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Amazon's power

"Eight ... Nine ... Ten!"  Diane dropped the dumbbells and evaluated the impressive bulge of her tensed biceps with appreciation.  Seventy five pounds wasn't going to be enough, she thought; she'd have to increase the weight next time.  Back off the number of sets, of course, and increase the weight ... that's the ticket. She eyed the Roman Chair and heaved a sigh.  It was getting late and she had to get an early start tomorrow.  She ran her fingers across the thin leotard covering her stomach.  She smiled at the feel of the hard, rippled washboard she encountered.  She had been working out for almost two hours tonight, though primarily on chest and arms; and now everyone else had left the gym.  She just didn't have the motivation to start any ab workout at this hour.  Stroking the impressive muscles of her abdomen lovingly, she laughingly acknowledged that she could afford to skip ONE session. Diane wiped the sweat from her forehead and started for the locker room.

"Hey baby!"  Startled, she looked around.  There, near the front desk, was a scrawny looking geek wearing a big smile.  "I couldn't help but notice you exercising, there," he said with a grin.

"Oh great," Diane thought, "an OBSERVANT geek!"  She was tired and pointedly ignored him as she continued toward the locker room.  The geek seemed to take offense.

"Hey, what gives YOU the right to cop an attitude," he called after her.  "It's not like you're any beauty or anything!"

Diane had already made it to the locker room and paused in front
of the full-length mirror.  No beauty?  She looked at her reflection.  She saw a woman with an obviously incredible body. 
A little over six feet tall.  Wide, well-developed shoulders.  A broad chest that hadn't sacrificed an impressive pair of breasts -- probably around 50DDD, she estimated.  The scanty black leotard she wore accentuated her physique more than covered it, outlining every magnificently-defined muscle. 
She smiled as she saw the reflection of her feet.  She had one major point of vanity: she never wore tennis shoes when she worked out.  She always wore black pumps.  There was something ... sexy ... about such an anomaly.

Eyes still glued to the mirror, she curled her fist to pump her biceps.  Easily over 17 inches!  She allowed her eyes to travel over the beautifully-defined muscles of her body.  Built and chiseled, she decided.  It had taken her years to sculpt such an impressive body, but she knew the results had been worthwhile. She finally brought her gaze up to her face.  High cheek bones and almond-shaped, green eyes.   She might have been taken for oriental if not for her long, flaming red hair, currently tied back severely in a long, flowing ponytail.  Not a beauty?  Ha! He had no concept of the word, then!  Her reverie was broken by the intrusion of the geek's parting shot: "Fucking horse!"

Diane's eyes narrowed in anger.  The insult brought a disturbing thought to mind.  Had that little twerp been thinking he was going to get lucky with HER because no one else would have her? She flushed with indignation.  "I'm a fucking physical goddess!" she thought, angrily.  "That asshole isn't fit to jerk off on my shoes!"

Wheeling, she stomped back to the gym area.  The geek was just rounding the corner, heading for the exit. "HEY YOU LITTLE SONUVABITCH!"  she shouted with fury.  "GET BACK HERE!" The geek froze where he was, uncertain. Diane stormed
over to him and stood, towering and menacing.

"Just where the HELL do you get off calling me a 'horse,' you sorry little excuse for a man?!"  The twerp stood looking at her, blinking nervously.  Diane was panting with anger.  "You know what I think?" she asked.  The man swallowed loudly, but said nothing.

"I think I ought to beat the shit out of you," she hissed in a quiet, dangerous voice. The man chuckled nervously.  "D-don't be ridiculous!" he stammered.  "Y-you're just a woman!"  Diane looked at the guy appraisingly.  He was at least four inches shorter than her and weighed about 180 pounds.  At least 40 pounds or so lighter than her, she mused.  He wasn't in bad shape.  But conversely, he was obviously no athlete, either.  She grinned evilly.

"JUST a woman?" she asked, cocking her head as if she couldn't believe she'd her correctly.  She pushed her arm into his face and slowly bulged her biceps.  The swelling muscle pressed against his nose and forced his head back slightly.  "Does this look like JUST a woman to you?" she demanded. The man pushed her arm away violently.  "Get away from me, you freak," he spat.  "I know your type!  You're the kind who secretly wants to be a man so she can have sex with REAL women!"

Diane's head rocked back, stunned.  "You calling me a lesbian?" she asked incredulously.  She stared at him for several seconds, letting her indignation build.  Then she laughed.  "A lesbian?! No, I'm no lesbian," she chuckled, after she'd caught her breath. She stopped smiling suddenly and looked at him intently.  She wet her lips.  "And I AM a 'real' woman!  In fact, I think I'll prove it to you as I beat the living shit out of you."

"And maybe I'll just use my sex to beat you within an inch of your miserable life," she said with a quiet smile. The man looked confused and began backing up slowly.  Diane advanced.  Oh yes, she was going to make it clear to this asshole just how wrong he was!  "I know I can take him," she thought. "And I think I'll enjoy playing with his mind as I play with his body."

"Ever been raped?" she asked in a husky voice.  She saw the look of doubt and of fear in his eyes and she tingled with excitement and power. Doubt must have won out over fear; the man jumped awkwardly at her, trying to knock her down.  She caught him easily in a bear hug and lifted him from his feet, feeling him kick and struggle. Her head spun with this confirmation of her own strength and power.  She had never had a physical contest with a male before; always assuming that 'women were weaker.'  But now she was realizing that this wasn't necessarily true.  And this guy was going to PAY for this realization!  She squeezed firmly and was gratified to hear the rush of air leave his lungs.

"Tell me again how I'm JUST a woman," she grunted, mashing the runt against her wide chest.  The guy worked his mouth, but no sounds came out.  She crushed him cruelly against her, her triceps bulging out impressively as her powerful arms tightened like jungle pythons.  She kept up this intense pressure until he stopped his kicking and thrashing and just hung limply in her arms. Diane repositioned her grip to grab her victim by a leg and arm. She then hoisted him above her head, holding him aloft and
helpless.  The guy found his breath and screamed for her not to drop him. 
She savored the sound of his anguished pleas for almost a minute.

"You are MINE!" she thought triumphantly.  Then she stepped out from under him, letting him plummet to the hard, carpeted floor with a resounding THUD. 
Before he could raise himself from the floor, she pounced on him, wrapping her heavily-muscled thighs around his head.  Locking her ankles, she poured on the pressure  -- watching with pleasure as his hands grabbed frantically at her legs in a futile effort to pry them from his head. Diane leaned back and put some serious strength into the squeeze. The man froze, his hands pausing in mid-air with outstretched fingers before ineffectually coming to rest back on her thighs. He couldn't even move!  She kept up the pressure for several seconds, until her opponent began beating his heels helplessly against the floor. The tingle in her crotch had intensified into a serious, throbbing, electrical field of pleasure. She was wet enough that she was sure a growing wet spot must be showing through her leotards. She released the guy from her deadly legs and rubbed herself as she watched him writhe spasmodically on the floor.  God!  She'd never felt so POWERFUL!  She could do WHATEVER she wanted to this guy and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it.  This was a dream come true: having another human being COMPLETELY in her power.

"C'mere," she husked, grabbing him by the hair.  She pushed a large breast into his face. "Suck it," she demanded.  The man knelt stupidly in front of her, his closed mouth pushed against her ample nipple, his eyes glued to her muscular chest.

"GodDAMMIT!  I said 'SUCK!'" she screamed, pushing his face
between her mammoth breasts.  He began bucking and scrabbling, trying to escape, but she gripped the back of his head firmly while squeezing her large mounds tightly around his head. His struggles became weaker and weaker until he slumped forward, kept from falling on the floor only because of how tightly his head was wedged between her fleshy tits.  Within seconds of his going limp, Diane felt herself racked by waves of orgasmic pleasure. Her knees buckled and she couldn't maintain her hold; the guy fell backwards, unconscious.

"Holy SHIT," she swore in disbelief.  "I didn't even touch my cunt and that was THE most intense climax I EVER had."  She looked down at her fallen foe and rubbed her swollen breasts in pleasure.  "I can't believe how intensely I got off by dominatingthis little shit!" she thought.  "But now that I know ...!"

She grabbed him by the hair and slapped him repeatedly in the face until he opened his eyes.  He was still gasping for breath, but stark terror showed in his eyes.

"Need air?" she sneered.  She slipped off one of her large pumps and, using his hair for leverage, forced his face deeply into the damp, sweaty, pungent depths of the inside of the shoe.  He rocked his head feebly, attempting to escape the overpowering, cloying odor, but she clamped the shoe tightly to his face, holding it by the bottom so the heel area fit snugly around his nose and the rest fit firmly around his mouth.  Slumping in resignation, he stopped struggling and took in the sweaty, overwhelming aroma through ragged breaths.  Already Diane could feel the tingling building up in her crotch again. She made him breath the scent of her well-used shoe for several minutes, relishing the sight of this man, on his knees, suffering the humiliation of having his face buried in her large, black pump.

"Not so tough, now, are you hotshot!?" she demanded.  She pulled him to his feet and again presented her massive breast. "Ready to suck this?" she asked conversationally, "or do I tuck my panties into your big mouth?"

The man was ready!  He latched onto her nipple and began sucking furiously.  Holding the back of his head, she forced his face hard against her breast, enjoying the waves of pleasure his coerced mouth was bringing her.  She switched his head from breast to breast for about 10 minutes, savoring the sensations. "OK, time for something different," she announced.  "I think you may be enjoying yourself too much.  Let's see what that tongue can do in other places..."  She lifted one of her massively-muscled arms. The twerp was slow to realize what she had in mind.  "You mean? Oh n-no! I..."  But Diane wasn't interested in arguments.  Or what the twerp wanted.  His only purpose in life -- his only reason for existing, was to please her. She caught him by the back of the head and forced his face into her exposed armpit.  "Lick me!" she ordered.  There were some muffled noises from the twerp, but no licking.  Angrily, she
forced her muscular arm down, crushing the geek's trapped head.

Immediately she felt a frantic tongue, bathing her shaven armpits, licking away hours of sweat accumulated while she had
worked out earlier.  She thought for sure she was going to come again, as she continued subjecting this grown man to this kind of
demeaning treatment.  She forced his head under her other arm and he obligingly provided a tongue bath for that armpit.  Her cunt was dripping; she could feel juices running down her legs. But she wasn't climaxing, yet. 
In mounting frustration, she jerked the man's head back, causing him to fall back on the floor.  In a few rough movements, she stood, towering before him.  A leotard-clad goddess, rippling with physical power. "Strip!  And then lie on your back!" she commanded, massaging her throbbing pussy.  "I have GOT to come and quickly.  And you, Mr "You're a horse and a lesbian," are going to be the toy that gets me off." With trembling fingers, the man undressed and lay obediently on the carpeted floor.  Like a lioness in heat, she pounced on him, quickly squatting on his face and entrapping his head between her powerful thighs.  She saw his hands go to his cock, but quickly grabbed them and pinned them beneath her strong legs.  All of this was for HER pleasure, not his!  She looked at the helpless body of the man she had pinned beneath her.  She could see his cock, rigid with the pleasure of being used by her, but helpless to obtain release.  She could feel his mouth, already licking and sucking at her sopping cunt.  She could feel his nose, buried between the cheeks of her firm, muscular ass. This was going to be good, she thought. Slowly, she fucked his defenseless face.  She could feel a climax building in her as the sensations of his slavish tongue swept over and through her.  His ragged breathing fluttered against her sensitive asshole and racked her body with erotic sensations of power and mastery. Less than an hour ago, this geek had insulted her, made her feel bad, and implied she was a lesbian.  Now, he was helplessly squirming, subdued and impotently-excited by the very sexuality and womanhood he had denigrated.  She was so close!

She locked her heels under and behind the man's head, forcing his helpless face even deeper into her gyrating ass and sopping cunt. She could no longer feel the ragged breathing against her asshole as she pressed her crotch down harder on his face; instead, she was electrified to feel his nose partially forced inside her hot, pungent asshole. She could feel his mouth, completely enveloped by her thick, swollen cunt lips.  His tongue was no longer working, but she didn't need that anymore as she continued to sadistically fuck his face. She was startled to feel something warm and wet spurt against her heaving, sweaty breasts.  Raising her head, she saw the last jets of come squirt from the man's engorged cock.  Glancing at his hands, still firmly pinned by her well-muscled legs, she realized that this was the final act of control she had wrested from her humiliated and beaten opponent. She WAS a REAL woman! He was completely helpless, dominated by her overpowering sexuality and physical prowess! It only took a few additional minutes of this treatment before he passed out.  This made no difference to Diane; she was much too far into her own pleasure. She continued to rub herself lustfully on his helpless face.

"He can't breathe," she realized through her fog of lust.  This didn't dissuade her from continuing her frenzied crushing of his face with her crotch.  An intensely erotic realization intruded on her pleasures. "I could kill him with my pussy and ass," she suddenly thought. "A big, strong man like that, snuffed by the power of my groin."

The realization of this ultimate power of her sex made her head spin and pushed her to the edge of a truly stupendous orgasm. 
Hovering like this, she felt strangely detached.  Intellectually, she knew she should get off his face and see if she could revive him before something serious happened.  But another part of her knew that smothering him with her sex would provide the most mind-numbing orgasm she had ever experienced! In the end, her raging hormones decided for her. Her beaten, unconscious victim shuddered and twitched.  She could feel a series of harsh gasps from his mouth and nose against her dripping cunt and hot, dry asshole.  "This is it!" she thought. Her head was spinning and she thought her crotch would explode. Then, her fallen foe's body went completely limp. Immediately, as if his life essence was sucked from his mouth by her throbbing cunt and sent gushing into her body, she was hit by an orgasm more intense than she had ever imagined. She couldn't contain the feeling and screamed helplessly as her body was racked with wave after wave of incredible, mindless ecstasy.  She literally shot cunt juice onto the still, unresponsive face clenched between her hard, muscular thighs -- almost as if she were a man, ejaculating onto a lover's face, marking her victim forever as her's to do with what she would.

She kept her cunt pressed hard against his face until the unbelievable feelings of pleasure finally ebbed and receded. Slowly, grudgingly, awareness returned.  "I did it!" she thought in amazement.  "I killed a man with my cunt!"  Instead of feeling guilt, she felt extraordinarily confident and powerful. She glanced at one of the large mirrors that dotted the walls of the gym.  What she saw reflected back was a powerful amazon leotard-clad beauty, exquisite with rippling well-defined muscles, still straddling her defeated victim with the only weapon she had needed -- a deadly and intimately personal weapon that marked her as one of the superior sex.  A warrioress!  She smiled, slowly rubbing her breasts and relishing the reflected image in the mirror.  She'd have to dispose of the body, she knew.  But she also knew that she couldn't live without experiencing that kind of orgasm again.  The warrioress would have to hunt again, now that she had tasted the prize!

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