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Ballbusting twins

I had to raise my twin 18 y.o. daughters by myself; their mother was killed in car accident when they were 2. It was a Friday evening and my daughters, Suzy and Lisa were watching TV. I told them that I was going to bed early because I had some yard work to do in the morning, before the heat of the day. I went to my room and fell asleep listing to them watching the television in the other room. 

I woke up and they we both asleep with the television still on I figured they were watching a movie and fell asleep. I did what need to be done outside and came back in to take my shower. They were still sleeping when I came in. I went into the bathroom; I did not close the door all the way because I did not want to wake them up.  I started up the shower and got in; when I was finished I stood in front of the mirror and began drying myself off. 
Well apparently the shower had woken up Suzy and Lisa. What I did not know was that they fell asleep watching Americas Funniest Home Videos, The Ballbusting Episode.  As I stood in front of the mirror drying my self off, Suzy and Lisa dressed in black gym leotards were watching my reflection in the mirror. They were at that age where they were curious about boys and their “stuff”. 
I finished drying my self off and realized that I did not have any clean clothes to put on. As I walked to the door, Suzy and Lisa ran into my room and hid in the closet. I looked out the door and saw nobody and heard nothing so I assumed that they were still asleep. I walked in to my room and reached for my belt hanging on the chair. As I pulled it from the chair, it slapped my balls. I stopped for a minute and grabbed my balls. Suzy and Lisa saw the whole thing from the closet and giggled. 
I stood back up walked over to the closet. Before I opened the door I said that they were in big trouble for hiding in my room. They got scared and began to talk quietly, I could not hear what they were saying but I gave them to the count of three to come out.  1…2…3…  I went to reach for the door and they threw the door open, the handle hit me square in the balls. I fell down to my knees holding my poor balls.  They laughed again.

As I was lying on the floor, I heard them talking about what my “stuff” does. I slowly gathered my self in my head as to what just happened. They were still standing over me pointing and giggling at my balls. Suzy looked at Lisa and ask how much trouble they were going to be in for busting dad’s balls? I mumble out a lot of trouble as soon as my balls stop hurting. Lisa answered Suzy’s question that they were not going to get in trouble. Suzy asked how and Lisa whispered something into her ear, she looked down at me and smiled.

Suzy ran out of the room and Lisa kneeled down next to me. She told me to relax, and she was going to help me. She took my hands from my balls and told me to leave them at my side. She helped me up to my knees and told me to take it easy. Little did I know that Suzy had returned and was standing behind me. Lisa kept me on my knees and looking towards her. Suzy took a quick step forward and kicked me in my balls from behind. I blacked out.

I woke up an hour later and found my self still naked and tied to a chair in the family room. I started to make some noise and my daughters in their gym leotards soon came into the room. They told me to relax and that I was going to teach them about sex and self defense. I asked why I'm naked and they are dressed in gym leotards and Suzy answered to make it more comfortable. Even though they were my daughters, seeing them in sexy black leotards started to make my penis twitch.

Lisa brought in some books from school about sex. She opened it up to the section about men. She was reading it as I watched her, slowly my penis started to get fully erect. She looked up to see my 8” penis and stared. She read a line out loud; the men’s penis will become erect when sexually excited. She put the book down and took hold of my penis. Suzy told her to start jerking it.


While Lisa was jerking my penis, Suzy went online to find some games that they could play with me. She found an interesting site. She told Lisa to come over and look at it with her. She let go of my penis just as I was about to cum. I got frustrated that I had just been blue balled by my own daughter. I sat there with my erect penis for 30 minutes before it started to go down. I tried to look to see what website they were reading, however, the computer monitor was facing the other way.


About an hour later, they walked over to me and told me what they had found.  They found a website called It had stories about ballbusting and castration. They told me that my balls were going to be busted for a long time. Still tied in the chair, they stood in front of me looking at my balls lying on the chair. Lisa came up to me and took hold of my balls. I grunted in pain as she pulled and squeezed them. She stretched them out and placed a rubber band around the base of my balls. She looked at me and said that they were going no where now. Suzy watched and her hands slowly reaching for her pussy.


Lisa told Suzy to grab my left ball, and she would grab my right ball. They both grabbed their ball and squeezed. I cried in pain. I looked down to see both my daughters holding my balls. Suzy asked if she came from my left ball and Lisa came from my right ball? Lisa laughed as she continued to squeeze my right ball. As their hands were getting tired their grip started to weaken. After what felt like an hour they let go of my balls. Suzy pulled my balls forward so they were hanging off the front of the chair. My balls were just hanging out in the open as my daughters were planning what to do next. I tried to talk some sense into them say that I would not punish them if they let me go. However, it did not work. They kept planning what to do next.

With my balls hanging over the edge, they decided they wanted to play a game. They got some dice and made the rules. The first die will determine how many times. The second die will determine what to do. 1 is a rubber band slap, 2 is a hand slap, 3 is a punch, 4 is a finger flick, 5 is a ruler, and 6 is a wooden spoon. If both roll a 6 then everything is done 6 times. If it is both come up with a 1, the game is over.


Lisa took one die, and Suzy the other die. They rolled, the first came up a 3 and the second came up a 2. Both Lisa and Suzy slapped my balls three times. They rolled again, first was a 1 and then a 4. Once again Suzy took the left ball and Lisa the right. They cocked their fingers back and flicked each testicle. The pain was worse then the slapping.

Before I had a chance to recover the game continued. First came a 6, I hoped the next would not be a 6, it was a 5. Lisa took out a ruler from her back-pack and walked over to me. She knelt down in front of me and pulled the ruler back.  1…2…3…4…5…6. I was out of breath, and then Suzy took the ruler and pulled it back.  1…2…3…4…5…6.  I was about to pass out. They both looked up at me and asked if my balls hurt. I could not answer because of the pain I was in.


The game continued after a short break to let me recover. During the break, they were both on the computer researching some more techniques. They returned and they rolled the dice. First was a 2 and second was a 1. Suzy got the rubber band from the newspaper and with her two fingers stretched over my left testicle and pulled it back. Snap…snap. I started to tear up. Lisa grabbed the rubber band and placed it over my right testicle and pulled back. Snap…snap. I was crying in pain.


With red marks on my balls they rolled again. First the number 1, I hoped for another 1 and it was a 1. They were disappointed that the game was over, however, were happy to be moving on. They let me recover while they did more research. I could not see what they were doing, but just heard some talking and some giggling. They walked over to me and told me that they were not going to hit my balls for a while; however, they were still going to be sore.


Suzy walked up to me and took hold of my flaccid penis. She started to stroke it faster and faster. It was getting harder and harder and she just kept stroking. Just as I was getting ready to explode she stopped.  She looked at me and laughed, she told her sister she has to do this, and the look on dads face is priceless. Lisa waited 10 minutes before she started to stroke me. Once again my penis was about to explode and she let go. My balls were starting to ache as my daughters were playing tease and denial with me.


For the rest of the day they continued to stroke me and stop just before exploding. Suzy noted that my balls were getting bigger and a shade of blue. I was moaning because of the pain of not releasing. Lisa told me that the extra sperm would help buffer my balls when they start busting them again. My balls had a shade of blue and were about twice their normal size when they decided to call it a day. I was happy that it was over, but I had no idea of what was to come the next day.


I woke up to see my daughters dressed in silver one-piece bathing suits looking me over. I was no longer tied in the chair; I was now tied in the door way standing up. My penis was harder then ever before, my balls were sorer then ever before. Lisa took hold of my penis and started to stroke it. I started to beg for her not to do that again. She agreed and I was in a state of shock. Before I could be happy that they were not going to be jacking me off, she punched my balls.  I did not see that coming.


She looked back up to me and told me that it was going to be either busting my balls, or filling my balls until lunch. I had to choose the lesser of 2 evils. I thought for a minute and decided that I did not want my balls to be busted. I told Lisa that I did not want my balls to be busted. She told me to beg for her to stop busting my balls. I begged her to stop busting my balls and fill my balls up, she smiled.


The day continued with my twin daughters stroking me to the edge over and over again. The longest I went with out being stroked was 1 minute. I must have edged at least 100 times before lunch. My balls had a shade of blue and were swollen. I was begging them to let me release; however, they just kept stroking me right to the edge.


When it was time for lunch they told me they were going to stop stroking for a while. My balls were swollen and blue. Both Suzy and Lisa started to poke at my balls. They were impressed with how much bigger they had gotten. Suzy asked if I was ready for my afternoon ballbusting. I asked if I had a choice and she responded with a quick no.


She told me not to worry; the extra sperm in your balls would help protect them. Suzy leaned into closer to me and asked me to beg her bust my balls. I had no choice so I did. I looked at her and begged Suzy to bust my balls. She kneed me in the balls and told me to do it better. Lisa got up and whispered into my ear what to say. I caught my breath and said, Suzy please bust your dads balls they belong to my daughters.


Suzy smiled, and kneed me again. She thanked me for giving my balls up to my daughters. She stared to knee me over and over again. After about 10 knees to my balls she let me rest. Lisa got up and put on a pair of high heel shoes I got her for her birthday. They were bright red and had a pointed toe. She took a step back and let her foot fly into my unprotected balls. The toe hit me square in my balls. I pulled against my restraints to try to cover up my balls.


She kicked me 10 more times in my balls. I almost passed out from the pain. My balls felt like they were on fire. They both examined my balls, pulling and poking them. They each took their ball and noted that they were larger then yesterday. They squeezed them while examining them. Then there was a knock at the door. They both said yes and smiled.


They went to answer the door and left me tied up. They returned with a box that had a bunch of next day air stickers on it. I asked them what was in the box and they answered toys. They cut open the box and pulled out the packing list. Lisa told Suzy they better check to mask sure everything arrived.


Lisa took the list while Suzy pulled out the items. Lisa said first, a leather balls stretcher. Suzy pulled out the leather balls stretcher. Second a humbler, Suzy pulled out the humbler. Third an assorted pack of whip and floggers, Suzy pulled out about 10 whips and floggers. Finally, Lisa asked Suzy where the burdizzo was. Suzy said not to worry she saved the best for last.

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!

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