leotard woman beats man mixed boxing uppercoat

Gymnast vs basketball player

The big night of the special arrived. Danielle decided to wear a gymnastic leotard to the ring so the audience could see just how well her short but sturdy female body was put together. She chose a white high legged leotard that molded perfectly against her flawless skin. The ankle high, light weight soft leather white boots they provided her with went well with her leotard. She strolled down the aisle when the announcer called her name and waved to the cheering crowd. Then she slipped through the ropes and patiently waited in the ring for her male opponent to be announced. Leroy "sky" Walker ambled down the aisle wearing leopard skin briefs and easily stepped over the ropes. But as he was walking to his corner, he tripped over his large 21 inch big feet and nearly fell down. Danielle smiled. This was going to be a walk in the park.


The 7 foot 7 inch Sky Walker was a freak of nature. On the basketball court he was as graceful as a sleek jungle cat. But off the court, he was the biggest clumsy ox anyone had ever seen. He just couldn't seem to control his large 218 pound body in every day living experiences. He fell down the stairs in his home twice because of his clumsiness, and was hospitalized one of those times because of the accident. He also had been in the hospital two other times from accidents occurring away from home.


No one could explain why he was able to move so gracefully on the court, yet be completely helpless at any other time. It was just one of those unexplainable things.


The two combatants met in the middle of the ring to receive their final instructions. The crowd was in hysterics when they saw the 4 foot 10 inch Danielle standing next to the 7 foot 7 inch giant basketball player.


Walker looked down at her with a large smile on his face. He isn't taking me serious because I'm so much smaller and a female. Danielle said to herself. You'll be singing a different tune when you find out what I have in store for you big boy. Because I'm going to wipe that smile off of your face permanently. Then we'll see who's laughing. Danielle looked him straight in the eyes and grinned. It's time you found out who's in charge around here wimp. She thought. This will be like taking candy from a baby. Then you'll be crying like one big boy.


"Why don't we give the audience a great show you grinning hyena. Lets dispense with the head gear and mouth pieces and get it on for real. Unless of course, you're to much of a coward to face me without protection." She challenged. Sky Walker was totally overcome with irritation. He was going to take it easy on her because she was so small. He didn't want to be perceived as a bully. But the little bitch had a big mouth on her that needed to be clamped shut. And now she had pissed him off. "That's fine with me you mouthy little bitch. Just remember you asked for this when you're lying on the canvas bleeding and in pain." He replied. "OK big boy. Show me what you've got. Then we'll see who's in pain and bleeding."


Danielle walked back to her corner with an evil grin on her beautiful face. Males are so easy to manipulate. She thought to herself. Question their pride and male ego and you have them eating out of the palm of your hand. It's going to be fun to put this tall long legged fool in his place. At least it will be for me. I doubt if he'll enjoy any part of it. But I'll bet the audience will get a kick out of watching me take him apart. And the influential people watching will be so impressed that the job offers will come pouring in. Mr. Sky Walker, you're going to play a big part in helping me secure a solid financial future. But sadly for you, it will be a painful part.


The fight between the two gladiators was slated for four three minute rounds with two minute rest periods. Walker stood in his corner waiting for the bell with a hateful scowl on his manly face. And the smile Danielle was flashing him was really getting under his skin. The more he looked at the small female standing in the opposite corner of the twenty foot ring, the more he wanted to hurt her. Lets see if the bitch can smile after I turn her face into hamburger. He said to himself. The cocky little bitch deserves everything I'm going to do to her. They think they're hot shit walking around with their fucking medals hanging around their necks. I'll show the little bitch she isn't so fucking special.


The bell rang and Walker came charging out of his corner after her. Danielle saw the looping punch coming a mile away. She quickly ducked under it and danced off. Walker went after her with a vengeance. Long male arms were firing wild punches with as much strength as the big man could put behind them. But the nimble female easily avoided them and smiled at the angry male fighter. "You missed me wimp. This is going to be easier then I thought. I hope your momma is in the audience little man. Because you're going to be crying for her by the time I'm done with you." Her taunting was really pissing him off. All the rules went out the window. When he knocked her down, he wasn't going to show the mouthy little bitch any mercy. He would beat her while she was in the floor.


Danielle dodged a wild right and left. Then as he was winding up to deliver another right, she quickly ducked her head and ran between his legs. The audience was hysterically laughing when Danielle popped up behind him and punched him in the butt. The ferociousness with which Walker had gone after her at the start of the round made the audience gasp in horror. But as the first round wore on, they could see the little gymnast was much quicker and more agile then the lanky ball player. She was making him look like an inept fool. And she was doing it so easily that it became funny to the crowd. Walker wheeled around and snarled when she punched him in the butt. Now the bitch is dead. He said to himself.


Swinging like a maniac, Walker's long arms were pumping as fast as he could throw them. Danielle was able to evade the thunderous punches with ease. It took him so long to draw his lanky arms back to throw the punches, she knew where they were headed long before they got there. After throwing one hard right, Walker slightly lost his balance. Danielle took advantage and opened up on him. Years of practicing on the uneven bars and floor exercises had built up the muscles in her short but strong female arms. Sky Walker was about to find out just how strong the small female was. "SMACK.. SMACK.. SMACK.. SMACK!" The punches came so fast he never had a prayer of getting out of their way. "SMACK.. THUD.. THUD.. SMACK.. SMACK!"


His face and lengthy body took a pounding before he was able to get his footing and step out of her range. Danielle smiled as she looked at his bewildered face. "How's that for pun ching wimp? Do you see how easy it was for me to pick you apart? And it's only going to get easier little man. So get used to it. You'll soon be begging me to knock you out so you can escape the pain I'm inflicting on you. But that will only happen after I've had my fun. You'll be crying as well as begging by then. You're face will be swollen as big as your ego. And your tall body will be sagging from the punishment before I decide to end your misery. So lets get started with your beating you pathetic loser. Now fight."


Sky Walker was not only hurting from her surprisingly hard punches, he was thoroughly embarrassed as well. He shut out the laughter of the crowd and attacked the petite female with murder on his mind. But before he could deliver the devastating punch aimed at taking his hated opponents head off, Danielle ducked her head and ran between his legs again. But this time she stopped when she was directly under him and drove the top of her head into his balls. "WHAM!" The protective cup offered very little protection from a blow coming at that angle. The big man grabbed his aching balls and collapsed to his knees. His cheeks were puffed out on his fire engine red face when Danielle stepped in front of him. Sky Walker was helpless and at her mercy.


"Ohhhhhh, I bet that hurt. To bad your male anatomy has weaknesses that my feminine body doesn't have. But that's your problem not mine." While Danielle was taunting the big man on his knees, the referee was standing there in a quandary. He couldn't very well give her a warning for a low blow, because it wasn't your typical low blow. And a warning for head butting wouldn't exactly be the proper call either. Danielle took advantage of his co nfusion to land several blows to Walker's unprotected face. "SMACK..SMACK..SMACK!" The referee finally came out of his stupor and stepped between them. Danielle smiled sweetly and shoved him out of her way.


"SMACK..SMACK..SMACK!" A solid right and left was followed by a vicious uppercut to the male fighters chin. Walker flopped over on his back in a daze. The referee stepped between them again and gave her a warning for hitting a downed fighter. Then he helped Walker up and took him to his corner to recuperate. Danielle took the opportunity to wave at the cheering crowd and flash them a beautiful smile. When Walker was able to continue, the referee took the two fighters to the middle of the ring and instructed them to have a clean fight. Sky Walker was beyond anger. Total destruction of the little bitch was the only thing on his mind. She was going to pay for the foul blow to his balls, and pay dearly.


When the referee stepped back and gave the command to fight, Walker went at her like a mad man. His long arms were windmilling punches as fast as he could chuck them. But the agile female was much quicker then the lanky male. She eluded his murderous attempts to take her head off and skipped to the side. Unfortunately for Walker, when he turned his body to encounter her again, he fell over his 21 inch large feet. He stumbled forward into the the hay maker uppercut he never saw coming. "SMMMACKK!" The female warrior's fist plowed into his chin with the force of a sledge hammer. The big mans knees turned to water and he collapsed to the canvas like a house of cards. "ONE..TWO..THREE..FOUR..FIVE..SIX..SEVEN!" He made it to his feet just as the bell rang.


As they were sitting in their corner during their two minute rest period, Danielle remembered her trainers instructions. "Kill the body and the head will follow." He kept telling her. She decided to find out if that were true. Mr. Leroy "Sky" Walker was about to receive a bad body beat down. Then she was going to rearrange his ugly mug and make him a little more handsome. Danielle rose from her stool when the bell rang to start the second round. An evil grin spread across her beautiful face as she strolled to the middle of the ring to begin his destruction. Walker was still very pissed at the way things had gone so far. This round he vowed to beat the mouthy little bitch half to death. 


He cranked up his right arm to deliver the first of many solid punches he planned on connecting. But Danielle spoiled his plans from the beginning. Before the mighty punch started it's downward projection, she peppered his mid section with four fast and hard punches. "THUD..THUD..THUD..THUD!" Then she ducked under his flailing right and nailed him in the ribs and kidney with three more. "THUD..THUD..THUD!" The tall male let loose with a sweeping left roundhouse that she easily dodged. Now his left side was in range. "THUD.. THUD.. THUD.. THUD!" She managed to land four more body damaging punches before skipping away.


Growling like a bear, Walker threw himself at her. The big man was nearly insane with hate for the petite gymnast. Heavy punches with the intention of breaking her bones came flying at the female tigress. But Danielle was up for the challenge. Years of training to control her body on the balance beam and during her floor exercises, made it easy for her to avoid his killer punches. When an opening occurred, she released her own volley of bone crushers to his lanky body. "THUD.. THUD.. THUD.. THUD.. THUD.. THUD!" As she slithered away, she could see her accumulative punches were taking their tole on his large body. He was grimacing in pain and slightly hunched over.


It won't be long before you drop that hard head of yours down where I can reach it wimp. She said to herself. Then I'm really going to tear you to pieces. And there won't be a damn thing you can do to stop me. She swayed her feminine hips as she approached her male opponent. Danielle smiled when she saw the worry on his slightly swollen face. He was beginning to doubt the outcome of this battle. She had him right where she wanted him. And she planned on keeping him there too. Easily avoiding his next hard right, she drilled him in the stomach with lightening fast punches. "THUD.. THUD.. THUD.. THUD.. THUD!" Walker sagged a little more from the pain. Her punches were also slowing his movements. Danielle beamed with pleasure. Her plan was working to perfection.


Trying to catch the sleek moving female was next to impossible. Her short compact body was as quick as a Cheetah. And her punches struck with the speed of a striking Cobra and the power of a charging Rhino. His large body was starting to wilt under the pressure the female fighter was putting on him. He tried his best to keep it straight and tall, but the pain was becoming unbearable. Doubt was not the only thing that had creeped into his mind. Fear was quickly growing there as well. The humiliation of losing this fight with a female that barely stood as tall as his waist, would be overwhelming. He had to do something to somehow turn defeat into victory. But what?


Unable to come up with an answer, Walker faced Danielle with a bewildered mind and a painful body. She resumed her devastating attack with precise punches to his stomach and ribs. Each one bringing his sagging body lower. "THUD.. THUD.. THUD.. THUD!" The last punch forced the big man to lean over in considerable pain. Danielle smiled as she ripped his face to shreds with her solid female fists. Walker was helpless.
"SMACK.. SMACK.. SMACK.. SMACK.. SMACK!" His long legs folded up like a card board box as he dropped to his knees before slumping to the floor at her feet. She stood back as the referee began his count. "ONE.. TWO.. THREE.. FOUR.. FIVE.. SIX.. SEVEN.. EIGHT.. NINE!" Walker barely made it to his feet. 


The ref rubbed his gloves against his shirt and asked Walker if he wanted to continue. When he shook his head yes, the ref stepped out of the way. Danielle looked in his glassy eyes and knew he wasn't capable of putting up any sort of defense. She waded into him like she was on a mission. Walker covered up as best he could while she drove him back to the ropes.


"THUD.. THUD.. SMACK.. SMACK.. SMACK.. THUD.. SMACK!" He didn't have time to try any punches of his own. And blocking the wrecking ball punches of the little whirlwind tornado in front of him was utterly impossible. He done his best to hang on. When the bell sounded to end the round, Walker staggered back to his corner with the aid of the ropes. 


Danielle was breathing heavily as she sat i n her corner. But it wasn't from the exertion she had used. Beating the much taller and bigger male fighter to a pulp was the most exciting thing she had ever done in her life. She couldn't wait for the sound of the bell so she could resume his senseless beating. She knew he was done for. She was in complete control and could do what ever she wished. In fact, this was so enjoyable, she decided to toy with him the third round. The fight was slated for four rounds so she was going to let it go that far to prolong her fun. Might as well give the audience their money's worth. She said to herself. Although she knew the real reason was because she didn't want it to end.


Leroy "Sky" Walker was in terrible condition. He really wasn't in shape to continue the bout. His corner wanted to throw in the towel and concede the fight to Danielle. He absolutely refused to let them do that. How could he hold his head up high if he were beaten into submission by a female. Especially a female as small as Danielle. Life wouldn't be worth living if he had to carry that horrible burden around on his broad male shoulders. There had to be a way to turn this fiasco around. His mind went to work to try and come up with a feasible idea that would change the inevitable outcome of this massacre. He felt a little ashamed when the thought crossed his mind to attack her vulnerable female parts. But it didn't shame him enough to change his strategy. Her breasts were an easy target that would cause her a great deal of pain. Why not use that advantage.


When the bell rang, Danielle hurried to the center of the ring like she was on her way to the Christmas tree to open her presents. Walker shuffled out to meet her with only one thought on his mind. Land a few punches to her vulnerable breasts and make her feel the pain. Then annihilate the little bitch while she was hurting and distracted. But wanting to hit her breasts and actually being able to do it were two different things. The small female gymnast was just to quick for the towering basketball player. Danielle would be standing three feet away by the time the blow aimed at her breasts reached it's destination. And by the time he could right himself to attempt another one, she landed numerous shots to his wilting body.


"THUD..THUD..THUD..THUD..THUD..THUD!" Walker's ribs felt like they were cracked. And his stomach was rumbling from the nauseous feeling building up inside because of the solid punches she was easily able to connect to his exposed mid section. Things had gone from bad to worse for the long legged male fighter. He was beginning to look like the hunch back of Notre Dame as he staggered around the ring. Countless hard punches to his stomach and ribs caused his tall body to sag lower and lower from the pain. When his face was within reach, Danielle began to jab him silly. Her short snapping female fists found their target with astounding regularity. And Walker was totally defenseless against her barrage.


"SMACK..SMACK..SMACK!" Three lightening fast jabs found their way to his eyes and mouth. Both eyes were beginning to swell and both lips were very grotesque looking. "SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK!" Now his nose was badly broken and both cheeks were swelling up so bad he looked like a blow fish. "Do you see how easy this is for me you big sissy." "SMACK..SMACK!" "I can pound your ugly face all night and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it." "SMA CK..SMACK!" "You're under my control and that's where you'll stay until I decide to end your misery." "SMACK..SMACK!" "You might try begging me to stop but I doubt if I'll listen." "SMACK..SMACK!" "Because I'm having to much fun making a fool out of you." "SMACK..SMACK!"


Sky Walker's long arms were hanging useless at his sides. His eyes were glassy and unfocused and his long legs were rubbery and uncontrollable. He was staggered with every punch and completely defenseless against the female warrior. But Danielle was enjoying herself to much to end his suffering by knocking him out. "SMACK.. SMACK.. THUD.. THUD.. THUD.. SMACK!" She could see he was ready to go down for the count. One solid punch to his chin was all it would take to claim victory over the much taller and bigger male fighter. But there was another round left in the fight and Danielle wanted to prolong his agony. As he stood helpless in front of her, the crowd was waiting anxiously for the knock out blow. When Danielle turned her back on him and walked away waving to the crowd, they screamed their disappointment.


Sky Walker fell back against the ropes and looped his long arms over the top of them to help keep him up. He shook his aching head to clear the cob webs and lifted his battered face to watch Danielle parade around the ring with her arms raised in the air. Tears formed in his swollen eyes when he looked at the petite female. The large discrepancy in their height was very obvious to the basketball player. Yet she was making mince meat out of him. Like an experienced boxer would handle a small child. How she was doing it was beyond his comprehension. But his aching body and badly swollen face was clear cut evidence that it was happening. His tears flowed faster while self pity settled in his bewildered mind. He stumbled to his corner when the bell rang.


Danielle sat in her corner smiling to herself. This last round she was going to totally destroy the lanky male fighter. But she was going to do it slowly. Put him through extremely painful torture during the entire round, before punching his lights out when they gave the signal that there was only ten seconds left. Then she would proudly stand over her beaten foe while the referee counted him out. The whole world would see she was a powerful force to reckon with. Financially rewarding opportunities would be laid at her feet for her to pick and choose. She almost laughed out loud when she realised her future would be ensured because she beat a larger male opponent to a pulp for twelve minutes. What a fantastic world we live in. She thought to herself.


Sky Walker slowly dragged himself off of the stool when the bell rang. He wobbled toward the center of the ring on noodle like legs. Thoughts were racing through his boggled mind. His life would be over if he didn't find a way to change his destiny. He wouldn't be able to show his face in society if he lost this fight to a much smaller FEMALE. Somehow he had to find a way to change what was happening and be victorious. There was no other option he would accept. With renewed determination he faced the female fighter and raised his long arms for battle. As luck would have it, his clumsiness gave him the opportunity he was seeking. When he stepped forward to engage Danielle, he tripped over his large feet and fell into her. While they were in a clinch, he used the advantage to pound her breasts with four hard punches. "WHAM..WHAM..WHAM..WHAM!" He grinned when he saw her wince in pain. 


Danielle was completely taken off guard when he fell into her. And she was totally unprepared for his surprise attack on her breasts. The pain shot through her body like an electric shock when his large fist connected. Unfortunately for Walker, it also made her insanely angry. She squirmed in his grasp until she was able to get a little punching room. All her plans to slowly beat him down until the last ten seconds went out the window. He was going to pay dearly for striking her feminine parts. With her anger boiling inside like a witches cauldron, she snapped a hard right to his exposed balls. "WHAM!" Walker shrieked in pain and collapsed against her. Danielle shoved him away and tore him to pieces with her fast moving female fists. Walker never stood a chance.


"SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK!" Punch after punch ripped into him with the power and speed of a jack hammer. Then Danielle stepped back and delivered a bone crushing uppercut to his drooping chin. "SMMMACKK!" Walker back pedaled out of control until his back met the ropes. He quickly grabbed them to stop his momentum so he wouldn't sling shot back at her. He raised his groggy head and saw her coming after him with a murderous look on her beautiful face. Fear quickly filled his body clear to his soul. Being embarrassed because of receiving a terrible beating from a petite female was no longer his greatest worry. Saving his life moved to the top of the list. His instinct for survival took over.


His badly beaten body was in a great deal of pain. But fear of ones life is a powerful motivator. Shutting out the pain, Walker grabbed the top rope and sprang over them to the floor. As soon as his feet hit the ground, he was running up the ramp toward the exit. But Danielle wasn't finished with him yet. "OH NO YOU DON'T YOU CHICKEN SHIT LITTLE PUSSY!" She scurried over and dropped to the canvas, sliding under the bottom rope to the floor. Years of doing wind sprints in her vault routine had developed strong muscles in her short legs. She shot out after him like she was spring loaded. The painful beating and his natural clumsiness hampered Walker's ability to run fast. Danielle overtook him about half way up the ramp and tackled him to the floor.


Using her teeth to rip up the Velcro straps holding the gloves on, she trapped each glove between her arm and body and pulled her hands out. Then she grabbed a hand full of his hair with her right hand and his throat with her left. She roughly hauled him to his feet and stepped in front of him so his back was aimed towards the ring. "Where did you think you're going pansy ass? I'm not done giving you the beating of your life. "SMACK!" Her straight right landed between his eyes and knocked him back in the floor. "Get your wimpy ass up you chicken shit bastard." She said as she dragged him back to his feet. "SMACK!" Blood sprayed the crowd from his busted lips before he landed in the floor again. 


"Stay on your feet you over grown monkey. They're big enough to hold you up." "SMACK!" The hard punch destroyed the cartilage in his broken nose. Walker staggered back and collapsed to the floor once more. "Goddamnit wimp I said stay on your feet. Now do what I tell you before you really piss me off." Danielle jerked him back up and landed a solid right cross to his left eye. "SMACK!" Walker slumped to the floor again. "Are you to stupid to understand plain English you fucking moron? Now stay on your big feet or I'll beat you to death for disobeying me." She picked him up and delivered a smashing straight right to his gaping mouth. "SMACK!" Teeth flew into the crowd as he stumbled back. This time he managed to get hold of a spectator's seat to keep him from falling. "Good boy. That's much better you wimp."


Danielle spun him around and whipped his right arm up his back in a hammerlock. Then she grabbed his shoulder with her left hand and marched him down the isle towards the ring. Walker was pleading for mercy through his busted up bleeding mouth, but Danielle's ears were closed to his blubbering. She threw him back in the ring under the bottom rope and climbed in after him. The astonished crowd sat there in silence as they watched the small female handle the much larger male like he was a little boy. Walker was on his knees pleading when she walked up to face him. "Pl.please.. D.D.Danielle.. d.don't.. hit.. me.. ag.g.gain. I.. c.can't.. t.take.. anym.m.more. You.. w.win. Just.. l.leave.. me.. al.l.lone. I.. give.. up. pl.please.. D.Danielle.. I.. give.. up."


"Shut up you pathetic piece of shit. You should have thought about what I would do to you before you punched me in the breasts. Now you're going to pay for that big time. So quit your whining and begging because it's not going to do you any good. I'll stop when I feel you've been sufficiently punished for daring to strike me there. And I'm afraid that's going to be a very long time. So try and take your beating like a man. Even though we both know you're nothing but a weak little coward. Don't worry. If you survive the beating I'm about to give to you, I'll visit you in the hospital. Then we can have ourselves a little chat while you apologise to me for being such wimp. Now lets get started with your beating."


Walker completely broke down. Tears were streaming down both cheeks by the bucket full. Loud wailing sounds were coming from his swollen, mangled mouth. When Danielle raised her fists to continue his massacre, he pissed in his leopard skin briefs and nearly passed out from fright. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" "SMACK..SMACK..SMACK!" Danielle showed the beaten male no mercy at all. She worked off her anger by thoroughly pulverizing the poor mans face. It was quickly turned into a black and blue swollen mess. The Referee tried to intervene once, so Danielle knocked him out with a hay maker punch to the jaw. "SMMMACKK!" He dropped to the canvas in a heap and never stirred again. 


"SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK!" Her hard female fists rose and fell like an unstoppable machine. Sky Walker was sleeping on his knees and didn't realise the extent of the damage she was doing to his mangled face. When Danielle felt her anger had been sated, she stepped aside and let him flop to the canvas at her feet. She smiled when she looked at his unrecognizable face. It was going to take many months for him to recover from the devastating beating she put on him. With the audience cheering loudly, Danielle slipped through the ropes and walked up the ramp to her dressing room.                                                                                                           

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!