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Women's self defense lesson

"Today girls," says Samantha, the gorgeous teacher, "the good people of the prison system were good enough to supply eleven men who have raped, mugged or robbed women, so they all deserve it. So today we will get a chance to practice our moves a little"

All 15 students were keen on this class. All were delicate feminine
beauties, and all had been looking forward to this week. They had learned the theory of foiling a man's advances with a well-aimed kick to the nuts. But they had not yet had the chance to practice these moves on real men. They were beautiful white slender long-haired, elegant, glamorous, youthful, determined & sexy girls, clad in black long sleeved leotards, all of them.

A chain of men was brought out, and each one was then tied to a separate hook in the ceiling by Kim and Samantha the teacher who had one of the men for demonstrating on.

"Please grab a man each - some of you will have to share one - don't worry about which one you choose - you will be using a different man for each move" they all stood in front of a chosen man, five sharing and five on their own.

"First I want you to practice shouting GO AWAY and slapping the
men. Now do as I do after me ... GO AWAY Whack!" She screamed at the first one of the men and slapped him real hard on the cheek. "GO AWAY" replied the whole class and the sound of hard-hitting slaps to the face was heard ringing around the room. "Now let those of you who are sharing one swap over ... now do after me. GO AWAY. SLAP!" "GO AWAY SLAP!!!!" The teacher gave her man another good smack and ten girls followed suit, including the five who did not have a go in the first round. Then they all moved over to the next man along.

Ten went up to the next man on the left and five to the right, just as the instructor has shown them, perfectly choreographed like ballerinas. The girl at the end came around to take the first available man in the front, and they stood in front of their victims, ready.

"Now I want you to picture that you are out having a nice time, when suddenly some creep starts grabbing you & feeling you up. You say stop and he doesn't listen. Now what do you do? Anyone?" "Kick him in the balls?" "That's exactly right Heather, you kick him in the balls. Now watch how I do it."

She grabbed the example man, said "LEAVE ME ALONE" and drove her knee deep & hard into his manhood. Ooooh! That must have really really hurt. "If he was not attached to the hook on the ceiling, he would now be wailing around on the ground in agony" she remarked. Now it's your turn, girls: A chorus of "leave me alone" was followed with ten amazing knees right on target. After a partner swap & another example kneeing, ten more followed. The men were in deep trouble. But there was lots more for the girls to learn & practice, so they carried on, each shuffling up to the next man up. Pamela looked over to Kim all smiles, as both were having a wonderful time and loved sharing this moment with each other.

"Now picture yourselves at the cash machine. A baddie comes up behind you. What are you going to do?" - "punch him?" replied Veronica "sick him" said Chantelle. "Yes. Now watch how I have my back to him. Then I turn around and my fist connects with his chin. That was the slow motion. Now this is how it's really done: "I'M NOT YOUR VICTIM" with that she gave her example man such a hard punching in the chin that he was left ringing like a bell, no longer standing on his whole feet. Whoomp! "Now you try it, girls" - One by one, ten punching sounds were heard, accompanied by lots of male moans and female yells of fury and triumph. Then another example by the instructor and ten more followed, the men were completely overwhealmed and were really wishing there wasn't so many of them now. Again, all the girls moved on to the next man up. The girls were doing really well, no mercy shown, right on target, full force, really nailing them.

"Now imagine that you have tried everything, and he STILL won't go away - he is persisting anyway, and is determined to get you. What do you do? Pam." - "keep kicking & punching him till he gets the message or falls beaten" - "That's exactly right, Pamela. Now watch as I show what I would do on my example man. GIVE IT UP, LOSER!" she then proceeded to knee him in the groin, slap him in the face from both sides, then kick her boot-toe into his gonads, then punch his face full force, sending man sweat everywhere, and finally, just as he is on the brink of passing out, she raises her leg high in an instant, kicking him hard in the face. She did it again in slow motion for the girls - her man hanging limp & KO'd already "So that's knee, slap, slap, boot, punch, face-kick."

The room came alive with chants of "GIVE IT UP, LOSER" What
followed was total carnage as ten girls did exactly as their instructor had done and made a mess of their men. Those men that were not KO'd yet were then taken out when the second lot had their go. It was vicious. These girls were really showing a talent in this, and they had learned very well. They were all on course for top marks. Men found themselves woken up by a punch to the face and then put out again by another.

"Now untie your men and let them fall to the floor." they did. "For my final lesson, I want to show me you what to do if you know that your attacker is out to kill you, and you end up fighting them on the ground, knowing it's either him or you. Imagine your target is a known rapist & a murderer, he probably is in this instance, and you know he will not stop until you are dead. What do you think we should do then, girls?" - "kick their balls?" guessed Melinda "I don't think that would really be enough - we need to make sure they will not get you back, Sarah?" - "wreck'em" - "that's right" - now set upon your target men and punch them several times in the face like this" - she demonstates Whomp Pow Zock Pam! " then either grab his balls with your hand or get your shoe over it and make sure you pulverize the blighters" - again she demonstrates with a good squeeze on her test subject, who has awakened and is begging for mercy. "Then finally, leap onto his face with your butt like this and give him a good taste of it. Make sure he isn't able to breathe and has your full weight pushing right down on him".

They all followed suit, punching the daylights out of their men, then wrecking their manhood, then sitting on their faces. "Make sure he doesn't die until the second round, girls, and save a testicle for the second round too" It was already too late for some, but they did
not dare say anything. She then wrecked all visible traces of hertest subject's head completely with her fists. Pow! zock! bam! whallop! Then she got up and stomped his remaining ball with all her weight. Splat! And then started a 15 minute smothering that finished him off.

The girls did the same, ripping punch after punch after punch into the men from all angles while sitting on them. Lefts, rights, lefts, rights. Blood & teeth went everywhere. These girls were really getting into this. "Hi-jah" - "take this" - "criminal!" - "die, loser!" - "high-jah" - The place sounded like a hall full of applause, but it wasn't clapping.

Very slowly, the applause died down, and the last desperate cries of men were heard as their balls were being crushed, no exceptions. And one last look at the beautiful long-haired, determined & sexy girls led to the ultimate humiliation, as one by one they perished under the women, while the extra five kept on kicking the men that were already being sat on.

"Next week, girls, we learn how to handle a combat situation and how to aim for a man's weak parts, as the prison system makes its
next delivery, even bigger than the sample of eleven we had today. Till then - have fun!

What is women's self defense? This action can do any female most confident, powerful and merciless! Just wearing a black gym leotard with long sleeves and high cut on legs, each girl can feel like Goddess when she looking at naked male body under her feet. Selfdefense workout can be placed in the gym, dance hall, ballet studio or kickboxing ring, it doesn't matter because we will have just one result: leotard clad girl towering in victory pose over naked male, defeated by sexy lady and floored under her control. Winner taking all - he must service his mistress orally, providing her a cunnilingus or annilingus as long time as she wants. No rights for loser, just one way - to be submissive under her boots with high heels, it's the best fetish of any male fighter who wants to compete against female martial artist. Skilled female assassin doesn't need to use a hand gun, sword or taser to kill her male prey, her muscle legs and arms are enough for easy victory!

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