femdom mixed boxing leotard teenager girl wins

Annie vs Morris

(Annie and Morris have been matched up for a purse of $5000 in an illegal fight using the minimum of fist protection. A 'round' ends only when a fighter goes down. The fighter is then given one minute to recover and come to the 'mark' to start the next 'round'. The fight ends if a fighter can't make the 'mark'.)


The mainly female audience (see Fighter 1) became quite concerned as the fighters squared up to each other. Seeing the contestants side by side for the first time emphasised the vast differences in their physiques. 'Muscles' Morris was six feet two inches tall, and towered over Annie's five foot six, and he weighed in at 240 pounds, almost twice as much as the girl's 138!


The man had broad, heavily muscled shoulders, arms laden with bulging biceps and a chest the size of a water butt. His quads bulged from thick thighs, and only a slight surplus of flesh around the man's waist gave any indication that he hadn't trained as hard as usual for this particular fight. Why should he! After all, he was only fighting a girl! And a comparatively little girl at that!


Annie was in the peak of condition, and looked it. Her blond hair was tied back in a pony tail, with a fringe covering the upper part of her forehead. Her pretty face, from which shone sparkling blue eyes, gave her a gentle, friendly appearance, which made her look extremely vulnerable against the rugged, craggy features of her arrogant looking male opponent.


She wore only a navy blue cotton leotard which moulded her pelvis, emphasising her curvaceous body as her hips flared from her twenty-two inch waist. Firm, hard-nippled breasts stood out proudly form her thirty-two inch chest, tapering to the girl's flat stomach with its barely defined female muscles straining under her tanned flesh.


The soft curves of the eighteen year-old girl's body and her long, tapering legs belied her strength. Underneath the smooth female flesh were muscles which had been hardened by hours of work in the gym and on the road. She had trained as hard as she could, working on stamina, agility and speed of punching. All she had to do now was take on a man and beat him: a man twice her size, with the build of a human tank and the experience of over thirty
victories in illegal fights under his belt!


No wonder the female audience were somewhat subdued as the fight began. And worse was soon to follow. The man's speed took Annie by surprise. When Annie had watched Morris fight another man, she'd formed the opinion that both fighters were slow and cumbersome. Compared to her they were, but not by as much as she'd anticipated!


Morris's straight right hand punch spat at the girl's face as soon as the bell sounded for the start of the fight. Annie jerked her head backwards, but was caught a glancing blow, right on the point of her chin. A split-second later and that single punch would have ended the fight! As it was, Annie's evasive action saved her from a one-punch defeat, but wasn't enough to stop her being sent staggering across the ring to end up sprawled in an undignified heap in her own corner. As the girls in the audience twittered with alarm, Annie's seconds fought frantically to revive her. They had one minute to get her fit to toe the mark for the next round, but they didn't need to use the time. Apart from being momentarily dazed and having her ego severely bruised, Annie was unhurt.


"Make it look really bad," she whispered to Lucy, who was helping her in her corner. "I'm going to act as if I'm on my last legs ... see if I can fool him a bit."


"That's my girl," said a relieved Lucy, making every effort to portray a frantic anxiety over the state of her frail looking fighter. It was her $5000 that was at stake and she didn't want to lose it! "Go get him, Annie!" 


Morris strolled from his corner with total arrogance at the bell, sneering at Annie as she faked a hard struggle to reach her mark.


"Why don't you just lie down, little girl, and give up!" he mocked. "Or maybe I'll have to clip you again!"


His fist lashed out. Annie swayed, and pretended to stagger out of the way. She was now on full alert, adrenaline pumping, playing the game she'd devised. Again the man swung, missing by inches as the girl evaded him. He strolled after his retreating opponent, exaggerating a demeanour which told the audience that he didn't really want to hit the girl, but, if she wouldn't give in, then what as he to do...? He was quite certain that he'd nail the frail, frightened looking female who had dared to challenge him, a mighty male fighter, and smash her to destruction with one massive blow to her pretty little face. Confidently, with a smile of anticipation, on his face, the man stalked the girl round the ring, throwing huge punches at her as he went.


The audience were certain he'd nail her too. The women and girls were resigned to despair and disappointment, while the few males in the crowd urged their fighter on to finish this upstart little girl who had the audacity to take on a man in combat! However, as the round dragged on, and Morris was unable to land even a whisper of a punch on the elusive young girl, attitudes began to change. The female part of the audience started to applaud the evasive movements of their fighter. Having lured the massive, gullible male into chasing her round the ring, the girl gradually dropped her 'severely injured' act, and evolved into a supple, superbly balanced female fighter.


As Morris swung at her with punch after useless punch, the lithe, little blond ducked and weaved with a graceful ease which left the massively built man looking clumsy and awkward as he plodded forward, wasting his energy by hitting nothing but air, his huge muscled sucking oxygen from his blood quicker than he could replenish it. Morris began to tire rapidly. The men, on the other hand, were becoming extremely restless at the way the fight was going. They were used to seeing two bull-like fighters slugging it out in the centre of the ring, using brute force to beat each other into submission. Knock downs were plentiful in these fights, allowing the fighters to recharge their batteries. In this fight knock-downs were non-existent and the men soon began to show their derision by booing and cat-calling and shouting at the girl to either fight or go home!


Annie was totally oblivious to the male abuse. As the round dragged on into its twentieth minute she could see signs of distress appearing in Morris's body language. He was definitely beginning to slow up. His punches were becoming more ponderous, his charges more desperate, and the girl could sense that he was looking for a break in order to get his breath back. Having failed to knock the girl down, the man was now trying to slow down so that he could recover some stamina. Annie knew she could not allow this to happen. The girl began to fight back against the colossus of a man who was attacking her. Coolly evading yet another ponderous swing from the massive, male fighter, the lithe little girl closed in, hit the man in the stomach with a three-punch combination and skipped back out of reach again.


The man was halted in his tracks. He tried to shrug off the girl's attack for the benefit of the audience, but the powerfully built male had been unpleasantly surprised by the speed and force of the female fighter's punches. Stung into action, Morris charged forward again, swinging with both hands, trying to overwhelm the fragile little girl with his masculine bulk. But the fragile little girl wasn't there! Gracefully, Annie slipped the man's charge, and ripped another combination into his muscular, male body. To the
satisfaction of the girl, and the joy of the females in the audience, Morris was halted once more. 
And, as he stood there, trying to conceal his surprise at the force of Annie's punches, the girl launched herself at him. Annie had decided that her tough, battle hardened male opponent was now too slow to hurt her and the time was ripe for her to take him on! She smashed her fists into the bewildered man's face, making him blink, forcing him to cover up. The girl had stopped running. Now she began to fight!


For a few minutes, the contestants stood toe to toe and slugged it out. The magnificently muscled, powerfully built man against the slender, daintily curved, teenage girl. The audience watched in stupefied silence as the tiny girl took on the mighty male boxer. Then they began to scream with excitement as the girl showed her fighting ability. Ducking and swaying, fists flashing and her pony tail dancing exuberantly behind her, the curvaceous young blond fought her huge, male opponent on his terms. It was man against woman, male against female, in a ferocious battle of the sexes. Female agility against male power. The skill of a girl against the strength of a man. And the man's strength failed him. Every missed punch sapped the energy from the male fighter's heavily muscled body. Every punch the girl landed took its toll.


Gradually the gorgeous little girl sucked the strength from her gigantic male adversary as her flashing fists smacked into him with the unremitting ferocity of a deadly female fighter. Morris should have gone down and taken a minute's rest. Against a male
opponent, he would have done so without a second's thought. However, his ego would not allow him to be put down by a girl! Desperately, with amazing courage, the man foolishly fought on. 
By now, Morris's face was a bloodied mess where the girl's fists had ripped open cuts over both the man's eyes. His hugely muscled arms felt like lead weights, and all he could do was use them to try to cover up against the lightning fast fists of the ferocious little girl. The female audience were screeching with excitement as they watched the slip of a girl drive the Herculean male back into his corner until he sprawled against the turnbuckle, held up by sheer male ego.


Annie was exultant. She had the man at her mercy. But she knew that this man was a professional fighter, a fighter with tremendous courage and a fighter who would come back at her if she gave him the slightest opportunity. She must not let him go down and take the minute's rest. The girl grabbed the man's wrist, pulled his lifeless arm over the top rope and pulled it down so that the rope ran under Morris's armpit. The man lolled against the corner post, his legs barley holding him up, one arm trapped over the rope, the other pawing feebly as he tried to fight back against the young female fury who was taking him apart. It was male strength and courage against female stamina and determination. If Morris could hold on until the girl's stamina gave out and she couldn't hit him any more, then he was still in with a chance. And Annie had to smash the strength out of him and destroy his will to fight. Holding him in the corner by the wrist, the girl pounded the unfortunate man with her free fist. Punch after deadly punch crunched into the wilting man's body, until he was moaning with pain. Hard male muscles were pounded to jelly as the tiny female fist took its toll. Morris's head hung down on his manly chest as the lithe young girl remorselessly beat the spirit out of the massive hunk of muscular masculinity.


His legs trembled with exhaustion. Then they simply collapsed. Annie tried to hold him up by the wrist, so that she could carry on hitting him, but he was too heavy. The huge male fighter sank ignominiously to the canvas, where he lay in a crumpled heap. The bell rang immediately to signal the end of the round, a round that had lasted almost fifty minutes. Morris's seconds tore into the ring and half dragged, half carried their man back to his corner. Annie took the opportunity to re-gather her strength, breathing deeply as she watched the frantic activity in the opposite corner as his seconds desperately tried to revive their savaged fighter. The girls in the audience were cock-a-hoop, screaming encouragement to Annie as she stood calmly in her corner, stretching her lithe, sinuous body, waiting to see what would happen when the bell rang for the new round.


Incredibly, Morris came out. His seconds had cleaned the blood from his face and stemmed the flow from his cut eyes. Once more the man's towering figure stepped up to the mark. The audience could hardly believe it. For a moment, they were shocked intosilence, then the hall erupted as the girls screeched for blood. Like Annie, they could see that the man was all but finished. As he reached the mark his magnificent body swayed uncertainly as his legs trembled with the effort of holding him upright. For a second Annie felt sorry for the man who towered over her. Here was a superb specimen of muscular masculinity, totally outfought and brought down by a tiny, teenage girl! She picked her spot. Her fist came up almost from the floor. There was the sweetest of clicks as female fist connected with male jaw. Annie hardly felt the punch connect as she followed through in a graceful extension. Morris stood still for a second, then went over backwards. His massive frame crashed into the canvas and he lay spread-eagled at the feet of the nubile young girl who had destroyed him with her fists.


The minute's wait was a formality. The hall erupted in a cacophony of female triumph. Annie stood in the centre of the ring as the minute ticked away, her arms raised in victory, a smile of sheer joy on her lovely young face. She had taken on a champion male fighter in combat and completely destroyed him. A powerful, professional male fighter had been comprehensively defeated by a slip of a girl. In the battle of the sexes, the girl had won. She had also won five thousands of dollars!

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!