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New martial art

Jade had always known that men were evil. As she grew up, she began to loathe their sexualities. The clumsy boys with their ugly penises, always trying to touch and grab the girls. And the disgusting men with their horrible, dangling scrotums, always molesting young women and pressuring their wives for sex. Jade was sure that even the "nice" boys who didn't do these things were thinking about them secretly. And every so often the newspapers proved her right. Put a "nice boy" in a room with a sleeping, unconscious girl, and he will explore her pussy and breasts without her consent.

Jade had always trained in aikido for self defense. Now, at age eighteen, she was a formidable opponent. But she had never made a connection between her martial arts training and her anger at men. Besides which, aikido is designed to be a peaceful, defensive form, not an aggressive one. But one day Jade discovered Susan Brownmiller's AGAINST OUR WILL, a serious book about male sexual aggression and violence. The book was powerful, but it was the last couple pages that caught Jade's breath and changed her world.

Brownmiller wrote:

"Is it possible that there is some sort of metaphysical justice in the anatomical fact that the male sex organ, which has been misused from time immemorial as a weapon of terror against women, should have at its root an awkward place of painful vulnerability?"

Finally Jade made the connection between her martial arts training and her anger against men. She had a new idea. She would stop seeing herself and other women as always on the defensive against the sexual aggression of men. instead, she would go on the offensive. She would show them what it felt like to be humiliated and she would take a step forward in the equality of the sexes.

Jade needed a male to practice on. She was extremely hot and sexy and could have dated just about anyone. But for this project she was going to need someone submissive, someone over whom she could hold power. After much deliberation, she decided upon Simon Scott, one of the nerdy guys who worked at the computer helpdesk at her college. He was cute but awkward, not at all popular, and would probably be a good victim, she decided.

Jade invited Scott to visit her. She lived with three female roommates but they were usually out of the house. Scott was surprised to be invited but could not resist. Jade then surprised him even further by leading him down to the basement. She often practiced her aikido down there and had set up some blue floor mats for rolls and falls.

They removed their shoes and socks. It was obvious that Scott had never had any serious martial arts or sports training. He looked awkward on the mat. Jade stood opposite him, her position completely balanced and ready.

"Attack me," she said.

Scott stared back at her blankly. He was completely confused. "What?"

"Attack me," she said. "Try to rape me."

Scott's eyes widened. "What are you talking about?" He began to have a strange feeling in his stomach, a mixture of fear and desire.

Without another word, Jade stripped down her dress and and threw it off to one side of the mat. Scott's eyes were drawn like magnets to her fit body in black thong leotard. She could feel him taking in her female sex, the sight of it effecting a chemical change on his body.

She said: "Scott, this basement is soundproofed. I use it all the time for martial arts practice and no one comes down here. There are mats on the floor and I just took off my dress. I want you to attack me. If you manage to get your dick inside me and fuck me, I won't press charges. Strip your clothes down. Come on. I'm here for the taking."

The combination of Jade's goading words and the sight of her body in sexy leotard completely transformed Scott. He was used to watching porn and dreaming about girls' bodies. He had only ever been with two girls and had never had sex. Suddenly his dick was rock hard and he couldn't take his eyes off her crotch. Jade's sex became like a target for his dick.

He quickly stripped down all his clothes and rushed at her. He wasn't even thinking straight, just full of desire. He would have done anything in that moment to get the length of his penis inside that precious female opening, the vagina hidden under her tight leotard.

Of course, Jade easily deflected his attack using her years of martial training. But this time was different. She didn't just want to push the attacker away. She didn't want to redirect him. She wanted to place him in a lock. And not just any lock. Not a lock of the wrist or shoulder or leg. She wanted to control his genitals.

She threw Scott to one side but followed him down to the map. As he came up, she reached her hand down his crotch and grabbed his genitals. At the same time, she took hold of his wrist so that he couldn't move. Scott was helpless. He struggled to get free. Jade squeezed the genitals in her hands. Scott cried out.

Holding Scott's wrist locked in one hand and his penis and balls in the other, Jade explained to the completely immobilized young man what was going to happen.

"Scott, I want to develop a new martial art. It will be an extension of aikido that deals entirely with how to control and humiliate the male genitals. I need someone to practice on and I have chosen you. You will come here once a week and help me develop this new art. We will spend three hours exploring how to dominate your male body parts. At the end of the three hours, if you have satisfied me and behaved well, I will give you an orgasm. Do you agree?"

Scott let out a kind of groan and renewed his struggle. Jade slightly increased the pressure on his wrist and squeezed slightly harder on the genital package she was holding in her hand. Scott yelped in pain.

"Do you agree?" Jade asked again.

Scott agreed. He had little choice, and even after this humiliating defeat he couldn't stop thinking about Jade's pussy. He already enjoyed being dominated by her. In fact, some part of him didn't want her to let go of his dick and balls.

So they agreed to meet once a week for three hour's in Jade's basement. Scott would attack Jade in different ways and Jade would discovered all the possibilities for handling and controlling the male genitals. At the end of the day, she would allow him to cum.

Jade's mission had begun.

Jade and Scott met this way for the next nine months. During that time, dressed in her leotard, Jade explored the naked male genitals from every possible angle and Scott went through every possible emotion. He hated Jade and he loved her. He wanted to fuck her but she never let him. He wanted to go out with her on dates but she wasn't interested. All she wanted to do was roughly handle his cock and balls and discovered different ways of exerting physical control over him. But he couldn't say no. And at the end of each day, she let him cum.

Before that, she did all kinds of things to him. Jade took on her new idea as a research project and studied the male genitals from all angles. She followed Brownmiller's advice to treat the scrotum as "an awkward place of painful vulnerability." At the beginning she concentrated all her efforts there.

For several months, she explored Scott's scrotum and what could be done to it. First she worked with what she called the "basic grip," thumb and forefinger closed around the sack above the testicles. This allowed her to pull the balls up, down, or in any direction. She found that one of the most effective things was simply to grab the balls in this way and pull them down, away from the body. She learned to hold Scott's body in place and pull his testicles down and away until he cried and begged her to let go of his precious, tender balls.

From the basic grip, Jade developed other ways to deal with the scrotum. The testicles could be squeezed, individually or together. The whole ball sack could be compressed within her first. Jade's fingernails could be pressed into the skin of the sack. Perhaps most exciting was the discovery of a way of rolling the balls around inside the sack, which caused Scott to feel a kind of intense sexual nausea. Once he even threw up from it. Jade wondered if this would work the same on every man. But testing that question was for another phase of her work.

What Jade called "rolling the balls" proved to be very effective in making Scott cry, even more so than a simply downward pull or squeeze of the testicles.

Jade mostly used her hands but she also experimented with kicking the nut sack from different angles, using her knee or her foot, and with Scott in different states of dress. Of course it was easy to aim her knee into the base of his dangling sack when he was naked. But eventually she perfected this even when he was wearing pants. She could tell just by his position where his scrotum was located and was able to aim her knee perfectly into the dangling lower part, where it would have maximum impact on the two testicles.

Scott spend a lot of time lying on the floor clutching his balls, especially in the first few months when Jade was focused on immobilizing and punishing his testicles. But he couldn't say no. And at the end of each day, Jade would come over to him where he was lying and would stroke his penis, rubbing the length of it until with a moan the white ejaculate came out of the tip.

One day, Jade had the idea to combine her masturbation of his penis with her torture of his balls. This time, instead of taking five or ten minutes, she drew out his orgasm for almost an hour. After that she began exploring the alternation between pleasure and pain. She experimented with different ways of gripping his scrotum with one hand and his penis tip with the other. She would rub the underside of the tip until he was about to cum and then pull down, down on the sack until his dick became soft.

Jade discovered that if she did this for about thirty minutes he would start to feel truly insane. He would cry and beg her to let him come, he would even swear at her and try to attack her. Of course, with her now masterful grip on his testicle sack, there was nothing he could do. But he would try everything to compel her to stroke his penis to orgasm. He would offer her money, make outlandish promises, threaten blackmail—everything. Jade just smiled and continued.

One day she performed the "alternation" for the entire three hours of their session. By the end of it Scott was like a kind of wild beast, alternating erratically between anger and sobbing. When she finally squeezed and stroked his penis to orgasm, the ejaculate shot out with such extraordinary intensity that he screamed in pain. It took Scott two weeks to recover from that session.

At first it seemed obvious to her that the penis was for pleasure and the scrotum for pain, vulnerability, and humiliation. But she discovered that this too could be reversed. When the penis was very hard, it could be bent backwards or forced to curve slightly, causing intense penile pain. Also, even though the obvious way to move a man was by dragging his scrotum from one place to another, the penis could also be used for this, and the feelings associated were quite different.

Scott said that when Jade pulled him by the scrotum, using a testicle grip, he felt like an animal or a child, reduced in status to less than human, completely humiliated and ashamed to feel his heavy balls out of his control. On the other hand, when she pulled him around by the erect penis, he felt like an adult man in captivity. This was associated with anger rather than shame.

So Jade learned that she could also directly manipulate his emotions through his cock. When she manipulated the tip of his penis he became angry and sexually aggressive. When she pulled him around by the dick he often tried to attack her. But when she reached under to grab his dangling bag, he softened and became weak and helpless. He never cried when she grappled with the dick itself, only when she took hold of his testicles.

After exploring all the different ways of manipulating Scott's penis and balls, Jade began to combine this with testing other parts of his body. She had already learned that she only needed one hand to render him immobile. There was no need to put him in a wrist lock if she already had him in a scrotum lock. It didn't matter if his hands were "free" as long as she kept his balls at the edge of pain. As long as his testicles were at the extreme edge of discomfort, he wouldn't be able to fight back, even with his hands free.

Now she began to discover what she could do with her own free hand when she had him in this kind of lock. Sitting on his naked body, with her right hand gripping his genitals, either in the "basic grip" or in a more complex one, her left hand explored his body. Using her right hand to control his genital feelings, she could command him to do anything.

"Put out your tongue," she commanded, slightly increasing the pressure of Scott's two testicles against each other. He knew better to resist a command when she had him in this kind of grip. He had to do whatever she said.

Jade experimented with playing with Scott's tongue, mouth, nipples, and anus. She enjoyed having full access to his body now that she had mastered the art of controlling his position through his genitals. A tiny movement of her middle finger could cause unpleasant pressure in his testicles. A change in the angle of her wrist caused his balls to be pulled slightly further away from his body than was comfortable. And there was always "rolling the balls," if he tried to disobey.

Commanding him in this way, Jade teased his nipples. She put her fingers in his mouth. She made him stick out his tongue and she played with it, rubbed it, squeezed it, even sucked on it once. And she explored his anus, putting her fingers up inside it and discovered how there too she could cause pleasure or pain, desire or humiliation, depending on the angle and force of her penetration.

When Jade felt she had completely mastered Scott's body and was in total control of his feelings, they returned to practicing attack scenarios. Jade already knew how to defend herself from attackers from every angle. Now she learned how to make bridges from aikido moves to her new humiliation martial art. Instead of simply pushing her attacker away or putting him in a joint lock, she learned how to get Scott into a scrotum lock no matter how he attacked her.

She practiced for two months to perfect the art of reaching down his pants and grabbing his balls. In the beginning she would often miss, and this would allow Scott to get away. Eventually she became so good that even if he attacked her from behind, putting his male hands on her breasts or even trying to go down her leotard, she could reach down his pants from behind and still get a perfect grip on his testicle sack.

In most martial arts, one first learns the "empty hand" forms and then moves on to "weapons." So it was with Jade and Scott. After seven months of weekly practice, it had gotten to the point where if Scott attacked her from any angle, or even stood near her, Jade could find a way to get a grip on his balls and reduce him to a state of helplessness.

Furthermore, once she had that grip, she could do anything from him. With the "basic grip" she could render him helpless and force him to obey. With "rolling the balls" she could produce sexual nausea and begging. And with "alternation" she could bring him through a whole gamut of emotions, deciding exactly when he would feel pain, when pleasure, and when he would orgasm.

For the last two months, Jade began to work with "weapons," which were simply cheap items from the hardware store that she integrated into her new martial art. The three main weapons were string, clothespins, and padlock.

String was the most difficult because it had to be tied and knotted in the right way all while keeping Scott helpless. With one hand gripping his balls, Jade figured out how to tie his wrists together using her free hand. She experimented with various bondage positions. And she learned how to prepare a slip-knot that could be slid around the testicle sack while she was still gripping his balls.

Jade then practiced different ways of binding Scott and different positions she could leave him in. The obvious was to tie his hands together behind his back and pull him around with a string tied around his testicle sack. But here again, Jade explored all the options. It felt different to Scott when the string was tied around his whole scrotum than when it was tied around one testicle, or around the penis tip. Jade also found that she enjoyed tying his penis and balls off to his own wrists or ankles, leaving him in a variety of bondage predicaments.

Clothespins were not good for immobilizing Scott, but they could be used to add extra pain or humiliation to his bondage. They could be placed on his tongue, nipples, penis, scrotum, or anywhere else. Jade learned to adjust them so that they could be very tight and painful or loose and simply humiliating. After tying up Scott with string, she would decorate him with clothespins.

The padlock became Jade's signature and trademark. It took her weeks of practice to get the art of it exactly right. It had to be large enough that she could swiftly push Scott's testicles through the open gate, small enough that his balls would the locked helplessly once it closed, but not so small as to cause him injury. Jade didn't want to harm her victim! Eventually she worked out a system whereby she could get from the basic scrotum grab to the closure of a padlock around the testicles. Then she would tease Scott for a while before unlocking it.

The martial art was complete. From scrotum grabs to penis pulls, from tongue humiliation to anal penetration, and from string bondage to the locking of the padlock around his balls, Jade was satisfied that she could handle and control this man's body in every conceivable way. But would it work on other men?

As Jade's new martial art evolved, she began to see other men in different ways. She was still attending classes but spent half her time staring at the men in the room and thinking about how she would take control over their bodies. It took great self-control on her part not to act on these fantasies. But the time wasn't right.

Still, she daydreamed about it all the time. From sexy young first-year students who were little more than boys, to older seniors whose swagger made Jade want to grab their balls, to the professors and administrators. Skinny guys, athletic guys, and big fat guys. All of them with penises and balls. They had no fucking idea what Jade could do to them and what she could make them feel.

After she stopped working with Scott, Jade began to want to test her ideas. Her eye fell upon a teacher of economics who was often rude and borderline abusive to his female students. After oral presentations, this teacher would comment on the student's hair or clothing instead of the content of their work. Once he even said something about a student having nice legs. All of this made Jade angry.

So she went to his office wearing a short skirt and a tank leotard. And she flirted with him until he began to stand too close to her. She waited, still flirting and teasing, until his hand reached out as if to caress her breast. Then, with the speed of a lighting flash, she reacted. Her hand shot down his pants and before he could make a sound she was exerting a controlling pressure on his scrotum and whispering: "Don't make a sound." His eyes went wide, but he nodded.

Jade pulled down on the older man's balls to make him understand his helplessness. Then she ordered him to strip. He hesitated, so she tried the technique of "rolling the balls," manipulating the two testicles against each other in their heavy sack. The man gasped and quickly began to strip until he was standing naked in front of her, with her hand still firmly controlling his balls. Jade gave him a short lecture on respecting women as she whipped out a padlock from the hardware store and locked it around his testicles sack. "You'll probably have to go to the hospital to have this removed," she stated simply, as his eyes began to fill with tears of rage and humiliation. Gripping him now by the padlock, she pulled him down to the ground and knelt before him. "Remember to respect women," she said, using her other hand to stroke the tip of his erect penis. She could tell that he was about to cum, so she squeezed his penis and pulled down on his balls in a way that caused him to gasp. And then she left.

That evening, as she made plans for the future, Jade's mind returned to the moment when she had put her hands down the professor's pants and grabbed his scrotum sack. An extraordinary feeling of power came over her. Her art had been vindicated. It wasn't just Scott, the nerdy tech boy, whose body she could control. It was any man. 

Men had different sizes and shapes of genitals, but they all basically worked in the same way. The feeling of the older man's scrotum in her palm was very similar to that of Scott's scrotum. She was sure now that her art would work on any ball sack, any penis, in the world.

Who would be next?

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