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She tossed my naked body effortlessly onto her bed from halfway across the room. I watched in awe as Donna strolled sexily to the bed. She looked like a female Panther stalking her prey. I was mesmerized by the sight of her fantastically muscular, sexy body in black tank leotard. The fronts of her massive thighs bunched spectacularly with each stride. Her amazing stomach was flat and ridged like an old fashioned wash board. Her chest was wide and thick with bulging slabs of granite hard muscle. Riding high on her pectorals was a pair of the finest breasts that I had ever seen. Her lips were slightly parted as she eyed my naked form. "I'm going to chew you up little man. I'm going to take that soft body of yours and twist it into knots!"  She crawled on the bed and pinned me down. She held my hands over my head. I vainly tried to free them. She laughed at my weakness. "Your little beanpole arms are no match for me baby. Keep trying though. I like a little spirit in my men." 

Donna was right. I looked up at her huge arm muscles. Her biceps and triceps literally exploded with power. Her arms were mountains of titanic strength. I could see the deep cuts and striations in her arms and shoulders as she held me down. "Time for some fun sweet cakes." Donna cooed as she brought her knee up and started rubbing my cock with it. She bent down so her beautiful breasts were only inches from my face. I tried to lift up and kiss her hard nipple, but she kept it just out of my reach. She kept teasing me as I vainly stretched my head to reach her. I looked up at her wonderful breasts and her heavily muscled chest. Her powerful muscles looked as if they were carved out of marble. She continued to grind my cock with her knee. I was grunting in sexual pain as Donna gripped both of my wrists in one hand. I tried to get my hands free but she was too strong.  Donna slapped my face, hard. "I like it hard and rough Andy. You better keep it hard while I'm being rough." She squeezed my nipple with her free hand. She then drug her sharp fingernails down my chest, leaving a trail of reddening scratches. I moaned as she had her way with me. She moved her knee off of my cock and looked at my hardness. "That looks nice, baby. Keep it that way and I won't hurt you too badly!" She then flexed her whole body and waved her breasts at my face. The sight of her fantastic body and my inability to touch it was driving me crazy. "Like what you see?" "God yes!" I replied "I've never seen such a fantastic body! Your muscles are so big and beautiful!"  

She used her knee on my hard cock again. "It's time that you felt how strong my beautiful muscles are, little man." Donna got off me, rolled on her back, and turned me on my back on top of her. I was as helpless as a baby as she moved me any way she wanted. She locked her legs around mine. I could feel her hard nippled breasts against my back. The rest of her felt like steel under me. She grabbed my cock with her right hand and gave it a hard squeeze. I cried out in pain and passion. Donna chuckled. "You're going to feel lots of this, big boy!" She locked her other arm around my chest. She tensed her thighs, letting me have a taste of their incredible strength. I was totally helpless in her embrace as she continued squeezing my cock. I wrapped my hands around her right arm, feeling her incredibly hard, massive muscles constrict and relax as she squeezed my prick. I was licking and kissing her bulging eighteen inch biceps as she said; "Watch this! Watch me as I crush your balls." I watched helplessly as she slowly let go of my prick, grabbed my nuts, and squeezed. I cried out in pain, unable to keep her from punishing my gonads.  

"Who's the boss? Who's in charge here?" She asked wickedly as she kept squeezing my vulnerable nuts. "You are Donna!...You're the boss!...Oh Goddess! Please!.." She was chuckling as I whined in pain. I tried to pry her hand off of my balls but, the muscular girl in leotard was far too strong for me. "You've got no chance against me Andy. I'll do anything I want to you." She gave my nuts one more hard squeeze to prove her point. I cried in pain.  "Mercy..Please... Mercy" I begged tearfully. Donna finally let go of my nuts. "I thought you weren't going to hurt me, Donna!" I cried. "I lied" She spat. "But now, I'm going to make you feel real good!" Donna gently grabbed hold of my prick and started to stroke me. She kept stroking me and tensing her fantastic muscles.  After about five minutes of this I was close to orgasm, panting and moaning. Just as I was about to explode, she would grind my prick with a fearsome squeeze, bringing me down. Then she would bring me back to the edge.  She did this time after time. 

I was flailing around, trying vainly to escape her powerful hold. "Please Donna; finish me. Let me cum. Please; you're driving me crazy!" She laughed in my ear and kept up her wonderful torture. I was her sex slave. Her powerful muscles were the chains that enslaved me. I was totally at her mercy, and she had none. She kept on working me over for what seemed like an eternity. My aching balls were crying for a release. She sensed this and began to rub and squeeze them again. I was moaning and begging her for mercy as she cruelly rolled my nuts around in her hand. "You're helpless in my grip, baby. I'm so strong that I can, and will, do whatever I want to you. There's nothing you can do to stop me." Donna said as she kept squeezing my balls. She was right. She was so powerful that I could never escape unless she let me. 

She would tense her massive thighs and crush in on me with her left arm from time to time; as if to remind me of her strength. Each time she did, I lost the feeling in my legs and I could feel my ribs bending. "I could pull your balls down to your knees!" Donna hissed in my ear as she pulled on my tortured gonads. "Please stop!..I can't take any more!" I cried. "Make me He-Man! Make me stop!" Spat the Amazon as she ignored my pleading cries for mercy. I laid my head on her muscle-bound arm and began crying in complete surrender to her strength. Donna laughed at me, knowing that she owned me completely. She finally let loose of my balls and started stroking my cock again. At the same time, she arched her back and tightened her thighs and arm. I was stretched out painfully in her viselike hold as she stroked faster and harder. My abdomen was stretched so far that it felt like she was going to rip me in two. I was caught in a grip of steel as the muscular Amazon masturbated me harder and harder. "I'm going to tear you apart wimp! Feel my power!" She stretched me out even further. I was moaning and crying incoherently as I let go with a huge orgasm. I came all over my chest and stomach while Donna kept beating me off. When I was finally spent,  Donna tossed me off the bed and ordered me to clean myself off. 

I crawled back to the bed. My stomach was on fire and my balls hurt terribly from her sadistic attack. I got into the bed and looked over at Donna. She had a wicked grin on her beautiful face. "Had enough yet?  Or do you want some more?" She asked me. I told her that I could not get enough of her. I wanted more. She chuckled and rolled on top of me. "What do you like best Andy?" I told her that I loved her big hard muscles. "Oh, you mean these?" as she flexed her fantastic arms in front of my eyes. "Yes..Yes..God yes!" I whispered. She rolled off and grabbed hold of my penis and began stroking me. "Tell me more." I told her how much I loved the feel of her rock hard body, how the sight of her huge muscles turned me on, and how she dominated me with her strength. "What about this?" She asked.

I was trying not to cum again as Donna worked me over. She maneuvered her big thigh under my waist. She brought her other thigh up lightly against my still aching balls. She tensed slightly, sending a wave of pain through me. Donna flexed her thigh muscles slightly harder as she removed her tit from my mouth. I groaned in mixed pleasure and pain as she tormented my testicles with her granite hard thigh. "Oh God Donna; you're tearing me apart!" I moaned.  She laughed quietly and whispered; "I'm going to use my muscles on you again. What I did earlier was nothing compared to what's next! I'm going to rip you up." "Yes, Yes, Please. Use me! Dominate me with your strength!  Hurt me!" I begged the muscle girl. "Don't worry wimp! I'll give you all of the pain you want. And more!"  She then got my waist captive in a scissors. I put my hand on her rock hard thigh. She squeezed me slightly, only hinting at her massive power. I gasped once more in amazement at the feel of her strength. Her thigh pulsed with raw power. Her muscles were unbelievably hard under her satin skin. Donna smiled, knowing the effect that her muscular body had on me. She looked me in the eye. She squeezed me a little harder. " I could kill you easily. Your weak body could never stand up against the power of my thighs." I looked at her in fear. She laughed slightly. "I won't kill you, Andy. But, I want you in pain as you worship my body." 

Donna squeezed in on me harder. As I started to scream she forced her hard biceps into my mouth. I began kissing and licking her huge arm. Her muscles were like steel under my tongue. I was panting harder and harder from the excitement that her muscles caused. Donna started rubbing my balls while sending jolts of power through her titanic twenty-eight inch thighs. She squeezed my balls and I squirmed helplessly in her grasp. She released my nuts and started masturbating me again. I was moaning uncontrollably as she continued to work me over. "If you cum before I want you to, I'll rip your cock off!" She snarled. "Play with my breast. You better do it right!" I grabbed her big firm breast and squeezed. Her nipple was hard against the palm of my hand. I kept squeezing in on her beautiful breast. She slapped my balls and sat down on my face. I could feel her thighs rhythmically pulsing with power. 

Her muscle hand squeezed in on my cock. Donna started moving her hips on my face. I felt like I was caught in a meat grinder. I was moaning in pleasure and pain at the same time. Her strong arm crushed in on my balls. My hands were on her fantastically muscled buttocks. "Donna! Donna! You're so strong! So strong!" I managed to whisper as she mangled my body in her passion. I felt like she was going to tear me apart as she began her orgasm.  She climaxed slightly ahead of me. When she came all of her muscles constricted in on me. The breath was forced out of my lungs. I cried out as her incredible power crushed my body. I ejaculated for what seemed like an eternity in the powerful embrace of Donna's body. 

I woke up the next morning sore all over. Donna's powerful lovemaking felt like it had almost killed me. But, I was like a moth around a flame. Even though the flame was deadly, the moth couldn't leave. It had to have the flame. I had to have Donna again. I needed her deadly strength. She was not in bed. I got up and looked for her. She was in her gym working out on a body bag. She was wearing nothing but a black gym leotard and a pair of fingerless gloves that had very light padding. She was hammering the bag with shots of incredible ferocity.  Each driving punch made the heavy bag recoil on its chain. I shuddered, thinking that being hit with even one of those pile driver punches would shatter my body. At the same time, the sight of Donna's beautiful muscular body was turning me on. I watched in awe as the fantastic muscles of her back, shoulders, and arms bulged hugely with power as she continued her assault on the bag. Her gigantic thighs exploded with strength as she put her whole body into each punch. The bottom of her leotard was high legged, unable to contain her muscle legs. 

She noticed me after about five minutes of nonstop punching. She turned towards me, her big chest heaving, her pumped up muscles glistening with sweat. She slowly sauntered to me wagging a finger. "Naughty boy, you're hiding something. That's not nice." I was starting to shake. I didn't know if she was joking or not. She grabbed my undershorts and tore them off me. The cotton tore like it was paper. My hard cock shot straight out in front of me. "Here we are! Here's my little friend!" Donna grabbed my prick and rubbed its head against her rock hard stomach. I groaned in ecstasy. She then embraced with her powerful arms. She rubbed her beautiful, firm breasts against my chest and kissed me hard. I wrapped my arms around her. I slid my hands slowly up and down her amazing back. Her wide back was layered with slabs of thick, hard muscle. I felt the cuts and bulges of her amazing musculature as she hugged me to her. 

"God! I love your muscles" I cried. She started crushing me harder with her arms. I could feel the breath being forced out of me as she constricted in on my ribs. Donna was looking me right in the eye as she continued to increase the pressure. She grinned wickedly as I groaned in pain and pounded on her back trying to make her stop the killing pressure. My feeble blows didn't even faze the Amazon. "Didn't you learn that you're not supposed to hit a lady? I guess that I'll just have to teach you!" Donna increased the pressure of her hold even more, smashing me against her big chest. "Still love my muscles Andy? I'm not even using a third of my strength. I could crush you like an eggshell!" 

I dropped my head onto her iron shoulder, crying tears of pain. She eased up on the killing pressure of her hold and kissed me hard. She dropped her right hand down to my butt and began kneading my ass cheek. Donna pulled me to her, kneading harder and harder. My hard cock was up against her gut as she started rotating and rolling her abdominal muscles against it. My tortured butt was on fire as her powerful fingers mangled my cheek; but I didn't care! I had never felt anything like what she was doing to my cock! Her incredible stomach muscles had me turned on like I had never been before. The feel of her stone hard abs rubbing against my prick was the most amazing sensation that I had ever felt. I had hold of her broad, muscled shoulders. I could feel their powerful muscles flexing and bunching as she continued mangling my glutes. Donna had dropped her left hand down to my right ass cheek to torture it as she had been doing to my left one. I was gasping in pain and sexual arousal while the Amazon worked me over with her strong hands. 

She continued undulating her abdominal muscles as she turned my glutes into jelly. I was panting and crying at the same time as Donna whispered in my ear: "If you cum before I want you to, I'll rip your cock off and ram it down your throat!" I was doing everything that I could not to explode. I was sweating gallons and trying to move away from her granite hard stomach. The strong girl scared me as much as she turned me on. I knew that she was capable of carrying out her threat, both physically and emotionally. She wouldn't let me get away! Her muscular arms tightened around me, keeping my prick against her. She ground against me even harder than before. "Please! Oh God, please!" I begged. I was barely in control while Donna tortured me with her body. I could hardly breathe in her iron grasp as she undulated and revolved her abdominal muscles. 

When I awoke, Donna was standing across the room from me, perhaps twenty feet away. "Come here!" She ordered.  I groggily tried to get to my feet to obey. "Crawl asshole!" She spat while flexing her mighty arms. "Or we'll have another go around." I began crawling toward my mistress. I was shaking fearfully. I didn't want another beating from the muscle girl. As I got closer, Donna pulled aside a crotch of her leotard. Donna reached down and grabbed my hair. She stuffed my face into her snatch. "Eat me, you prick! You don't need a hard cock to do that!" I began to lick her pussy. She roughly jammed my face deeper into her crotch while closing her tremendous thighs around my head. Each time I tried to rest my tongue, Donna would send a massive jolt of power through her thighs. "I'll pop your skull if you even think of stopping" She warned me savagely. I ate her for at least an hour. She orgasmed a dozen times. Each time she came, she would constrict her iron thighs on my head. The last time she came, Donna squeezed me until I passed out. 

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