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femdom mixed wrestling leotard headscissors woman wins

Annihilated by Gina

I do not know why, but finally accepted the proposal by Hollywood Jobber: while I put the beautiful Emma Watson in his way, he chose a rival whose name sounds dangerous: Gina Carano. For the unwary, I tell you that Gina Carano is a former MMA fighter and carries a 7-1 record, many of her fights ended by knockout, so I can get an idea of  what kind of opponent she was: forget actresses, pop singers and dancers... This woman is a warrior, and I anticipate that I had no chance against her, as you can imagine. But my destiny darkened further when I learned that this attractive brunette who participated in American Gladiators really wanted to beat me up.

"Why?" I wondered, while a cold sweat ran down my back. I was expecting a competitive fight, but away from personal matters. And this time Monkey Freed had nothing to do with this ... Did the Jobber said something to her? I don `t believe. I remembered her bloody fights while waiting to open the door of her hotel room. My impatience was diluted when the door opened and invited me in. She was tall, and her pretty face appeared a reckless smile, as if to say: "I have my prey". She was woring her fighting uniform, which consisted on a sporty black high cut leotard and a red boxing shoes.

I was overly kind, sympathetic, trying to avoid too severe beating of this professional, but her defiant attitude was still the same. Beside me, there was a mattress on the floor, I undressed all my clothes and waited, deeply scared. I asked the stipulations of the fight (I wanted to avoid a situation like the one I suffered with Taylor Swift) and said it was a 30 minutes wrestling match.

We started to surround us, and she allowed me to wrap my arms around her neck, just to prove how easily she could escape. We took her hands and began to measure forces... she was strong, very strong, and I was about to kneel. Quickly, she wrapped one arm on the back of my neck, gathers momentum and throws me back violently to the mat.



I was stunned by the impact: since I started this career of wrestling with famous women, none had thrown me with that facility, and I think any could achieve. But Gina was a professional, and could dominate my 93 or 92 or 91 kilos very easily. I tried to get up, but the deadly brunette who was Crush in American Gladiators had supported her knee on my neck. It was amazing how a simple movement like that and just using her knee could keep me there.


"I heard about you. You're the pervert wrestler who fight against weaker girls so you can think you are a though guy. You increase your confidence and male ego beating helpless starlets who can not fight ... well, that's over, I'm the avenger of all the girls who fell against you! "


"Wha-what?" I managed to say, choking on her knee on me, and looking like a helpless puppy. Gina Carano heard about me, as she says, but obviously not read my articles on the matches! Surely she thinks that a big guy who is dedicated to fighting against celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman and Taylor Swift, and it appeared that one man can easily overcome them, then she believe that these wrestling matches I have won and I am a proud fighter who dominates and subjected to the "helpless" famous girls ... BIG MISTAKE!


I had no time to explain that the defenseless girls had tortured me and had beaten me so bad, as she moved her leg away and with the other wrapped my arm extending to one side.




A terrible armbar was taking me the best screams of my career. Those legs are made of steel! Seriously, in those fleeting moments when my hand reached to touch them, they were rock hard as a female bodybuilder! My God, I was so affraid!


"Are you feeling well beat the inexperienced women? How do you feel now, losing to someone who knows how to defend herself?" She said, holding my aching arm. They did not spend 10 seconds and I was tapping badly. She leaves me, I took the biceps and leaned complaining of pain. I knew I should not accept this, I knew it! On the other hand, I think it is more worthy lose and suffer with Gina Carano, a professional who can beat any other man, who against Selena Gomez, for example.


I stood up and began: "Gina, this was a misunderstanding, I have not defeat them..." but she cut my body hugging me and knocking me hard. Fuck, I could not give explanations, I had to defend myself, or at least try. While she was positioned on top of me, I grabbed a few strands of her black hair and pulled hard.


"Ohh!" She exclaimed, and seeing the fire in her eyes I understood it was a bad decision. The brunette took my hand, placed it on the mat and she applied a kind of arm lock with her hand holding the wrist, leaning on my chest, blocking me on the floor, while her right arm wrapped around my biceps and leaned on her own wrist. The pain was vivid and immediate, the elbow joint was suffering a terrible, TERRIBLE punishment.


"Oh Ahhhh! Please, no! Oh ..."


I was totally immobilized, all I could do was beg that Amazon to stop hurt me. Worst of all it was my left arm, the same who was caught with an armbar minutes earlier.




"Oh ... God ..." I groaned, lying on the mat. Gina Carano knelt, looking at my condition after scoring her second goal on me. Both on the ground starting new round, my arm throbbed and I was worrying and I was more and more scared of her. Anyway, I tried to demonstrate integrity, preventing or making an attempt she could not easily grab. With my hands on her broad shoulders, I pushed her back avoiding her tackle, and I wanted to wrap my arms around her body, but she was so strong and flexible and at the moment my right arm went around her waist, the brunette grabbed my neck and, once again, knocked me to the mat. This time, the impact was stronger and my back resonated with the surprising hit. Without taking her arm around my neck, Gina Carano had subjected me with a headlock , the worst that I suffered. My view was obscured by the proximity of her chest and forearm against my face. My hands rested uselessly in her body, trying to shake off its pressure, while moaning pathetically. Not suited me as I throw the hair before, this woman was able to take off my head at that moment. I started spinning in circles, but she just made fun saying things like "where are you going?" Even I heard her smile, and that was something positive, because not hate me enough to give me an injury for life... yes, it is true, in this match I was having a pathetic attitude, but did you know what It is brutally punished at the hands of one of the best female fighters in MMA? Then shut your mouth! (Minus the Jobber, he knows very well what kind of beast is Gina Carano).


The sexy fighter also known for her role in Fast and Furious, turned my body as she clutched the lock around my neck, pulling me face down on the mat, she sat on me (I assume that for a brief moment I could feel the warmth of her buttocks against my back...yum!), grabbed my arms between her knees and with the same ease with which I am describing it, she connected a camel clutch.


"Ahhh! Ahhhh fuck! I cant take it anymore, it huuurts!"


"If it hurts, give up, loser!" She exclaimed, pulling my head back with her hands and causing my back pain crunches. I had suffered camel clutches in my previous fights against other famous, but they were improvised, although very painful, hybrids. Instead the Gina was perfect, and it was really hurting.


"I give! I give! Ahhhh!"


After surrendering, Gina release me, but sat on my back, still scolding me by the "poor women" to which I faced.


"It's not easy against a Pro, huh?"


I turned my pained body to face her: she looked dominant and sexy with her hands on her waist and her sexy leotard. Naked, I felt like an insect in front of her, even though people always see me as a relatively strong type, telling things like: "If someone tries to punch me, I call Gutierrez". "Listen Gina ... I did not take advantage of anyone... many of the celebrities I fought against me dominated me as you are doing right now ..."


"What? Are you trying to tell me that the girls of Disney and thin actresses defeat you?"


"Yes ... the only ones I won them went to Kat Dennings and Michelle Rodriguez, the rest massacred me." I confessed to the incredulous fighter, deeply ashamed. Gina Carano cute face lit up with a smile, which later became an hysterical laugh:


"Hahahahaha! I can not believe it, really. I thought you had taken advantage of the physical inferiority of girls as Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez. But hey, this confirms that women are not the weaker sex."


Having Gina Carano sitting above me I was generating endless pleasurable sensations, I could stay here with her muscular body on top of me during all my life, but at the same time, I confessed my loses against smug celebrities, and that was generating me an overwhelming shame. I should prove that I can at least give her a decent fight, just as I did with Michelle Rodriguez, her enemy in Fast and Furious. I raised my back off the mat, spread out my arms and carried her head against my chest.


"What the fuck you think you're doing?" she growled, her voice muffled by the pressure. Unfortunately, the joy did not last long, Gina Carano rejoined, released her head and began to strangle me with her forearm on my neck. "You like to play rough?" She said while trapped my legs with her strong calves. There was no way to get rid of her, my arms flailed desperately while my throat exuded an agonizing cough. My hands gripped her forearm, firm as a steel, and slowly my vision started to blur. Fortunately, she stopped the punishment, unfortunately, to continue torturing me ...


I had never experienced a show of stenght like that, when this fiery brunette gave me a hard beating that I will not forget: Gina Carano knelt, pulled my arm and put my body on hershoulders! We're talking about more than 90 kgs. and she handled me as if they were 10 kgs. With horror, I saw how she stood up, and I saw myself suspended in the air and completely helpless. Her left arm around my neck, and the other held my groin. I screamed and I kicked, I was really afraid of being thrown, but didnt said the stupid cliche: "Put me down," so she deposited me violently on the mat, only shouted "No, no, do not do this!" and stuff like that I'd rather not remember.


I cursed my luck when the dominant fighter extended her arms, and finally threw me like a sack of potatoes. I fell awkwardly to the ground, my lungs issued a loud sound after the resounding blow. The body slam was sudden, unexpected, and the side of my body was hurting too. But this living hell seemed endlessk: taking advantage of my position lying on the mat, Gina Carano approached me with a firm and determined step, she sat down beside me, wrapped her legs, her muscular and colossal legs around my aching middle and squeezed tightly.




The pain was immediate, I felt as if a truck had rolled my torso. I shifted just to stay on my back and screaming at the ceiling ... FUCK YOU, HOLLYWOOD JOBBER!


Of course I gave up, my ribs were aching, they were suffering a new, excruciating pain, even worst of all previous scissors.


"Gina... please ... just ... give me some time to recover ... just a little ..." I begged, my arms clinging to my ribs as she laughed ironically. Still immersed in that awful pain, I could see the beauty and sensuality of her smile; she was a demolition machine, but at the same time was a very feminine and very pretty woman.


"Act like a man and stand up and not try to make time for 30 minutes of pain pass quickly, at the end, you're a cheater!" She said firmly, but pitying me.


"Come on, get up and give your best!" She insisted, while I supported my knees on the mat and I slowly incorporated. With great effort, I tried ramming, but she dodged me with ease, and with the speed of lightning stood behind me and wrapped her arms around my stomach by applying a painful reverse bearhug.

I creaked my teeth as my feet were suspended in the air, and with a sudden movement she threw me to the floor, my mouth against the mat.


"Ugh! My God!" I exclaimed, feeling her body on my back.


"Come on, try to stand up ..." she challenged me whispering in my ear, hugging me with her strong arms. But my attempts were as useless as regrettable, had no energy, all my body was hurting, while for Gina Carano this was preheating.


"Well, if you want to stay here, then ..." her arms traveled from the middle of my body to my armpits, and assured my neck with her hands, herlegs around my waist: now I was suffering a double nelson with body scissors. Her thighs, heavy and thick, were glued to my ribs were not broken by chance. The joints of my arms ached intensely, and she laughed quietly. I closed my eyes and I screamed outrageous: as you know, have suffered embarrassing situations fighting against the other girls, but nothing like this.


"I surrender! I surrender, I surrender I surrender!"


Gina Carano pulled me away from her like trash. Luckily, she will not read this, but I confess I hid my face into the mat because I started to cry, briefly, but I cried in pain. To hide it, I ran my hand over my sweaty face and tears mixed with sweat, and I hide my sobbings too. I just wanted to end this slaughter once, and perhaps after that never, never fight against a professional.


I could not even breathe well: when inhaled, injected a pain in my ribs. I stood up and the first thing I asked was: "How much?" The answer demolished me:


"We are in just 15 minutes, fool".


I could not believe it, my condition was lamentable, and we were just in the middle of combat! But I had no time to continue doing calculations: American gladiator Crush rammed me and fell back to the mat. The speed of this woman was enviable, and with that provided strength and speed of a supreme skill, caught my unwary legs in a figure four.


The pain from the shin traveled up the entire leg, to express my terrible suffering I brought my hands to my head, grunting, groaning and screaming ... Gina Carano toned legs are made of stone!




It was the sixth time that I gave up in fifteen minutes and thirty seconds. Treat me like a coward, like a chicken shit, but as I squirmed taking my punished leg, I begged:


"Gina ... I know you came to fight for half an hour ... but let us end the fight please, I feel like going to severely harm me! In fact, I think I have a broken rib. Please ..."


With a complacent look, she confessed that it would be rare to have a broken rib, as she never applied full strengthin the scissors, and that made me feel even more pathetic. And after so much pain, came a small but nice incentive.


"Let me see ..." she said, putting her hand on my side.


"Ouch!" I screamed, just with her slightly touch, and explained:

"It hurts when I breathe."


"You'll have to go to the doctor to clear doubts, but I it's just a rib contusion, trust me. It's going to hurt for a long time, but do not worry, it will happen". She said in maternal tone, as she stroked the damaged area; she was so sweet!


"As for the fight, do not worry, you suffered a lot and you are injured, we can end it right here." Awww, how kind she is! Of course I appreciated her understanding, and despite being a killing machine during those fifteen minutes for me were endless hours of torture, when the fight abruptly end her attitude was of a humble and kind woman... learn from Carano, smug Disney girls! Undoubtedly, Gina Carano has experienced in injury and how to inflict pain and suffering on her rivals, and she was right: a day after the fight, the doctor confirmed that I suffered a rib contusion and prescribed paracetamol. I sighed relieved to know that it was nothing serious, but when I had to explain my friends and family what had happened to me, things got awkward. Of course, I lied: I said I fell off the bus. It was better to tell that a truck shaped woman named Gina Carano had run over me.

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!

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