ballerina ballbusting CFNM female domination sister beats brother

Young dancer

It started when I was 10. My brother in law was 30. He is 6'1" 210lbs muscle. He was also rated 3rd in the world in a martial art in 1994. He would show me exercises, kicks, punches etc. At 13 years old, I weighed 106lb, 5'7".Thin but very strong. my body grew and I looked good. 32c breasts 24 waist, 34 hips. I took my older sisters clothes and high heels and I was dressed for a school dance.


He was driving me there so when he came to pick me up. he told me to go get changed, he didn't like me looking like that. I thought I looked good, My sisters 4 1/2" black stilettos, sheer black nylons, Short black pleated skirt and black spandex tank leotard. I argued with him cause I liked what I wore. He told me I looked like a whore. I don't know why, but I attacked him. With the heels we were almost the same height, but I surprised him with a kick in the face. I used every thing he taught me and I was scared. I landed 6 hard kicks and 4 punches to his face.


So he tackled me. I kneed him in the balls twice before we fell. I managed to get my legs around his neck and squeezed as hard as I could. He was trying to get my legs off, but I didn't let go cause he would kill me. When he was weak I let go.

Young sexy ballerina has sweet powerful muscle well trained legs. Ballet workouts in black long sleeved dance leotards is really perfect way to get a strong fit body and crush any vulnerable points of male slaves. Younger sister beats her older brother with easy, she can kick him in the face, knee him in the balls, attack his naked vulnerable groin with her swift kicks or use a ball squeezing when little girl can take a control over big muscle man just with her sweet hand. His balls made him weak, vulnerable and any woman can defeat him with smile, just one attack of sexy female killer and she kills him with ballbusting - his weak unprotected balls has no chances against merciless woman clad in one piece bathing suit or leotard-like bodysuit and high heels. Female domination ball busting is the greatest proof of female advantages over male, male balls are too vulnerable for female fists, knees and kicks! Any gymnast, ballerina, dancer of swimmer is much powerful than any man!