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The Ballerina

The small but very athletic 18 year-old girl kept her audience captivated as she gracefully danced around the stage, making the difficult ballet leaps and spins look easy. Nearing the end of her routine, she balanced herself perfectly on the point of her big right toe and began to twirl around in a rapid series of piruettes; her long, beautiful blond hair flying out behind her as she whirled around and around. After completing about twenty revolutions, she leaped high in the air and came down in a split with her legs parallel to the wooden floor. Raising her arms above her head in a halo, she flashed the panel of judges a pretty smile. "That was excellent Jennifer!"

Sarah, the owner of the dance studio and her longtime ballet teacher shouted out. "A brilliant routine. I'm sure after a performance like that you'll have no trouble getting accepted to the dance academy." All the judges seemed to nod their heads in agreement. Jennifer Wilson rose to her feet and politely curtsied before the judges.

"Thank you," she said humbly, "I'm glad you found my performance to your liking." The high school junior then glanced at the clock on the wall and a worried look suddenly came across her face. "Oh dear, it's a quarter to twelve. I'd better get going or else I'll be late!" The pretty girl curtsied again to the judges and said,"I'm very sorry, but I have another commitment at noon and I mustn't be late. You'll have to excuse me." Without saying another word, Jennifer grabbed a large plastic bag that was standing near the exit of the dance studio and, still dressed in her ballet outfit, dashed outside. Sarah looked at the perplexed judges, shrugged her shoulders and sighed, "girls will be girls I guess."

Jennifer hopped onto her bicycle and rode out into the street."If I hurry I can still make it in time," she said to herself and began to peddle as fast as she could. She must have been a strange sight to see that day - a pretty young girl wizzing down the street on her bike, dressed in a bright pink leotard and tutu with her long blond hair flowing behind her as she expertly weaved in and out of the traffic. At exactly five minutes to twelve Jennifer arrived at her destination - the Main Street Gym. She parked her bike in front of the entrance, grabbed the plastic bag and rushed inside. "No time to change my clothes; I'll just have to do this in my leotard, tutu and ballet shoes." She thought about that for a moment and then laughed. "Boy, talk about irony."


There was a rather sizable crowd waiting as the pretty ballerina entered. Jennifer reached into her bag, tossed her gym shorts, sweatshirt and sports shoes aside and grabbed the only thing she absolultely needed - pair of pink boxing gloves! She quickly tied her hair back into a ponytail, put on and laced up her gloves and climbed into the boxing ring. "Twelve o'clock exactly," she grinned at the large, powerfully built man standing in front of her. "I told you I could make it in time."


"Yes you did," the man known to everybody simply as Bob replied (making no effort to hide his displeasure that she had). "And do you really intend to fight in this?" he asked, pointing to the ballet outfit she was wearing.


"Well you said I had to be here by twelve sharp didn't you Bob? Which didn't leave me any time to change my clothes. Is there any rule forbidding fighting in a leotard and tutu? I didn't read about it in the rulebook. And besides, they go so well with my pink boxing gloves don't you think? Tee, hee, hee." (For some reason Bob didn't seem to find that very funny).

Jennifer knew that the chauvanistic man with whom she was speaking - the owner of the gym and organizer of the annual city-wide, 18 and under youth boxing tournament - was dead-set against girls participating. In fact the only reason Bob allowed her to enter at all was because he wasn't allowed to show any gender discrimination. Jennifer also knew how much it irked him to watch her defeat some of the best young male fighters in the city as she advanced in the tournament. And now she reached the final round where she would be facing Rick Meyers - the big, strong defending champion who, as fate would have it, also happened to be a student in her high school and a neighbor of hers. Jennifer felt that Bob had deliberately changed the time of the final bout to noon (all previous matches had been held in the late afternoon) after he found out about her ballet audition which had been scheduled for the same time. But although she did manage to change her audition to 11:30, Bob insisted that if Jennifer wasn't in the ring and ready to fight by twelve o'clock sharp she would forfeit the match. That left her little margin for error. But here she was.

Jennifer was in the ring and ready to fight on time, even if it meant doing so in her ballet clothes.


"No," Bob said quietly, resigned to the fact that this pretty little ballet dancer would be fighting the best male boxer in the city for the championship (and in a pink leotard and tutu no less).


"There are no rules forbidding it."


"Well then let's get started Bob. My adrenaline is working overtime and I'm ready to go."


Reluctantly, Bob called the two finalists to the center of the ring - the five foot-two inch, 120 pound girl and the six foot-one inch, 225 pound boy - and read them the rules. When Bob finished, Jennifer looked up at her opponent, smiled and said,"well Rick, this is it. May the best girl or boy win."


As is traditional, Jennifer held out her gloves for Rick to tap, but he flatly refused and simply glared down at her. "Another macho chauvanist," Jennifer sighed,"won't these guys ever grow up?"

As amateur boxing rules state, the fight was scheduled to last three rounds of three minutes each; unless, of course, one of the fighters were to either knock their opponent out or be winning so decisively that Bob, as referee, felt he had to stop the fight to avoid a serious injury (as he had to do with two of Jennifer's opponents so far). Jennifer knew that neither Bob nor any of the other two judges sitting on the sidelines would award the decision to her if the fight was close - they just couldn't stomach the boxing champ being a girl. So she would have to either knock Rick out, or beat him up so badly that Bob would have to stop the fight. Although she liked Rick (truth be known, Jennifer has had a secret crush on him since she was twelve years old and
despite the fact that he was something of a bully in school, she still had the hots for him), this was the tournament final and she could show her opponent no quarter. Bob nodded to someone in the corner, a loud bell was heard and the first round began.


As with her previous four fights, Jennifer was content to let the larger and stronger Rick take the offensive at first while she fought defensively. With her lightning fast reflexes and superb athletic skills, Jennifer was very good at defending herself. It also allowed her to check out the strengths and weaknesses of her opponent. Rick - just as Jennifer thought he would - began aggressively, thinking he could simply overwhelm the much smaller girl with the large advantage in size and strength that he had over her. But like the other four opponents Jennifer fought so far, Rick was to pay a heavy price for underestimating her boxing abilities. For the first two minutes or so Jennifer danced around the ring, blocking most of Rick's punches while ducking under or simply avoiding his wilder blows. The pretty ballerina bounced gracefully up and down on the balls of her feet, her long, blond ponytail swishing from side to side as as she did. By the end of the second minute Rick appeared to be tiring, so Jennifer fired off her first punch - a surprisingly quick right cross which connected perfectly underneath Rick's jaw. The unexpected power of her blow snapped the large boy's head back
and allowed Jennifer to launch a series of rapid lefts and rights to his mid-section. She followed those with another solid right cross to the jaw. In just a few seconds, the 120 pound girl managed to drive the 225 pound boy back against the ropes.


Jennifer probably could have pressed her attack at this point but decided not to. She backed off instead and resumed dancing in front of him. "Here I am Ricky," she said with a giggle,"come and get me; tee, hee, hee." Enraged, he charged forward, throwing wild punches as he did. But Jennifer easily blocked or avoided them all and just before the first round ended hit Rick with a solid left-right combination to his face. Although they weren't very hard, Jennifer's punches did make her point - that the pretty little girl fighting in her pink leotard and tutu could hit the big, strong boy whenever she wanted to and there seemed to be little he could do about it. "DING!" The bell ending the first round sounded. "Rest up Ricky," Jennifer said as she went to her
corner, "we'll continue in another minute."


While most of the crowd sat in stunned silence at what they were witnessing, a small contingent of Jennifer's girlfriends from her school cheered as she sat down on the stool. "Go get'em tiger!" one of them shouted out. "Girl Power!" another yelled. Jennifer responded to her fans with a smile and gave them the 'thumbs up' sign. She then looked across the ring at Rick and blew him a kiss. Jennifer had totally outboxed the larger, stronger boy in the first round and they both knew it. But Rick was sure the next round would end differently... he just knew it."DING!" The bell signaling the start of the second round rang out.


Rick approached Jennifer a bit more cautiously this time, not throwing wild punches at her as he did in the first round. Although it was still hard for him to respect the fact that he was fighting a girl almost a foot shorter and 100 pounds lighter than he was (not to mention that she was fighting in pink leotard and a tutu), he had to admit that he had been totally outclassed in the first round. Still, Rick thought, he could find a way through her defenses - after all, he was the defending city boxing champion and she was just a girl.


As Rick slowly approached her, Jennifer surprised him with a sudden flurry of stinging left jabs and then another right cross. Despite her size, the pretty ballerina seemed to pack quite a bit of power in her punches. Where did she get her strength? After several more lightning fast jabs, Jennifer threw a right hook which landed solidly on the side of Rick's face. THUD! The sound could be heard all over the arena. Again Jennifer could have pressed her attack but decided against it and drew back instead."Here I am Ricky, come and get me," she taunted as she danced around in front of him. Was Jennifer simply toying with the much larger boy? Playing around with him until she felt it was time to go in for the kill? Was this part of her strategy to get him to lose his composure? If that was the case, then she certainly succeeded. Rick abandoned the cautious style he began the round with and started throwing wild punches at the smaller girl. But he was no more successful in the second round than he had been in the first as Jennifer easily blocked or avoided his errant blows. And when the opportunity presented itself, she countered with several punches of her own. Unlike Rick's however, Jennifer's always seemed to find their mark. As the second round wore on, her blows began to take their toll on the larger boy. She bloodied Rick's nose and lower lip, and his jaw was beginning to swell. Jennifer might have inflicted even more damage had she not eased up and began to dance around again.

"There's a lot that ballet and boxing have in common Ricky," Jennifer said as she bounced up and down on the balls of her feet."Both require fancy footwork, extreme coordination, a great deal of stamina and strength. Maybe you should take up ballet dancing to help you with your boxing; and I think you'd look great in leotards and a tutu (giggles)." Furious at her taunting now, Rick spent the remainder of the second round trying to hit the elusive girl. But all he received for his efforts were several more blows from Jennifer's pink boxing gloves. He was still vainly flailing away at her when the bell ending the second round sounded. Again Jennifer's friends rose up and cheered for their heroine. She was clearly beating the toughest boy in their school handedly in a fair fight - and they loved it. "You go girl!" they all shouted out in unison. Jennifer acknowledged their cheers with a smile and a well executed curtsey before sitting down on her stool.

Rick, on the other hand, sat glumly on his stool and stared down at the floor. For two rounds he had been totally outclassed by this pretty little girl who, it seemed, danced around him as if he were a stone statue; hitting him at will and deftly avoiding all of his blows. After six minutes of fighting, he hadn't landed even a single solid punch while she hit him with dozens. And although she didn't hit as hard as a strong boy could, her punches were fast, well placed...and frequent. She was beating him, plain and simple. What would the kids at school think when word spread that he - big, tough Rick Meyers - was beaten by a little girl wearing a pink ballerina outfit. He couldn't allow that to happen, he just couldn't; his reputation was at stake. Bob was also in somewhat of a state of shock as he watched Jennifer dismantle his best young boxer. His belief in manliness were being destroyed right before his eyes. Although as the referee he was supposed to be impartial, Bob couldn't help but be pulling for Rick. If Rick could land only one punch - one good, solid punch - then Bob felt he could stop the fight on the pretense that Jennifer might get hurt. As the two boxers readied themselves for the third and final round, Bob couldn't help himself from saying out loud,"come on Rick, you can beat her; she's only a girl." He also couldn't help but notice the look of pain on Jennifer's face when she heard him say this.


Jennifer's look turned to anger when the third round began. Uncharacteristically, she charged forward towards Rick as soon as the bell rang and nailed him with a solid right hook to the face. Jennifer quickly followed that with several fast, well placed blows to his mid-section and then hit him with an uppercut to the jaw with all of her strength and amazingly, the large boy went down. "Come on Rick, you can beat her; she's only a girl," Jennifer teased as she stood over the stunned boy."You can beat this little girl...or can't you?" Acting as referee, Bob ordered her to go to a neutral corner and wait until Rick got to his feet and was ready to continue. Furious, Jennifer stormed off to the side. All Jennifer ever wanted to do in her life was be the best she could. Whether it was gymnastics and ju-jitsu as a child or ballet and boxing now; she just wanted to be as good as her natural abilities would allow her to be. But for some reason whenever she succeeded in the *manly* things, like ju-jitsu or boxing, she encountered resistance from her male peers. "You'd think Bob would be proud of me," Jennifer thought to herself. "After all, I've only been boxing for six months and here I am, beating the strongest, toughest boy in his our whole school in fact. He's almost a foot taller than I am and outweighs me by over 100 pounds; and I'm kicking his ass." But no. It seemed that her very success is what Bob despised. Gymnastics and ballet are O.K. - they're 'girlie' things - but boxing? What is it with these male chauvanists?

"To hell with their attitude!" Jennifer said as she watched Bob help Rick to his feet."I'll show these macho guys what a girl can do whether they like it or not!"

When Bob was certain that Rick was O.K. and could continue, he motioned to Jennifer and the fight resumed. Again the little girl charged the much larger boy and, after a brief but intensive exchange of punches, she began to drive Rick back into one of the corners. Her punches seemed to come at him from five different directions at once and Rick, not used to fighting a smaller, faster and more skilled opponent, was unable to stop them. Every time he threw a punch at her, the pretty blond would avoid it somehow, then counter with her own punches. After about a minute of Jennifer's barrage, Rick's nose and lip were bleeding again, and she also opened a cut above his right eye. Mercifully, she then switched to pounding Rick's mid-section. Backed into a corner now, all Rick seemed to be able to do was try and block her punches. "Come on Rick, you can beat her; she's just a girl," Jennifer teased as she continued to wail away at him. The crowd was on it's feet now with the ballerina's friends screaming out "Jennifer!, Jennifer!, Jennifer!"

Most of the others stood in stunned silence as they watched the little girl dressed in a pink leotard and tutu pounding the mighty Rick Meyers. Who would have thought this possible? That the mighty "Come on Ricky, you can beat her, she's just a girl; tee, hee, hee."


With about a minute still remaining in the third round Bob had seen enough; he couldn't let this massacre go on. He put his large frame in-between Jennifer and Rick and said,"it's over've won." Raising her arms thiumphantly above her head, Jennifer turned towards her cheering friends and shouted,"YES!" Then, by force of habit, the little ballerina curtsied to the rest of the crowd. She looked back at Rick, and he was a sorry sight to see. His had a bloody nose and lip, a cut above his right eye and a badly swollen jaw. In addition to that, she must have given him at least a dozen welts and bruises over other parts of his body. In short, Jennifer had just given the large, tough boy a very comprehensive beating; one he'll remember for a long, long time.

Jennifer removed her boxing gloves and held out her hand to her defeated opponent, but Rick refused to shake it. Fighting hard (and unsuccessfully) to hold back his tears, he scowled, "no way bitch!"

"Very well macho man, have it your way. But remember this, I beat you fair and square...and I'll give you a rematch anytime you like." As she watched Bob help the large boy she had just humiliated out of the ring, Jennifer sighed. For some reason Rick's 'no way bitch' hurt her more than any punch he could have hit her with. But she didn't feel anger anymore, she felt pity. Pity that Rick and Bob were locked up in their own prejudices which wouldn't allow them to accept the she, a girl, could have won the boxing tournament. And despite the fact that she had beaten up five boys in the tournament - each much larger and stronger than she was - Bob still couldn't give her the respect she felt she deserved.

"Forget about them Jennifer," she heard a familiar female voice say,"they're not worth it. And congratulations on your magnificant victory. I'm so proud of you." Jennifer looked down from the ring at the smiling face of Sarah, her ballet teacher. "Oh, and by-the-way, you were also accepted to the dance academy. Now I suggest that you and your girlfriends who came to cheer you on all go out and celebrate." Sarah reached into her purse and took out a $100 bill,"it's on me." The beautiful ballerina - and now boxing champ - climbed out of the ring and gave her teacher and mentor a hug."Thank you, thank you so much; we'll do that."

Jennifer and her girlfriends rode their bikes to the mall and sat down at the food court (Jennifer was still dressed in her pink leotard and tutu)."You were awesome Jenn," one of them said,"totally awesome!"

"Yea, you really creamed Rick; kicked his ass but good," another chimed in. "He'll never be able to live this one down," a third girl added with a laugh. "That macho, chauvanistic pig really deserved the beating you gave him."


"And did you see the way he was crying when he left the ring? What a wimp. You were great kiddo. We should call you 'Super Jenn' from now on." (Surprisingly, Bob's name never came up in all of this). While Jennifer listened to her friends with a smile, she couldn't join them in their Rick bashing (perhaps because she felt she bashed him enough in the boxing ring). The sight of the proud, tough boy limping out of the ring with tears in his eyes was still etched in her mind. Maybe Rick did deserve the beating she gave him - he is a bully after all - but Jennifer still couldn't help feeling sorry for him.

As she rode her bicycle home from the mall, Jennifer had a lot of ambivalent feelings. This should have been the greatest day of her life. She was accepted to the exclusive dance academy that she had dreamt about for years and won the city boxing tournament; beating up the toughest boy in her school and showing up Bob in the process. But Jennifer wasn't happy, and she knew why. Reaching her street, the pretty blond didn't turn left towards her home but continued straight for another two blocks. She pulled her bike up to the large house on the corner and rang front doorbell.

"Who's there?" a somber voice asked from inside. There was no answer but the bell rang again. When Rick Meyers opened the door, he was greeted by the last thing in the world he expected (or wanted) to see. "Hello there Ricky, remember me?" Before the large, badly beaten boy had time to slam the door in her face, Jennifer shoved it open and entered Rick's home.


"What the hell are you doing here?" he growled down at her.


"You called me a bitch today and I want you to apologise for that. I also want you to admit that I beat you fair and square in our fight."

"No fucking way! Get the hell out of here or I'll..."


"Or you'll what Ricky? Beat me up? I don't think so. You're a very rude boy Ricky, and I think it's about time somebody taught you a lesson in manners."

Despite the beating Jennifer had given him earlier in their boxing match, Rick's anger overcame his sense of good judgement and he charged forward. Unfortunately for him however, he was not only dealing with the city's new boxing champ, but a black belt in ju-jitsu too; not to mention a ballerina. Not wanting to inflict any more physical damage on the already badly bruised boy, the 120 pound girl grabbed Rick's outstretched arm and expertly twisted it up behind his back. She then shoved his 225 pounds up against a near-by wall. "Are you going to apologise to me now Rick?" Jennifer asked as she applied more pressure to his wrist. Though clearly outclassed (and in pain), Rick's masculine pride wouldn't allow him to submit to a girl; especially not one who had so completely humiliated him only two hours earlier. He'd rather have a broken arm instead. "Go to hell!" he replied defiantly.

Jennifer had no intention of breaking Rick's arm. She only wanted what she felt she had coming to her, what Rick owed her - an apology and an admission that she was the better fighter. "Men," she thought to herself, "they can be so thick-headed sometimes." Jennifer released Rick's arm and opted for another tactic. "Very well then Ricky, have it your way...but you will apologise to me before I'm through with you." She slammed her right fist (which without a boxing glove felt like a rock) deep into the pit of Rick's stomach, forcing him to keel over. Jennifer then grabbed him firmly by his shirt collar and slapped him hard across the face several times with her open right hand. When she felt his resistance was breaking down, the pretty ballerina dragged Rick into his bedroom.


"You've been a very naughty boy today Ricky," she said in a maternal but condescending tone of voice,"it looks like mommy is going to have to punish you." Still holding him firmly by his shirt, Jennifer sat down on Rick's bed and yanked him across her thighs (he was lying on her tutu actually). She pulled his boxer shorts down to his thighs exposing his bare bottocks. "I think what you really need Ricky is a good spanking, so I'm going to give you one."


The 120 pound girl then began to whack the 225 pound boy's rear end as hard as she could with her right hand; and as she did so, Rick's resistance collapsed like a house of cards. After having been beaten up and publically humiliated in the boxing ring by a girl half his size, he was now being spanked by her in his very own bedroom. After about twenty hard whacks, Rick Meyers broke down and began to cry. Jennifer continued to spank him until she felt Rick's spirit had been completely broken, then she stopped and let him cry for awhile. After a few minutes Jennifer asked softly,"are you ready to apologise to me now Rick?"


"Yes," he sobbed. "I'm...I'm sorry I called you a bitch today Jennifer. I'm really, really sorry."

"And do you admit that I beat you fair and square in our boxing match?"

" beat me fair and square."


"Very well, apology accepted. And now that that's over with, I have some good news for you (smirk). From this moment on until I say otherwise, you are now officially my boyfriend. I'm sure that no other girl in school will want to date you after word about what I did to you today spreads around. Most of the girls in school think you're nothing more than a pompous and conceited jock anyway. I'm going home to shower and change my clothes soon Ricky. I'll expect you to be over at my house at 7:00 P.M. sharp this evening, because in honor of my boxing victory today you're going to take me out to a nice dinner and a
movie. Is that clear?"

"Yes," he answered, still sobbing from the spanking she had given him..

"Furthermore, I'm going to enroll you in the beginners ballet class that I teach at the dance studio. There I'll teach you the footwork, coordination and stamina you'll need if you want to continue your boxing career. I'm sorry to say this Rick, but you were just too easy to beat up today and there really is a lot you can learn from ballet dancing. But don't worry, I won't force you to wear a tutu; unless of course you want to; tee, hee."


Before leaving, Jennifer felt she had to make one more point. She rose from the bed and stood in front of the full length mirror Rick had in his bedroom. Jennifer untied her ponytail and let her long, beautiful blond hair fall over her shoulders and halfway down her back. Then she put her hands on her hips and said in a firm voice, "Ricky, come here and brush my hair." Both she and Rick knew what was happening now - Jennifer was establishing the ground rules for their relationship. By forcing the six foot-one inch, 225 pound boxer to brush her hair, the five foot-two inch, 120 pound girl was demonstrating her superiority over him. And by submitting to Jennifer's *request*, Rick would be acknowledging it.

But what choice did he have? This little ballerina battered him senseless in the ring, slapped him around in his house and then spanked him in his own bedroom - and probably would so again if he refused. His pride had been as badly battered as his body had been. Meekly, the large, strong boy picked up Jennifer's hairbrush and gently began to stroke her long, beautiful blond hair.


"That's a good boy Ricky," Jennifer smiled as she gazed at his reflection in the mirror. While Rick brushed her hair, the dominiant female reached back and playfully began to fondle his penis (Rick's boxer shorts were still around his thighs where Jennifer put them before spanking him), whereupon it quickly became very hard. "Ooooh, I can see that we're going to have a lot of fun with this little man Ricky," she laughed. Jennifer made Rick brush her hair for twenty minutes during which time both of them had an orgasm. "Gee, you must really like being dominiated by a little girl Ricky; tee, hee, hee." She looked up at him and smiled."Let's get you cleaned up now." The mighty ballerina grabbed Rick firmly by his penis and led him into the bathroom where she gave him a nice, warm bubble bath. Jennifer
took great care to go gently over the many welts and bruises she gave him during their fight and discovered that washing Rick's strong, muscular, naked body was a very erotic experience for her. When she finished washing him, Jennifer dried Rick off and led him back to his bedroom. Throughout all of this Rick was a docile as a puppy.


"Well Ricky, I guess I'll be leaving now. But I'll see you at seven, won't I?"

He nodded. "Good. And I wouldn't be late if I were you." The new city boxing champ made a fist and playfully tapped Rick on his swollen jaw a couple of times. "Punchy, punchy," she said with a giggle before leaving his house.

As she rode her bicycle home, Jennifer reflected on the events of the day. It began by her performing a perfect ballet routine, earning her a place in the exclusive dance academy next year after she graduates from high school. Then she pounded Rick Meyers - the toughest boy in her school - into submission to win the city-wide boxing tournament. And finally, she completely broke Rick's will and forced the boy she'd had a secret crush on for five years to become her boyfriend. All things considered, it had been a very successful day. In fact, there was only one thing that would have to happen to make her day perfect. But that, unfortunately, appeared to be very unlikely; especially now. However, miracles do occasionally happen...



Jennifer rode her bike up to her home, got off and reached for the handle of the front door. But before she could grab it, the door was opened by somebody from the inside...and what Jennifer saw next shocked the hell out of her. Standing before her was a very large, well built man whom at the Main Street Gym she referred to as Bob like everyone else, but at home called him what he was... her father. What was so astonishing about this though was that he appeared to be rather badly beaten up. Bob had a bloody nose, a swollen jaw and what appeared to be the makings of at least one black eye. She then noticed that he was naked from the waist down, and his rear end was very red.

"Dad!" Jennifer cried out,"what the hell happened to you?"


"I happened to him sweetie pie," Sarah said. Because she was standing right behind her huge husband, Jennifer wasn't able to see her mother at first."After watching the way you beat up that big bully earlier today, I was inspired to do what I should have done years ago - teach your macho father a good lesson. It was so unfair of him to force you to rush like crazy from your ballet audition to the gym for your fight. I mean you could have been seriously injured riding through the traffic like that." Sarah looked up at her battered husband and smiled, "so I decided to give your father the beating he deserved. And now he has something to tell you Jennifer; don't you honey?"

The large man gulped hard and, after a lengthy pause, said, "Jennifer... I'm... I'm very proud of you... the way you beat Rick as well as the other boxers you fought. I'm...(he was fighting hard to hold back his tears now, but wasn't any more successful than Rick had been). I'm sorry I couldn't tell you this before but I'm honored to call you my daughter. Sometimes it's hard for us guys to... well, admit that a female can be better at things like fighting than we men are."

"I know dad. I found that out a long time ago...when you couldn't congratulate me after I won that martial arts tournament."

"I'm...I'm sorry Jennifer. Please forgive me."


The pretty little ballerina - and now city boxing champion - put her arms around her father and gave him a lengthy hug."I forgive you daddy," Jennifer said as she gently patted him on the back."I forgive you."

Sarah Wilson looked on from the side with a smile on her face. "I should have kicked Bob's ass a long time ago," she thought to herself, "it would have saved Jennifer a lot of heartache. I hope she won't be as fearful of hurting a man's ego as I was, but then I grew up in a different generation where it was considered 'unladylike' to beat up your husband or boyfriend."

As she watched Jennifer and Bob embrace each other, Sarah saw her daughter smile and give the 'thumbs up' sign. "It's O.K. mom," she said,"everything's all right now."

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