Gymnast wife pins her naked husband on the floor like schoolgirl

Marriage guidance

"You don't love me, Jimmy, You don't pay me enough attention. We don't have sex anymore. You're impotent". Not words that I wanted to hear. After so many years of marriage and two kids, now at Uni, some of what she said was sadly cuttingly true. It wasn't that I didn't love Suzanne anymore, it was just that, well, she no longer turned me on in the bedroom department. Then she started nagging about us needing to see the marriage guidance counsellor. At first I resisted but as usual she wore me down with her incessant nagging and bursting into tears saying that I didn't love her anymore.

I guess we've both changed. She is certainly no longer the young woman I was first attracted to. Around 5 foot 6, to my 5-10, she wasn't startlingly attractive but I was drawn to her happy smiling face and sense of humour. With a long slender face, a prominent Romanesque nose, green-blue eyes, a small mouth and chubby cheeks, she took me for who I was with a refreshing honesty. The fact that she had flowing shoulder-length sandy blonde hair was a bonus as I always liked blondes. Her body was quite sturdy, what she called big boned and what the scientists would call an endomorph. She was a fuller figured woman with a large natural bust which I loved to play with and great legs which she always showed to effect with skirts and dresses. Sturdy and shapely from years of hard labour on a farm they certainly appealed to me as a bit of a leg man. I enjoyed feeling her thick firm thighs and the strong bulge of her hamstrings. Her calves were thick with a hint of hard muscle when she wore high heels or climbed steps. All that physical hard labour meant that she could also flex a pretty mean biceps, a gentle mound on each upper arm that felt rock hard and got me pretty rock hard too. I had always had a secret thing for women with muscles, not whopping massive ones, but feminine strong and sexy muscles. I also fancied women who used martial arts to dominate men but by the time I had met Suzanne I had given up all hope of finding myself a woman like that to act out my fantasies. Unfortunately no matter how much I tried to encourage her to playfully wrestle or scissor me in bed, she just found it weird and wasn't interested.

That evening our family psychologist Jane visited us, she had a talking with my wife when I entered a room.

Looking at me, Jayne concluded their talking, rose from her chair and walked over to the door. Of course my eyes hungrily followed her big wide flexing calves enhanced by the sexy sheen of sheer black nylon all the way. Opening the office door she called Suzanne back into the room. Before she closed the door, she told the ever-smiling Sarah to "tell the boys to be ready in the games room in 5 minutes" I assumed that our session was done and that we could go home. I stood up and joined my wife thinking that we were leaving. "The good news is that your husband is not impotent. Allow me to demonstrate" She turned to address me. "Why don't you feel my calves Jimmy?" "W-what?" I was stunned. "You've barely been able to take your eyes off them. Go on, get your hands on them and give them a good feel. Feel how rock-hard my calves are" Out of the corner of my eye, Suzanne looked outraged and I was afraid that she would hit me. With her strong arms I was always afraid when she got angry in case she used her fists in no doubt of what damage they could do to me. The thought turned me on, but the idea of the pain scared me. "Go on, if you can get me into that chair I will let you feel my legs as much as you like and Suzanne won't mind" I saw her wink at my wife but she was just as confused as I was. Jayne slipped off her coat and hung it up upon a clothes tree by the door. Beneath she wore a pale yellow leotard with elbow length sleeves that revealed the skin on her forearms was quite wrinkled and old-looking for someone her age. More impressive was the way that the leotard fit snugly hugging the contours of her body with a slim waist tapering up to wide shoulders and a wide low cut V neck that showed off her assets. "Or maybe you'd prefer to get your hands on these?" with that she cupped her ample breasts and lifted them to form an awesome steep-sided gorge that I quickly had to look away from as I felt the stirrings of lust down below. The craggy-looking mature blonde with the specs sighed and lowered her breasts "Oh well let's do this the hard way".

Jayne stepped up close towards me. Her face looked stern while her grey eyes stared fiercely at me through her glasses. I didn't know what she was up to but I was determined to stand my ground and not be intimated by this strange woman. Without warning her left hand darted out faster than I could react and caught hold of my little finger on my right hand. "Argh!" I yelped as she bent it sharply back then pulled my arm forwards towards her. I was so shocked by the sudden physical attack by a professional marriage councillor that I didn't even think to react. The mature woman turned away from me presenting her right side towards me and whipped up her right arm level with her chest bent at the elbow. "HAI!" I jumped in surprise and in horror saw her elbow piston back fast. BAM! The point of her elbow slammed hard into the right side of my stomach just above the hip. "Arghh!" I cried at the sudden pain in my lower abdomen. Oh crap does this loony woman know Karate? My balls began to tighten with the thought. "Ouch ouch!" I yelped as a stern-faced Jayne swivelled back around to face me and in doing so pressed my right hand backwards at the wrist forcing my elbow into the air as she twisted my arm above me. My only thought was that the craggy-faced blonde knew what she was doing.

"HAI!" a flash of sexy sheer black nylon flashed out down below as her right leg shot forwards. BAM! "Arghh!" the sole of her shoe kicked just above the right knee leaving it tingling and feeling bruised and sore. Still holding my right arm, the woman with the straight almost limp white-blonde hair glared at me through those glasses with such a stern look full of confidence and strength that I felt my dick stir. She raised her free hand and wagged her finger at me. "A bit lower and that could have broken your knee, Jimmy" she said. "HAI!" she shouted right in my face making me almost jump out of my skin as her hand jerked in a sideways blur chopping the base of my neck with the edge of her open palm. BAM! My hands and forearms spasmed uncontrollably at the shock to my nervous system. "Jimmy!" Suzanne cried out in alarm and concern. "YAH!" the suddenly fierce and frightening little blonde shouted again as the side of her hand chopped the other side of my neck BAM!.

"EEEYAH!" a blaze of light from the sheen of her stockings rocketed upwards right in front of my face so close that I could feel the disturbance in the air as it shot pass, a fraction closer and I am sure it would have ripped my head off. The top of her thigh bounced off her chest as my eyes became level with the inverted image of her wide toned calves. Oh crap, oh crap she's a Karate expert! The hard stern look she gave me was so full of self-confidence and arrogance like 'I'm a Karate expert, you're not. I'm going beat the crap out of you while your wife watches'. I just stood there stunned except for the stiffening in my groin and the contraction of my balls. No sooner than the sexy stocking-clad leg dropped back to the floor than she grabbed my right arm at the wrist with both of her hands. Stepping to the side and turning to face away from me the mature blonde raised my arm high into the air. Suddenly like cracking a whip she spun my arm in a lightning fast forward downward arc. "Woah!" my feet jerked from the floor as the room spun around me as I lost control of my body. In the blink of an eye I flipped head over heels in the air at dizzying speed before BLAM! My back slammed into the floor knocking the breath from me.

"Jimmy!" my wife cried. "Don't be alarmed" Jayne told her. She was still holding my right arm and I looked up along her nylon-clad legs, my face so close to those wide flaring calves behind her shin. Then her legs seemed to fold towards me as she knelt down placing one sexy black-clad knee on my chest. Extruding confidence she tucked my hand beneath her armpit and formed a crook with her right arm with her forearm pressing against my elbow. With her left hand she pressed down close to the underside of the joint while her knee pressed down upon my chest. "Arghh no no!" I screeched as my arm was forced the wrong way sending shards of pain through my elbow joint. "Argh please no more!" I begged as it felt like my arm would snap at any moment but she ignored my pleas. She kept me writhing in pain and kicking my feet in frustration. I was completely helpless and unable to do anything to stop her. "Look at his groin, Suzanne. See how hard he is getting. It really turns him on to be physically dominated by a woman" "My God, you're right!" my wife gasped. Have you any idea how embarrassing it is to hear that from your own wife while a plain mature professional looking woman in glasses and a leotard is making you writhe and beg in agony while completely subduing you in some sort of armlock?

The spectacled blonde rose raising my arm to point towards the ceiling while forcing me to roll onto my side then knees as she pressed her knee into my side as she stressed my arm close to my armpit and used it to lever my arm backwards over it. "Argh argh please stop" I yelped as shooting pains accompanied the awful stretching of tendons as my elbow joint was forced in an unnatural direction. "Look at how helpless he is. Completely subdued by a woman" Jayne's voice sounded mocking as she forced me over onto my front. "A wife should learn how to use martial arts skills to control her husband and reinforce the law of marriage" the way she talking was stimulating and actually turning me on despite the pain in my arm and the humiliating position I was forced into, on my knees looking at the carpet. "And just look at how martial arts cures impotency" "Argh argh!" the craggy-faced mature blonde kept the pressure on the arm lock, not letting up her dominance for a second. "Oh yes wow, it's really quite a bulge now. But I don't know martial arts. I'm not the sporty type" Suzanne protested. "Oh don't worry about that. The librarian runs a martial arts class just for housewives and women such as yourself. I'll introduce you. None of their men have any problems in the trouser department if you know what I mean" the arm-bending witch said with a dirty chuckle.

"I don't know. I'm too getting to old and overweight to do that sort of thing" my wife protested. "Nonsense, I'm older than you and you look nice and healthy. Do you have a suitable sports outfit for our training? Go put it on and return!" Suzanne exited and came back soon wearing her black gymnastic leotard. "You looks fine, girl! Here I'll show you. Place your right hand here on his wrist. That's it, now your other hand across his fingers now bend back his hand" "Argh argh argh" I was on my knees with my face close to the carpet yelping and squealing in agony as my wife bent back my hand at the wrist so hard I thought it would break. "That's it. Keep his arm straight. Bring it out to the side. Bring it lower, that's it" "Arghh please arrgh no" my face was pressed against the floor. "That's right. Make him grovel on the floor. See how easily a wife can control her husband" Under Jayne's direction, my wife forced me face down on the floor then pinned the back of my arm close to the shoulder and raised up my arm causing me to squeal in agony. "No no!" I squealed slapping my free hand frantically against the floor in submission and kicking my legs uselessly. "And they call us the weaker sex" Jayne told Suzanne then they laughed, yes my own wife was laughing at me as she stressed my straightened arm.

That wasn't the end of it, the loony mature blonde then instructed my wife to sit astride my back with her left knee pinning my left shoulder to the floor. That left both of her hands free to raise my arm behind me, keeping it straight, while holding my wrist with one hand and the fingers with the other. She took great glee in bending back my hand at the wrist. "Argghh no no please stop!" I shrieked in agony. Yet all the while my dick was growing the hardest she'd ever made it in a long while. "Haaa haaa!" I gasped as white hot pain lanced through my wrist. "Careful now, don't get carried away or you'll break his wrist. Ease off a bit now, that's it" Jayne sounded like a teacher except not any teacher that I ever experienced. With relief I felt my wife's painful wrist lock ease off followed by her weight lifting from my back. I heard quiet talking but couldn't work out what was being said. Suddenly my right arm was whipped right across the middle of my back across to the other side. "Argh arghh no no!""That's it. Look how easy it is to control your husband with just one hand. Now keep his arm there while you sit down in front of it on his shoulder blades". "Aghhh!" I groaned as her weight pushed my face forwards into the carpet. "That's it now reach behind you with your other hand and grab his wrist. Now apply that wrist lock again" "Arghhhchhhh! No no no please" I screeched. My legs were kicking in useless rage as my wife pinned me to the floor with my arm twisted across my back while trying to snap my hand off at the wrist.

"Now get off his back while holding his arm in place. That's it" gratefully I felt Suzanne's weight lift from my shoulders. "Keep hold of his wrist and stand up slowly" "Arghh no please you're breaking it" I squealed and had to scramble to my knees then feet to keep up. "See how he has no choice but to get up or he'll break his own arm" Jayne's voice lectured as I was forced to stand in the most agonising way at the hands of my own wife. She had never been violent towards me before although she had threatened it but now seemed to be enjoying it a little too much. "OK you can let him go now" Jayne said. "Ohhh" Suzanne sounded disappointed "Show me some more". "Later dear but I want to show you something first. Come and look". I let out a loud sigh of relief as my wrist was released and wincing with pain tried to bring my arm out from behind my back into a more normal position. Jeeze my shoulder blades and biceps were sore. The two women were standing in front of me looking down at my groin. "Wow, I don't ever remember him as hard as that before. Thank you, thank you" Suzanne gushed in praise. "I want to get him immobilized and fuck his brains out" she added causing them to chuckle. Jayne replied "You're welcome to make it now, I've shown you the power that martial arts can give a woman over any man and turn her into a sexual goddess" That caught my attention, although to be honest at that moment, I too would rather be alone with my wife in a room somewhere for her to have her wicked way with me.

My cock was aching so hard that Suzanne noticed when my hand shifted to the front of my jeans. "Stop it" she hissed with a sharp dig of her elbow into my ribs. I wasn't the only one to be aroused. 

"Do you now see the the sexual effect of a woman learning martial arts upon men" Jayne addressed my wife. I watched the physiologist walk to the middle of the large matted central area. In my eyes the grouchy looking woman had become a sexy superwoman. 

Jayne strode across to us. A short slim woman with glasses but after that demonstration I felt somewhat nervous of her. "That was amazing" Suzanne told her "You must have been practising for years. I could never do anything like that, I'm not the sporty kind" "You look strong and sturdy" Jayne complimented her. "I was brought up on a farm and walk and cycle a lot. I've always worked hard" Suzanne replied. "Show me. Flex your biceps. Go on" the mature blonde encouraged. Suzanne rolled up her sleeve, raised her right arm and flexed it. My already erect dick gave a lurch as a fair sized hard mound rose upon her upper arm. "Wow, your wife has good biceps" "Yes" I agree. "Come on Jimmy feel them" I did as she asked. I placed my hand upon her gently rounded right biceps and felt how solid it was beneath her soft skin. "You like it, then tell her how you feel Jimmy?" "Oh Suzanne, I think your muscles are sexy" I said in earnest. "Strong legs too, go on Jimmy feel them and tell her what you think". I crouched down and ran my hands up and down my wife's thick strong thighs. "I've also loved your legs. So sexy and strong. I love to be squeezed by them" I told her truthfully.

The physiologist then got my wife to sit behind me snd stretch out her legs over my shoulders. As they slid past my neck I put my hands to her thick thighs and enjoyed the feel of her soft skin and hefty weight of her limbs. When Jayne instructed her to close them either side of my neck, I knew what was coming and looked forward to it. I had tried to get her to scissor me in the bedroom but although her legs are thick and strong, it was never uncomfortable or painful as it appeared to be on the videos I watched on websites which left me feeling a bit disappointed. But now the mature psychologist taught her how to properly position her legs for maximum effect and how to apply power by stretching out her legs and using her buttocks. "Agh!" in next to no time, I was clinging onto her thighs as I looked down her legs to her feet, excited to feel large slabs of hard muscle below the layers of fat. The pressure exerted on either side of my neck quickly became uncomfortable yet highly exciting. This was exactly what I had wanted her to do at home and it was really turning me on. "Now cross your feet and raise yourself upon your arms. That's it. Now stretch out those legs and focus the power to try to bring your inner thighs together" "Jeez!" I yelped as the pressure soared to painful levels. "Argh argh!" I had to screw up my eyes against the powerful crush of my wife's thighs. I never imagined that her legs could exert this kind of strength. It was still stimulating and made me feel so weak and submissive but it was just the wrong side of uncomfortable. I actually found myself clinging onto her knees and trying to prise them apart only to discover that her big legs were rock solid and would not budge. "Look Suzanne, see how helpless he is between your thighs and he's getting stiff already and you've hardly just begun" the stern-faced woman with the big calves told my wife. "Oh yes, this is amazing. I feel so...phoarrrr!" Suzanne replied enthusiastically. At that moment with her strong legs actually hurting my neck and the lower sides of my face, I wasn't sure whether that was a good thing or not.

Jayne taught Suzanne different ways to apply a head-scissors including a tight figure 4 where her big hard calve nearly threatened to rip my face off. "The scissor hold is a woman's best friend. A woman's lower body strength is proportionally much stronger than that of a man" Jayne explained as I coughed and croaked. My throat was being crushed so tightly in the crook of my wife's knee it was choking me. This what I had always dreamed of and I enjoyed the sensation of Suzanne's thick strong thighs working against me, putting me so helplessly into my place. Even so, I still tried to tug and pull at her legs so tightly folded around my neck as the choking became uncomfortable. "Urkk! Please! Urkk!" I croaked as I felt myself choking and didn't like the sensation. "Look you've got him begging for mercy with a raging hard erection" Jayne remarked and both women began laughing like naughty schoolgirls. "The scissor hold is such a versatile hold that can be apply in numerous ways. I encourage you to experiment and be inventive. I'm always finding new ways to punish a man with my legs". My wife grabbed hold of her foot with her hand and pulled her leg lock so tight around my throat that I was coughing and spluttering while my face heated up as I struggled to draw breath over her big strong calve. I began to feel dizzy and began to worry she might choke me to death. Luckily she moved on to a different position scissoring me this way and that. All the time I was completely unable to stop my wife's big legs from crushing the stuffing out of my head. I held onto her thighs, feeling them turn steely hard beneath her skin. My dick was constantly rigid, I was kept in a state of permanent arousal for this was exactly what I had always dreamt of. The crushing pressure on my neck and head was often uncomfortably sometimes painful yet surprisingly this was exactly where I wanted to be, being scissored helpless trapped between the big warm thighs of my wife. Jayne got her to scissor me over and over until I was totally wiped out and too exhausted to even attempt any resistance. "Look at the male of the species, Suzanne. So lacking in staying power unable to keep up with women" Jayne taunted as I was left on my back panting heavily, too tired out to move.

It was then that the mature blonde guided Suzanne to turn around so that she was facing my feet and to slide her legs around my neck so that I was looking out at her ample backside. "Mnnnnn!" I gritted my teeth and tried not to groan as she locked her feet together and began to squeeze. With my hands I enjoyed the thick curve of her hamstrings that walled in my face on either side. Suddenly they swelled up and unleased a fearsome pressure that had me gasping and grunting as I struggled to cope. Under Jayne's guidance Suzanne clenched her buttocks and to my surprise they seemed to become very solid. I just had to reach out to feel my wife's bottom and was shocked and very excited to discover they had become rock-hard balls of ass-meat. "Arghh nnnaghh!" I was shocked by the sheer unadulterated power bulging and swelling around the sides of my face, squeezing my poor neck. I was gritting my teeth, clenching my eyes and tugging furiously at her thick legs to no avail. My entire field of view consisted of two large very hard balls of buttocks that were exciting to look at and tall thick walls of hamstrings that were devastatingly painful to experience. "Urrghhhk please arghhh!" this was stronger than anything I had ever experienced before. I had always suspected but never truly realised until that moment the true power of a woman's legs. To make a man completely submissive, to be a slave to her femininity. Yes, my dick was beating like a drumstick rattling out a military tattoo despite the face-busting neck crushing power constantly pouring down on me making me feeling more and more helpless. "Arghh arhhh!" the way her big hams were squeezing against the sides of my face, I really thought that my jaw would break at any moment. Under Jayne's direction, I felt Suzanne raise herself upon her hands, her buttocks clench steely-tight then stretch out her big strong legs. "Garrrrrghhh!" the powerful crushing pressure soared to levels that I wouldn't have thought possible from my wife. My head was throbbing and my neck was crushed so tight I could hear my heart-beat loud in my ears. She had slid back so far that it felt like my jaw was wedged into the vice-like nexus of her legs against her buttocks. "Orrrr oorrrrrrr!" I was moaning out loud never having felt anything like it before. I gasped as my wife's hand slid along the shaft of my erection and began stroking it. I thought she was saying something but I couldn't make it out over the buzzing in my ears. My face was burning hot and my breath laboured. "Orrghh!" got to hold on. "Orrggh!" my dick was absolutely rigid once more and throbbing. Got to hold on, got to Jeez. "Nnnooorrr!" being released suddenly was a shock to the system as the blood shot back into my brain and my jaw no longer felt compressed. Again I felt wiped out and could only lay on my back panting and hoping my pounding heart would slow down.

For a break, the mature psychologist got my wife to lay on top of me looking down into my face and pull my legs apart with hers. "Arghhh!" I cried as her strong legs totally ripped mine wide apart in less than a second and held me in a grapevine press. I was no stranger to her crippling grapevines, this being the one thing I could persuade her doing. Although she usually did it as she lay beneath me, and would rip out my legs beneath me as she forced me to kiss her and beg to make love to her. "Oh he loves that. His dick is positively throbbing" It was true. Feeling the sheer power of my wife's legs pitted against mine and completely overwhelming had me aching hard despite the burning pain in my leg sockets. I reached back to feel her hamstrings and was rewarded with what felt like large solid muscle lining the back of her upper legs. "Ohhh Suzanne!" I moaned in pure lust. "Don't let him help himself to a grope. Show him who's boss, grab his hands and force them either side of his face so he can see your superior strength as well as feel it". My wife complied, grabbing my hands and whipping them level with my head. The backs of my hands were powered into the mat with, what I was excited to see, her strong biceps swelling with strength as she easily pinned my hands. Without instruction, Suzanne moved forwards and buried my nose and mouth into the depths of her deep cleavage. "Mmmm mmmm!" I protested as she smothered me while pinning me like an upside-down bug. "Mmmm Mmmmmm mmmm!" I struggled to breathe, her breasts being large and smothered me effectively with no chance to breathe unless she allowed it. "Wow he's dick is actually beating. He really likes being dominated by your strong arms and legs. Let's try something else before you smother him to death".

"Now think, Suzanne. What form of head scissor would give you the most pleasure?" I was shocked as without pause, my normally not very adventurous wife grabbed hold of my head, twisted it around to force me to roll onto my belly then rammed it between her thick legs until my mouth and nose were pressed up against her crotch. Before I could do anything she closed her legs and began squeezing really hard. It was a bit like something that I always tried to encourage her to do at home. We would get into a 69 position with my face in her fanny while my dick was position close to her mouth. Then I would put on a tough voice. "Cum on darlin' Force me to lick that. Squeeze me with your legs and make me. If you're tough enough" She didn't really approve and on the few occasions that she tried, I found the experience being enveloped by her thick legs stimulating but not really that painful. This time it was different, a lot different. Under the spectacled woman's guidance, Suzanne's thighs felt like a car compactor crushing my neck and the lower part of my face with a strength I had only previously dreamed of. I had to hold on to her big legs as Jayne got her to twist from side to side to show me how weak and puny I was. It was highly arousing to feel large hard muscle beneath the soft skin. "Nooo!" the insides of her big thighs tightened crushingly hard around my imprisoned skull, flattening my ears against the sides of my head. I could tell that Suzanne was really enjoying this as her juices began to flow and her damp hairy pussy pressed against my lips. My face was clamped so tight against her crotch that there was nothing I could do to escape getting a mouthful of her musky feminine taste. I pulled on the big high walls of her thighs locked around my head but I couldn't even get them to move a fraction. My throat constricted while my breath hissed in and out of my flared nostrils. "Lick it Jimmy or she'll crack your skull" I wanted to resist but I felt her raise herself up upon her hands, forcing my neck back at an angle as she powered down so hard that it felt like my jaw and cheeks would explode. “Mmmmmm!” I was forced to cry out in pain into her hairy pussy. “Orrrrr!” she moaned in appreciation. With an insanely throbbing headache and equally throbbing dick I really had no choice. For the first time in our relationship I genuinely had no choice but to lick my wife's clit until she came. This time I wasn't pretending, her legs were really hurting me with their all enveloping crush that I honestly began worshipping her with my tongue to the best of my abilities, eager to make her cum as quickly as possible to make this skull-bending pain stop. It seemed like it took ages as she moaned and groaned building herself up for a big orgasm while her thighs crushed down continuously as if they were trying to feed me to her pussy to devour. "Ohhh ohhh ohhhh!" she began to moan loudly and buck her hips rhythmically jerking my neck around and covering my face with slime. "Mmmmm! Mmmm!" as she came closer to orgasm, her powerful thighs would periodically squeeze down upon my neck with extended bursts of insane strength that felt like my skull would crack at any moment. Those dreadful bursts of power got more and more frequent and of longer duration as she began moaning louder and louder while bucking her hips more and more franctically. "Ohhh ohhhh Goooooddddah ohhh!" she was like a woman possessed. My dick was absolutely aching yet my skull felt deformed with a splitting mother of all headaches. "Ohhhh wooooahhh ohhhh!" she cried out in the loudest orgasm I'd ever heard from her. I was crying out too in intense pain, screaming into her squirting pussy, my head whirling like crazy as my skull was ready to cave in.

How many times had she cum? My wife who previously didn't normally like sex had become a sexual monster!

Wow! Once again I lay back exhausted and panting. “I think that is enough for today” Jayne announced staring down at me with her stern eyes fixing me through her spectacles and her mouth set firm. “You've both made marvellous progress”. “Oh no” Suzanne sighed “please show me something else” she pleaded. I was too shagged to raise an objection. Jayne got my wife to slide her legs around my lower belly and back while laying on her side facing me at roughly 90 degrees. Again, I couldn't help myself stroke her firm big thighs enjoying the smoothness of her skin and the solidity of her legs. Then she crossed her ankles and squeezed. “Nnnnorrghh!” I tensed my stomach muscles trying to resist the growing pressure trying to squash it flat. Don't get me wrong, my wife is no muscle-woman, athlete or gym rat, just an ordinary hard-working housewife who has developed her strong legs through good genetics, walking, cycling and swimming regularly. “Nnrooargh!” I groaned shocked and excited at the power swelling beneath my finger tips as her thigh muscles expanded and slowly began the inevitable compression of my gut. “Orrraghh!” I groaned and moaned at the immense power of my wife's crushing body-scissors as her thick legs continued their irresistible advance to bring themselves together with my body squashed flat in the middle. I even shocked myself to discover that I was rapidly growing another raging hard-on caused by my wife's strong legs. “Orrr Orrr!” I groaned as her inner thighs pressed inwards into my stomach cramping my gut and making it difficult to draw breath. So soon after I've just came! This was better than Viagra! I could feel my face turning red as Suzanne's legs had me gasping in no time.

As if that wasn't enough the grumpy faced marriage councillor got my wife to bend at the waist to bring her upper body parallel with mine. Suzanne did this then put her arms around my neck to pull herself closer. “Noorrag!” I was trying to push her rock solid thighs away with my hands. The grumpy mature lady got Suzanne to wrap my throat in the crook of her arm and place her other arm across the back of my head. No! it couldn't be. I had seen pictures and videos of girls using sleeper holds and thought it one of the most dominant looking and sexiest knockout-hold I'd ever seen. Never in a hundred years had I ever expected to have my own normal and boring wife do it to me. But as she began to squeeze with her right arm around my neck and press down with her other hand, I knew that was exactly what it was. “Nuuurkk!” I croaked as her thick right biceps bulged against my throat choking me. Instinctively I raised my hands to try and prise the arm from around my neck, tugging in vain. In horror I could imagine the blood being choked off from my brain and that scared me but as frantically as I tugged at her forearm, it would not budge. "Orrrrkk!" I moaned and struggled helplessly for what seemed like ages until Jayne instructed “Now use your legs. Really pour it on. Let him realise that you could put him away with your arms or legs. He's just a man, you're a woman, a goddess of power”. ”Urrrrrk!” I groan as she straightens her legs and crushes down so hard around my lower abdomen that my hands fly to her legs as if they could prise them away. “Wow Suzanne, just look at how big your thigh muscles are becoming. They really are magnificent. Much more than he can possible handle” I didn't need to look, I could feel her thighs swollen and solid like pillars of steel crushing deep into my belly forcing the air from my diaphragm. “Ggggrkkk!” her thighs were quivering as they focused so much power into crushing my body I felt completely overwhelmed and subjugated. My dick was absolute rigid and lurching randomly as I felt the unbridled power flowing through my wife's thick legs, power that I never realised existed and knew that against them I didn't stand a chance. I tried to hold out but the mature psychologist was right. My wife's brutally crushing thighs and strong arms around my neck really were too much for me to cope with for long. I felt my face burning red and struggled frantically as I began to run out of air. “No more please Urkkk!” but she just continued increasing the pressure on my neck and around my waist to make me suffer. My eyes kept losing focus, my heart pounded in my ears and I had problems making my hands respond. They seemed to be getting slower and slower. “You are powerful. You are channelling the power that the Goddess Anahita gave to all women but which men have tried for so long to suppress because they fear us. Rejoice in your strength for you are woman” Did I just imagine that? Was I remembering a crappy Jim Priest story? My hands slip from my wife's thighs which are still shaking with power. I can't lift them again. My eyelids close and flutter as I am unable to force them open again. Too much, much too much. I realise that I am slipping away. My boring wife is knocking me right out and there is nothing that I can do to stop her for she is too strong. "Urkkkk! urkkk! urkkk!" I go into a coughing spasm and my dick goes absolutely haywire.

The next second, I'm laying on my back, with my arse lifted in the air as my legs are pressed forward against my wife as she furiously rides my erection in the Amazon position. Jeeze she is so horny! “Orrrr orrrrr orrrrrr!” She is moaning loudly as she increases the tempo. Once again, I find myself helpless to stop her even if I wanted to and that only added to the hardness of my dick. It wasn't long before she came and I did too, shocked by the strength and length of it. “Nnnnarr nnnar nnnarr arrrrrrr!” I moaned and panted and moaned again as it seemed to go on for ages. What was this? the third time today and it was stronger than ever. At last Suzanne had finished and undocked herself and collapsed next to me united in our exhaustion. It was then that I realised that the mature old crone wasn't in the room with us. “Come on, Jimmy, get your clothes on and let's get our bedroom” my wife urged. “I can't wait to try more of this stuff out” she sounded eager, maybe a bit too eager. “Shouldn't we wait for Jayne?” I asked. “No, let's go now or do I have to put you in a wrist-lock and march you?” She made a playful grab towards my hand and I quickly moved away. “Maybe tomorrow. We're not as young as we once were” I said. “Speak for yourself. After what I seen and learnt here today I think I'll have no more impotency problems from you. In fact, you'll be my super-stud, my sex slave” she laughed. Oh boy! What have I let myself in for? They always say beware your dreams coming true.

The weeks that followed the marriage guidance counselling session were very exciting as my wife and I explored new aspects of our relationship. I was a very happy man. Even our everyday relationships outside the bedroom improved. We seemed to become more tolerant and understanding of each other and a bit more touchy, feely. But it was in the bedroom department that our marriage really changed for it was there that Suzanne changed from an equal partner into a completely dominant, sex-crazed monster and I loved it.

She would strip down to her leotard, raise her fists as if ready to box. That was a sight that caused my dick to stiffen every time. “Come on Jimmy, come and get these off and you can have me anyway you like but you'll have to fight for it and frankly you can't fight for toffee” she would challenge in a teasing tone. That was enough for me to try and make a grab for her with my ardour rising in anticipation wondering what move she would use on my to defend herself against my advances. Suzanne seemed to come up with different techniques all the time and it puzzled me how she was doing this. Was she looking it up on the Internet while I was at work? She would come up with a new move and be a bit unsure at first but then would improve over the next few days until she almost seemed to be reacting automatically. It was almost as though she was practising.

Sometimes she would playfully press her palm into my lower face and force it upwards as she pushed me away. “SMACK! I've broken your nose” she would exclaim with enthusiasm. Other times she would push her wide knee between my legs and press it into my groin. “SPLAT! Broken balls” she would shout with glee. The one which scared me was where I would move forward to grab her and her leg would snap forwards driving her foot fast towards my balls only to stop less than an inch away and give it a gentle tap. “CRACK! No more children, good!”. In fact as time went on she seemed to get incredibly good at blasting a kick at my balls or a punch to my face making me cry out in fear as it rushed towards me only for it to stop a hair-breath away and continue as a playful tap. “BLAM! Bust your jaw” she would cry pushing my jaw to one side with a push of her fist.

More often than not it was a wrist-lock or arm-lock that she would use to seize my arm and stop my advance with a twist of the wrist. “I'm in charge now Jimmy, get those clothes off now or I'll break your wrist” she would tell me in such an authoritative voice as she applied a wrist-lock bending my hand right back until she had me whimpering in pain and hurriedly complying with just one hand. I dreaded those wrist-locks and arm-locks of hers because she became very good in applying them and would keep the hurt turned on continuously as she experimented with different ways to use it to keep me under control. Sometimes she would whip my hand behind my back and force it right up between my shoulder blades until I thought my arm would snap like a twig. All the time she would verbally humiliate me. I don't where she learnt to do that, things like “Oh come on Jimmy man don't be such a wimp” “Oh diddums is your arm hurting, TOUGH!” “Down on the ground and lick my toes, NOW!”. That wasn't something I was into or enjoyed but with my hand bent back to breaking point while she controlled where my arm went, I had no choice to get down to the floor and obey.

Sometimes she would keep my arm straight and use different parts of her body as a point to lever the back of my elbow stressing it as she applied force that threatened to bend it back the way it's not meant to go. White hot lances of pain would shoot through my arm while I shrieked and yelped. She would lead me around the bedroom and force me down onto the floor wherever she felt like it.

It was like she became this wholly different persona in the bedroom, more aggressive, more dominant and not afraid to cause me physical pain. It turned me on, really turned me on as she ruthlessly asserted her physical authority over me. It hurt like hell but it make my dick rock-hard in no time! Afterwards I would complain about my aching wrist and elbow asking her to go easy on my arm in future. She would say sorry and we would kiss and make up but the next night would often begin with more arm-bending punishment.

Then there was the time she put me in an arm-lock, forced me to get onto the bed and lie upon my back. She then climbed on, sat on the edge and to my complete astonishment pulled my arm straight down the middle of her legs while her feet pressed against my side. “Ow ow ow!” I yelped as she pulled back on my arm while her feet pressed against my arm pit and the side of my face. “Ow ow!” it felt like she was going to rip my arm right out of the socket. I was writhing on the bed in agony it was almost like she had me in some kind of painful Ju-Jitsu arm-stretch but that was impossible because she didn't know any martial arts. “Ow! Ow! Please stop it ow!” I yelped but she kept stretching my arm back slowly draining my strength and zapping my energy. “Shall I rip it out, Jimmy? I think I should” she teased as her strong legs pressed against my body while pulling back on my arm. “Ow! No No!” “Oh man up! Face it you are being beaten up by your own wife. What a wimp!” she cruelly taunted as her painful arm-stretch kept me powerless to resist her. How did she work out this hold? It was beyond me but I was terribly excited. She then shoved the sole of her foot against my lips and wouldn't release my arm until I kissed it to her satisfaction. I'm not into that whole feet thing and didn't like the idea but of course she knew that. “If you don't like it, do something about it or shut up and get kissing before I tear your arm off” she demanded sounding so tough and scarily aggressive rather than her normal self. “Ow ow all right all right” I yelped as she pulled on my arm. I had no choice, I didn't like it but started kissing her foot.

Or the time she pushed herself against me, grabbed my wrist then tripped me up. BLAM! I hit the bedroom carpet in astonishment only for her to pull my arm straight across the inside of her thigh, bending the elbow joint backwards. “Argh arghh!” I was whimpering in agony as she brutally punished arm all the while she was laughing cruelly and insulting me. “Oh man up you wimp!” Once again I was being totally dominated by me rather-plain dumpy wife who kept working out these amazing ways to get me down and apply an arm-lock. I was stunned by her inventiveness with no idea where she was getting the inspiration. As weeks turned into months she kept on getting better at defending herself from my attempts to grab her. In fact she was reacting so fast it almost seemed instinctive and it really turned me on to realise that my wife would be capable of defending herself from a real attack by a man. I kept asking whether she was practising while I was at work but she always avoided answering.

Needless to say this rough treatment always got me highly aroused. But whatever devious way she devised to get me down and torture my arm was just the appetiser. For that was always followed by her favourite hold – the scissor hold. Head scissors, body scissors she even scissored my neck between her large strong calves. Suzanne scissored me every which way with an enthusiasm that showed she loved every second of totally dominating me with her thick strong legs. For once she had me between there, there was no escape. For me it was an incredible aphrodisiac being squeezed helpless between my wife's expanse of thigh, usually with a fixed view of her crotch or backside up close. That usually ended up with my face buried in her pussy being crushed painfully hard until I had licked her to a wild screaming orgasm. As time went by, Suzanne's legs got stronger and more toned as did her arms. When I asked her about this she claimed that she had taken up skipping in the garage when the car wasn't there to tone up her arms and legs, and was doing more cycling and swimming. I accepted this, why would I have doubted her? Whatever it was she was doing, there was no doubt that her legs were much stronger with devastating effects.

She would wear me down with prolonged head or body scissors then give one really extended powerful burst that would knock me right out. Sometimes she would do this in a combined body-scissors and sleeper-hold that would have me drooling and feel woozy and completely powerless in her strong arms and legs. She became increasingly good at really prolonging the hold, keeping me on the edge, making my dick really throb painfully as I felt her skill at totally controlling me until she decided to put me right out. “I could kill you like this, Jimmy, and live the rest of my life in comfort on your life assurance and pension. Maybe I'll leave you permanently brain-damaged and walk out on you to leave you to fend for yourself” she would taunt cruelly. Sometimes she would start licking the side of my face and my ears getting increasingly faster as she drove me into a complete frenzy, powerless to stop her, until I came. That's when she would knock me right out so I had the sensation of cumming hard and passing out at the same time. I wasn't overly keen on being knocked out, somehow the idea of losing seconds of my life scared me. I told Suzanne this but once she got me between those big strong legs, I was powerless to stop her sending me on a slow one-way journey to unconsciousness. My wife had become my very own scissor-queen and knockout-goddess and I loved it! I was living my dreams with my wife re-creating my fantasies. Well almost, she didn't do martial arts, but you can't have everything and I was happy.

My wife having put out my lights, I would invariably come around to find her frantically rubbing back and forth over my face, riding it to a loud noisy messy orgasm. Jayne was right about something else too, with a woman who can do that you, you never would even consider being unfaithful.

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