leotard clad mistress punishes naked male slave in figure 4 headscissors

Mistress Mauren

There then commenced a volley of threats and insults from her to my e-mail address which to begin with I ignored. Then she must have found out I wrote femfighting fiction and catfight stories and her next round of threats made particular mention of beating me in a fight. 

This prospect intrigued me, fighting my internet enemy, but still I did not respond until one night I came back from the pub, having been dumped by my then girlfriend and being drunk and angry. I switched on my computer to read yet another email from Mistress Maureen, in it she called me all the names under sun, questioned my manhood and again challenged me to prove what a tough guy I was by fighting her.

In my state I probably should have shut down and gone to bed but instead I answered. Returning her vile insults in full and suggesting that if she wanted to fight me I was more than willing. I even offered to pick her up and hire the hotel room we could use for such a contest.

My slumbers that night consisted of me punching the Dommes face over and over and I woke up to find my pillows in a hell of a state. 

I regretted it in the morning but by then it seemed it may be too late. Rather than shutting the bitch up by agreeing to the fight she seemed deadly serious. I knew if I backed down now I couldn’t live with myself and perhaps there was a masochistic streak to myself that felt maybe I owed the woman a chance for revenge, after all what I had done was pretty shitty.

Our email communication over the next week was a tad more cordial, as she seemed to set aside her anger to allow us to thrash out the details. I worried about some kind of set up so arranged that I would book the hotel room, set the room up and then drive to meet Maureen at a nearby car park. I thought she might not agree, that she would sense a trap but she seemed supremely confident in herself and agreed readily and we agreed that I would pick her up at 7pm that Friday.

Coming face to face with her for the first time was an unnerving experience. She was as tall as me ( 5’11”) and as I knew from the pictures was a heavy set woman ( I had referred to her bulk and weight constantly in my story). I nearly bottled out of it but in the end I drove up to where she stood alone in the supermarket’s carpark and drew along side. Without a word she came around my car and got in the passenger door and sat down.

We sat in uncomfortable silence for long enough, with her just staring at me intently before she broke the icy silence. Her voice dripped with venom and hatred.

“So you’re the bastard that thought he could write about me eh? Well, you’re going to fucking pay a high price for that shithead!”

I kept my cool and looked at her before answering.

“Oh please bitch. You think you’re so fucking tough don’t you? Writing all that shit on your profile like you’re some kind of fucking female warrior. Well I’ve got news for you bitch, all those guys you beat up in your job are actually letting you do it. You come across a real man like me and you won’t be so fucking tough!”

She sneered and glowered at me and looked like she wanted to stab me there and then but instead faced forward and snapped.

“Just fucking drive us to the hotel, I can’t wait to show you how wrong you are!”

She certainly believed in herself and I sense no element that suggested she was going to back out. We drove in silence then parked up at the hotel. I had booked us into a room under assumed names (Mr. & Mrs Smith, it amused me at the time) and we entered the deserted lift and ascended in silence. But once the door opened I had to ask something.

“So what are the rules then?”

She sneered and hissed.

“No rules. Once we are in the room and I’m certain we are alone we fight. No rules, nothing, anything goes. NO winners, no losers, no submissions, nothing we just fight until one of us can’t any more and what happens after that is up to whoever is left standing.”

She was deadly serious.

“OK. We fight naked then.”

She looked at me like I was some kind of pervert (which she knew I was) and snorted.

“YOU will be naked if you want. But I'll leave my fighting outfit on. I'm a Mistress and never stripping for slaves! Go in and check out the room then you strip naked, then we fight.”

She looked angrily. I think she would have done anything right then to get her hands on me. The lift stopped and we got out and walked the long corridor to ‘our’ room. I unlocked it and we stepped in. it was a standard hotel room. I had taken the opportunity earlier to move the bed up on its side and we had a large enough area for us to do battle in.

Maureen emerged from the bathroom satisfied there was just the two of us there and then proceeded to strip her skirt off, leaving in long sleeved black lycra thong leotard and matching laced boots. I did likewise but was on guard now and never let me eyes drop from the bitch. She did the same until I was naked. and facing each other across the six yards or so we had to battle in.

Seeing her like that I finally appreciated that she wasn’t just fat but she looked to have a bit of muscle too and I could see why wimps would want to visit her and get dominated and beaten up. We stood looking at each other for the longest time before she broke the silence.

“I see why you write that shit you do boy. You’ve got the smallest dick I’ve ever set eyes on.”

If she was looking to wind me up she succeeded and I strode across the room and slapped her hard on the cheek. Girl in black leotard took it, smiled and almost casually grasped my balls in her right hand and squeezed as hard as she could! She had goaded me in close, taken my blow and now had the upper hand (quite literally).

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to have you like this you little shit!” she snarled as she squeezed harder and harder.

In agony I realised my peril and lashed out, this time with no slap. I punched her with a right hook that connected solidly with her big chin. She didn’t want to release my balls so soaked in the full power of the blow and when it hit she let go alright and staggered back, her hand to her jaw. But if I thought a decent punch like that would see her off I was in for a surprise. She shook her head and glared at me before curling her hands and beckoning me on again – she wanted more!

I came forward but more carefully this time. Her ball squeeze had made its mark and no doubt I wasn’t walking quite as well as before. Again girl in black leotard tried to goad me it, this time spitting on my face but as I came forward she tried to catch me with a kick to my crotch. I was ready this time though and caught her ankle and held it up while still going forward and slamming her back against the wall. I lifted my right arm up and jammed my forearm into her throat and ground it in, choking the bitch and sneered in her face as I felt her saliva drip down my face. I leaned in close and hissed.

“Fucking dirty bitch, gonna make you pay for that!”

She still had her right arm somewhat able and was busy flinging pretty ineffective clubbing blows to my shoulders and back of my head. Because I had her pinned to the wall they were pretty weak but after taking enough of them I pushed myself back, dropped her leg them balled my fist and buried a hard punch right into her gut. That doubled her over and she coughed and spat as I grabbed her long, dark hair and jerked on it to pull her face up. This time it as me returning the favour and I cleared my throat then spat its contents right between her dark eyes. She groaned and continued to cough but I should have been more wary, I was allowing her to get her breath back and it was about to cost me. Without me gripping her hair girl in leotard dropped to her knees, still coughing but in the next instant she struck, firing up a punch that caught me square in the balls!

Quickly I was coughing and gagging myself and I tottered back away from her, holding my nuts and trying to regain my senses. I wasn’t quick enough though and Maureen was to her feet and advancing on me and as I instinctively covered my groin area she lashed out a hard as hell bitch slap to my head that really rung my bell. I staggered backward and tried to regain my senses but before I could she swung again and hit me with a hard slap. I felt the upended bed press against my back, I could back off no more. These were meaty blows and my vision blurred and I decided I couldn’t take another one of them so moved my arms up to ward off the next blow. I blocked her arm mid slap but in an instant the Pro Domme in black leotard changed tact and brought her knee up squarely between my legs and connected with my nuts again.

Male pride wanted me to not go down but my legs wobbled then gave way and I dropped to my knees, my mouth in an exaggerated ‘O’ shape. I was winded and in trouble and the fat bitch knew it. The next knee superior lady in black leotard threw caught me on the side of my head and stunned me and she followed that up with a quick kick to my balls as I knelt before her.

I was in bad shape here and we both knew it. I tried to keep my thighs together to minimise the impact of another kick there and found her nails latching onto my hair, tugging and ripping it for all she was worth. I felt and heard a chunk being ripped out and cried out at the burning sensation on my scalp. I cowered on the ground and covered up as merciless girl in black leotard went wild, unleashing a series of slaps and punches at me. I was unable to respond so just had to kneel there and take them and try to fend them off. Thankfully she was in such a fury that half the blows were not too bad as they glanced off me but still I was taking too many. Eventually she seemed to tire but as I tried to rise she kicked me, hard, in the thigh. Her laced fighting boots was really heavy and dangerous. 

I squealed and sprawled on the carpet and found her placing her foot right on my face as a result. She pushed it hard into my nose and mouth and her voice was mocking when she spoke.

“Wimps like you always find their rightful position, dickhead. It was just a matter of time!”

It was disgusting and degrading and I worried she would realise that if she raised her foot and stamped on my face it would be a million times worse. But she didn’t and I acted swiftly, as I knew I must. I used my left hand to grab her ankle and then swung my right hand up and slammed it into the back of her knee. The effect was instant as she dropped down rapidly, sprawling on top of me. I gasped for a moment and scrabbled round but found her claws on me as we rolled on the carpet. She scratched my face and ripped again at my hair. My hand landed on her fat tit and I grabbed it and twisted it with all my might. She squealed like a pig but could hardly complain given the number of low blows she had dished out that night so I continued to twist the sack of flesh, gaining a bit of joy from seeing her face screwed up from the pain. She kept scratching at me though and eventually I had to release my hold and stagger up to my feet.

This time it was Maureen that was the aggressor as we made it to our feet and I wasn’t ready for her charge. Girl in black leotard barrelled into me and I collapsed backward until I slammed into the wall. As I leaned there I realised too late I was in perfect position for another knee to my nuts as she heaved her knee into my junk yet again. I groaned but she kept me standing and slammed a second knee to my balls then a third and when she rammed in a fourth I was all but done. I slumped and slid down the wall and sprawled on the ground.

I lay there in agony as girl in black leotard grabbed my ankles and pulled them apart then stamped on my balls, held her heel on them and ground them painfully into the floor. Eventually she raised her foot and it was with her words her that I started this tale.

“I’m going to stamp on your balls until they burst worm. And then I’m going to cut that limp fucking thing you call a cock off and make you eat it!”

I looked up at the mad bitch in black leotard and believed she was sincere in her threats as i watched her lift her leg in preparation for stamping her foot in heavy battle shoe down between my legs again.

Her vicious threat struck home and I realised that unless I blocked her next stamp I likely would be too far gone to escape the fate she had in mind for me. 

She stamped her foot down extra hard and I caught it with my hands, then swiftly pulled her foot forward and unbalanced her and felt and heard her topple backwards hard and smack back first onto the floor. Ignoring the numbing pain from my groin I forced myself to my feet and here her bulk worked against her as I was to my feet as she was kneeling trying to get up. I moved quickly and viciously drove my knee cap right into her face. There was a crack then a cry and the fat cunt collapsed onto her side holding her hands to her face, covering it up. Looking at her I decided it was time for some payback so I grabbed her legs and held them apart and as she still nursed her face I dropped my knee right down onto her cunt and ground it in there. That forced her up to cry out and I could see that there was a trickle of blood from her nose. In one movement I dropped forward straddling her chest and pinning her arms to her side with my knees.

I sat atop her sweating and breathing hard. My balls hurt like hell but I was in control now and treated myself to slapping her face backwards and forwards a couple of times, paintbrushing the bitch at my leisure. This disdainful treatment seemed to anger her and she cursed me and threatened me and tried to buck me off but couldn’t do much of anything. Instead I leaned forward and pinched her nostrils closed then cupped my hand over her mouth. It took her a few moments to realise the danger of her situation and then by god did she struggle, but I had the leverage and as I gripped her mouth closed and avoided her attempts to bite me her struggles became weaker.

I am an asshole to be sure and really I should have seen it through and knocked her out but as I knelt on her I had an overwhelming urge to fart and just had the image of letting one off on the proud bitch’s face so I released my hold on her, scooted my body forward and hovered my sweaty ass over her nose and let rip with a loud, meaty fart.

Stupidly I held my arms up in mock celebration but when I moved to get up I found I was stuck as she had used the moment to fasten her talons on my ball sack again and as I made to do something about that she both twisted and squeezed it with all her remaining strength. I cried and dropped to the floor and before I could do anything girl in black leotard was on me, her death grip still on my balls.

“Gonna rip these fuckers off you bastard!”

And she proceeded to try and do just that. With me on my back and in extreme pain she just pulled and tugged away for all she was worth on my balls and I really did worry that the bitch in black leotard would pull them from my body. Impossible pain sent me into knock out.

She reached down, took my hair and pulled me like a dog on a leash over the room and into the bathroom then marched my over to the toilet bowl and then shoved my face into it and forced it down as far as it would go and held my there, the movement in the water indicating my face was in it. After a minute of that she flushed the toilet and held my face in there while the water assailed me.

Then she finally dragged me from the toilet bowl all fight had left me and she had to physically haul me to my feet and stand me up before she delivered the finishing blow a devastating ballkick that smashed into my balls with as much velocity as she could achieve. This powerful kick completely castrated me. My victress in black leotard could see me was unconscious before my naked body hit the bathroom floor under her merciless feet.

When I was unconscious she rummaged through her bag and indeed found the scissors she had with her. No doubt determined in her threat to cut off my penis. And she did it when I lay helpless on the floor!

This girl in black leotard completely humiliated and tamed me. She stood over me, pulled a crotch of her leotard aside and proceeded to piss on my face.

As I moaned from that she kicked my face and ordered “Pray for me, stupid pervert! So you know you’re going to have to pay the price so you remember not to mess with Mistress again. Pray for your young and beautiful goddess in black leotard and thank me for mercy - I leave you your slave eunuch life, but your death was near when your face was drowned in toilet!”

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