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Jessica vs Bill

Jessica said, "As a man, you have no idea how wonderful it feels for me, an attractive woman, to so totally dominate and humiliate a big, strong man."  She took his hands in her own, sliding off of his lap, standing before him, pulling him to his feet.  "Enough talk," she said, smiling naughtily.  "Let's play."

She pulled him to the center of the room and withdrew her hands, stepping back a few feet. Bill stripped down to his boxer shorts as she watched intently.  Jessica crouched slightly, facing him, still wearing her black leotard.  "Are you ready, my sweet?" she asked playfully. Bill nodded, crouching himself, watching her carefully, fully alert. She came towards him, placing her hands on his shoulders, pushing her weight into him.  Bill lowered his body, holding himself steady, not allowing her to push him back.  Jessica moved one of her legs behind both of his, in an attempt to pull his feet out from under him.  Bill had seen her execute this move earlier that evening, though, and he was prepared for it.  He did not wait, once she had lifted her foot from the floor, immediately lowering his body further still for added leverage and pushing her back forcefully. Jessica was off balance, and the force of Bill's shove sent her falling to the ground on her back.  Not wanting to give her time to recover, Bill kept hold of her shoulders and fell with her, landing on top of her body with his full weight.  She grunted as she landed on her back, with Bill face down on top of her. Jessica immediately struggled to roll him off of her, but he quickly planted his knees on either side of her body and took hold of her arms, pinning them to the floor above her head.  She thrashed herself about on the floor beneath him, but he held her steady, looking down into her beautiful face as he pinned her body beneath his own.

She stopped struggling for a moment and smiled up at him, saying, "Bravo, my love.  You have already proven yourself more worthy than ninety percent of the men I wrestle.  Don't let it go to your head, though, or you may regret it." Bill looked down into her face as she pulled at her wrists, which he held firmly, taken again by her magnificent beauty.  "What am I to do with you now, my little goddess?" he asked gently. Jessica smiled as she squirmed beneath him.  "Don't get carried away, my sweet.  We've only just begun."  As Bill held her pinned firmly with his considerably heavier body, she planted her feet on the floor beneath him, bending her legs slightly at the knee. Without notice, she arched her back sharply, using her feet and her upper back for leverage, lifting him off of the ground and sending him flying through the air behind her.  He landed face-down on the floor above her head, grunting in surprise as his body hit the ground. She immediately rolled onto her hands and knees, crawling over to him as he also struggled to rise from the floor.  Jessica tackled him with her shoulder against his torso, sending him to the ground on his back.  She quickly tried to cover him with her limber body, but Bill rolled away from her and rose nimbly to his feet.  Before Jessica could rise from her hands and knees, Bill stepped to one side of her and stooped to wrap his arm around her head.  She giggled in surprise as he locked his arm around her head, pulling it against his body with tremendous force. Bill stood with her head locked tightly in his arm, using his other hand for added power, feeling her pretty hair and face against his chest and arm. Jessica knelt beside him, trapped in his headlock, struggling to use her arms to pry her head loose from his iron hold. Unable to budge his arm, Jessica used her hands in an attempt to lift his legs from the ground and throw him off balance.  Unable to do this as well, giggling uncontrollably as Bill steadily tightened his grip on her, with great effort she was able to plant her feet on the floor beneath her body, still crouching with knees bent as he held her head firmly against his chest. Jessica turned her face slightly, kissing the side of his body as he held her head against it.  He laughed at the feel of her lips tickling him, and marveled at her complete lack of concern, her total confidence, even as he held her in this extremely vulnerable position.

With her feet planted beneath her, continuing to laugh in delight, Jessica wrapped her arm around Bill's back as she knelt beside him. She pulled her hand in against his opposite side, squeezing his body as hard as she could with only one arm and limited leverage.  She put her other hand on his ankle, holding it as tightly as she could manage. Demonstrating tremendous strength, Jessica used the muscles in her legs and back to lift Bill from the ground.  Once Bill realized what she was doing, he squeezed harder on her head, and struggled to maintain his balance.  Screaming, though seemingly more in amusement than in agony, she continued her struggle to lift him, eventually succeeding, picking his body up enough to throw him off balance.  Thrusting her shoulder into his side as hard as she could, Jessica managed to tip him over, as he continued to hold her head in his arm. Bill landed on the floor on his side, and he hit the ground with great impact, as Jessica landed on her side, on top of him. The impact of the fall forced him to loosen his hold on her for a moment, and Jessica quickly pulled her head free from his grasp.  Before he could react, she put her hands firmly on his shoulders, forcing him flat onto his back.  As she slid her body onto his torso, straddling him with her full weight, he reached at her with his hands, attempting to use them to push her off of him.  Screaming with delight, Jessica caught his wrists in her hands, immediately tightening her grip on them and digging her thumbs into them until he voiced his discomfort.

As she sat on him, she forced his arms to the floor above his head, leaning her body forward on him, smiling playfully down into his face with tremendous pleasure.  He squirmed beneath her impatiently, tugging at his arms as she held them firmly by the wrists. She felt him bend his knees and plant his feet on the floor behind her. Knowing that he would try to throw her, Jessica quickly lay her body down flat on top of him, pressing her leotarded breasts against his chest, arching her tummy against him, moving her hips to pin his lower body with her own. She spread her legs slightly as she lay face down on him, holding his arms to the floor above his head, pinning his shoulders with her elbows.  She smiled excitedly down into his face as he struggled beneath her, kicking his legs about in frustration.  Jessica managed to wrap her lower legs around his, tucking her feet in firmly against his ankles, locking his legs against hers and pulling them straight.  She had him now.  He was thoroughly pinned, and she watched his face with delight as he squirmed about beneath her in frustration.  She began to pull her legs apart, taking his with her, laughing gleefully as he tugged on his arms to no avail. She held her face inches above his, looking down into his eyes happily as she continued to pull his legs apart, feeling his body completely pinned beneath her own.  Jessica felt increasing resistance as she spread her legs, stretching him in her grapevine hold.  She could feel that his body was less flexible than hers, and she watched his face with amusement as she powered his legs apart further and further, pouting for him when he finally verbalized his pain. Jessica breathed casually on his face, heaving her chest and stomach against his body as she continued to separate her legs, smiling sweetly as his moans and groans of pain became more pronounced.  "How does it feel?" she asked, kissing his cheek, licking his ear as he struggled to break free.  "Do you like it?  You must. You're hard as a rock," she said, smiling down into his face, stirring her leotarded crotch against his erection.

"You're hurting me," he gasped, continuing to squirm and tug to no avail. She kissed him on the mouth, breathing warmly on his face, squirming her breasts against his body.  "I never said that I wouldn't hurt you, my lover.  I said that I wouldn't break you.  If you don't like it, then break free.  Can you do it?  I'm waiting ..."  She pulled his legs apart further, laughing against his body as he screamed in pain. "You can't make me stop, can you, my poor sweet darling?" Bill thrashed his upper body beneath her, as she kissed his throat, stretching his legs apart.  Eventually, she tired of the hold, and without notice, Jessica released his legs and slid up his body, straddling his chest once again.  She pulled his arms forward, keeping them flush against the floor, and she lifted her knees onto them, pinning one lower arm, between the elbow and the wrist, beneath each knee, and digging them in until he winced in pain.  She sat up straight on him, with her hands on her hips in a position of victory, looking down into his face as he struggled to throw her, to withdraw his arms from her.

She reached down to pet his face as he glared up at her angrily. "Why so serious, my pet?" she chuckled. "We're only playing. I told you that you would not hurt me, that I would indeed hurt you, sweetheart.  You were much more of a challenge than most men, though.  Besides, if you don't like having me rest atop you comfortably, mocking you, then make me get off.  Go ahead."  She smiled deliciously, continuing to pet his head affectionately as he struggled beneath her. "Well," she laughed, "I guess you're at my mercy, then." She knit her brow playfully.  "What shall I do with you?" she asked. Silently, he continued to try to free himself, as she pretended to ignore his efforts, so insignificant were they to her.

"I know!" she said, smiling. "I'm going to squeeze you, my lover. Have you ever been trapped between a woman's legs, as they collapsed around your body, crushing you, constricting your body, wearing down your muscles, taking your very breath from you?" she asked, her voice throaty, hungry. "Don't, Jessica," Bill said impatiently, shaking his head. She ran her hand along his jaw, smiling sweetly, saying, "That sounded more like a command than a request, my sweet. Will you beg me not to wrap my legs around you?" 

"No!" he said indignantly.

"Good," she replied, smiling with pleasure. "Besides, you might like it. You might like it a lot. And by the way," she began, and quickly twisted her body to the side, laying on the floor next to him, catching his arms by the wrists, kicking one leg beneath him and the other over the top of his body, "you will beg, my sweet."  Jessica nestled her body up against his side, letting go of his wrists, leaning on his closest arm with her shoulder, allowing him to do as he wished with his other arm.  She pressed her breasts against the side of his body, nuzzling her head on his shoulder, next to his face, pulling his body in snug between her thighs, her legs bent at the waist, wrapping them around his stomach and locking her ankles on the opposite side.  

"You will beg," she repeated, whispering in his ear. She kissed his neck as she straightened her legs at the knee, pressing them flush against his body, feeling the muscles in his stomach and sides flexing rock hard.  Jessica raised her head from Bill's shoulder, turning it so that she could look down into his face.  She slowly began increasing the pressure around his waist, flexing the muscles in her thighs against his body, watching his eyes as he struggled to keep his body hard against her.  Her face was calm, serene, as she placed her hand gently on his chest, feeling him breathe in and out. She brought her legs in against him, looking down at him prettily as he worked to flex his muscles, preventing her from collapsing his stomach and depriving him of breath. Jessica continued to squeeze harder and harder, relaxing as he battled her, noting the strain in his face, the quickening of his pulse, the increasing shortness of his breaths.   She pet his face gently with her hand, smiling as she said, "I have you already, my love.  Unless you can break free, I've got you.  It's virtually inevitable." She squeezed harder, smiling in amusement at the strain on his face, the grunt she forced from his throat.  "You are having to do all this work to protect yourself, and I'm having only to lay here, be patient, and wear you down.  I've won already.  Start thinking about what you will say when you beg me for mercy, lover," she purred.

"We'll see," he grunted, his breath labored. Jessica smiled, pressing her face to his ear, licking it hungrily, whispering, "Yes, we will."  As she lay on his arm with her shoulder, she wrapped her own arm around his head, flexing her muscles, pulling his face in against her breasts.  She giggled as he struggled to free himself with his hand, moaning as she felt him grappling helplessly against her arm, her legs, her buttocks.  "That's it, my darling.  Feel my muscles as they defeat you," she cooed. As she pulled his head roughly against her body, she began relaxing and then suddenly tightening her legs against him with tremendous impact, working them in and out as he grunted from the force of each contraction.  She accelerated his exhaustion in this fashion, beating her powerful thighs against his body, and then she stopped, as suddenly as she had begun.  Now, she began tightening her thighs around his waist, slowly, steadily, bringing them closer and closer together, never allowing them to move outwards, only inwards. When she met resistance, she waited patiently, for him to relax, or to exhale, and then she clamped down on him more, always more, steadily taking away the volume in his stomach, never giving it back to him.

When Jessica felt him begin to weaken, to grow exhausted, she easily mustered additional energy, steadily bringing her thighs together against his body, fighting him and winning, watching the fear and surprise in his face as he felt her legs collapsing his body, as he realized that he could not reclaim the space she had taken from him.  His breaths became shorter and shorter, as he found himself with less and less space with which to draw in air.  She muscled his face against her body with her powerful arm, and as he tried to defend himself, to pull his head free from her grasp, she clamped her legs around his body forcefully, violently, screaming, "Oh, yes!  That's it!" as she felt his stomach rapidly weakening, allowing her to bring her thighs together against him. Bill screamed in terror as he felt his muscles giving out from sheer exhaustion, and Jessica kissed his face as she tore into his body mercilessly, quickly wearing away all of his resistance, and moaning in ecstasy as she felt his middle go soft against her beautiful, muscular thighs.  She released his head, letting it rest on the floor, knowing that her legs, wrapped tight around his waist, would be more than enough to control him now.  She held her face next to his, her soft hair on his shoulder, and she breathed on him, looking down into his eyes as he began screaming in pain, as she continued to hug his stomach tighter and tighter between her powerful thighs, now with great ease. He was completely unable to defend himself, and she moaned with pleasure at the feel of his body struggling weakly between her legs, his hand running urgently over her hips and thighs in a futile effort to separate them, to pull himself free.  His breaths became terribly short, and he used what little breath he had to scream in pain, in spite of himself, as she flattened his defenseless middle between her thighs, looking lustfully into his face all the while.  "Beg me," she purred, shaking him playfully between her thighs. He screamed in pain, continuing to grope at her with his free hand, looking up at her angrily, defiantly, and he did not beg, indeed did not say anything at all. Jessica pouted sweetly for him, flexing her thigh muscles, crossing her legs higher up, at the calves now, crushing his soft tummy ferociously, causing his screams to become more desperate, and his face turned bright red as he struggled for breath, trapped inside her powerful legs, which were clearly too much for him.  She continued to bring her upper thigh into his stomach, using her lower thigh to force his body flat, feeling his weak, bare middle against her crotch, shaking his entire body as she chewed on him, like a lioness devouring a fresh kill.  His frantic screams quickly gave way to hopeless sobs as she caused him unspeakable pain with her smooth, silky thighs.

She moaned in ecstasy, pulling his face to her breast, feeling his tears run down her body as she held his weak middle captive, crushing it fiercely, shaking his whole body violently as she climaxed against him.  Jessica did not relinquish her hold, handling him possessively with her legs, feeling residual tingles of power rush through her as he wept against her breast, his body weak and ravaged, clamped almost flat between her powerful legs.  She brushed at his tears, still squeezing him as he continued to sob in pain and humiliation, gently saying, "Beg, my sweet love.". "All right," he managed, his face against her bosom, his tears still flowing freely. "Please, Jessica. I beg you to stop hurting me." 

"You can do better than that," she said quietly, crossing her legs higher still, showing him how easy it was for her to increase his tremendous pain. He sobbed as he felt her thighs tightening more still, whimpering, "Oh, please mistress!  You are in every way my superior.  Please don't hurt me any more.  I beg you.  I am at your mercy, my goddess."  He lowered his face to her breast, weeping against it weakly, kissing it submissively, praying that she would take mercy on him.

"Shhh," Jessica whispered, hiding her pleasure, her excitement, for Bill's sake. She loosened her legs, smiling sweetly as he gasped in air, and she lay down on her back on the floor, pulling him face down on top of her, lightly hugging his face to her full, firm bosom, snuggling her thighs firmly, but carefully, around his waist. She closed her eyes, feeling waves of power rush through her as she held him on top of her, gently stroking his hair as he wept against her breasts, trapped still between her feminine thighs, his tummy pulled in tight against her crotch.  She felt his tears run all over his body, and his labored breath against her sex as she held his waist possessively between her legs.  She reached down, after a few minutes, taking hold of his body beneath his arms, loosening her legs, pulling him up until his face was against her throat.  She wrapped her legs back around him, around his hips, her arms around his torso, her hands flat against his back.  Jessica felt his body trembling weakly against her own as his tears continued to run down her neck and shoulders. She kissed the top of his head affectionately, whispering, "Shhh, my love.  It's all right.  You've done very well."  She pulled his face from her neck gently, by his hair, looking up at him.  "Are you convinced my darling, of my superiority now?" she said softly, studying his face with great interest.

"Yes," he said submissively, kissing her throat tenderly, obediently. "You are my complete superior, my mistress, my goddess."

"Do you wish to serve me, then, my lover?" she said softly.

"Oh, yes," Bill answered, earnestly. "I want nothing else."

She smiled, her body tingling all over. "You have felt my power, and seen it, my sweet darling. There is danger in serving me. I adore hurting men, as you are aware," she said, tightening her legs around him until he gasped.  "Are you quite certain that you wish to serve me, in spite of the pain and humiliation you will most certainly endure?"

Bill lowered his face to her breast, kissing it obediently, kissing her shoulder, her throat. "I must serve you, my mistress. I must be near you, be with you. Hurt me, if it pleases you. I have no other purpose but your pleasure."

She hugged his face lightly against her breast, her nipples erect with excitement at the prospect of owning another person, completely owning them. "You will beg me, then?" she asked quietly. "You will beg me to keep you, to allow you to become my property?"

He licked her breast through her leotard, her nipple, and she groaned with pleasure, hugging her thighs around his body, owning it. "Yes," he said. "Oh, yes. Please let me beg you." 

"Very well," she cooed. "I want you to lick me, my pet," she said, loosening her thighs from his body. "I want you to get on your hands and knees, and lick every inch of my body.  Show me your submission in that fashion.  Feel the power, the superiority of your mistress' body with your tongue. Will you do as I wish?"

"Of course, my mistress," he answered enthusiastically.

"Good," she said, her voice again thick with arousal. "Start with my feet, and touch me only with your tongue, my pet," she said, as he crawled off of her.  She rolled over onto her stomach, facing the floor, resting her chin comfortably on her folded arms. She breathed slowly and heavily, closing her eyes, smiling as she felt his tongue on the soles of her feet, carefully licking one and then the other.  He licked her ankles, and her calves, careful to lower his face to the floor on each side and in between so that he could properly lick the sides of her legs, as well. Jessica moaned quietly as she felt his tongue work its way over the backs of her knees and up to her thighs and hips.  He saw and felt every muscle, every detail of her magnificent legs, knowing that he had been trapped helplessly between them, brought to tears by them, mere moments ago. They had defeated him, and he belonged to them now, and to her. Jessica held her breath as Bill carefully licked her buttocks, first the left, and then the right, covering every inch of each.  As she felt him begin to lick between her buttocks, she smiled to herself in satisfaction, and said in a quiet, confident tone, "You can move on for now, my pet.  We'll come back to that part in due time." Jessica continued to breathe slowly and easily, focusing on the feel of the handsome man's tongue, in a continued display of complete subservience and worship, as he licked the small of her back, her sides, her upper back.  She sighed with arousal as she felt him gently licking her shoulders, carefully moving her hair aside so that he could lick the back of her neck and behind her ears. He knelt beside her obediently as she rolled over onto her back, stretching her arms out flat, holding each out from her body. She looked up into his face, saying, "Start at the feet again, my pet, and lick my front."

She again closed her eyes as she lay on her back, smiling as she felt his tongue once again on the soles of her feet, then the tops, then her ankles and up to her shins.  He continued to take great care to assure that he licked every inch of her, licking the sides of her legs a second time as she lay on her back.  Jessica sighed femininely as she felt his tongue on her inner thighs, as he slowly worked his way up her body.  As he approached her sex, Jessica wrapped her legs around his head snugly, giggling as she shook his head in her thighs, saying, "How do you like it in there, puppy? We'll come back to that part, as well. Move on, my sweet. Lick my tummy." Jessica released Bill's head from her powerful legs, and he obediently crawled forward, leaning over her to lick her hard, flat stomach, and her belly button, as she struggled not to laugh at the tickling sensation he caused.  She gasped in arousal as he worked his way up her body, licking below her breasts, against her sides, under her arms, and she moaned girlishly as she felt his tongue on her left breast, carefully licking every part of it through her leotard, concluding with her erect, pink nipple, and then repeating the process with her right breast.  He carefully licked her chest in between them, and then her shoulders, and her arms and hands. He licked her neck then, and as he moved his tongue over her throat, Jessica moaned, and quietly said, "I own you.  You're mine," and Bill felt the reverberation of her speech against his tongue, and he feared he might climax in his boxer shorts, without her so much as touching him, but he did not.  She continued to speak to him, looking up into his eyes as he licked her face lovingly.  He licked her chin, and her cheeks, and her ears.  "You belong to me," she whispered, as he licked her forehead.  She closed her eyes, and he obediently licked the lids, and she whispered, "Mine."  He moved down her face then to lick her feminine little nose, and then her lips and mouth, as she again whispered, "I own you. Completely."

As Bill licked Jessica's mouth, she brought her hands up to his face, saying, "Don't forget the inside, my love," parting her lips, kissing him hotly on the mouth and running her hands over his face and through his hair, gazing up into his eyes as she felt his tongue in her mouth.  As she felt him growing excited, she gently pushed his face away, parting his lips from hers, looking up into his eyes.  "Lie on your back, pet," she told him. He immediately obeyed, laying on his back on the floor beside her.  She sat up slowly, feeling relaxed and confident, as if she had just received a fantastic massage.  She sat on his chest, watching his eyes as she pulled aside a crotch of her leotard.  She set them on the floor beside his head, and she leaned forward on him, straddling his body, pressing her breasts to his face, which he obediently licked and kissed. She lifted her bosoms from his face, looking down into his eyes, sensing his arousal, his longing.  In a husky voice, she said, "Let's play a game, my pet. All right?"

"Yes, my goddess. Whatever you wish," he said, his voice trembling with arousal and reverence.

"Good.  The circumstances are this. You still have to lick me on the inside, puppy. And I wish to reward you for your obedience, and because I like you so very much.  So your mistress will pleasure you, as you pleasure her," she said, smiling gently. "Thank you, my mistress," he said humbly, though unable to mask his excitement.

"The game, my little slave," she said, running her fingers through his hair, shifting her body on him, "is to see which of us can last the longest. The one to climax first loses the game.  Do you understand, darling?"

He nodded. "Yes, my mistress."

"And the prize," she continued.

"Serving you is prize enough, my mistress," he said quickly.

Jessica smiled down at him, touched, petting his hair affectionately. "You please your mistress," she said gently. She smiled at him again leaning down to kiss him on the lips. Bill would be the loser of the game anyway.  She would make him come quite easily, which would serve to reinforce her superiority and control over him.  "You please your mistress very well, my slave," she said softly, her lips against his.  

"Yes, my goddess," he answered. "As you wish."

"Good," she purred, and she sat up on his chest, looking down into his face hungrily. She turned around on him, so that she was straddling his chest, facing away from him, her butt close to his face.  Jessica lay down flat on him, placing her hands on his inner thighs, pushing his legs apart, laying her firm, full breasts down on his erection, smiling as she heard him moan, stirring herself on him slowly, lightly. She lifted herself off of him, pushing his boxer shorts down around his knees, scooting back so that her ass was pressed against his chin as she straddled his neck.  She reached behind her back, taking his head gently by the hair and lifting it off of the floor, and she straightened her legs behind him, curling one of her calves beneath his head to hold it up.  She eased herself back against his face, moaning girlishly as she felt his face against her butt, against her crotch.  She pulled in on her calf, pressing his face into herself, collapsing her thighs against the sides of his head so that she held him firmly.

"You are my possession," she said, as she lay forward, pressing her firm breasts against his weak tummy. "I own you," she said, her hand against the tip of his penis, knowing he could feel her speech through her body against his face, as well.  "You are mine.  Lick me, my slave.  Please me," she said, touching the tip of his erection, sighing as she felt his tongue between her buttocks. She pulled her calf forward, forcing him into her deeper, jerking his penis as she again said, "Mine." She bucked her ass on his face as he continued to lick her, sighing, letting him have a good head start on her.  She lifted herself slightly, pulling his mouth in against her sex now, screaming with pleasure as he put his tongue in her body.  Jessica took his testicles loosely in one hand, smiling as his erection throbbed and she felt his body tremble.  She wrapped the fingers on her other hand around the base of his erection, lightly teasing the tip with her sharpen nail as Bill continued to suck her off.

She continued to hold his testicles in her hand as she took his erection all the way into her hand, once, then twice, then a third time. She could tell that he was near climax, and she released him from her hand, still holding the base of his penis. Jessica moaned as she felt his tongue inside of her, fucking her, and she reached forward, taking his shorts, pressing her leotarded breasts against his erection, and then slowly pulling his shorts back up.  She lay her breasts on his erection, over his boxers, stirring them on him slowly, digging her fingernails into his thighs, smiling knowingly, feeling power rush over her as she felt him reach explosive climax in his shorts, as she pressed her breasts firmly against him, feeling his short breaths against her body.

She relaxed on him, pulling his face against her firmly, hugging her thighs possessively around his head, and she said, "I'm afraid you lose, my pet. Still, you must finish me.  Oh, that's it."  She clamped her legs around his face, riding him, her body all over his, wrapped around him.  "Lick me, my slave.  That's it.  Lick your mistress.  You belong to me," she moaned as he worked his tongue inside her.  She shook his head roughly in her thighs as she climaxed, pulling his face in tight against her crotch and buttocks, letting him feel her sigh and moan against his body as he pleasured her. When she had finished, she turned around on him again, sitting up on his face, settling her butt over his mouth and nose, spreading her legs so that she could look down into his eyes.  She felt his short breaths against her privates as she sat perched on his face, looking down at him.  "You are my property," she said again, as much for her own benefit, she decided, as his. As she sat on him, feeling him continue to breathe with great difficulty beneath her ass, she issued her instructions. "You will be my sexual toy, pet." She smiled powerfully as she felt his mouth, heard his voice, muffled by her butt, answering, "Oh yes, my mistress. I want nothing else."

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