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Pecking order

Nina was finishing her make up in front of her bedroom mirror. She blew kisses at her image, satisfied with what she saw. The blonde girl had the toned, athletic cheerleader in sexy leotard look to her. Long legs, tight tummy and feminine curves that turned all the boys around her into blushing, stuttering jelly. Her new step brother Jack was an exception though. He had proved to be hard to wrap around her little finger.

Jack was watching a taped ice hockey game in the family living room. Empty coke cans were piling up beside the sofa on which he lay. It was a sunny, lazy afternoon in June, high school was finally over and the young man was enjoying his well earned summer holiday. His dark hair was dishevelled and he wore a relaxed combination of shorts and a white t-shirt. As an avid ice hockey fan Jack was excited about the last match in the Stanley Cup finals that would be played in a couple of hours. He was rewinding an old game while some dark clouds suddenly blocked the sun. Or so he thought.

"Hi brother dear," chirped her step sister Nina who suddenly stood over the sofa. "Looking as energetic as usual." She was way worse than dark clouds would have been. Jack's life would have been nearly perfect if it wasn't for his parents divorce a year ago. He had gotten over the whole thing quite easily, but then the problems began in the form of his new step mom, Joy, and her daughter Nina. Jack's own mother moved away and he shared their parents big house with his father until his new girlfriend moved in ?with her 18-year old daughter. They had shared the house for two months now and he already felt that the new family members were making his life a living hell. Her new step mother, Joy, was a buxom 40-year old ex-fitness model with bleached hair and a tan ?which she seemed to be really proud judging from the way she used to show it off. Joy went easy on Jack while his father was around, but Jack felt she was really bossy when left alone with his new step son. Still, compared to Joy's daughter, Nina, she was alright. She looked like a young replica of Joy, the all American cheerleader who had the whole school's boys around her little finger in a month much in the same way as her mother seemed to have enchanted Jack's father. Despite her obvious charms Jack couldn't stand her ?he thought she was spoiled rotten, moody and sometimes downright wicked. After Nina realized that he wasn't going to eat from her hand and obey her every wish, she reacted with an all out war of insults and pestering. She did her best to drive him mad, teasing him whenever she had the chance. She picked on his clothes, interests and looks while her absolute favourite subject for teasing was his scrawny build. Nina on the other hand was a female jock, she was in the school swimming team, played tennis and went to gym at least twice a week. Her body was very feminine, yet well toned. To put it short, Jack, or "pencil neck", or "Jackie boy", was extremely fed up with his step sister, whose only seeming excuse for her obnoxious behaviour was that she wanted to live in Jack's room which was bigger than hers. His father and stepmother seemed to be totally blind to the nasty sides of Nina's character, which she hid well when their parents were around.

At first he tried to please his new family members, but soon he noticed that Nina wasn't doing a thing in the house while he was vacuuming and even cleaning up the toilets. Joy kept ordering all the house chores to him. Jack took the matter up over a family dinner, but Joy interrupted his complaints by appealing to Nina's sports practises. Besides Jack was on a summer holiday now, he had all the time in the world, as she pointed out. His father stammered that Joy had made a good point and even scolded Jack for his selfishness and lack of respect for his new mother and sister. It was as if he was under some kind of spell. Nina was smiling endearingly and thanking "Mr. Richards" for understanding her situation, but as the siblings were cleaning the table she gave him a wicked grin and mouthed "loser".

Jack's father had taken Joy for a week's trip in the southern France, leaving the teens alone for the first time. He had a long talk with his son about how he should be nice to his new sister. He didn't want to hear anything about Nina's bad behaviour and dropped the case by blaming Jack. After all, he was the older one on responsible for quitting the fights, not participating in childish games. Joy on the other hand shrugged at Jack's "whining", as she called it. "It's natural for siblings to bicker in order to create a pecking order," she said and the case was dismissed. It was obvious to Jack that at least his father had no idea of Nina's real character and finally Jack swallowed his anger, wishing his parents a pleasant trip.

As soon as the car left the yard Jack went into the living room, making sure he'd get to watch the biggest television set in the house, after all there was the important game on tonight. Everything went peaceful for an hour or two, but then Nina had appeared. The Tommy Girl perfume spread thick in the room, and aroma which by now triggered an automatic irritation in him. She was wearing only a pink sports leotard and Jack didn't like the look on her face.

"Look Nina, I just want to watch a game so leave me alone. You have an own television in your room, just split. And please wear some clothes while you're in my house."

" and no, I won't!" chirped Nina and sat beside him of the sofa, brushing her naked thigh against Jack's. "I want to watch the television here," she snickered. "This is my house as well, and I watch the television where I want to. The women's open is on in ten minutes."

"Look Nina, it's so obvious that you're just trying to bust my balls. You're doing a good job as well. I won't quarrel with you, just scram before I'll get real angry," Jack growled with repressed anger in his voice.

Nina turned to him, jutting her breasts out provokingly, confusing him. "You know you can't order me to do anything. Just go and watch the set in the basement. Or, if you want to enjoy your game in peace, let me have your room. I promise I'll leave you alone. I really need the space, you know. Pretty please? I won't give any trouble anymore, I swear," she asked beseechingly and batted her long eyelashes.

Jack was lost for a moment. Her half-naked state and tempting offer were confusing him. For a moment he fought to come over the situation, averting his eyes and stammering. "I- I...don't..." Her demanding "Well?" broke the spell though, and Jack was enraged by her easy manipulation of him.

"Fuck off! It's my room, it's been my room for my whole life. Leave me alone for fuck's sake, and for the last time put some clothes on while you're in my house!" He was screaming at her now.

"You can't make, loser!" she shouted back. "What's the matter, is your sister too hot for you, Jacky-boy? Does my fit body bother you?"

"Your not my sister, your just a spoiled little teen bitch, and if you won't move your fat ass this instant, I will fucking make it move!" Blood was rushing to his head and there wasn't anything repressed about his anger anymore.

"Like if you could, pencil neck!" she said, losing her temper as well.

It all happened very fast, Jack just lost it and shoved her with all of his strength on the floor. Nina hit the carpet on her side and winced out of pain. Jack stood up and looked down on his step sister with satisfaction as she writhed in pain. "I should have done that a long time a go. Don't just fucking lie there moaning, go to your room and stay there. You totally had this coming, little bitch!"

Nina suddenly turned on her back and kicked up at Jack from the floor. It seemed like time slowed down as in an action movie. Her foot hit unsuspecting Jack straight in his groin, sending a jolt through his whole body. He let out a high pitched scream and tumbled on the floor. Nina watched as her step brother balled up and nursed his groin with both hands, moaning feebly. Her first reaction was fear of his retaliation. She got up and started for the stairs and the safety of her room. After a few steps however she turned back to check on him. Jack wasn't chasing her. In the matter of fact he wasn't doing anything at all except for trembling and moaning insults. "You fucking bitch, bitch, I'll kill you, I'll fucking kill you..."

Suddenly she relaxed and reassessed the situation. She had knocked out the boy with a single kick. Why should she be running away? This was her opportunity to get even, or to get even more. For a few seconds she observed the boy, first curiously, then with growing satisfaction. Her mother had taught her basic self defence holds and moves, and had always stressed the point of attacking males' groin area. "That'll floor them!" she always said with a laughter. She composed herself and an elating feeling went through her body. She wasn't the one who was being attacked here.

She was the attacker.

She walked confidently back to her moaning brother and stomped her foot on his unprotected side. His body felt soft against her bare, hard sole and his scream of pain was music to her ears. She still felt a little winded and shook after his attack, but the excitement and the adrenaline pumping in her veins helped her to forget about it. "That's what you get for hitting a girl, Jackie-boy. And this is for trying to order me around," she spat and kicked him in his back.

Jack was horrified. The pain pulsating in his groin and abdomen were too much to bare, and now her step sister kept on kicking him, finding targets after another. He had to get up no matter what. He struggled on his feet while her kicks kept hammering his aching body. He panicked away from her and ran until he hit a wall. He tried to cool his head and come up with a defensive stance. Nina was standing about three meters away from him, looking suddenly very confident. He hated to admit it but he felt fear as he met the hungry gaze of his enemy ?a mere 18-year old girl. And she was smiling and giggling at him!

"Oh, poor boy, did I hurt your balls? That looked really painful. Now I'm going to hurt them some more!" Instinctively he lowered his hands to protect his groin, which just made her to giggle even louder. "You look so fucking stupid! Afraid of me, huh?"

"F...fuck you!" he stammered. "I'll make you pay for that. I'll fucking crush you!" He said and attacked her with his fists raised. Nina backed away and easily dodged the boy's clumsy attack. "You've got to catch me first, pencil neck!", she chirped as she danced away." This went on for a while, and Nina kept her distance while building up a strategy. She methodically studied his attacks, finding holes in his defence. She hadn't been fighting anyone since grade school, but she seemed suddenly very sure of herself, concentrating on beating up her step brother.

Jack kept his fists flying at her step sister, but she seemed to be able to dodge them easily. The pain in his groin reminded to keep his distance from the girl's dangerous feet. As the girl kept retreating he gained back some of  his self confidence. "You had your chance, now I'm really gonna hurt you. You've pestered me long enough and you just crossed the line. I don't care if you're a girl, you got it coming!"

"I'll have you crying on the floor again, cry baby! What's the matter, afraid to get hit in your little balls again? Afraid of a girl?" Nina joined in the verbal warfare.

Jack had had enough of her taunting and decided to end the battle once and for all. He charged at her with his fists flailing. Nina had been waiting for this and had her move planned. She quickly grabbed his hand, pulled at it and kicked his feet at the same time. The crude but well executed judo move worked even better than she had imagined: The boy completely lost his balance and fell on his stomach with a heavy thud. She still held his hand while she completed the move with a fierce stomp on his lower back, driving all the air out of his lungs. Jack made a surprised gurgling sound, but Nina went further. She jumped on his back with both her feet, squashing his abdomen flat against the floor. By now Jack didn't have enough air left to scream. Nina on the other hand was in total control of the situation. She quickly straddled Jack while still keeping her grip of his hand which she now began to twist behind the boy's back.

Nina was as dumbfounded as Jack. She knew now that the fight was already over, the boy couldn't escape this hold. Her mother had always taught her to be proud of her gender and not to let boys to order her around, but this was something different. She wouldn't have believed that she could actually beat Jack. She hadn't even thought about it! Usually boys did her bidding with the smallest hint but her step brother wasn't as easy to manipulate. Now she was dominating him physically. The boy under him was struggling feebly as she tortured his hand. She couldn't believe how weak and desperate he was as he tried to pry his hand loose with his other hand. Nor could she believe how good and empowering it felt.

"You fucking bitch...bitch..." he sobbed as he regained his breath and kicked at her back feebly with his feet. She couldn't even feel the kicks as hot and cold waves rushed through her body. "What did you just call me?" she snarled  as she twisted his arm sharply. He began to cry uncontrollably. "Did you call  me a bitch? I'll give you time to think about it while I torture your other  arm. Then you'll be totally helpless and I can do anything I want with you.  Think about that," she said while releasing her grip on the boys left arm which fell limp on the floor. Jack tried to hide his other arm under him in desperation. She arched her back backwards and slid her hand inside his shorts and further, inside his underwear. Her hand found his genitals and she squeezed sharply, making the boy screech with pain. "Stop fighting me or I'll pull these off." The boy froze out of pain and fear and stopped struggling immediately. "Oh, are you trying to hide your other arm? How pathetic! Hand it over this now or I'll knead your balls into jelly." Jack's mind raced, he couldn't think for the pain. She had broken him already. "Please stop, Nina! Please, I can't take it. Please! Stop it!"

This was it. Jack's pleads didn't calm her down, they just excited her more. She had beaten him and he had given up, but Nina wasn't going to leave him any chance of defending himself. She remembered her mother's teachings. "Once  you have the attacker down, make sure he stays so. Don't let up. Don't run until you can be sure that he won't follow you." Well, she was going to be  sure and she definitively wasn't going to run! She giggled to herself as she yanked his balls between his ass cheeks. "Your other arm. boy. Now!", she barked. He quickly offered his other hand for her to torture. "Hah! A very stupid move, pencil neck. But I guess you didn't really have a choice", she giggled sadistically while releasing his balls to concentrate on the arm.

Jack had never been so afraid in his life. Her hated step sister had actually beaten him up and was now taking her time to render him completely helpless. The pain was excruciating as she methodically began to torture his right arm in a similar way as the other one. "Oh no, oh no..." he cried helplessly. "Oh yes, oh yes...soon the real fun begins. For me, that is!" She kept twisting his arm until she was certain it was useless. She then twisted his index finger and sank her teeth in it, making the boy shriek and tremble with pain.

"Hurts, doesn't it?"

"Please! I can't take, please..." he cried.

"Beg me to stop, pencil neck."

"Please! I beg you to stop it. I beg you Nina! " he sobbed in shame.

"I could now, couldn't I? But I'm not sure you're going to be nice to me yet, and since you're such a weak little shit that you can't even defend yourself against a high school girl, I'll bite it as much as I like." She bit the finger again, sadistically pulling it back and forth between her perfect teeth until she got bored with this form of torture.

"I'm sorry Nina! I'm sorry I hurt you. You can have my room. Please, you can have anything!" Jack pleaded in panic.

"Do you think I don't know that? I can do anything I want with you, and now I want to have some fun." Nina was heady with excitement and she felt her crotch tingling demandingly. She wanted to make her victory as humiliating as possible. She scooted up on Jack's back and straightened her legs forwards so that the boy's head caught between her thighs. She pulled his head by his hair and secured his neck in a scissor hold so that she could see his face. He pleaded her to let him go but she just leaned over to jiggle her breasts at him. He cried in pain and desperation as the girl began to squeeze his neck between her thighs, pulling his neck against her crotch by his hair. "Oh yes...oh yes..." she moaned girlishly while Jack gasped desperately for air.

"Please, you've had your fun, you won, you're stronger, now let me go", he pleaded while his tears ran along her thighs. She slapped his face and laughed sadistically. "Are you telling me when I've had my fun? Oh, I've just began having my fun with you. Why would I let you go?"

"Please...Nina...I can't take're too strong" he gasped while she kept scissoring him ever tighter.

"You'll be more fun alive", she said while releasing her scissors and letting his head smack face first on the floor. She stood up and kicked Jack around so that he lay on his back. She then raised up his feet by his ankles, smiling cruelly at the boy who guessed what was coming and began to struggle feebly with the strength he had left. "You don't have any leverage, so it's useless to struggle. She smiled evilly at Jack and stomped his unprotected groin. She laughed as Jack screamed and fell limp. She stomped his balls again and rubbed her sole hard against his groin. The boy whimpered and jolted helplessly, wriggling and squirming in her grip, begging for mercy. "Now I'll tell you how things are going to be in this house. You'll be my fucking toy boy and do anything, I mean anything I tell you to or I'll tie your balls in a knot. Got it?" she spat.

Jack just moaned unintelligibly and tried to nurse his damaged balls with his weakened hands. He couldn't understand how this girl could suddenly be so cruel and frightening. "I take that as a yes," she giggled. "Now well have to  test your good behaviour. Something very humiliating...hmm...yes. Get up, toy  boy! Now!" she barked. Jack obeyed instantly, even as the pain made it hard to stand up. "Good boy. Now strip!" Jack hesitated a bit but complied as Nina made a crushing motion with her hand. Totally humiliated the stripped his shorts and shirt. He was now in his underwear before the leotard clad vixen. "I said strip! Take those boxers off now or I'll do it myself!" Jack swallowed his tears and stripped nude for her step sister, who began to circle him and comment his build knowingly. "I must say I've seen quite a naked boys and you are by far the scrawniest pencil neck. No wonder it was so easy to beat you up!" she giggled. Still I have to give you some credit for that," she said and pointed to his crotch. Jack was blushing and tried to hide himself with his hands. How could Nina speak to him like this? "Hands behind your back, spread your legs!" she barked and trembling Jack obeyed instantly. "Good boy. Don't move an inch, I'll be back soon." Nina left the room, laughing and swaying her hips seductively. Jack's mind raced. He could attempt to run into his room and lock the door. He could run outside and call for help. Both alternatives were bad, as he couldn't make in his room for a whole week, and he couldn't get out without passing through the kitchen where he could hear her step sister rummaging through the cupboards. He swallowed his pride as he was too much afraid of her retaliation to try escape.

She returned briefly, sipping her health drink and smiled approvingly. "Good boy. Now you'll get your reward: you'll get to rub my feet while I watch TV. Talk about humiliation!", she giggled. She sat on the sofa and turned the  television on. "Kneel at my feet. Good. Here's some lotion." As the girl switched through channels and enjoyed Jack's inexperienced but desperate hands she went through the day's events. Her whole world had turned upside down. As she looked at the kneeling, blushing boy at her feet she knew he wouldn't be the last boy she was going to submit to her will. Her leotard bottom was soaking wet with her juices as she enjoyed her new power to the full. Boys were weak, all the men were.

"Very good, slave. Now go to bed. My bed, that is," she giggled evilly. Jack trembled and sobbed but nodded submissively. He was afraid to find out what kind of new humiliations the girl had in store for him.

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