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superhero beaten by young villain girl lift and carry femdom fighing

Megaman's lesson

Megaman smashed his way into the abandoned warehouse. He had anticipated capturing several members of the Cravitz Crime family. Instead he only found one very beautiful, young woman. She was dressed in tight silver spandex leotard, brazenly displaying all of her opulent curves. 

"May I ask who you are and what you're doing here, Miss?" The intrepid superhero asked.

"Oh Megaman, I'm so glad you got here! I've been held prisoner for three days. If you hadn't rescued me, I don't know what those awful men might have done to me. They took a way my clothes and I was so scared.  My name is Gina Malone. Do you mind if I call you Megaman? I've read all about you, and your crime fighting, since I was a little girl."  The beautiful, young woman gushed in a seductive, childlike lisp, that normally would have been quite enchanting. The girl in leotard pressed herself up to the ruggedly handsome Megaman. 

Megaman indignantly took a step backward, and looked at the girl suspiciously. He suspected, that she was herself connected in some way with the Cravitz interests. The shrewd crimefighter was not one to fall for the wiles of a criminal, no matter how beautiful she was.

"I'm sorry, Miss Malone, but I must place you under arrest. This warehouse is full of stolen merchandise, and I have every reason to think you're a party to the theft. Or perhaps Don Cravitz thinks he can divert me from my duties with an attractive young female such as yourself."

"Oh no Megaman, I wouldn't try to do anything like that."  The girl answered guilelessly. "Do you really think I'm attractive?" She added with a seductive smile

"Well, we'll discuss your involvement down at Police Headquarters later, when I'm finished here. First, I'm going to search the place before I take you in. Please find some clothes you can wear on the trip downtown."   

"Oh I've always admired you so much, Megaman. Don't you find me even a little attractive?"  The girl whined.

"Truthfully Gina, if I may call you that, you are one of the most beautiful women, I've ever seen, but my mission is too important to be jeopardized by falling for the wiles of any woman." 

Gina wondered off disconsolately, apparently searching for clothes. She finally drifted to a small crate and sat down to wait, still in her leotard. Megaman rapidly and efficiently searched the warehouse. There was only one room that was locked. He strode to the door of the locked room.   

As Megaman prepared to smash the door open, Gina rose with lazy grace from her perch on the crate. She ambled over to Megaman, and stood behind him breathing heavily, her full, red lips parted in suppressed excitement. Her eyes were sultry and hot with eagerness. 

Just as the big, brawny crimefighter smashed his fist into the steel door, and it crashed open, Megaman's svelte captive indolently raised her arm in the air. Then with the power and speed of a striking cobra, she sliced the edge of her hand into the back of Megaman's neck. Despite the bull like proportions of his neck, and his super invulnerability, Megaman saw stars. His legs buckled as he turned unsteadily and looked at the voluptuous girl in leotard, in disbelief. He raised his hand, but Gina grabbed his wrist and skillfully judo tossed the huge two hundred and twenty-five-pound, six and a half foot tall, superhero.

Who was this oh so feminine looking girl in leotard, who dared attack the mightiest superhero in the City?  Gina was here to prove herself to her boss, Don Cravitz. A year ago, when she graduated from college, Gina had never in her life thought of beating anyone up, certainly not a man, and in her wildest dreams never imagined attacking such a man as this.

Upon graduation, from college, as a literature major, last year, Gina had few prospects. Don Tony Cravitz was an old family acquaintance. He'd offered to pay her way through graduate school, if she came to work for him part time. Gina knew what kind of business the old man headed, but she was poor and extremely ambitious. She eagerly accepted the proposition. At first, she'd been assigned some menial administrative work, but then one day, the old Don called her into his private office. 

"How would you like to be stronger than any of them crummy superheros that cause us so much trouble?" Don Tony asked. Without even thinking, Gina answered. "I'd love it!"

"Well, there's this woman, who I've been helping avoid the law." Don Tony went on. "She calls herself Asp. She's from the other coast, Capital City. She developed a drug that made her and her friends so strong, they actually took over the Council of Righteousness, itself.  Anyway, this Asp met with reverses. This Asp woman is under indictment, and wants to get out of the country. We can help her. In return she'll provide us with some of her formula. It only works on women. I want you to take the formula!  Then I want you to deal with that scumbag Megaman. He screws up too many of our operations." 

"Fine with me, Don Tony! How come me, though?" Gina had replied.

The old Don had looked at her, funny like, and said. "I know you don't think much of your old man Gina. Well maybe he ain't your old man. Maybe I am!  Me, and your mother once had something going."

"I see!" Gina had answered, unsentimentally appreciating the possibilities that information opened up for her.  Right then though, the thought of being the equal of Megaman thrilled her strangely. The idea of being a super villainess appealed to her darkest, most secret fantasies. Fantasies she never revealed to anyone.

"Equal, hell! I'm not gonna be his equal, I'm going to be this big musclebound ape's worst nightmare!" Gina thought fiercely, coming out of her revery, as Megaman landed on his back with a jarring thud. 

Megaman's head slammed against the flagged stone floor. Unable to believe the beautiful girl in leotard had thrown him so easily, he looked up in shock, just in time to see her knee dropping into his exposed groin. It was too late to avoid her. Even Megaman's ridged belly collapsed, when Gina's full 145 pounds drove her dimpled knee into his unprotected groin. 

Megaman's big body contorted in agony.  His mouth gaped open in a choked, silent moan. Gina nonchalantly knelt on his belly, and judo chopped him across the throat. His handsome head dropped back on the hard stone. Gina unlaced Megaman's leather vest, the only garment the superhero wore on his tremendous upper body. When she'd pulled it off the groggy superhero, she appreciatively appraised his brawny, hairy chest. "What a man!" She thought appreciatively. "I can really have some fun with this stud!"

Still moving with slow, insolent grace, Gina rose unhurriedly from the superhero's muscular body. She leaned over letting her long, dark hair brush teasingly across Megaman's washboard belly.  His balls still quivered from her pulverizing knee drop. 

Megaman sat up, still shaken. Looking up at Gina's fantastic body, voluptuously in leotard, Megaman wondered how this young beauty possessed such strength. He had often sparred with the redoubtable Stellar Maid, the City's strongest superheroine, and even she didn't pack a punch like this girl. The worse part of it, was, he'd rarely seen a woman, so beautiful and desirable, and she possessed the capabilities and powers of a superheroine, gone bad. 

Gritting his teeth, Megaman jumped up, his face, resolute. "I must capture her before she commits some depraved crime. I just have to forget that she's a beautiful girl, and treat her like any other dangerous threat to humanity!" Megaman thought. Then, aloud he said to Gina.  "I'll have to handcuff you, Young Lady!" 

Gina's large dark eyes flashed "Try it, Lover!" She challenged, in a husky, seductive chuckle of defiance. 

Megaman was reluctant to injure the beautiful girl. He appealed to her good sense. "Gina, don't make me overpower you, please?" 

Gina smiled seductively. She touched her pointed, pink tongue to her full, passionate lips. She shook her head "No." With a provocative pout. 

Shrugging in exasperation, Megaman reached for the beautiful, dark-haired girl in leotard. Gina backed away, tense and alert. Megaman followed cautiously. He didn't underestimate the girl's combat skills, and formidable strength. Gradually he backed Gina into a corner. 

Megaman lunged suddenly. He feinted, as if to grab Gina's arms. Then quickly switching target, he seized her waist. Two hundred and twenty-five pounds of solid muscle pinned the dark-haired beauty against the wall. Gina gasped as Megaman plastered her lush curves to the hard cement. Her fists beat ineffectually against his broad rippling back. It was like pounding forged steel. 

Gina's taut, sinuous body in leotard squirmed for leverage, but she didn't have room to maneuver. She might be phenomenally strong, but her strength couldn't hope to equal that of the mighty superhero. Her one chance to resist Megaman's brute strength was her grace and speed. She'd sacrificed that advantage by passively letting him pin her to the wall. Surrendering to Megaman's overpowering strength, Gina went limp against the potent, half-naked maleness of the handsome crimefighter. She seductively rubbed her big, globular breasts against his chest. They were so bountiful and insolently erect. How could he resist them? 

Megaman's rugged face flushed, as Gina moved her gorgeous body in leotard against him. She looped her hands around his waist, drawing him even closer. Through the tight lycra material of Megaman's shorts, she fondled his hard muscular buttocks, She even dared toy with the tight crevice between them. 

Megaman groaned. He'd never felt such desire, for any woman. For the first time in his career, he almost yielded to the temptation to shirk his duty. He had just steeled himself to resist the beautiful Houri's blandishments, when Gina, with sudden impish ingenuity, stuck her long, slender middle finger up his behind, goosing him. 

Caught off guard, Megaman jumped in astonishment, and lost his grip on the girl. Gina's strong, luscious body in leotard surged forward, gaining leverage from the wall.

Megaman tried to grab Gina's shoulders, but she ducked. Her hands found his hard, masculine hips. She twisted his body away from her, and slid behind him. Her plump, round knee crashed into the small of his back. Megaman's back arched in pain, and Gina grabbed him around the neck with both hands. She twisted backward until their backs touched and Megaman's neck was stretched back over her shoulder. Gina went down on one knee, pulling Megaman off balance, and then judo tossed him. 

From his backward position, Megaman somersaulted in the air. He landed with a jarring thud on his belly, stunned again by Gina's resourceful violence. It was hard to believe the soft sensuality, of her love-goddess body in leotard was capable of such brutality. 

When Megaman landed, Gina knelt facing him, arms still locked around his neck. She rose to her feet. Using that surprising strength, she dragged the groggy, muscular superhero along, up on his knees. She eased his head between her firm, full fleshed thighs, and locked them around his ears. Megaman's spinning head felt caught in a vise. 

Gina leaned down across Megaman's powerfully muscled back.  She clutched him around the waist with both arms, and with amazing strength upended his huge body in the air. His powerful legs kicked helplessly in the air. Taking a deep breath Gina dropped to the floor in a sitting position, pile driving her unhappy male foe's head against the stone floor. 

Megaman jerked spasmodically. His legs flopped to the floor. Gina sat still for a moment to get her breath. The heaving of her huge, up-tilted breasts was an enchanting sight to behold.

Megaman was hurt and groggy, but he felt Gina's body relax. He pushed free of her with his powerful arms. He clambered quickly to his feet. Gina jumped up too. Megaman lunged at the girl in leotard, almost before she reached her feet. Off balance, Gina dodged slightly to one side. 

Megaman was still dizzy himself. He couldn't change direction quick enough, and lurched past Gina. She wheeled and flung herself on him from behind. Her full weight hit Megaman's upper back, knocking him to the floor on his face again. Gina clung like a fierce tigress bringing down a bull elephant. The fierce girl in leotard banged Megaman's head against the floor as he landed. 

Giving Megaman no time to use his greater strength against her, Gina jumped up. When Megaman got up on his hands and knees, Gina's leg flashed. She kicked the underside of his belly, and knocked him over on his side. Megaman rolled away and climbed awkwardly to his feet. The quick, dark-haired girl in leotard was on him instantly. Seizing his wrist and elbow, Gina judo tossed her herculean foe to the floor again. 

Megaman pushed himself up on his knees, and Gina drove her dimpled knee into his chin. As he struggled for balance, Gina's leg flashed again. She buried her toe in his abdomen. His awesome body twisted awkwardly. Megaman noticed that Gina must possess a super invulnerability comparable to his own, else her bare hands and feet couldn't inflict such damage on him.

Megaman woozily felt Gina grab his wrist and elbow. She skillfully forced him to his feet, and flipped him head over heels back on the floor. Megaman landed on his behind. Gina's leg flashed swiftly backward. Her heel smashed against his chin, flinging him backward as though a wrecking ball struck him.

Megaman sat up rubbing his aching jaw, just as Gina's heel smashed into his ear. His head ringing, Megaman tried to get his bearings. Gina was suddenly behind him. She locked her arms around his neck in a nasty choke hold, and dragged him to his feet. In one fluid motion, she stooped low and grabbed Megaman's wobbly legs around the ankles. Straightening her strong back, Gina pulled his legs out from under him. Megaman fell heavily on his face. He lay on his stomach motionless. 

Her knee drop was so effective before, Gina tried it again. This time she leaped into the air first, so her sturdy body plummeted down into Megaman like a cannon ball. Megaman was totally unprepared when Gina's knee landed on his spine. He moaned aloud in agony. 

Gina's exquisite face reflected her satisfaction at the excruciating pain she'd inflicted on the masculine superhero. She leaned down and almost tenderly touched her lips to the back of Megaman's stalwart neck. She followed the silent kiss with a two-handed rabbit punch, to the very same spot. Gina felt Megaman stiffen and quiver at the blow. 

Gina laughed. Her dark eyes glistened, as she hit Megaman again, with even more savage force. She tossed her glossy, dark curls, eagerly. Just then Megaman heaved his lean, muscular body. Caught off guard, Gina fell down in a heap beside him. "Mustn't let myself get so careless, again!" Gina told herself sternly. She jumped to her feet. 

Megaman lay on his side gasping. When he tried to get up, he fell back weakly. Gina had nearly beaten him senseless. It was incredible. True, she was a big, strong, healthy girl, but her rich curves were, soft and cushiony, rather than hard and tough. 

Megaman looked up warily at the girl in leotard standing over him. Who could believe, the adorable, dark-haired girl was more sinisterly dangerous then a she-panther? She'd tossed him all over the room, and wasn't even breathing hard. She looked like she just came from the beauty parlor. His huge muscles, supple as steel, had been useless against her soft, feminine beauty. 

Gina leaned over, grabbed Megaman's ears, and sat him up forcibly. Before Megaman knew what hit him, Gina jerked his face downward. Her soft, rounded knee felt like granite as it smashed his cheek. Acting instinctively, Megaman threw his arms around Gina's curvy legs, and upended her. The softly rounded girl landed harmlessly, with the skill of a trained dancer. Before Gina bounded to her feet again, though, her huge antagonist groggily lunged forward, and buried his blond head in her firmly rounded, little belly. Gina gasped and fell over backward.  

The badly mauled superhero fell across Gina's body. Gina recovered quickly, and sat up, squirming to get loose.  While Megaman tried to collect his wits and gather his strength, Gina kicked her bare feet free, and bounced to her feet. 

The huge, male crimefighter followed more slowly. Megaman's handsome, rugged face was bruised, and there was a trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth. Gina longed to taste it, but she knew she couldn't enjoy herself just yet. 

"Why are you doing this, Young Lady?" Megaman asked in puzzlement. 

Gina answered with a flippant toss of her dark curls. "Oh that's easy! My boss knows you're a pitiful fool, but you're starting to annoy him!  It wasn't worth sending a real hit squad after you. So they just sent a sweet, little girl like me to teach you a lesson!" 

Stung by the girl's sarcasm, Megaman swung a powerful slap at her smirking face. Again the supple, skillful Gina dodged the blow,  and simultaneously grabbed Megaman's wrist. Instead of judo tossing him, Gina ducked, whirled and twisted Megaman's huge, muscular arm high behind his back. Skillful leverage neutralized his bulging muscles. She relentlessly forced his wrist high up against his neck, capturing him, in helpless agony. 

Suddenly, Gina lunged forward, and drove Megaman, face-first, into the nearby wall. "Damn you!"  The crimefighter breathed through clenched teeth. Gina artfully held the big, powerful man captive, helplessly mashed against the wall. 

Megaman braced himself and shoved backward, but Gina gave his arm a quick, painful twist and smashed him back into the wall. She plastered her fantastically voluptuous body in leotard against his hard corded back. Her enormous breasts pressed against him, hot and ardent. Her hot crotch rode his muscular thigh. 

Gina whispered sweetly and seductively, in his ear. "We can stop this anytime you want. All you have to do is say, you'll lay off my associates."

"Go to hell!" Megaman answered through gritted teeth. "Being a superhero means I have the responsibility to see criminals are punished."

"Oh you stubborn, thick-headed moron, I really enjoy disciplining you." Gina snapped. She gave Megaman's arm a savage twist. Megaman cried out involuntarily, but threw himself backward with all his might, against Gina's clinging, sensuous body. Gina went over backward and Megaman fell on top of her. 

Gina felt like a house landed on her. She lost her grip on Megaman's arm. He twisted over atop her soft body. His hard body thrashing about, felt like a sack of lead pipes on top of her. Gina moaned and tried to think straight. Megaman straddled her and pinned her arms to the floor. 

Gina struggled frantically. Her upper body was pinned helplessly, but from the waist down, her sleek curves were free. She kicked desperately. She hated feeling helpless. Her bouncing hips twisted like a snake. Her jutting right hip landed in Megaman's crotch, not hard enough to disable him, but enough to hurt. 

"Ohh damn!"  Megaman muttered.               

Capitalizing on her luck, Gina ripped her right arm loose, and smashed her fist into Megaman's left eye. He tried to pin her wrist again, but the wriggling feline slid her knee up into his belly. She drove upwards. Megaman's ridged muscles protected him, but it was harder to keep her down. For a second, he lost his balance. Gina karate chopped his throat. Again his bull-like neck protected him, so Gina drove her fingers dagger-like into his throat.

Megaman squawked in pain. Gina wriggled some more, until her whole foot pressed into his belly. Gina's rounded leg straightened relentlessly, tossing Megaman's huge body off her.  Gina sat up rubbing her stomach. It was sore, and she hurt all over. She silently vowed the big crimefighter would pay for that.  She watched her huge, muscular foe getting up, and sprang to her feet, too.

Gina dealt with her pain by taking the offensive. She sailed into the slower moving man, fists flying like pistons. Her hard little fists landed in a flurry, on Megaman's hard, washboard belly. Megaman was hard pressed to avoid Gina's savage onslaught. She'd hurt him badly already, and he'd no time to recover. No single punch did much damage, but their unceasing rapidity kept the huge man off balance. 

Megaman grabbed the fierce dark-haired girl in a bear hug, seeking to pin her wind-milling arms to her side. Gina moved too fast! Megaman might as well have tried holding a whirlwind. The tempo of Gina's attack increased, as Megaman tried to hold her. A low flung fist penetrated the steely shield of his clenched, abdominal muscles. The resulting explosive spasm in his gut left Megaman vulnerable. More punches speared deep into his body. 

Megaman's mouth gaped wide. Gina scented weakness, and hammered him relentlessly. Every blow drove deeper into his gut. Cruel punches sank wrist-deep, into Megaman's exhausted belly. The dark-haired sweetheart's feminine, little fists drove Megaman to the wall, and like twin jack hammers, nailed his back against it. 

Megaman shuddered in torment, unable to move forward or sideways. He couldn't ride with the punches, or shield himself from Gina's blistering attack. If he didn't act soon, it would be all over. Desperately, Megaman swung his mighty tree-like arms. He held nothing back. His left fist struck Gina's cheek, and a right uppercut landed squarely on the point of her chin. 

Gina skillfully rode with Megaman's best punches. They hurt, but she casually shook them off. She confidently raised her fists, ready for more. Her success pleased the dark-haired girl. Mighty Megaman's best punches hardly fazed her. hey should have knocked her senseless. The savage beating she'd already given him, had grievously sapped Megaman's enormous strength. With a feline smile, Gina savored the thought of the gut wrenching pain she'd inflicted on Megaman to weaken him so.   

Megaman advanced on Gina, a stony determination in his eyes, despite the pain twisting his ruggedly handsome features. She may have hurt and weakened him, but Gina knew Megaman wouldn't give in. This fight must go on until one of them was stretched on the floor physically beaten into submission. "Well, it won't be me!" Gina resolved gaily. She noticed her earlier blow had swollen Megaman's left eye almost shut already. 

Gina sparred with Megaman; she was a skillful boxer. She dodged and wove, avoiding his brutal fists. She jabbed and counter punched, hitting him frequently. The big man winced at each punch, but attacked doggedly.The girlish mob enforcer dodged backward. She kicked her long, shapely leg with graceful power, driving her toe into Megaman's lower belly. 

Megaman's corded muscles were twisted sorely in painful cramps from earlier attacks. Gina's toe penetrated like a knife, stopping the huge crimefighter dead. Dancing with a ballerina's grace on one leg, Gina smashed the flat of her foot twice more into his belly. 

The excitingly curved beauty in leotard caught Megaman flat footed. His knees wobbled and he stumbled away, from her, groaning. Gina leaped for him, disdaining his tree-like arms and formidable fists. Megaman's belly was on fire, doubling him over. Gina clapped both hands together on his ears with unbelievable force. She jerked his head down. Her knee rose to meet him. Gina's swift, power knee-lift cracked into Megaman's face, driving him bolt upright, leaving him wide open. 

Gina bent low and hurled herself forward. Her head drove into  Megaman's belly like a torpedo. Her hurtling momentum flung him backward.  His back smashed into a steam pipe jutting out of the wall. The pipe bent almost in half, but it did real damage to the superhero's near invulnerable body. 

"Agggrrrrh." Megaman cried as he stumbled away from the pipe. His powerful form bent backward at the waist in excruciating pain. There were tears of pain in his eyes. 

Gina smiled ruthlessly, at the man's anguish. Ignoring his distress, she socked the stricken muscle man straight in the lower abdomen, putting everything she had into the savage punch. Her fist exploded, like a grenade, deep in Megaman's body. His corded belly caved in completely. 

"Awwwwrrrr!" Megaman moaned as the last bit of breath exploded from his lungs. He doubled over clutching his injured body, while waves of agonizing cramps racked him. His mighty legs wobbled uncontrollably. He stumbled sideways, his back turned to the cruel she-cat in leotard. Gina blasted the ball of her foot into Megaman's hard, round buttocks. He crashed to his knees, and crouched on all fours, overcome by pain. 

With the purposeful, languid grace that never deserted her, Gina calmly stepped in front of her fallen victim. She reached down and slid her hands under his arm pits. Bracing her back, she raised his nearly inert body, until his feet were on the floor. 

Megaman's huge body, rippling with herculean muscles, swayed against the slender girl, unable to stand without her strong grip, to support him. Gina braced her strong, curvy legs and absorbed the burden of his helplessness. His head drooped toward her shoulder, inches from her face.

Gina smirked at the resentful malice in Megaman's eyes. She knew it reflected the unthinkable, impotent shame a strong, masterful man feels when a soft, beautiful woman unaccountably, but undeniably defeats him physically. Gina's heart flip-flopped in excitement. His face lay on her shoulder, and she couldn't resist planting a hot-lipped kiss on his bruised, bleeding mouth. She breathed all her hot, passion for her helpless male victim into the kiss. "Oooh, this is so exciting!" She murmured to herself. 

Even as she murmured her amusement at the nearly helpless muscle man, Gina slid her arms around his lower back and belly. She locked her hands together at the small of his back. She glued her hot, passionate body to him from breast to thighs. She drew him tighter and tighter against her leotard covered charms, her rounded, silken arms, a prison of ivory hued flesh.

Gina's sturdy, healthy curves looked delicately fragile pressed against the brutal power of her huge, male foe. But now, she was incomparably stronger, as though in beating him, she'd stolen his own strength to use against him. She squeezed remorselessly, crushing Megaman to impotent helplessness in her dominant embrace. He felt like she'd cut him in half. The stiff nipples of her huge breasts stabbed his chest. 

Gina felt Megaman's huge muscular body tremble, felt the agonizing  cramps rack his magnificent, but helpless, body. She realized it was more than pain causing that trembling, it was naked fear, too. Fear of her! How delicious!

Megaman was humiliated beyond belief. It was appalling mortification, being held impotently helpless in the slim, beautiful girl's deadly embrace, yet Megaman couldn't resist her gloriously voluptuous body in sexy leotard. His huge penis came to life, throbbing between Gina's strongly molded thighs. "You damn witch!"  Megaman groaned hopelessly. 

Gina's body responded passionately too, but she couldn't rest until her opponent submitted to her authority. Megaman was weaker than a kitten now, but he still resisted her, with what pitiful strength she'd left him. He kicked his huge-muscled legs, and batted his brawny arms at Gina's head.            

Megaman's enfeebled kicks and blows were no real problem, but his futile stubbornness annoyed Gina. She ruthlessly cut his struggles short. She lifted the two hundred and twenty-five-pound superhero clear off his feet, dangling him in mid-air. Gina's slim, girlish arms cut into him like steel cables, driving the last precious air from his lungs. 

Suspended helplessly in the beautiful girl's arms, Gina taught Megaman the terror of helpless weakness. The tears of pain in his eyes overflowed and ran down his bruised cheeks. Gina felt him trembling and saw the fear in his teary eyes. She passionately appreciated his humiliated suffering. It was time to put the poor creature out of his misery.

Gina gave one more mighty squeeze. Megaman feared the girl would break his back. He groaned silently, lungs burning for breath, mouth gaping open. Still Gina's arms tightened. Megaman lost all control over his limbs. His back arched backward. His arms fell limp at his sides. His great tree-like legs dangled pitifully still. His eyes rolled. 

Gina loosened her grip, and let Megaman's once mighty body drop heavily to the floor. She must be certain though. "Are you ready to admit I've beaten you, and to do what I tell you now?" She demanded. 

Even totally helpless, Megaman's eyes glared resentfully. "You'll never make me do that!" He groaned. His huge body worked weakly, but he couldn't even raise his head off the floor. Girl in leotard stood over him, and put her foot on his defenseless throat. She pressed down on Megaman's windpipe. Megaman choked, unable to stop her. Gina's eyes glittered like a cat playing with a mouse. "Give up or I'll strangle you." She threatened impatiently. 

The beaten superhero still resisted. "Aww, the heck with it. I'll get to that later!" Gina told herself impatiently. "I'm too horny right now! I'm going to have some fun with this big hunk first!"

Gina crouched down on her beaten victim, and kissed him on the mouth. Her soft, full lips were hot coals burning Megaman's sore, bruised mouth. Gina's triumph filled her with vigorous assertiveness. She slid her hot fingers inside Megaman's lycra tights, pulled them down his tree-like legs and threw them aside. She was in full control now.

"You won't be needing these again tonight, Lover."  Gina purred provocatively. 

Megaman raised his head from the floor shaking it groggily. "How dare you, you little slut!" The defeated superhero cried. 

Gina laughed at the huge man's shocked outrage. Now that she'd stripped her humbled foe, naked, she eagerly inspected the enormous cock between the beaten superhero's legs. "Wow!" She thought. "He's hung like a stallion. They ought to call him Megastud! This is really going to be fun!" Gina told herself, looking at the handsome, frightened, naked man at her feet.

Megaman cringed at Gina's fierce proprietary gaze. Gina reached down, and stroked Megaman's mighty cock, shaming him even further. He hated her touching him, but he found himself afraid to resist.  The brutal, physical battle with the man, set Gina's ultra powerful sexual drive ablaze. A hot, active volcano of lust erupted in her sensuous body in leotard. Gina suddenly swooped down on Megaman, like a she-hawk attacking her prey. She grabbed him around the neck, and pulled his face close to her own. Megaman tried to pull away, but the girl's plump, white arms were iron bands around his neck, holding him helpless. He felt her hot, threatening breath on his face. Then, she kissed him, again, more fiercely this time. She sucked hungrily at Megaman's mouth. Her pointed tongue pushed inside his mouth darting this way and that. 

Megaman couldn't move. He gasped for breath like a fish out of water. Despite his utter helplessness though, his huge, wrist thick penis stood straight in the air, rock hard and throbbing. Gina was hungrily aware of it, even as she kissed him. She'd craved that mighty rod as soon as she saw it. Her body was on fire for it. Her triumphant victory made it hers to take. She reached down and fingered Megaman's huge erection, again. This time she was rougher and more possessive.

Megaman tore his mouth from hers. Savagely humiliated, he whimpered. "Get away from me you vile slut! I despise you and everything you represent! Do you think I'd have sex with you?" 

"It's not your decision, worm. You belong to me now, by right of conquest. Shut up and enjoy it!" Gina ordered, then added with a cruel edge to her voice. "Or I'll make you sorry, real sorry!" 

The beaten superhero felt a shock of fear down his spine at ruthless tone of Gina's threat. He whimpered helplessly.  He couldn't resist the devilish beauty anyway. She had reduced mighty Megaman to a helpless toy in her masterful arms. He struggled weakly in her arms, but it was no use, she had him completely under her control, now. Her slim, strong arms around his dick, and her hot demanding flesh helplessly and totally imprisoned him. Gina wriggled around on Megaman's face.  

Gina's full, round bottom cheeks bobbed around like big, tree-ripened fruits; her hungry loins seeking the huge prize she had conquered. She thrust her crotch against Megaman's face with frantic eagerness. Her steel hands squeezed his throbbing penis, and jerked it up between them. 

"You vicious tramp!" Megaman wept, as Gina's tight, wet pussy imprisoned his captive mouth. Gina screamed in pain triumph as she slid down his face. 

"Oh my God!" Gina wept. "Your tongue like a tree inside me!" Though she felt crammed to overflowing, she wasn't intimidated. The pain fueled her excitement. Megaman's tongue was hers to command. Her prisoner! Her slave! 

Gina's hands wrapped tightly around Megaman's mighty thighs, and held them helplessly captive. She tightened her legs around his neck, and raised his head and back off the floor. She worked her body up and down the huge, exciting rod of pleasure. 

Fight though he might, Megaman couldn't resist Gina's passionate mastery. His body responded. Gina smothered his face with hot wet kisses. Her body moved with the power of a mighty engine as her hungry, wet pussy sucked his mouth in and out of her body. 

Megaman was ready to explode, when Gina eased up a little, teasing him, making him wait. Megaman found the strength to reply. Vengefully he drove at her, stabbing his huge weapon into her hand. He wanted to hurt her, if he could. His violent response only excited Gina more. Near exploding herself, she met his thrusts with equal or greater force. 

"Bitch, bitch, bitch!" Megaman repeated over and over, hating the victorious amazon in leotard and submitting to her at the same time. They exploded together. Gina's hungry hand almost ripped Megaman's huge cock out by the roots. Megaman shrieked helplessly, while Gina screamed in triumph. 

Totally spent, Gina collapsed across Megaman's inert body. Lying atop him barely moving herself, she was smugly aware that she'd successfully raped the renowned superhero. She looked down into his beaten, swollen face. There was a stricken look of incomprehension in his eyes. She smiled dreamily, satiated by her victory and triumphant mastery over her victim. 

Dressed in sexy leotard, Gina lay atop her helpless, naked male prey, enjoying herself incredibly, but suddenly Megaman heaved his massive body and rolled the surfeited, dominant beauty off. He stumbled to his feet. Gina watched him for a moment, her dark eyes unfathomable. Megaman staggered toward the warehouse entrance, his tree trunk legs still rubbery. Gina got up and followed lazily; she still had unfinished business with the fleeing superhero. 

Gina wrapped her arms around Megaman's waist and pulled him back toward the inner room, he'd earlier tried to enter. The huge man resisted, but it was easy for the slim beauty to handle him now. She pulled him inside the room. There was nothing but a Spartan wooden desk in one corner and an old sofa in the other.

"Stop it! Let me go!"  Megaman cried, the naked fear audible in his manly voice. Gina heard the note hysteria, and smiled. She released his lean waist and spun him around. It was such  fun to toy with him.  

"Before I let you go, you've got to promise me you'll lay off the Cravitz interests!" Gina demanded.

"Never!"  Megaman croaked. He gamely tried to wipe the cruel grin from the girl's face with his fist. She easily caught his wrist and pinned his arm against the wall. She drilled another diabolical fist into his heaving gut. 

Gina snickered. "You poor, pitiful, whimpering sissy! You're not much of a fighter, are you?" Gina's words were acid eating at Megaman's wounded pride and manhood.  "Oh God, the Bitch is castrating me." Megaman nearly wept to himself. 

Gina lifted Megaman off his feet and contemptuously slung him like a bag of dirty laundry. The huge naked man rolled across the floor, and lay trembling uncontrollably. Gina bounded after him. She reached down and grabbed two hand fulls of the thick, matted, blond hair on Megaman's powerfully sculpted chest. She hauled him to a sitting position. 

"This hair on your big, manly chest is good for something anyway." Gina sneered sarcastically.  Gina held Megaman's ruggedly massive torso erect with her contemptuous grip on his hairy chest. She twisted his ear painfully, this way and that, until he yelped aloud. 

Megaman's eyes were cowed. Gina snarled. "I've screwed around long enough. Either give me your word, as a superhero, that you'll lay off the people I represent, or I'll make you do it, and believe me, you won't like the way I do it one little bit." 

Gina kept a one handed grip on Megaman's chest hair, and cracked him across the face with the flat of her hand. Her slap almost knocked him flat again. He cringed but wouldn't give in. 

"No! I won't! You'll never make me do that." Megaman croaked.

"O.K. I've wasted enough time Sweetie-pie!" Gina answered. Without further ado she stooped down and slid her arms under Megaman's big, muscular body, one arm under his knees, and the other under his back. She felt him tremble fearfully. The delicately built mob-girl easily lifted the huge, muscle-bound Megaman in her arms. She picked him up right off the floor, and carried him helplessly across the room.

Megaman never imagined such shame. He struggled to get free from the girl's slim, rounded arms, but there was no way he could escape the grimly determined young woman now. Gina dumped him on the sofa. The look in her eye was terrrifying. Megaman wanted to run, but he hadn't the strength. Gina slapped his face again."Stay put!" she commanded. Her vicious slap imprinted the outline of her palm on his cheek. 

"Now promise me, or you'll be damn sorry!"  Gina threatened again, snarling at the frightened superhero, this time. 

"No!" Megaman answered, but his voice shook. 

There was a pair of thick gloves on the end table by the sofa. Gina had left them there, purposely, when she first arrived at the warehouse. She put them on. The palms were made of a thick braided synthetic material, that could neutralize even Megaman's invulnerability. 

"You asked for this. It's too late to try and act like a man now. You're a pitiful wimp, and that's how I'll treat you." Gina snarled in fierce elation at Megaman's continued resistance. She'd never dreamed how much fun it would be, bullying the handsome, massively built, male crimefighter.

Gina grabbed Megaman's wrist. In her ecstatic fury, she twisted his huge arm behind his back as easily as if he were a child. Megaman whimpered in pain. Holding his arm in place, Gina sat down beside him. She used his trapped arm to maneuver him, face down across her lap. 


"Bitch, Bitch!" Megaman wailed helplessly. His strong manly baritone shaking in fright. 

"Promise me, you miserable, whining bastard." Gina yelled. She shoved Megaman's huge body around her lap like a rag doll, until his hard, round buttocks were thrust up where she wanted them. She held him captive, with just her left hand.  Even with one hand, she twisted his arm so hard, the big man whimpered at the pain. That was just the beginning of Megaman's punishment, though. 

Gina swung her plumply curved, right leg over Megaman's massively muscled left thigh, easily locking it against the couch. Megaman was totally helpless. His rock hard buttocks quivered. Gina didn't waste any more time. She raised her right arm high over head and brought it down in a stinging smack across her distressed male victim's behind. 

"Awrrrgh" Megaman moaned. Gina's soft, feminine hand covered in the cruel material, her masters had acquired, felt like a thick, steel panel punishing his flesh. Gina's arm rose and fell relentlessly; her tempo ever quickening. 

Megaman's taut buttocks grew bright red. He cried out at each slap. Helplessly humiliated, his sharp cries became sobs of frustrated fury. He wanted to die. Gina's arm flashed relentlessly, until his reddened buttocks blistered. The painful sobs of the man pleased Gina, fast acquiring the taste for cruelty.

Gina licked her full, passionate, pink lips. Her captive's powerful body, totally dominated by her strength and skill,  rubbed against her crotch. Her eyes grew hot and dreamy. The excitement of physically enslaving the huge, male hero was still incredibly arousing. Then with a snarl she bit back her passion. "Woe girl! Not yet . . . not yet!" She murmured dreamily. 

"Ready to promise me, or should I blister your bottom some more? Maybe a pitiful little wimp, like you enjoys getting spanked by a girl? Is that it?" 

"No stop, please!" Megaman's beaten, hopeless tone was a sweet triumph in Gina's bosom. She demanded sternly. "All right, swear to me, then, and make it quick." Finally Megaman gave a little nod. 

Gina smacked Megaman's fiery butt again. "Well say it!" She commanded. 

"You win!" Megaman croaked. 

"Will you do whatever I tell you, for as long as I like?" Gina demanded, smacking his fiery butt again. 

Gina listened ecstatically to the mighty, heroic Megaman sob softly. "Yesss, y-yess. I'll do anything you say, just leave me alone."  

"And?" Gina demanded still not satisfied.         

His voice choking, Megaman mumbled "I pr-promise you, I'll never bother any of your boss's operations again! Now please let me go!" 

Gina let the defeated, subjugated superhero slide off of her  lap. He crouched abjectly between her outspread legs. She laughed cruelly seeing the terror and shame reflected in Megaman's face. Gina's gleeful laughter shamed Megaman even more, as  if kneeling abjectly between her voluptuous legs wasn't shaming enough. 

Mastery over her huge, handsome, male victim, was the most arousing thing Gina had ever experienced. Despite the violent rape of the big muscle man only moments before she needed more. She couldn't resist her dark urge a moment longer.  Why should she? Gina grabbed Megaman's ears and pulled her humiliated victim's face against her aroused sexual organs. 

"Suck ne off, wimp!" Gina commanded, arrogantly. Her strong, fleshy thighs locked around Megaman's head, imprisoning his face in a cell of hot lusting flesh. Overcome with shame and revulsion, the proud super hero wished desperately to resist, but he too scared of the vicious, dark-haired girl in leotard. Surrendering without a fight, he buried his mouth against her pussy, and kissed and sucked at it.

"Use your tongue, Stupid!" Gina commanded, and Megaman obediently complied, silently cursing his cowardly surrender. He tongued Gina's thrusting clitoris vigorously, until the girl exploded in an explosive orgasm.  Her body stiffened so convulsively, that her plump legs nearly crushed his trapped head like an eggshell. 

When Gina got her breath back, she ordered Megaman to start again. Once again, the shamed crimefighter sucked and licked the dominant female who had reduced him to whimpering bondage. Gina's hot, demanding flesh muffled Megaman's sobs of shame. Gina came once more, but she was still insatiable. She forced her terrified victim to repeat his performance, yet again. His will broken, and his male pride crushed, Megaman became more adept at pleasing his cruel conqueror, each time he serviced her. Gina's body trembled uncontrollably after her third orgasm, yet her plump, supple thighs continued to squeeze the head of the hapless superhero, like twin pythons. 

As the tremors of passion subsided, the cruel sated-cat smirk on Gina's beautiful face broadened. Gina had one more punishment in store for her tortured victim, one more humiliation to destroy his masculine pride forever.  She had planned it all along; now, it was time.

Gina let her fleshy thighs relax.  She looked down at Megaman's tormented face smeared with tears and her own body fluids.  He was still crouched in the awkward, half-sitting position she had imprisoned him in.  She sneered triumphantly into his eyes, the eyes of a whipped dog, ready to crawl on his belly to please his cruel mistress in leotard. Gina contemptuously cuffed the powerful man across the face, knocking him over on his back.  

Briefly, Megaman's eyes glowered in smoldering, but half-hearted defiance. Even half-hearted defiance was more than the merciless Gina would allow from her male slave. She angrily cracked him across the face, and the broken superhero cowered fearfully at her feet once more. 

Gina swiftly walked to the bag she had left by the door before Megaman's arrival. Inside was an enormous dildo. Using the attached straps, she belted the huge, obscene instrument around her loins. The tremendous, artificial phallus dwarfed even Megaman's potently powerful erection. 

Gina turned and strutted back toward her helplessly defeated male foe. When Megaman saw the huge ramrod bobbing lewdly amidst the black curls adorning Gina's feminine thighs, his heart quailed. 

"What are you going to do with that?"  Megaman wailed in a squeaky, almost girlish treble. 

Gina laughed nastily "You satisfied me, well almost satisfied me, anyway. Now it's my turn. I'm going to ram this up your behind, so far you'll choke on it, and then I'm going to screw you're brains out with it!" 

"No, no! Please! You promised you'd let me go!"  The terrified superhero wept, brokenly.  Gut-wrenching fear gave him strength to stagger to his feet. Overcome by fright, the huge male hero vainly tried to flee. He ran blindly from the pursuing harpy, but the slim, young girl in leotard caught him around the waist, in her steely embrace. Megaman struggled to get free of Gina's encircling arms, but she held him powerless.  With a thrill of horror, the big male felt the horrible, threatening phallus bobbing between his hugely muscled thighs. Gina toyed with Megaman, rubbing her big, sumptuous boobs against his back blowing in his ear, fondling his enormous, engorged male member. 

"Please Gina, don't do this to me?"  Megaman sobbed. Gina was getting more and more excited, as she tormented her defeated victim. His whimpering pleas only excited her more. The dark-haired girl in leotard kicked the mighty hero's legs out from under him. Megaman fell on his hands and knees, wailing in mindless, primal terror.  The terrified superhero tried to escape the merciless girl in leotard, on his hands and knees, but Gina followed kicking his hard round behind at every step, herding him this way and that, like a terrified sheep. She herded him into a corner. Unable to flee any further he looked over his shoulder at his  tormentor, petrified of her. His powerfully muscled buttocks clenched in terror. 

Gina looked down triumphantly.  She was ready to ram the huge, obscene phallus, dangling dangerously between her legs, into Megaman's trembling behind. "No that's too easy, I want to watch his face when I do it!" Gina chortled aloud, enjoying herself immensely. She pondered a moment trying to figure out how it could be done. 

Gina's eyes gleamed with sudden inspiration. Stepping to Megaman's side, she launched a vicious kick that caught the groveling male on the ribs, and flipped him over on his back. Megaman's legs flailed in the air. With a quick darting movement, Gina caught his ankles in her unbelievably steely grip. She bent the mighty legs, now weak and powerless, forward, doubling them up at the waist, until she almost bent Megaman in two. Gina shoved his ankles up under his arm pits. Then, she wrapped her arms around his legs at the knees pulling his lower body up. All Megaman's weight rested on his shoulders.      

Gina gyrated her hips, this way and that. The huge, knob-headed phallus poked at Megaman's still fiery red buttocks, finding the tight crevice dividing them. Megaman screamed as he felt the bulbous tip jamming against his tightly clenched anus.

"Relax and enjoy it, Lover-boy!" Gina chortled,  "Hey, you never know, it may not hurt quite so much that way. A pathetic wimp like you might even like it!" Gina thrust her hips forward. Megaman felt the huge, terrifying ramrod slam against his tightly clenched sphincter. Gina repeated the maneuver, harder and harder, again and again, with a steady, relentless  rhythm. Helpless in Gina's cruel arms, dangling almost upside down, Megaman felt a sickening wave of dizziness. Things started to go black.  His powerful herculean body went limp. Just then, Gina thrust with all her might, putting all her vibrant, superhuman strength behind the thrust.

Gina heard a loud plopping sound, and she felt the phallus enter her victim's body. With a loud shriek of horrified terror, Megaman suddenly revived, as the horrendous, bulb-shaped tip entered his body. His shriek of violation was earsplitting. He trembled uncontrollably. His body was drenched in a cold sweat. Gina paused a moment, took a deep breath, and drove forward again, ramming the phallus into Megaman's anus, at least six inches.

Megaman's heart rending shrieks almost deafened Gina, but awakened no compassion in her merciless breast. She rammed forward again, driving the huge spike in another few inches. Megaman felt, as though, his body was splitting in two. Gina's terrible obscene weapon was now lodged firmly inside him. He felt it all the way up in his belly. 

Now that the horrifying dildo was wedged immovably up his ass, Gina let herself drop down between Megaman's wildly trembling legs. Her strongly curved abdomen trapped her male victim's huge, throbbing penis between their bellies.  Dressed in leotard, lying on top of his naked body, face to face, she could feel his huge penis rubbing against her leotard covered belly. She wrapped her arms around her shrieking victim's neck, looking triumphantly into his hideously suffering face.  They were lying near the wall, and Gina braced her feet against it as she drove in and out. Megaman shrieked helplessly at each twisting thrust. His eyes rolled wildly.

Gina pressed her ripe, cherry-red lips against Megaman's mouth and began to French-kiss him. The broken-spirited superhero had no will, or strength to resist. Gina had totally mastered him, and emasculated him. She used her tongue to dominate Megaman's mouth, as cruelly as she used the obscene dildo to ravage his muscular bottom. The pressure of their bellies rubbing against his captive cock soon caused the mighty superhero to spurt out once more, or was it the terrible weapon lodged in his guts, ripping away his manhood, that did it? Gina came again, herself. She needed no stimulation, other than her cruel dominance over the mighty Megaman to arouse her now. 

When she was finished, Gina unstrapped the dildo before rising from the shamefully abused Megaman. She left it stuck lewdly up his behind. Megaman's long powerfully muscled legs dropped flat on the floor twitching in the aftermath of the terrible soul-searing violation of his manhood.

Gina knelt down between Megaman's mighty thighs. She grabbed his half flaccid cock, yanking it roughly to get the whimpering crimefighter's full attention.

"O.K. Lover I guess you've had enough for one night. I'm going to let you go home now. I'll keep your silly little costume though as a souvenir. You can fly home, butt naked, with that girl's dick hanging out of your ass. Your ass is still pretty red from that spanking I gave you. The night air will cool it off." Gina smirked. Then she gave Megaman's captive cock another hard twist for emphasis. "But if you ever bother me or my organization again, I'll come looking for you and then I'll rip this pitiful, dinky weed out by the roots and turn you into a little girl. You got that Mr Superhero?"

Megaman whimpered pitifully "Yees, yes Gina! I'll never bother you again! Honest Gina! Just let me go? Please!"

Gina snickered at the terrified superhero's abject whimpers. "O.K. Get going! I'm going to start counting. I want to see that bare, superhero ass flying out of here before, I reach ten!" Gina snickered. 

As soon as Gina let go of his shriveled cock, the terrorized Megaman stumbled to his feet, and staggered to the window.  Luckily, it was open, because, after what the pitiless mob enforcer had done to him, he no longer had the strength to open it.  Naked, he flew out the window, into the night sky, swerving drunkenly as he flew, the horrible dildo still rammed into his vitals. 

"Fly away, Little Superhero!" Gina shouted, and her loud mocking laughter followed the humiliated Megaman through the night sky. 

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