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Punished by Mom

Things had been rough at my house for some time. I was a teenager, and like most teenagers I was mad at the world. In particular I was mad at my dad for getting sick and later mad at cancer for taking him from my life. School suffered, I had to repeat Junior year, my friends suffered, but the relationship that suffered the most was the between me and my mother. At some level we both knew we were all we had left, but at the surface I think we each blamed the other for Dad’s death. After another bad report card from school at Christmas break, my mother told me to my face that “If I wasn’t such a punk kid, maybe your father would still be around.” 

I was furious, I told her that “You ever think Dad died to get away from his controlling shrew of a wife?”

Mom stared icicles at me, “What you need is a good spanking.”

“And you need a good fucking,” I shot back. The second I said the fucking comment Mom stood stunned as the truth of the statement hit her in the face. A beat later she turned on her heel and went to her room unwilling to show any weakness in front of me. At 43 Mom still had a lot of life in her. Before the cancer Mom and Dad had always been a warm and affectionate couple. I could tell Mom felt that she was wilting away on the vine, and at some level I was keeping men away from her. 

I pretty much had the run of the house the rest of the day, as Mom was unwilling to face me, or at leas that is what I thought. Sooner or later we’d have to meet up as tonight was the family's holiday party. At about 5:30 Mom walked into my room, dressed in stockings, a pleated black skirt, and red silk leotard blouse she looked closer to 30 than 40. She looked at me and told me, “You need to change - you won’t be going to the party in jeans.”

I was like, "Listen, I'm 19 now - don't worry about what I'm wearing."

She went into my closet and threw some slacks on me as I lay on my bed. "Put these on," she said. 

“No” I said as I sat up in bed and kicked the pants to the floor. She picked them up and walked over to the side of the bed and pushed them into my chest knocking me back down. 

"Put them on, we are already late," she said. 

I grabbed them and threw them at her this time and told her again “I’m already dressed.” 

"Look," she said, "don't make me change you like I used to do."

I laughed and was like, "Don't even try it." 

"Okay, if that's how it has to be," she said as she went for my jeans trying to undo them. 

I pushed her back lightly and looked at her like she was crazy. "What are you doing, Ma?" I asked her as I got off the bed. Now she was so upset that she pushed me and pushed me hard as I was getting up, knocking me back down on the bed.

"You want to make this difficult?" she asked. 

"No," I said, "but if you want to we can." 

She jumped onto the bed as I was getting up and pushed me onto my back again holding me down with her hand in my face. I reached up and pushed her head back with my hand under her chin. 

"What are you doing?!" I yelled. 

"Showing you that you still have to listen to me," she said.

"Well guess what? I would if you asked nicely for a change!" I said as I rolled her over onto her back with me on top of her. Hate to say it, but it felt good to be pinning her to my bed, for a second I thought about giving her the fucking she needed. Mom saw my smirk and she didn’t take kindly to it. She grabbed my shirt and tore it right down the middle. 

"What the hell!" I yelled. 

"I'll show you," she said. 

I let the shirt drop off me as I got up, it was clear she wanted to fight, and after she destroyed one of my favorite shirts so did I. We both stood up facing each other now. 

"I am going to teach you a lesson, young man, and then we will go." 

"So let’s go," I said as we readied ourselves. 

I didn’t know what the heck was I doing physically fighting with my mom? I mean, you're not supposed to do this, but then again she wanted to for some reason - she started this, not me. I knew I wasn’t going to go down to a woman that’s for sure, mom or not. Mom worked out religiously and was in great shape - 5'7, 150 and what I later found out was a 38C chest, with blue eyes and shoulder length auburn hair. I was 19, 5'11, 176.

We came together again and jostled on our feet - me down to jeans and bare feet and her in a loose skirt, stockings and a leotard blouse. I grabbed her skirt and tore it in side, snapping the buttons off as I whipped her around my room. She slammed into the dresser and fell to her knees. I quickly pulled the skirt over her head to blind her and discovered she hadn't put on her panties under leotard blouse. I was embarrassed so I let her go, but she just took off her skirt and came at me again which caught me off guard. She tackled me backward and we fell onto the floor, rolling around on the floor now. We were pulling hair as we rolled back and forth a little trying to get control. I also realized I was getting hard as our sweaty chests were now pressing together. I finally got her on her back and pinned her arms to her side as our legs were grapevined. 

"You give up, Ma?" I asked.

"You gotta be kidding me," she said.

"This is crazy," I said, "what are you doing?" 

"Showing you that you still need to do what I say," she said, "as long as you live here."

"We can sit like this all night then if you want." 

I liked the position actually, pinning her down, our groins pressing together with only my jeans between them, my chest pinning hers down, legs grapevined with our feet rubbing together. I knew I'd have to move to get into another position because she wasn't going to give up here, but I wanted her to see she couldn't get up.

I let go of her legs as I went to get up but she quickly scissored my waist. Ow! I was in pain. She rolled to her side and rolled me over.

"Well, whadda yah say now, boy?" she said.

"Aaah!" I was all I could manage

"You ready to give up?" she asked. 

"No way," I said. 

Then she grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head closer to hers as she kept scissoring me so I lost my leverage trying to escape. I had to dig my fingers into her knee to get her to release the scissors on me, but she kept hold of my hair! I reached over and grabbed her hair and we both got to our knees pulling each other's hair. 

Eventually we stood up and I was able to back her into a wall. Then I got her in a bearhug and squeezed her tight. She tried to push my face with her chin, pushing my head back. I forced her to the floor in the bearhug but she was able to somehow quickly roll me over to my back. Then she pinched my nose and covered my mouth - she was trying to smother me! I kept squeezing but I could barely breathe so I let go. She quickly slid up and pinned my arms down with her knees, grabbed my hair and she school girl pinned me. How humiliating being pinned like that by any woman, but this was my mom! I was trying anything to get her leotard covered crotch out of my face. I got on arm free, reached up and grabbed at her chest but I didn't squeeze hard. Just then the doorbell rang - we both forgot that our cousin was coming over and going to go to the party with us so we had to stop, but we both said we would finish this after the party later that night. 

There was a flurry of activity as we tried to cover up the fact there had been a fight. We both had to change and fix our hair. I got a new shirt but kept on the jeans I insisted on, Mom had fixed her short hair quickly and donned a figure hugging red sweater and pearls. She at least pretended not to notice I was still in jeans but I could tell it bothered her, that suited me fine. 

When we got to the party we put as much distance between ourselves as possible. Mom grabbed herself a martini but surprised me when she crossed the room and handed me a beer. 

“I’m old enough to drink but not dress myself?”

My mother whispered in my ear, “Last meal of a condemned man, drink up and have some fun, because you won’t have any when we get home.”

All night at the party all I could think of was the impromptu battle earlier with my mom and what was going to happen later. I hate to admit it, but it was so erotically charged. It felt great to pin her to the ground, hell it felt great to have a face full of her big titties when she was pinning me. But hell, I was thinking it would be pretty fun to show myself to be the man of the house and have acess to that hot pussy I had been grinding up against earlier in the evening. She probably just said we'd settle things to get us out of the house. I kept staring at her, and could she her doing the same at me across the room. My uncle told me I look more like my dad with each passing day, that had to be fucking with Mom’s head. After my third beer and her second martini I approached her.

“This party’s lame… Let’s go home.” 

That's the realization that set in when on the way home nothing was said between us other than that. We got home and went inside, each going to our rooms. I crashed on the bed when 2 minutes later my mom came in and threw a pair of boxing gloves at me and said “I told you earlier we have something to settle - I figured picking up where we left off was only fair, but the wrestling was too restrictive. Put them on, leave all your clothing here and meet me in the basement.”

I wasn’t dressed to fight that was sure, but what to you wear to a fight with your mom? I took off all my clothes and put the gloves on. When I got to the basement mom was there in red thong leotard, red boxing shoes and red boxing gloves. 

"C'mon down," she said, "I'm going to knock you out, my naked sun" 

I walked down and walked up to her so we were face to face, chests touching. I told myself my dick was hard because of excitement over the coming fight, not the sight of my mother in red thong leotard, hard boots and leather gloves, but that was a lie, I wanted her thick MILF ass.

"So let's do this then," I said to her.

We circled each other with our gloves raised, sizing each other up. I had become used to the sight of my mother’s firm breasts in our last battle, but she was in some sort of shock at the sight of my erect penis. With her eyes focused downstairs I clocked her with a right. She might have had her head somewhere else, but I was ready to fight. I peppered her with a few quick punches to the face, all speed and little power. I was going to punish her for the way she had humiliated me when we wrestled earlier in the night. 

"Come on, Mom, this is too easy," I said.

After what must have been five or six unanswered blows Mom finally got her head and fists into the fight, decking me with a right cross that staggered me.

"Shut up and fight," came her reply.

We came together like a car crash, each of us rushing into the other’s punch. Neither of us backed up, and so we began in fighting. I managed to tie up one of her gloved hands and landed a couple good solid blows to her breasts. With her own free hand my mother began to land short chopping blows to my bread basket. The stinging blows had taken toll on both of us, but I knew she was doing more damage. Already I could feel myself losing some strength. I clinched with her, pressing our bodies together, tying her arm up in the process. 

Mom tried to struggle free of the clinch, but even covered in a little sweat she couldn't wiggle free. I drew the clinch tighter, forcing my stiff dick into her body. That was the opening she had been looking for. She was able to knock my sensitive penis to the side with her glove. While the blow didn't have much force, it hurt me enough for me to loosen my clinch enough for Mom to gain the advantage. She tossed me to the floor with a thrust from her hips.

"Boxing not wrestling, boy," she said as she motioned for me to get up and fight her.

"You said shut up and fight." came my reply, as I gave her a one-two to the pussy and then to the gut. While Mom was bent over from the shock and pain of my assault to her pussy I got to my feet to face her.

"You're going to pay for that one, Bucko," said my Mom as she threw a haymaker at my stiff penis. 

I was able to dodge the awkward blow and smacked my mother twice up side her head with fast jabs, keeping her off balance. She came at me again with another of her Sunday punches aimed low; once again I dodged her fist. She would not be so lucky, as I caught her square in the nose with a jab, and then delivered an upper cut to her firm 38C right breast. Mom forgot about paying me back and clocked me with her crimson glove with a hooking left. She blocked my counterpunch with her glove, but I was able to duck her next big hook, and delivered yet another punishing upper cut to the chin. 

That shot knocked Ma loopy, and I delivered rapid shots to her soft belly while my Mother's chin rested on my sweat covered shoulder. I heard her grunt as each leather covered missile found its mark. Now it was my mother pressing for a clinch, tying my arms up and forcing her sore breasts into my chest. I struggled to get my left arm free from her grasp. I had a hard time getting my gloved first free, given that I was as tired from the struggle as she was, but even though we were covered in sweat I was unable to wiggle free. So with a silent agreement we stood there together, mother in leotard and naked son, in the center of our basement in a twisted parody of a hug that would not allow either of us to strike the other catching our breath. I could feel my mother’s bruised chest heave against mine own. I could feel a warm trickle drip on my shoulder; it was blood from my Mother's nose. 

"You're tired and bleeding, Ma, give up. I don't want to hurt you."

"Neither did I, but you left me no choice." came my mother's reply.

And with that she dropped her clinch on my right side only to grab hold of my dick, and first I thought it might have been just to move my dick from between her legs. But sadly for me, now that she had hold of my dick she had no plans on letting go of it. She twisted my dick with her gloved mitt, "Told you that I'd make you pay."

"Aggghhh! Let go, that's cheating," I said, holding her other arm tighter than ever

"Like you didn't hit below the belt."

"Ughh! Let go, you bitch!" I punctuated my point by clocking her with my free hand. My mom took half a step back, but took my dick with her hurting me more. "That hur-" 

"What did you just call your mother?" she inquired as she twisted my firm member with her free fist.

"I called her a cheater."

"No, it sounded like something else" She said as she adjusted her grip on my dick.

Calling upon all my strength I grabbed hold of auburn hair and yanked back. "I said you were a cheating bitch! Now how about we both let got and box this out like we agreed. On the count of three... 

One... Two... Three..." 

I let go and backed away from my mother as did she. I cradled my dick to protect it and took note of the damage I took. I had blood on me, but none of it was mine. My dick was throbbing, but I trusted that it would be off limits for the rest of the fight. All I had to worry about was my sides. My opponent took the time to size matters up as well. For the first time she noticed that her nose was busted open, and I could see she was holding her gloves high to protect her battered breasts. 

"Come one then, unless you've had enough" she taunted.

"Yeah right."

Our two bodies once more met in the center of the basement. Naked man and Woman in leotard, Son and Mother, banged away at each other. We were too sore and tried to put up any defense. Even if we could we wouldn't have tried to block each other's punches. We wanted to end this fight now and show one another just who was tougher. That's why we had gone from wrestling to boxing. This wasn't about who was stronger, or who the better fighter was. This was about who wanted it more. 

So we took turns drilling gut shots into one another. First I hit her in the gut, then she potatoed me in the gut. It continued like that, her matching me punch for punch to the gut until I went for her breast. I moved my glove to cover my penis, but she just punched me in the gut again. I gave her boob another punch, but she just hit me in the gut. I gave her another shot to the boob and she punched me in the gut. With a third hit to her boob she paused to cover herself for a second, but then went to same spot on my belly. I bent over gasping for air for a second. 

"Had enough, baby?" she said.

"Come on, bitch," I said I stood up and hit my mom. It was more of a back hand than a punch, but even with the glove it was enough to cause her to stagger. 

Pow! Came her reply, a huge cross to the eye she staggered into. Now I was having a hard time focusing. I put my arms up to guard against her next attack, but wasn't coming. Mom just stood there with her gloves at her sides waiting for my next shot. I let loose with a solid jab to her already bleeding nose, but she was still standing. 

Whamp! Again I was hit by one of my mother’s punches to that same eye. My face felt numb, but after a few second I felt a warm trickle down my face I still was standing though. Even with my head ringing it was clear that both of us were out on our feet. One more shot to the head by either of us would have knocked the other out. But we didn't want a knock out. Each of us wanted to hear the other give up. So I moved in for another clinch and prepared my body for the end. Our exhausted bodies collapsed together, with each of us resting out chins on the other shoulder. I let out a groan as my mom popped me again in the belly. She grunted at the uppercut to her tit. I took another blow to the solarplexes, and her breast took another solid hit. She gave me another bomb to the gut and all I could do to stand up was hold on. Seconds past and I couldn't hit her back. Another fist crashed against my purple belly. I bit my lip and held on, but still couldn't punch her back. Finally, I took one last shot to the gut and collapsed to the floor clutching at my gut.

"That's enough! I give! Just don't hit me anymore, I give!" I whimpered.

"You give up to who?"

"I had enough, Ma! No, more alright? No more, Mommy." I screamed trying to hold back tears as Mom dragged my face up to look at her standing over me.

"And who is the boss?"

"You are. You beat me."

"Good, then you'll do what I say from now on," she said as she Mom stood over me smiling. I watched in horror as she straddled my face, then sat on it, hard, leaning over me now and clamping my head up her ass and in her thighs 69 style.

"You just lay there and enjoy this, lover boy," she growled, pulling at my dick. "I'll use your face - and this!"

Mom squeezed my dick hardly, all the while letting her big thighs chew at my neck and head and pull my moaning face deeper into her big, round ass.

She humped my face harder and harder, the moistness of her insatiable cunt wetting me, coating me in her musky aroma. Her big tits now embraced my dick as she booby-fucked me, lapping at the tip of my prick stem as her warm tit meat stroked me. 

"Almost there, baby… almost there." She leaned up on her hands now, letting her huge tits fall around my cock as she came and came hard, squeezing me in her thighs so hard my head felt like it were splitting in two. My gloved hands pried at the gigantic scissoring mass of her thighs but couldn't budge the iron limbs which were etched in silky steel 

"Cuming.." Mom roared, humping her cunny against my chest now as the sheer scissoring bulk of her thighs pushed my head away from her sweaty ass.

She squeezed me so hard and she kept squeezing until her orgasm abated a full minute later. Stopping to catch her breath, she let me go and slowly sat up on my chest, facing my face. She reached back and stroked my still-hard prick until I came around, and then stroked me harder.

"Give it up, little boy, cum for Mommy's glove, all over Mommy's glove." she hissed, looking back at her pumping fist.

I couldn't fight it and turned away, shamefully, as I felt my orgasm build, finally exploding in a geyser of boy cream all over my mother's plunging hand. Mom growled as she worked the hand job harder, wringing every drop of goo from my pulsating prong, had me licking her glove clean. She turned to face me, now humping her tireless pussy against my cock, "You gonna be Mommy's good wittle boy from now on, honey," she hissed, snapping out a mini-orgasm as I lolled helplessly under my mother.

"Y..yes, Mommy.."

Clearly it wasn't over for Mommy either, for while I lay on the ground I felt her lift up my legs. I thought she was going to try and make me give up again while I was weak, but shortly after lifting my legs up, I was placed down on a diaper. She closed the tabs around the sides. "You thought I was joking about dressing you again didn't you? Well I'm not. You'll be wearing this till you show you are big boy in gloves, honey."

"Yes..yes, Mommy..," I sobbed.

She shifted, putting her knees up on my arms, sitting dominantly on her beaten and cum-stained son.

"Damn right," she hissed, settling her neatly trimmed cunny on her my crying face. 

Next time, I though, you'll be the one on the floor not me. This wasn't over.

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