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Sister takes control

18 y.o. Sandi was a tenth grader in high school.  Always an athletic girl, she was attracted to Shannon's Wrestling Club and quickly earned her full membership in Shannon's Girls Wrestling Club by beating and branding a wimp.  She really enjoyed the sensation of using her strong agile body to dominate the boys,  Standing 5;'6 and weighing 135 pounds, her strength always surprised her victims when her shapely yet solid limbs went to work on them.  While far from a bodybuilders figure, her arms and legs were very toned and her muscles were well defined.  Her long light brown hair was usually worn in a ponytail and her dark brown eyes flashed with glee and excitement when she was in action with her victim.

Sandi was extremely enthusiastic about the wrestling club and took full advantage of both the wrestling lessons from Shannon and other girls and the opportunity to use the weight room.  Blessed with good genetics, Sandi's body quickly responded to her weight work and her muscles grew larger and more defined.  While still looking like an attractive young girl, her arms and legs were obviously solid and strong. Sandi liked the way her expanding muscles looked as well as how they helped her to beat down the wimpy boys.

The only thing that bothered Sandi when working over  a boy was that she always had to be wary of a teacher showing up and was pressed for time because of that.  She wanted to be able to subdue a boy and dominate him for a much longer period of time. Then, it occurred to her how she could do this.  She had to look no further than her own house.  Her half brother, Tim, would be a perfect victim for her.  Two years older than her and a senior in high school, Tim was tall, skinny and gangly.  At 5'11, he weighed about the same as his younger sister.  Not blessed with the same genetics as his sister, Tim was weak, slow and very nonathletic.  He was an outstanding student, particularly in science and math, but that would not help him to deal with Sandi. She was really looking forward to working him over and dominating him, but she wanted to wait for the perfect time to start on him.

The next Friday, their parents told them that they were going to spend the evening out with friends and Sandi realized that this would be the perfect time for her.  She canceled her plans for the night, knowing that  Tim would be home as he did not have any real friends to socialize with. She would have several hours alone with him and planned to use that time to totally establish her absolute dominance over her geeky brother.  She could barely wait for them to leave as she was getting more excited about it as she thought about what she would do to Tim. To pass the time and prepare herself, Sandi changed into a white tight sport leotard and matched sneakers and did some stretching and warm up exercises before her parents left.  That way she would be ready the moment they did leave and would have several hours alone with her unsuspecting step brother.  She liked the way her arm and leg muscles flexed as she warmed up and could not wait to use them to crush and punish Tim.  It seemed to take forever for her parents to leave and Sandi was so eager to get started with Tim.  Finally she heard her mom shout out "We're leaving now kids, be good now," The moment she heard the car drive away, Sandi was ready to pick a fight with her older brother, no point in wasting any time.  She came downstairs and found him sprawled out on the sofa watching television.

Without a word, she snatched the remote controller and changed the channel.  She stared right at her brother, waiting for a reaction.

Tim was startled and sat straight up.  "I was watching something , Sandi, switch it back."

"I don't think so, Tim", she replied smugly,"I am going to watch what I want to.  You can go watch the portable set upstairs,"

"Look here Carla," Tim said.  "I don't know what got into you, but I am watching this television and put my put my program back on please."

Sandi stood with her hands on her hips, staring right into 'Tim's eyes. "That's not going to happen.  I have decided that I am in charge and will do what I want and there is nothing you can do about it."

Tim was getting upset with his younger step sister and got up to approach her and grab the remote controller from her.  Sandi held the controller over her head with her left hand so that time would stretch out to reach it.  Then, she drove her right fist into his exposed balls. Caught by surprise, Tim doubled over in pain, struggling to breathe. Following up quickly on her advantage, Sandi pushed the boy with both hands, causing him to crash into a chair, lose his balance and fall to the carpet.

Again, she gave him no chance to resist as she snared his right arm between her firm thighs and bent his arm back against them with an arm bar.  As Tim groaned in pain, she taunted "Maybe you won't be so grabby if I break your arm."

Tim screamed in a combination of pain and surprise,  He had no idea that his sister could  hurt him like this or that she would want to do so. "Why are you doing this?'" he groaned through clenched teeth.

"Because I feel like it, dear brother" was her sarcastic response. "I told you that I am in charge, so you had better get used to me doing what I want to."  Sandi maintained the agonizing pressure of her arm bar while talking to him.  Sandi knew she was always a superior athlete to her step brother and with the techniques learned in the wrestling club, she could easily overwhelm her weaker brother.  She also knew that the rougher she was on him, the more firmly her control would be established and she was really getting into working him over.

Sitting up, she forced her weaker brother to roll over to his stomach. Jamming her knee into his sore right shoulder, she twisted his thin arm behind him with a hammerlock.   Sandi knew that continuing  to attack his arm would not only be painful for him, but also prevent him from mounting any substantial defense for the entire evening.  Ignoring his pleas to be let go, she worked her hammerlock for several minutes.  She loved hearing his sounds of pain and enjoyed beating her brother a lot more than the boy she worked over at school to qualify for full membership in the wrestling club.

Finally, Sandi was getting bored with her hammerlock, so she let his arm down and straddled his back.  Lacing her hands together under his chin, she pulled back to punish Tim with a camel clutch.  Once again, Tim was groaning in pain and futilely pounding the floor.  Well aware that he had no way to escape her hold, Sandi grinned as she rocked back on her heels to get more pressure into her painful hold.  Her brother was screaming his submission and promising to do as she wished, but Sandi continued to torture him with her hold.  She knew that a thorough beating was required to totally confirm her new dominance and she was having so much fun that she was in no hurry to stop. With a calm and soft voice she spoke to her tortured brother. "I love doing this to you, Tim, but I  want to see your face while you suffer." Releasing her camel clutch, she effortlessly rolled him over to his back and grapevined his skinny legs with her stronger muscular ones.  Her face, only inches above his, was smiling down into his contorted face. Not satisfied, Sandi added a wrist lock to his already sore right arm.

In intense pain, the helpless Tim cried out, "What is it that you want from me, I will do anything you want, just let me go!"

"What I want right now, is for you to suffer and you are doing a great job of it, Tim," was her arrogant reply.  "What hurts more - my grapevine or my wrist lock?"  When Tim only groaned in obvious pain, Sandi repeated her cruel question more forcefully.

"The wrist lock, the wrist lock hurts more" he admitted.  Tim would tell her anything to end his horrendous pain.

Sandi's cute face took on a more serious intense expression as she thrust harder into her grapevine with her youthful powerful legs. "How about now?" she demanded.  In too much pain to respond, the boy began to cry.

Pleased with the reaction to her efforts, Sandi increased the pressure on both her punishing holds as she desired to step up the punishment of her helpless victim.

After a couple minutes, she released her holds and moved up higher on his weakened prone body, sitting firmly on his chest and making sure that her knees were digging into his soft upper arms with a schoolgirl pin.  "Now, lets talk about what you are going to be doing for me from now on, dear brother" she sarcastically told him. 

"Get off me, now" Tim demanded.

Slapping his exposed unprotected face with both hands, Sandi informed him angrily "You are in NO position to tell me what to do.  I guess you have not learned your lesson yet, wimp."  She bounced her weight on his chest, making it hard for him to breathe and causing her knees to more brutally dig into his arms.  Ignoring the pitiful moans and groans of her brother, Sandi continued to wear him down and hurt him with her aggressive pin and slapped him several more times.

Now, her voice took on a more cheerful tone as she again addressed her helpless victim.  "Shannon showed me an extremely painful move, want try it?"  When Tim was unable to respond, she continued "Well, since you don't seem to care, I will use it, I think it will be fun."  Tim was in a state of panic, anticipating the pain of this upcoming unknown torture. 

He did not have to wait very long to experience it. Maintaining her dominating pin, Sandi leaned forward and ground her thumb knuckles into his temples.  The sharp excruciating pain forced Tim to scream in pain,  Both surprised and pleased with the effectiveness of her new technique, Sandi reveled in her continued and intensified torture of her brother.  He was on the verge of passing out from the pain before she stopped and just sat in him, smiling down into his tear filled face. This was far more brutal than her handling of her wimp at school and she loved doing it to him.  The more pain she inflicted on him, the more satisfying it was to her.

After a couple of minutes, Tim seemed to regain his bearings and while still firmly pinned, was no longer crying and was trying to force her off of him.  Sandi's response was to roll to her side, taking him with her and snaring his midsection with her legs in a tight body scissors.  As Tim struggled to free himself, she calmly and methodically trapped his upper body with a full nelson.  Once again, she had him totally dominated and in pain and was going to taken full advantage of it.  Sandi discovered that pulling up on her nelson stretched his ribs and made him even more vulnerable to her scissors.  With both his arms tied up and barely able to breathe,Tim was unable to offer any resistance to her tough combination hold and she amused herself for several minutes by varying the pressure of them.

After tiring of this punishing combination hold, Sandi untangled her limbs from her brother's battered body and knelt down next to him.  Tim just lay there, too exhausted and beaten to move.  Sandi had not even worked a sweat, yet she had totally destroyed her older brother and she was very proud of that fact.  'It's time for me to tell you how things are going to be around here from now on dear brother," she said in a sickened sweet voice.  Moving closer to her victim, Sandi placed her shin across his neck to hold him in place.

"First of all, I am the boss and you will do anything I tell you to do. You will do all my homework, starting with my algebra as soon as I am done with you tonight. You will give me half of the money you make at your job in the drug store stocking shelves.  You will be available for me to practice my wrestling holds any time I feel like it.  You will clean my room and do all the chores that Mom has told me to do.  And if you ever fail to do any of these things to my satisfaction, I will punish you  for it severely. Now, do you understand all of my rules?"  Sandi transferred most of her weight to the leg pressing down on Tim's neck to emphasize  that she was not fooling around with him. She loved the fact that she was totally dominating him using only one leg.

The intense pressure on his throat forced Tim to gag and choke, totally unable to respond to his sister's question.  Well aware that there was no way for Tim to answer, Sandi cruelly decided to keep torturing him. "I guess you're not ready to agree to my terms" she said cheerfully, "I will have to persuade you a bit more."

Sandi decided to try another painful hold that she learned in the school wrestling club.  Placing both her feet against his left thigh, she grasped his right ankle with both hands.  Pushing with her feet and pulling back with her arms she stretched Tim's legs apart like a wishbone.  She laughed as Tim screamed in pain from this latest attack. Although in great pain, he was able to blurt out "OK Sandi, I will do anything you want, just let me go."  

Maintaining her hold, Sandi calmly responded to her frantic brother. 

"Obviously you don't understand me, or you would not tell me to let you go.  You don't tell me what to do or what not to do ever, you wimp."  She stretched his legs even further to emphasize her point and her total dominance of her older brother. She giggled as she once again heard his cries of agony.   Sandi was working Tim over much longer and more thoroughly than would be possible with any boy at school and she was loving every moment of it.  Best of all, she could do it any time her parents were out and she planned making this a common occurrence.

Finally, after a final savage thrust of her hold, she let him go and watched with satisfaction as Tim rubbed his hamstring and groin to try and soothe his burning muscles.  Glancing at the clock on the VCR, Sandi found that in ten minutes a show she wanted to watch would be shown, so she decided to spend that ten minutes continuing to punish her already totally defeated and worn out brother.  Tim was lying on the carpet in almost a fetal position, still trying to relieve the pain in his groin and legs.  Sandi easily took hold of both is wrists and place her foot in the center of his back.  Now it was simple to push with her leg and pull with her arms to continue his beating with a surfboard hold.  This time, she did not even bother to respond to her brother's groaning and begging, but just concentrated on pressuring her latest hold and enjoying his pitiful reaction to it.

Glancing back at the clock,  Sandi noticed she had only a few minutes before the show she wanted to watch.  Although she knew there would be plenty of other opportunities to wrestle her brother, she wanted to finish with very painful hold to leave him with strong memories of her capabilities.  Suddenly, the best choice came to her, a hold that would really make him suffer. In order to set it up,she reached down and hauled him up to his feet by his hair and one arm.  Tim was very shaky and had trouble standing, but that was not her problem once she got her hold locked in.  She move in on her brother, back to back, having to support him to prevent him from crumbling back down to the floor.  Reaching up and behind her, Sandi locked her hands under her brother's chin.  Then leaning forward, she lifted him completely off the floor in a hangman hold. 

Tim's scrawny neck was forced to bear all of his weight and the weak muscles quickly fatigued and started burning.  Sandi smiled as she felt him struggle and heard him softly gurgle and moan due to the extreme pain she was inflicting on him.  She bent forward just a bit more to place his neck in an even more awkward angle.  Using her strong legs to bounce up and down added even more painful forced jerking movements to his neck. Tim was in so much pain and his throat was being stretched so he could barely make any sounds to express his pain, but Carla was well aware of how effective this hold was.  By the time she dropped him back to the floor, he just lay there, barely moving, unable to even attempt to massage his aching neck.

Satisfied that his beating was thorough and certain that Tim was well aware of his new position, Sandi switched the television to her desired channel.  Then, sitting on her step brother's face, she was ready to enjoy her program.  An hour later, she got off her semiconscious brother's face and ordered him to do her homework.  She looked forward to continuing this new relationship and dominating her older brother again.

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