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young sexy policewoman in leotard bodysuit kicks nude male in the balls

Ballbusting sisterhood

"I'll do it," Greg said quickly. Lisa's eyes beamed. "I'm just afraid of chickening out in front of your friends. I don't really know how I'll do with you acting as the "family jeweler".

The look of disappointment was returning to Lisa's face. "I'd bust you right now if I thought it would help you." Greg turned to his sister with a puzzled look on his face but before he could say a word, she jumped up excitedly. "That's it!"


"What's it?"


"It's perfect, don't you see? I bust you now and you can see if it is too intense for you to do on Friday. That way no one is embarrassed."


"But Sis I..." he was interrupted.


"You’re right. We will have to move some furniture. Get the other end of the couch.” She pointed to a far wall. "There."


"Sis...” Again interrupted.

"My boyfriend used to like to have me wear my cheerleader leotard when I busted him. Would that make it easier for you?" She turned and went into her bedroom, not even waiting for a reply. She came back out dressed in her leotard a moment later.

Lisa moved closer to her brother and began her chant. "One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready here they go!” With each clause she kicked a low kick and clapped her hands in unison but, on the last word, she suddenly kicked high and from right under her brother’s unguarded balls. He stumbled back, grasping his now sore testicles. "I see you are still standing. That is because your balls hurt much worse than they were actually hit. It is a psychological thing."


"No," Greg muttered, "it is a pain thing."


"In a couple of minutes, you'll be fine." She sat down next to where he was standing. "I always knew that you got turned on when I was doing those cheers." Greg blushed and turned to face his sister just as Lisa's fist slammed into his balls. "You know how many times growing up I wanted to do this?" She hugged him, smiling broadly. "You are just the greatest."


That night Lisa was walking past Greg's bedroom. When she got there, she heard him talking in his sleep. "That's right Sis… crack my nuts..." She could also see that he was sporting a full erection. She just smiled to herself and went back to bed.


The next morning Lisa wore a short silk robe to breakfast that gaped to show a black thong leotard underneath. Greg got up in his usual boxers and t-shirt. "Hey what are ya fixing?"


"Oh this morning I had an urge for a hot breakfast." She gave him a mischievous smile. "I'm fixing scrabbled eggs. Do you want some?"


"Sure. It beats corn flakes.” She gestured towards a plate next to the stove. He walked next to his sister. As he did, Lisa swung her hand back, striking him in the groin.


"Do you want something to eat with your scrambled eggs?" she asked as he leaned back against the counter. Lisa turned back towards the stove and began scooping eggs onto the plate. There was more than enough for one so she reached for another plate causing her robe to fall open. Greg's eyes were immediately drawn to the leotard covered body of her sister. Setting the second plate next to the first, she finished scooping out the eggs. She took both plates, turned and sat them on the table. Greg turned and reached for a chair. Just as he did, Lisa drove her knee up into his groin again. She chuckled as she sat down. "I decided to scramble some for myself."


Greg slumped down into his chair. He tried to cover a developing erection but that only made it more evident. Lisa looked at the bulge trying to escape the confines of the boxers and leaned towards her brother. "Oops. It looks like I must have hurt you. There's definitely swelling down there."


"I'll be alright. I’m fine really," Greg said, embarrassed.


"No, this had better be checked." With that, she reached over, swatted his hands out of the way and grabbed his balls tightly.


"You are right. Your balls are just fine but there seems to be some other swelling." Greg blushed a bright red as she continued. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think that you liked me busting your balls, little brother."


Greg just stammered incoherently and looked down at the erection straining to escape and his sister's hand still gripping his balls. Lisa laughed. After a moment, Greg just looked away and muttered, "I'm sorry."


"Are you chickening out? It looks to me like you don't mind it so much." With that, she gave his balls a slight twist. Greg gasped. "Oh… it’s not that. It's wrong for me to get turned on."

With a chuckle, Lisa leaned forward. "Because I'm busting your balls, because I'm dressed in leotard or because I'm your sister?" 

"Both! It’s just wrong!"


Lisa let go and started eating. After a few minutes, she smiled and spoke up. "Why is it wrong? We're not having sex, so it’s not incest. It is enjoyable for both so it is not coerced. We are both having fun doing something that has rules, so I would say we are playing a game of sorts.


"What do you mean?"


"This is just a game. We played games growing up. This is just a new one."


"No… it is not."


"So you are saying that it is wrong for us to have a good time around each other?"


Greg sat up straight. "Like this it is."


"How is this different?" she pressed. "Because it involves a sexual organ? That is just silly. If I were a pre-med, you'd plop that thing out in a second if I needed to study. If I was an artist and needed someone for a sculpture, you would give me free access, no thoughts about it."


Greg was quiet for a moment “But I feel guilty."


Lisa laughed out loud. "What do you have to feel guilty about? I'm the one busting your balls remember?"


Greg chuckled. "I guess you’re right"


"Like always," Lisa quickly added.


For the rest of breakfast there was very little conversation but the tension seemed to have been lifted as well. As they cleared the table, Greg leaned across to his sister and offered, "If you want my nuts, then they are yours"


"You are the greatest brother ever!" Lisa jumped up and down and hugged her brother.


Lisa kept coming up to Greg and hitting or kicking him in the groin and smiling, saying things like, "Thank you. You don't know how good it is to bust those balls you gave me…" and when he would develop an erection, she would squeeze them and comment something to the effect of, "I was wondering if I was doing it right. Thanks for the compliment."


On Friday, Lisa drove them to her friend’s house. Inside were the five young women. All woman was dressed in black gym leotards with hair up in ponytails. The last was helping Lisa out of her clothes and soon she was wearing her black gym leotard too.


"The meeting will now come to order," one of the girls announced. "Tonight is a special night. Lisa has been given a special gift by her brother. Let's all give Lisa and Greg a hearty welcome. Each of the girls congratulated Lisa and then praised Greg for being such a loving brother. Their guys all just smiled their acknowledgment to Greg. After the last of the girls had talked with Lisa, each girl paired up with a guy. Greg could see everyone taking off his clothes. He turned to Lisa and she smiled at him and nodded so Greg disrobed as well.


Throughout the night, the girls all made wagers as to who could get their guy to drop first and who could kick their man the most before he fell. They would have the men recite the pledge of allegiance while they squeezed their balls as tight as they could. At the end of the night, the vote was taken and Lisa was crowned "The Queen of the Balls" and she would take her place on the throne. 


They brought out a straight-backed chair and motioned Greg to sit on it. He didn't understand but complied. After sitting, Lisa spread his legs apart and then stepped up onto the chair. She then used her foot to stretch Greg's scrotum away from his body. She slowly turned so that each testicle was trapped under one of her feet and then flexed her foot so that all of her weight was pressing on the pinned orbs. Greg’s eyes were filled with tears as she stepped off. She leaned down and kissed him on the forehead. "Bro, you make me the happiest woman alive!"

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