instantly aroused as I felt its firmness. She stopped, grabbed my wrist with an incredible grip, and removed my hand from her shoulder.

"What?" she asked.

"Although I don't have any experience in karate, I have been a professional boxer for the past 10 years.  My ring name was kid gallagho, and many people thought I had a descent chance at becoming the heavyweight champion someday?  My ring record was 24-1."

"You good fighter in America.  But you no match for black belt." she stated, "Good bye!"

"Wait a minute!" I yelled.  I must admit I was insulted, and angered by her remark. "I think a good boxer could destroy any martial artist!"

"Ah, you American all alike. I must close. Nice meet you."

"Look, can't you at least give me a chance? Can't you let me spar with someone, see how I do? That should give you an idea of how capable I am." I was pleading now, not so much for the job, but just to continue talking to this sexy goddess.

"Hmmm, ok, if you prove good fighter to me, maybe I hire."

"Great!  When should I come back?"

"Right now good."

"Huh..?" I said surprised, "I thought you were alone here. Is there a guy here I can fight with?"

"No, me only one." she stated.

"Well, who am I supposed to spar with then?"


For some reason, the idea of fighting this beautiful girl suddenly struck me as hilarious. I burst out laughing at the thought. When my giggles finally tapered off, I glanced up and noticed she was not laughing. Her penetrating eyes ripped into me with what was
either grave seriousness or outright rage.


"Look," I said, worried I had blown any chance of going on a date with her sometime, "I didn't mean to laugh. It's just that, I thought you wanted me to prove myself in the ring? How can I prove myself by fighting you?"

Her deep stare penetrated further.

"You and me spar now, or you no hire!"

I was surprised by her angry outburst, but even more shocked that she was actually serious about sparring with me.

"I'm not trying to upset you, but I just don't see how getting in the ring and pitty patting with you is going to prove anything to you."

"You lucky if last 3 minute with me."

Another laugh tried to explode out my mouth, but this time I was
able to choke it back down.


"I can't believe your serious!  Well, I might as well tell you, I refuse to hit a girl."

"What matter? You big american afraid of tiny chinese girl?"

For some reason, her last statement was like a kick to my ego's balls, because it hurt. I decided I had better get out of there
before I lost my temper.


"Well, sorry to bother you. I guess I'll be going." I started walking out the gym, upset that I had wasted my time and that I would never see that asian goddess again. To my great surprise, she grabbed my hip from behind, grazing my penis and balls with her hand, and spun me toward her.  She held on to the front of my shorts with her thumb and forefinger.

"Sorry lost temper." she said in a soft, erotic voice. "I no match for you, big strong American. Let us play fight, no real punch or kick."

To say the least, I was mesmerized. I also felt like an idiot. It was now obvious that she didn't want to spar, but she wanted some kind of sexual encounter.  Although I still couldn't believe it, but her hand pulling on my shorts was enough evidence to satisfy any juror, especially a horny one.  My instincts took over, and I brought my head toward hers. I couldn't wait to feel her soft, thick lips on my own.

But she pulled back. "No," she said, and then smiled,"not yet, play first. Now take your underwear off!" Her fingers remained on my shorts, and although she wasn't looking down, she must have felt my raging erection.

She released my shorts, turned, and walked toward the boxing ring. I finally saw her butt, which was small, round and very tight. Her cheeks rose and fell with each graceful stride.  I quickly removed my underwear and followed behind her. Oh man, this was going to be great, I thought.

She stopped at the edge of the ring, picked up some sparring gloves, and tossed them to me. "Wear this." she said.  She picked up another pair and put them on herself. She put a boxing boots on her feet, and climbed into the ring. God, I thought, even her feet were totally sexy!

As I put the gloves on, visions of mounting that gorgeous asian goddess in the center of the ring danced inside my head. I had never had sex with boxing gloves on, but I had a feeling I would be soon.  I stood naked before leotard clad girl and glanced up at her in the ring.


She wasn't even watching me. She was stretching like gymnast in her black long sleeved leotard. She stood on one leg, while she held the other stretched straight up in the air, her knee against her face and her toes pointing to the ceiling. It was the sexiest pose I had ever seen.

"You want to spar in gymnastics outfit?" I asked, standing there naked with a monster erection.

She dropped her leg to ground, and glanced over to me.

"Silly American! Leotard is a combat attire of girls! Come fight now!" she yelled, then smiled.

No doubt now, the verdict was definitely in. I sprinted toward the ring, jumped over the ropes, and scampered right next to her. We stood in the ring looking at each other for a few seconds, then I reached for her body, trying to pull down her leotard. I was hypnotized by the skin of those long, lean, perfect legs and longed to see all her body naked.

She blocked my hands with her own. "Don't try to undress me, just stupid men must fight naked!"

She stepped back from me, lifted her arms in a fighting stance, and began to circle me. Just to play along, I lifted my own arms up like I had done in so many real boxing matches, and circled along with her. It almost felt like a real boxing match.

"So," I said, "you said if I lasted 3 minutes with you I would get the job, right?"

"Maybe 10 minute better."

"Ok, do you want me to last 10 minutes sparring, or 10 minutes doing something else." I laughed aloud at myself.

"This joke to you, no?"

"Actually, no. I have never been more turned on before in my life, as if you couldn't tell from my protruding underwear. I sincerely mean it when I say you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."

"See if you think that after I ... how you say, kick shit from you," she said.


"I thi---" A stiff jab landed on my mouth. I was totally surprised that she really threw a punch, but more surprised that the punch stung a little bit.

"Hey," I said, "not bad. I suppose you want me to hit you ba-"

Before I could finish, another left jab smacked my lip, followed by a harder right cross.  In an instant, I could feel my lower lip puff out. Those punches angered me a bit, and my erection subsided slightly.

"Look lady," I warned her, "I know we're just playing, but I suggest you don't hit so hard next - OOOOFFFFF!"

She shut me up again with a hammer like double left jab. I could
hear her gloves smack against my swollen lips. Those punches hurt worse, and I was starting to get very angry.  I stopped circling, put my arms down at my side, and glared at her.  My limp penis was knocked out by those jabs. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I just saw it before it rammed into me. She threw a tremendous right hook, a hook that must have had all 110 pounds of her behind it.  The hook landed square on my chin, a textbook punch. My jaw rattled and my vision doubled briefly. I took a wobbly step back, tried with all my might not to fall, and settled by dropping to one knee. I shook my head vigorously, trying to clear my head. Then, faintly, in the background, I heard her.


"...3...4...5...6...".  She was counting me out. Rage poured into me, sobering my senses instantly.  In all my fights, I had only been rocked like this a couple of times.  The one thing I had always hated about boxing was getting nailed like this.  And now, this chinese bitch had used her beauty to lure me into the ring, and then sucker punch me while I stood there with a hard on.  Oh, she was going to pay. Girl or no girl, gorgeous or not, she was going to pay. Boiling with fury, I stood to me feet.

"Oh, good, big American up!  I thought you take nap." she chirped. She must have seen how angry I was, but it didn't seem to bother her in the least.

"You're going to pay for that bitch!" I yelled, then charged straight for her.  Just as I was about to engulf her in my huge arms, she ducked to a squat, then threw her shoulder into my charging knees. She knocked my feet out from under me, and I crashed over her.  My chest hit the ring floor first, knocking the wind out of me, then my face.

I rolled over, clutching my badly bruised knee, and gasping for air. The entire right side of my face was numb from landing on the ring floor.

"...2...3...4...5.." The bitch in black leotard was standing right over me, counting again. My rage took over again, only this time I was a little wiser. (So I thought at the time). I unexpectedly crawled right at her, grasping for her legs. She jumped away with rabbit like speed, but I managed to just catch her ankle and reel a leg in. She fell to the ground, with both my arms still wrapped around her leg. Even in my rage, I couldn't help but notice how awesome her leg felt. It was smooth, lean, muscular, long, everything I could ever imagine. I began to climb up her leg, toward her body. I was going to smother her, and make her pay for everything.  


Suddenly, I felt my nose crack as she kicked me in the face with her free leg.  She brought her free leg back, and rammed my nose again. I should have let her go, but I continued to clutch her leg. She brought her leg back again and rammed a third time, only this time she rammed her heel right into my throat. I released her leg, then rolled onto my stomach choking and grasping for air. A few seconds later, I glanced up, and she was standing right above me. My head was in between her long, awesome legs. She squatted down, grabbed my hair, and lifted my head off the floor, forcing me to meet her stare.

"This still joke to you? " she said in my face.

I said nothing. Even though she had beaten the shit out of me, I still felt had I known she was a real opponent (I would give her that at this point, she was definitely a worthy opponent), I would not have come out fighting like I did. Hell, I wasn't even fighting. And after she sucker punched me, I lost my temper and charged her. She simply tripped me. Yes, I was certain I could take her in a real fight. My ego clung to these thoughts.

"Big American man!  You ... how you say, pathetic!  My 10 old little sister could kick shit from you!" she said, still holding my head up by the hair. "But I fair. Give second chance, if want it. Next time, you fight hard from start. Want fight again pathetic little white man?"

She really knew how to strike a nerve. I felt the anger again, and now humiliation. And besides, in a real fight, I was confident I could take her. For christ sake, she's a thin little chinese girl.She couldn't weight more than 110 pounds, compared to myself at 230.

"Let's do it!" I grumbled.

"Ok," she sang, "Next time, you no excuse!"

She released my head, then began climbing out the ring.

"Be back 1 hour. You have time lick wound." she giggled as she
walked out of the gym.


She didn't return for 2 hours. During that time, I found the men's locker room, showered and cleaned myself up. Taking a long hot
shower did miracles for my sore, aching body. I found some ice in a refrigerator and put in on my knee. I also found oranges and bananas, which just happened to be my favorite pre-fight foods. After about an hour, I started to feel almost normal except for my nose. My nose was terribly sore, and I suspected it was broken. But I never even considered leaving, which I could have easily done. The idea that a thin chinese girl had given me the beating of my life was dissolving my ego. As the two hours passed, deep humiliation transformed to complete rage. I had made up my mind I was going to kick her ass all over the ring. The fact she was a girl had no bearing now.  She had beaten me badly, mentally more than physically, and the mental always hurts worse.


I climbed back into the ring, sat in a corner, and began to plot how I would destroy and humiliate her as she did me.  I thought about how I would fight her like any other guy, and not lose control like I did earlier.  I would protect myself at all times, be patient when punching, and keep my head moving.  I would use the jab to set up combinations, and go for the knockout when I get her in trouble. I  figured I would have her knocked out in less than 2 minutes, depending on how good her chin was, and being as thin and petite as she was, there is no way she could take that many punches. For christ sake, if she were a boxer, she would be a fly-weight. That thought burned deep into my ego. My pride clung to the beating I would surely give her when she returned.

Just when I thought she wouldn't be returning, I heard voices coming from the front door. They were speaking in chinese, and they were all female voices. Mae ling rounded the corner first, followed by three other chinese females.

"Ni sha chen, no hing mow!" Mae ling said, pointing to me in the ring. The girls all started laughing. I stood up from the corner, extremely embarrassed.

"Can't believe still here little American!" she said to me as she approached the ring. The three other girls followed behind her.

"Told friends about you. They want watch me beat up big American again."

Although I said nothing, I was more enraged at this point than at
any other time in my life, but I forced myself to stay cool. Even as much as I disliked her, no, I hated her now, I couldn't help but be even more attracted to her than before. She had showered, and changed into a red lycra leotard. She wore silk stockings which ran up the longest, smoothest, sexiest legs I had ever seen. Her hair was done up into a bun as if she just stepped and out of a salon, and her plump lips glistened with fresh lipstick. She was dressed to go on a sexual foreplay, not for a fight.


I quickly glanced at her three friends, and was amazed to see that they were all wearing tank leotards too, and were as gorgeous as she was. I looked away before checking them all out, refusing to be distracted from my goal at hand, and that was kicking her beautiful, tight, ass. The more I thought about it, the more I didn't mind them being here. It would be good to humiliate her in front of her friends, especially after she had bragged to them about beating me up.

Maeling kicked off a pair of red pumps, and climbed into the ring. Her friends all sat down at a ringside bench. She grabbed the gloves she had left in the ring, and quickly put them on. My gloves were already on. I was ready to kill. I approached the center of the ring, and put my gloves up in a boxer's stance.


"Let's get it on china girl!" I said.

She smiled, met me in the center, and put up her own hands. We began to circle each other. I could hear her friends whispering in chinese below us. As I circled her, I was mesmerized by her beauty once again. I struggled to concentrate. We continued to circle, and finally, I threw a hard left jab. She moved her head back, and I hit nothing but air. I followed with another jab which missed again, and then I tried a huge right cross. She easily sidestepped to the left as my arm flailed into the air like a home run swing striking out. The girls below giggled at my wild miss.

I turned to face her again, and she threw a left, a right, then another left, all which I blocked with my gloves. I was amazed at the power behind her punches. The girls below applauded her punches. What are they clapping about, I blocked those punches, I thought to myself. We circled a few seconds, then I threw another jab, which missed, and then I tried a huge left hook, which she easily sidestepped again. Her reflexes were like lightning, I thought to myself. We circled a few more seconds, then she threw a jab, which I blocked again with my gloves. The girls below applauded, and it pissed me off again. Mae Ling then threw a hard right hook, which I barely ducked under. She seemed off balance, and she began to back away from me. My boxer instincts saw the opening, and I wound my arm back for a punch that would knock her head off. As I wound back to punch, Mae Ling jumped off the ground about two feet, rotating in the air and lifting a leg as she did.  Her lifted leg spun around and slammed into the side of my face. My head twisted hard from the impact, and I stumbled back across the ring, falling into the ropes, but not down. Not in my entire life had I ever been hit like that. Even being a professional boxer, how could I defend against a spinning back kick that I had never seen before. I leaned back on the ropes with my hands up, and she was all over me. She threw a right, then two lefts which were absorbed by my gloves. Then she hit me in the stomach, and I bent over in pain.

Then leotard clad girl gracefully kicked her leg straight up, the way a cheerleader would kick, and caught me right under the chin. My head rumbled from the blow.  In my desperation, I threw a wild right hook. She easily squatted under the hook, then rose to her feet throwing an uppercut at the same time. Her uppercut railed my chin, and I felt my jaw crack. I dropped to my knees, barely conscious. Showing no mercy, she lifted her right leg into the air, held it there suspended for a second, then planted her heel right into my already broken nose. Excruciating pain vibrated through my nose. I fell to the canvas and rolled over on my back, and above me the ceiling spun in circles. I wanted to pass out, but nature wouldn't show mercy either.

Mae Ling stepped over to my beaten body, then put her soft, pantyhose covered foot on my naked groin and raised her hand in victory. Down below, her girl friends cheered and laughed. She looked down at me like I was some street beggar.

"You weak, little man.  All american men weak like you?"

"You win, now leave me alone." I pleaded.

"Feel shame, no?  Beaten up by chinese girl? You big, me small, how come you one on back."

"Just leave me alone, please!"

Mae Ling slid her beautiful foot up my stomach and over my chest. She stopped with her heel pressed firmly on my face. "I hate big men like you. Think so tough!" she said, then lifted her foot and stomped down hard on my face, knocking me unconscious.

When I awoke, I immediately saw Mae Ling standing above me near my feet.  She was standing by one of her beautiful girl friends. I then noticed my arms were restrained somehow. I glanced to my right, and saw one of the chinese girls sitting on my forearm, pinning it completely. I tried with all my strength to move it, but she had her weight distributed perfectly so my arm couldn't move. I looked to my right and saw another chinese girl sitting on that arm too. I couldn't believe those beautiful small girls had completely immobilized my arms. At the same time, I couldn't help but feel there soft, warm ass cheeks on my forearm. But it was a small consolation for my humiliation.

I then surmised my feet were free, and began kicking and bucking wildly to free myself. Mae Ling somehow grabbed both my legs. Holding one leg in each of her hands, she forced them apart, then sank her panty hosed heel square onto my balls. The excruciating pain instantly cured my brief epileptic fit. 


"If do that again, I will pop your balls wimpy american!" Mae Ling yelled, shifting more weight onto my balls. "Understand!?"

"Yes," I whimpered, holding back tears of pain.  The pain on my balls was simply unbearable.

"No," she said, "you say 'Yes, superior chinese girl!'"

"Yes, superior chinese girl." I cried again, triggering her to finally step off my balls.  The unbearable pain stopped, but an
agonizing ache lingered after.


"Now I am going to fuck you weak, wimpy, man!" Mae ling bellowed down to me.  All her chinese girl friends giggled.

"Please, just leave me alone now.  I'm sorry for whatever I did. Just let me go," I begged.

"I let go after I fuck you." Mae Ling then pulled a crotch of her leotard aside aside. Her pantyhose already had a special hole on the crotch under leotard. I couldn't believe she wanted to fuck me.  At any other time I would have killed to have sex with her, as long as it was on my terms and I was in control. The idea of her mounting me against my will, or raping me, made me feel a deep humiliation that I could never recover from. I was not about to let her rape me. Fortunately for me, the humiliating thought of being raped left me in a completely unaroused state. In other words, there was no way I was going to get an erection.

Mae Ling squatted down by my groin. The girls all laughed at the sight of my unerect penis.  


"When I say you pathetic little white man, I not know just how little!" Mae Ling said.  She then said the same thing in chinese (I presume), and all the girls started laughing again.


"Well, let see if I can bring american worm to life." Mae Ling reached down and started stroking my penis. The feel of her tender hands on my dick felt great, actually awesome, and I hated myself for enjoying it. If I could stay limp, it would be a small victory for me in an otherwise total slaughter.

Her petite hands expertly caressed my penis, gliding over its length and rubbing the very tip. In less than a minute, Mae Ling held the biggest erection I had ever had in her hand.  She stroked the tip with her thumb, amused as my penis head dilated and constricted to her touch.  


"Well, pathetic white man. Almost respectable now!"

I had lost easily, again. I watched in total horror as she positioned herself just over my head and then mounted my face. I knew then I would never recover from such a humiliating incident, but at that moment of great pleasure I was able to forget it all. She felt so good my tongue inside her that I found myself starting to worship her.

Sweet hand of Mae Ling smoothly rocked up and down over my penis. I heard her foreign feminine squeals. She began to breathe deeper as she approached orgasm, and move her hand even faster. I was also approaching an orgasm, an orgasm that I knew would be the best one I would ever have.


Mae Ling squeals became sexy moans as she took another step toward orgasm. Mae Ling then unfastened a clip on her head, and her long, beautiful black hair cascaded down her back and chest. Seeing such undescribable beauty, I tried to lift my head up and kiss her ass, but I quickly realized the other girls were still pinning my arms down. I then saw that both girls were rubbing up and down on my arms, and they both looked to be working on their own orgasms. And in the background, the other girl standing up was fingering herself while she watched.

Then a chorus of feminine chinese moans vibrated through the air as all the girls neared orgasm at the same time.  I had never been more turned on in my life, and I had actually forgot the events that had led to this. Mae Ling began to take huge deep breaths as she prepared to explode. Then, unexpectedly, Mae Ling focused her eyes on me, almost breaking her own momentum. She continued to rock, but was staring at me. She then smiled a gorgeous smile, and at that moment I was in total love with her. Still smiling, Mae Ling lifted both her hands up to her sides, then threw her arms down with tremendous force. She clamped both her hands around my balls and squeezed with what had to be all her might.


The unexpected deathly pain brought everything back in an instant. I couldn't believe I had allowed myself to love her, and actually worship her. Mae Ling released her lethal grip on my balls, freeing me again. She looked down at me with sinister desire. Then she crushed my balls again, and this time I started to cry.

"NOOOO! Please, no more!" I wailed through tears. My humiliation had sunken to a new low. Seeing me cry seemed to turn on Mae Ling more. She seemed seconds away from a tremendous orgasms. Mae Ling released my balls again, and began to rock even faster. As she rode my face faster and faster, reaching a final climax, Mae Ling suddenly completely stopped. Her face was locked in absolute pure pleasure. She lifted her hands above her head, then started to shake as a tidal wave of pleasure began to roll in. Finally, as the orgasm hit full force, Mae Ling screamed at the top of her lungs, and grabbed my balls
a final time with all the force of her orgasm behind it. 

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