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Naughty teacher punishment

Natalia was by far the most beautiful yet muscular and athletic girl in her high school. At age seventeen she could run faster, jump higher and throw the discus farther away than all the boys her age. But she had a very smooth and likeable manner and wearing ordinary street clothing nobody suspected those strong, bulging muscles under the dress of this six-foot girl. She didn't also want to scare away the boys who were a little bit afraid of her because of her strength although her long black hair, her captivating eyes and her beautiful face turned every head around when she walked the school yard.

Her mother who owned a local karate and judo school began teaching her the martial arts at the age of three and she quickly excelled, had a black belt in both karate and judo at the age of eight. By the age of ten her mother reckoned there was no woman let alone man in the whole city her daughter couldn't beat to a crying pulp in seconds.

But all of that was unbeknown to a new teacher who was fired by his old school because he was accused of molesting young girls there, but nothing could be proven although it was true. So he was sacked and to spare his old school from getting a bad reputation everything was kept a secret.

He was a sport's teacher who thought he had the perfect body and strength to impress every woman, but his secret lust for young girls was all that drove him wild.

But that should change rapidly. On his first day giving his first sport's course he couldn't help but noticing Natalia who was wearing an ohh so sexy black pantyhose and a long sleeved leotard while doing gymnastics with her schoolmates in the school's gym. He had a major hard on and decided he had to have that girl immediately after the lesson was over.

It was late in the afternoon and the last lesson to be held in the gym for this day and he thought he could have a go, because there would be no witnesses.

Under the false pretense of having to talk to Natalia about good colleges to attend to after high school, he let her in his office next to the gym after everyone was gone.

But there was something else he didn't know: A girl he had harassed at his old school was a friend of Natalia since kindergarten although she had moved away with her parents long ago. Moreover, Natalia was the only person she had out of shame confided in that the very teacher who was now at her school had done her wrong.

Natalia had convinced her to go to the police but had asked her to wait a little bit until she would have the chance to teach him a lesson he would never forget.

"Mr. Scrobel, what exactly did you want to talk to me about?" Natalia said sitting down on a chair, crossing her nylon clad legs.

"Uh-huh, well, a pretty and intelligent girl like you could do very well in an excellent college. I have a lot of good connections and friends in high places who could help get a girl like you into an ivy league college - regardless of her grades, I might add."

"Oh, Mr. Scrobel you really would do that for me? You are a very nice and fine person."

Scrobel thought he heard a little bit of mocking in her tone of voice but came to the conclusion that he must have just imagined this. The hell, what could a stupid cow like this know? All he wanted to do was stick his dick into her as soon as possible.

"Well, that's me. I try to help wherever and whenever I can. But in return there is also something you could do for me," he said drooling and putting the hand into his trousers.

"And what would that be, Mr. Scrobel? Perhaps that?"

Faster than the eye, Natalia stood up, grabbed him by his shirt and kicked him with her knee hard into his groin, then she swirled around and punched him hard into his stomach with her elbow and bloodied his nose with an even harder punch of her fist. After that she brought her heel up to his groin again , turned around and gave him a brutal karate chop on the arteries of his neck.

Before Mr. Scrobel could even scream he fell unconscious.

When he woke up again he was lying in his underpants in the middle of the gym.

He felt dizzy, disorientated and in great pain and had to cough and spit some blood.

"Ahh, Mr. Scrobel you are finally waking up. Still alive, aren't you?"

"What the hell ... "

He was looking at Natalia in awe. She was standing in front of him wearing her black leotard and black pantyhose revealing a huge muscular upper body with arms that were even bigger than his.

"Did I allow you to speak you little shit? I don't think so!"

Natalia grabbed him by his throat and yanked him up. He still felt weak after her assault so he couldn't do anything about it. She smiled a cruel smile.

"Well I think you have to be punished for that."

Instinctively he tried to protect his balls fearing another vicious attack on his testicles.

But instead of that, Natalia let go off him.

She slowly walked over to one of the exit doors of the gym and tried to open it.

"Oh I am afraid it is closed."

Then she went to the next.

"Oh this one is closed also, and also this one!" she said grinning.

"What are you ... , " Mr. Scrobel inquired.

"Psst, Mr. Scrobel, don't disturb me," she said walking towards him. Mr. Scrobel stepped back invoruntarily.

"I am just imaging something, Mr. Scrobel. You see, we are not the last ones coming to this gym today. The school rents the gym to the local sport groups in the evening. And in one hour's time the town's martial arts club is coming here to start training. Tonight there is the training session for the black belt women's class. What would you think they would do to you if they found you here with me in your underpants if I told them you tried to rape me?"

"You," stammered Mr. Scrobel.

"But don't worry this will only happen if my mother doesn't get to you first who is the teacher of the class."

At this point Scrobel was beginning to regain a little bit of his courage back, if he wanted to get out of this situation he had to be quick and cunning. That little bitch had surprised him once, but that would never happen again. Although she had muscles, strength and martial arts experiences he was a strong man twice her age and thinking about smashing her pretty face right now.

"Listen, why don't we forget about what happened, I mean you attacking a teacher that could put you in jail."

"Like harassing and molesting school girls at your old school."

"Uh-huh. That was just talk. Nothing proven."

Natalia stepped even closer to him.

"See that?" She held a key in front of his face. He tried to grab it, but she ran away quickly to the other side of the gym hall and put the key on the floor next to the wall. Then she ran towards him again.

"I'll make you a deal. If you can reach the key, you can have it and leave the gym before my mother and her martial arts women pummel the shit out of you. You just have to defeat me."

Scrobel grinned.

"You won't surprise me anymore you bitch. Let's see what is in you!"

He lunged forward, but she outmanouvered him and he didn't even touch her.

"Is that all you got?" she taunted.

He tried again, but had no success, and again, and again, and again. He tried to hit her with his fists and kick her with his feet, he tried to grab her but she was always faster and escaped. After many attempts he was out of breath but she was barely sweating.

"Well, well my little teacher ... "

Mean Mr. Scrobel took his last chance and ran for the key thinking he had outsmarted her. He turned around seeing her still standing at the same spot, yards away from him while he reached the key. He took it and ran to the next door. He managed to put the key into the lock thinking he had won, but suddenly a hand grabbed his wrist yanking it away from the door. It was Natalia. He hadn't even heard her coming.

She twisted his arm forcefully behind his back and put his head into a chokehold with her other arm. Only then did he realize how incredibly strong she was. He tried to break free, he struggled and pushed with his legs, but Natalia just held him in a grip of steel.

She whispered into his ear. "So, sweetie, you had your chance, now it is my turn to have a little fun with you. Let me show you how it feels if I use my muscles. Just my strength and my muscles, since you have already experienced my karate powers."

Saying that he felt how she lifted him up while still holding him like she had. Her biceps was bulging against his adam's apple so hard he thought he couldn't breath any more. But more severe was the arm that was twisted behind his back. When she lifted him up, incredible pain shot through his shoulder and he let go off the key he was still holding in his hand.

"That's a good boy," she whispered. "Now try to get free, come on. Show me what you got."

But he knew that she only taunted him. He kicked with his feet, even tried to yank away her arm with his free one, but the harder he tried the harder her grip on him became. She just held him up in the air like a puppy.

"Come on, you are such a big man and I am just a little girl, can't you do any better? You are pitiful," she giggled.

Scrobel's head was turning read as a tomato and he thought he was passing out again. Never in his life had he experienced such tremendous strength.

And now he was really scared.

"Sweetie, what's up, are you going to pass out again? But that's no fun. I'll give you a little breather. Perhaps you can break out of this hold?"

Natalia very gently loosened her grip and set him on the floor. Scrobel was able to take one deep breath, but before he knew it, Natalia put him in a standing headlock and went down on the floor with him. He was lying under her in her headlock, and she also put one of his arms between her thighs. She tightened her grip on him again and he could do nothing about it.

"So Mr. Scrobel or should I just call you Whimpy instead? What do you think? Isn't Whimpy a better name for you? I can't hear you. Oh I have to let go a little bit, I see."

"Nooo," murmured Scrobel. At the same moment, Natalia tightend her hold and her nylon clad thighs who were wrapped around his wrist almost broke it.

"What did you say? I can't hear you."

She let go a little bit.

"Yes," he finally said.

She put severe pressure on him again.

"Yes, what?"

She let go a little bit.

"I am Whimpy."

"What a good boy. So, Whimpy for that you are going to get a little reward. Take your hand out between my thighs." She let him take out his hand.

"Did I hurt your wrist, Whimpy?" she smiled. "You can lay your hand on my thigh to relax a little bit."

He did as he was commanded.

"Can you feel my strong muscles there under my pantyhose?"

She flexed her thighs and Scrobel could feel huge, strong muscles there under the soft pantyhose.

"How would you like to have those thigh muscles wrapped around your head?"

"No, no, please, don't, no, please, arrggghh ..."

Before he could even react, she let go off him for an instant and put him in some strong head scissors while he was lying on his back and she on top of him right over his balls.

He tried to get free but the more he tried the more she put pressure with her thighs on his head and neck.

"Please, stop, please stop," he begged almost whining.

"Do I hear you cry, there, strong man? You shouldn't cry. No, men don't cry. But you are no man you are just my little Whimpy, aren't you?" she taunted.

"Well, let's see what Whimpy man got there in his trousers."

"No, no." He sensed what was coming, and tried to get free with his last ounce of force but it was useless. She just pressed her thighs harder and harder around his head until he stopped struggling.

"Shhhh, Whimpy, you can't get out of my muscle holds, don't you see that?"

Saying that she slowly put down his underpants. He tried to kick her with his legs, but two quick karate chops to his knees brought a rapid and painful end to that.

Although in pain and humiliated like he had never been before in his live, Scrobel had a hard-on.

"My, my, Whimpy, did my pummeling arouse you? But what's that? Is that all you got? What do you say why don't I play a little bit with your stuff down there? You know in old Japan there was a female Samurai, disguised as a Geisha who used to torment her foes with a special ball-grip. I always wanted to practice this grip."

She grabbed him by the balls in an instant and out of fear and sexual anticipation Scrobel ejaculated.

"Eeeeh, you filthy pig! I'll teach you some manners!"

She squeezed his balls mercilessly and in an instant, Scrobel erection ended.

"See that was the first hold. But don't worry the Samurai Geisha has developed 20 more."

Scrobel yelled out in fear. At least he tried to, but in this desolate gym at this hour his cries wouldn't even be heard if Natalia hadn't quickly put more pressure with her thighs on his throat so all that came out of Scrobel were whining and sobbing sounds.

Natalia took her time squeezing Scrobel's balls. Every time he tried to kick or to free himself she hit him hard on his knees or tightened her head scissors. When she was about to administer the tenth ball-grip, Scrobel hit her with his fists on her buttock, but stopped very fast after she took his dick into her hands and threatened to just rip it out.

"Will you be a brave boy now and let me continue my practice? Will you?"

She grabbed his penis even harder.

He murmured something, sobbed and whined, and Natalia thought he meant yes.

"Okay where were we. Uh-huh number eleven is coming up!" At this point, Scrobel had finally given up. Only the pain in his twisted balls that shot through his entire body kept him from falling into unconsciousness again.

"Are you going to pass out again, Whimpy? Well I am going to pull back then."

Scrobel couldn't believe his luck. Natalia was standing up, breaking all holds she had had on him.

She was standing above him, looking down on the crying man.

"My, my what a whimpy creature you are, lying there whining and shivering. Come on Whimpy stand up."

She grabbed his hair and pulled him to stand.

She gave his underpants to him.

"Here put this on. I can't stand the sight of your balls any longer."

He obliged.

"Please, let me go."

"Well, let's go for a walk first, before you collapse."

She very smoothly put him into a standing headlock and started to walk with her biceps against his throat and his head held against her body. He was so weak that she had to carry him more or less, because he barely could walk.

"See, I have one problem with you, Whimpy, you did bad, very bad towards a good friend of mine. So I would have to torment you a little bit more."

"No, no, no," cried Scrobel.

Natalia let go off Scrobel for a moment and punched him in the stomach. Then she quickly put him in the headlock again and pressed very hard, so he was barely able to breathe. She pressed harder and harder holding the struggling Scrobel strongly in her arms who was in severe pain and in danger of suffocating because of the blow to his stomach and Natalia's hold. Even the fear of dying and his mobilizing of his last strength were useless. Just before it was over, Natalia loosened her grip. Scrobel gasped for air while Natalia was still holding him for several minutes.

"Are you with me again? The next time you interrupt me when I am speaking I won't be so forgiving towards you!"

She let go off him and pushed him to the ground then she effortlessly lifted him up and over her broad shoulders. She continued walking while carrying him.

"Where was I. Ahh, yes? You see, someone like you shouldn't teach young people, someone like you should be put away and never teach again! Isn't that right?"

Mr. Scrobel was about to say something but wasn't fast enough for Natalia, so she threw him on the floor and knelt on his throat while yanking his left arm almost out of his socket.

The pain was so severe that Scrobel was almost passing out again, but Natalia just let go off him before that happened. She then just sat next to the crying man who was lying on the floor.

"I ask you again, Whimpy! Isn't that right?"

"Ye ... yes."

She stood up, grabbed Scrobel and carried him to a wall. There she leaned him against it standing right before him. One of her nylon-clad thighs was pushed between his legs right under his groin and her hands were holding his wrists in a steel-like grip. Then she pushed her knee under his groins higher and higher until he was being lifted off the ground and literally sitting on her knee with his balls.

"Look me into the eye, Whimpy!"

So he did.

"You will leave this school and you will never work as a teacher again! If I ever find out about you molesting young girls again, anywhere, there is no place on earth you can hide from me. Do you understand me?"

He stammered something she couldn't hear.

So Natalia brought her ear closer to his mouth.

"What did you say?"

"Yes," he finally conceded.

"That's a good boy."

She suddenly pulled her knee away so he fell on the floor.

Natalia looked at the gym's watch.

"My, my Whimpy, that was fast. I had hoped for a little bit more resistance and little bit more fun with you. You know I haven't even tried my standing head scissors on you. Wouldn't that be nice to have some strong female legs in sexy stockings wrapped around your neck? What do you say, why don't I give you some taste of it as a good bye?"

Before Scrobel could object, she forced his head between her mighty thighs and slowly, rhythmically began squeezing him.

"Can you feel that? Isn't that something to remember? No? But you will remember this!"

She grabbed him by his hair again yanked him up to a standing position and punched him in the stomach, grabbed his arm, held it away from his body and kicked his rips repeatedly with her foot until one or two broke.

She then punched him in the right eye and also in the left eye lifted him up held him high above the ground and smashed him on the floor again so that more rips were broken.

She put him up again.

"When you will get out of the hospital, you will never forget what I just told you in your life!"

She kicked him in the balls ferociously again and finally put him to sleep with a karate chop to the head.

Natalia finally looked down at her "work" sighed in relief and carried the unconscious man back to his bureau. She put his cloths back on, cleaned the gym of his blood and called an ambulance. She said a gang of hoodlums had broken into the gym and assaulted a teacher. Then she left.

Mr. Scrobel was never heard of again.

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