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Moving day

I hate moving with a passion. There is nothing worse than packing up boxes and dragging furniture into a rented van and then having to undo it all a couple of hours later. 

But this was my girl friend Lynda. And when you're in a relationship you just can't say no to helping your girlfriend move. Particularly when she is moving in with you. 

Lynda was in charge of packing and sealing the boxes. I was the muscle. Although Lynda was certainly capable of handling loading boxes herself. Lynda was about 5'- 4", 125 lbs and very athletic. Lynda had played tennis in high school and had gone to the state tournament. She also had been on the gymnastics team her until a knee injury forced her to quit in her senior year. 

Lynda kept herself in shape through college and afterwards as well. She was now very much a woman at 28 years old, but still a very fit girl. 

I had already loaded the big stuff with the help of a neighbor. Now we were down to the last few cardboard boxes. 

Together we carried the last two boxes down to the truck. As we walked down the stairs I stumbled and dropped the box I was carrying. It fell to the ground and broke open. 

"Dammit! How the hell could I drop that?" I muttered. "I hope there wasn't anything breakable in there" 

"I don't think so." Lynda replied. "Let me put this one in the truck and I'll grab a new box for this crap." 

I leaned against the railing of the steps and watched Lynda head down to the truck. I smiled as I watched her legs and buns work smoothly. Lynda was wearing a pair of powder blue shorts that had a tendency to crawl up her butt. They were my favorite because they showed off her firm ass and accented the perfect curve of her rear end, while revealing the tiny little creases that form when she walks where her butt changes into legs. 

Lynda was back quickly, jogging up the steps. This gave me a chance to admire her tits as they jiggled their way up the steps. Lynda favored T-shirts that were on the smallish side. As she came up the steps I could clearly see her nipples sticking out. The shirt wasn't skin tight, but she filled it out quite nicely. I remember a couple of times I sneaked a peek at her bra after we had made love. She wore a size 35C, and sometimes a 35B. She could have been one of those "Fitness" competitors with her figure and muscle tone. 

As She came up the steps she saw my eyes and winked "What are you looking at Mister?". 

I just smiled and I knelt down to start picking things up. It was mostly exercise stuff - sweat pants, Jump rope, weightlifting gloves. I reached into the broken box to get the rest of the stuff out and imagine my surprise when I pulled out a boxing glove. 

I held it for a moment and then reached in and pulled out two more. What the hell was Lynda doing with two pairs of boxing gloves? 

I looked at Lynda and she kind of blushed and looked down. 

"What are these things for?" I asked in bewilderment. 

"Not right now" she answered quietly. "I'll tell you all about it in the truck on the way to the house." 

I grabbed the remaining glove form the old box along with a few more items and we loaded that last box into the truck without saying a word. 

We got in the cab and headed off for the house we were renting on the edge of town. 

I was curious as hell, but I figured I'd let her be the first one to bring it up. 

My imagine ran a little wild. The thought of Lynda boxing was a big turn on for me. I could feel myself getting hard as I imagined various views of her pounding on my old girlfriends. A rear view as she pummeled Annie in the corner. A side view as she lifted some uppercuts to Beth' tits. A view from the other side as she hammered right and left hooks to Karin's face making her head snap from side to side and her hair fly all about. 

"I suppose you're wondering what those gloves were for" Lynda began. 

"Yeah, I guess you could say that" I answered. 

"I don't really know how to say this, so I'll just get right to the point. I like boxing. I like the way it feels when I work up a good sweat. I like the feeling I get when I punch. I like the way it feels when I hit someone." 

"And it's not just the exercise" Lynda continued. "It's more than that. It makes me feel horny too. I really get off on boxing - particularly with a guy". 

I was stunned. We had been going out for 4 months now and I didn't even know she liked to WATCH boxing, much less participate. 

"I've been kind of reluctant to tell you about this because it has caused problems before." 

"What do you mean?" I asked cautiously. 

"Well, the last couple of times I told my old boyfriends I got some bad reactions." 

"What do you mean - 'bad reactions'." 

Lynda took a deep breath. "Well, the first guy was so turned off he never called me again. I guess he just couldn't deal with it 

"But the second guy seemed to be OK at first. He started to joke around about it in front of his friends. It kind of embarrassed me. He kept pushing and pushing and we eventually got into a big argument that .. Well.. kind of got out of hand..." 

I didn't say anything. I just kept quiet. 

After a long pause Lynda went on "I sort of hit him. And knocked out one of his teeth" 

Lynda looked down again. I could see that she felt kind of ashamed. 

"Sounds like those guys were losers" I said with a smile. 

Lynda didn't answer. 

I figured as long as we were revealing secrets this was really a good opportunity to tell her one of mine. 

"You know, you aren't the only who finds boxing a turn-on." 

Lynda looked up at me. 

"As long as we're spilling our dark little secrets, here's one about me. I like the idea of women boxing. I even like the idea of me boxing against a woman. Sometimes when we are making love I imagine you wearing boxing gloves. I get really turned on by it." 

I paused. 

"And I really get turned on by the idea of you and me going at it with gloves." 

Now it was Lynda's turn to be stunned. She just looked at me with her mouth hanging open slightly. 

"Have you ever boxed before?" she asked. 

"No" I replied. "But I figure that would make us about even. I know I'm bigger, but I get the impression you've fought before, so that gives you a bit of an advantage too." 

Lynda just stared at me. 

"Oh shit"  I thought to myself. "Now I've really handn it. She must think I'm some kind of pervert" 

I glanced nervously over at Lynda. 

Then she smiled kind of slyly back at me. 

"You know what?" she asked. "I think maybe we should give this new house a little workout before we move everything in." 

I didn't know what to say. My cock went hard as a rock at the idea of me boxing Lynda. 

"I guess that's OK - if you're really up for it" I responded. 

Lynda just smiled, leaned over towards me and rubbed her hand on the inside of my thigh. With one finger she stroked the bulge in my shorts. 

"It's OK by me" she finally said. 

The rest of the trip seemed to take forever. Neither one of us talked much. 

Finally we pulled into the driveway of the house we had rented together. It was a nice little 2 bedroom ranch on the outskirts of town. The closest house was about a mile away, so we would have a lot of privacy. 

Without a word we got out of the truck. While I went to unlock the door Lynda went to the back of the truck and grabbed the boxing stuff. I waited nervously for her on the step. 

Lynda smiled at me as she went inside, and I knew from the twinkle in her blue eyes that she was excited and nervous too. 

The house was empty. Lynda went around and started closing all the shades to cover the windows. 

"Don't want any peeping Toms" she said. 

I made sure the front door was locked. 

The house had one of those "open" floor plans. There was a kitchen with a breakfast bar, and the rest of the space kind of flowed out into openness. It seemed like a lot of space with no furniture in the room. 

We just stood around looking at the room, not saying much of anything. 

Finally Lynda asked, "Are you really up for this?" 

I nodded my head. 

Lynda looked at me for a moment and then bent over to get the boxing stuff out of the carton. 

She tossed me a pair of small padded gloves. 

"I don't have any proper tape for our hands, so just use this. It should keep your hands from getting too sore." 

Next she threw over a pair of gloves and a mouthguard. 

While I slipped on the small padded gloves Lynda surprised me by stripping off her T-shirt and shorts. She was wearing black lycra leotard. A cobalt blue that held her breasts firmly, yet allowed her perky nipples to stick out. 

Lynda put her small gloves on and then reached back into the bag. 

"Hope it didn't break" I heard her mutter as she rummaged around in the box. 

While she groped inside the carton I took my own shirt off. 

I'm not an overly tall guy, about 5'-10". I swim and play softball for exercise, but I don't think I'd ever be confused with Adonis. I weigh about 160 lbs or so. 

I looked over at Lynda. Her short, strawberry blonde, curly hair framed her face. 

"Here it is" She said as she pulled some sort of clock form the bag. 

"It's a round timer. This way we can box for 2 minutes and then have a minute to rest in between." 

"Sounds fair enough to me" I answered, trying to hide my nervousness. 

"Are you sure you're up for this?" She asked again. 

I just nodded this time. 

Lynda Pulled her boxing gloves on and wrapped the Velcro straps around her wrists. I did the same. 

"Here's what I think" she began. "We keep it kind of light to start out with. Just to get the feel for it. If we want to make it more competitive we can always go there later - right?" 

"I guess so" I answered. "But I don't want to hurt you." 

Lynda laughed. "Thanks for your concern. 

"I'll try not to hurt you either" she added - kind of condescendingly. 

Lynda slipped in her mouthpiece and looked across at me. I adjust my gloves and put in my mouthpiece. 

"Ready?" she asked. 

I nodded and she hit the timer. DING! Went the clock. 

I kind of moved forward slowly with my hands up by my chin. I had never boxed before, but I had certainly watched a lot on TV. I stood with a conventional right handed stance and faced Lynda. 

Lynda tucked her chin down and moved smoothly towards me. 

She reached out her left glove and held it there for me to touch. 

"Good luck" she smiled at me. 

Then she started dancing on her toes. 

Lynda held her hands up kind of high as she circled around me. I plodded after her wondering what to do next. 

All of a sudden Lynda fired a left jab at me. It glanced off my left glove and grazed my temple. I was surprised by how fast she threw that punch. 

She jabbed at me again, but this time I managed to block it with my left. 

Lynda danced around to her left now. I tried a left jab that she blocked easily. 

"C'mon now honey." She said. "You can try harder than that." 

That remark made me a little mad, because I thought that was a pretty good punch. 

I tried another jab, harder and faster this time. She blocked it, but it pushed her own left glove back into her face a bit. 

"That's better" she said. "Part of the thrill for me is the competition" 

Lynda changed directions again and fired another jab. This one slipped between my gloves and pooped me on the nose. Not hard - but enough to make me take notice. 

We were both starting to work up a sweat now as we circled each other. I couldn't help but notice how her breasts bounced up and down inside that top of hers. And my cock was starting to get harder and harder. 

I tried a right hand lead next. I aimed at her face, but before I knew it Lynda slipped under the punch and I felt her right hand slam into my belly. 

"OOOmppph!" I gasped as the wind rushed out of me. My knees were a little weak after that shot. 

I held my hands a little higher now and crouched down some to protect mid body. 

As the round went on I tried to jab some more. Lynda blocked most of the punches or took them on her shoulders where they glanced off harmlessly. 

Lynda didn't throw many more punches during the  round. But when she did, she seemed to be trying to punch my own hands back into my face. 

The round seemed to last forever. Finally I heard the DING! As the timer went off. 

I dropped my guard and stepped back, not knowing what to do next. 

Lynda took her mouthpiece out to talk to me. 

"I don't want to sound patronizing" she said "but you're not putting up much of a fight. Are you afraid of hurting me?" 

"No that's not it" I answered. "This I is just all kind of new to me. I told you I never boxed before." 

"Well, better step it up for the next round honey, because I'm just getting warmed up now". 

With that Lynda put her mouthpiece back in and slapped her red gloves together. Moments later the timer went off for round two. 

I moved out a little faster this time. I was a little more embarrassed by Lynda thinking I was some kind of wimp. So I fired out my best jab of the fight. It was a satisfying punch that slipped right between Lynda's gloves and snapped her head back.. 

After a look of surprise, Lynda smiled. "That's more like it" she mumbled through her mouthguard. 

Lynda danced to her right and I tried a sweeping left hook. Lynda blocked it with her right elbow and popped me with a jab in the eye in return. This punch seemed harder than the others and it made me blink. 

The next thing I know I feel Lynda's right glove exploding on my chin. 

My legs go weak and I stumble forward. Lynda catches me and holds me against her. 

"Tell you what honey. If you put up a good fight I'll give you the best handjob you've ever had in your life" 

I was still a little fuzzy, but I understood what she was offering. My dick started to get hard again as I savored feeling her tits against my chest. 

But Lynda pushed me off, and I had to put my hand against the wall to steady myself. 

I straightened up and looked over at Lynda. There was a gleam in her eye that told me she was getting really aroused by this fight. 

Since a handjob was on the line I figured I'd better not disappoint her. 

I shook my head to clear it and sized her up. 

I jumped forward with my left trying to plant it right on her nose. As Lynda's arms went up to protect her face I whistled a right at her belly. 

The right hand landed with a loud thwack, but hitting her stomach was like hitting a wall. Lynda grunted as the punch hit home and sagged a little bit to her left. With my left hand I fired an uppercut of my own that slipped under her right elbow a slammed into Lynda's right breast. 

Lynda gasped and crouched to cover up. 

I backed off to survey my work. I knew that tit punch must have hurt her, but it was very satisfying for me. 

Lynda Looked at me and smiled "Now you're getting the hang of it" 

She circled slowly now. No more bouncing up and down, but more of a weaving - like a cobra. 

I tried another left jab, but she let it slip over her shoulder and fired a right hand to my ribs. 

I felt the leather thud home and I sagged from the impact. 

I backed off and looked her over. Lynda's face was shiny with sweat, and she was flushed from the excitement. She launched a jab of her own that I blocked. But doubled it up and landed cleanly on my eye. 

I circled to my right looking for an opening. I decided to try and out fox her. So I feinted with my left to her body. As she moved her guard down to block I whipped a straight right over the top. The punch landed cleanly and snapped her head back in a shower of sweat. 

Lynda stumbled backwards against the wall. I moved forward to follow up. 

In my excitement I left myself wide open. Lynda threw a right hand as I waded in that caught me flush on the jaw - stunning me. She followed with perfect left hook that spun my head the other way. 

I was in la la land. My legs went rubbery and I slumped forward against Lynda. I slid down her body to my knees, coming to rest with my head on her thigh. 

"No, no, no" she said. "You're not getting off that easily." 

I felt her grab the back of my head with her hands and she pulled my face into her crotch. I could feel her wet thighs against my cheeks and I could smell her excitement. It was like smelling salts. I could feel myself coming back to life as Lynda pushed her crotch into my face as gently squeezed my head with her thighs. 

DING! The time went off. 

Lynda Kept grinding against my face until I looked up at her. 

She smiled as she said "Feeling better now?" 

She pushed me back and walked away, leaving me to admire her. Those powder black leotard had ridden up her ass so that it looked like she was wearing a thong. 

I pulled myself up and walked over to Lynda. "Now what about that hand job you promised?" I asked. 

"I told you" she replied. "You're gonna have to earn it. Better get ready for the next round" 

I was a little bit dumbfounded. She wanted more? I was kind of torn, because I found this fight very arousing. But at the same time I was worried both about hurting Lynda, and after the last round about Lynda hurting me. 

"Nice tit shot that round" she offered. "They hurt like hell, but they really get my juices flowing, ya know?" 

I just stood there not knowing what to say. 

And then the timer rang again - DING! 

Lynda popped her mouthpiece back in. "Better do something honey, or you won't be awake to enjoy the post fight party" 

She punctuated that remark with a left jab. I managed to block it and backed off. 

What the hell was happening? Here I was, in an empty house getting beat up by my girlfriend and getting off on it. What was even wilder, was that she was enjoying getting hit by me too. 

Lynda circled me, peppering me with jabs. I was getting pretty good at blocking them. But at the same time I could sense her growing impatient with me. "There goes the handjob" I thought to myself. 

I decided that this round was going to be the end. I was going to give her a fight, or get my ass kicked in return. 

I lowered my head, covered up and bulled my way forward. I felt my shoulders crash into Lynda's arms making her lean backwards. 

Immediately I fired a right and left to her exposed belly. Lynda tried to cover up and back away, but I kept my head right on her shoulder. I could see right down her top, and the sight of the sweat running down her cleavage got me stiffer than I had been the entire fight. 

I managed to work my left arm inside her right arm and pried it away from her body. Quickly I ripped two right hands into her exposed breasts. 

I watched with delight as her tits smashed backwards and overflowed the top of her leotard. 

I kept pressing forward and managed to get her backed against the wall. 

Lynda tried to hammer some punches on the back of my head, but she couldn't get any leverage behind them. 

I lifted a right uppercut into her left breast and I heard Lynda give a little scream. 

I pressed her hard against the wall, and ground my cock against her thigh. The feeling was electric. 

I managed to get my right hand inside her guard and I used it to rub her squeeze her battered breasts. 

What a rush! 

I could hear Lynda breathing heavily in my ear. I turned my face to kiss her and had to separate a little bit from her body. 

I felt a sharp pain in my side as Lynda worked her right hand free and began pounding my ribs. 

I tucked my left elbow in to protect myself  and Lynda managed to spin away from the wall. 

I eyed her warily as she moved out towards the middle of the room. 

Her eyes flashed. "this is even better than I had dreamed" she whispered in a husky voice. 

I was really starting to get tired now, but I was still so aroused by the fight and Lynda's incredible body. 

Lynda smiled at me. "I think you've earned your handjob now. But the question is - will you be awake enough to enjoy it?" 

With that Lynda leaped in with an overhand right. My gloves went up to protect my head, but the punch caught me high on the temple and knocked me off balance. As I stumbled to regain my balance Lynda poured in. A left hook drove my own gloves back into my face so that I couldn't see the right uppercut that buried itself in my ribs. 

"Uunnnhhh!" I groaned as I sagged backwards. I backpedaled to stay away from her until I came up against the wall. I tried to spin away, but she was too fast for me. 

Another big right hand split my gloves and hammered me in the face, dazing me. 

Lynda reached back and ripped a left hook into my ribs, driving the air out of me again. 

I was in a fog, and everything started to seem like it was in slow motion. 

I could see the rippling of Lynda's muscles as she fired punch after punch into me. 

Her breasts swayed back and forth as she alternated throwing lefts and rights. 

A right hand to the belly almost doubled me over. Lynda started hammering away all over me. I could feel the leather slamming into my arms, my ribs and the side of my head. 

I tried to cover up, but suddenly I saw Lynda's gloved fist coming right at my face. 

It was a right uppercut. And was bent over. The punch caught me flush and snapped my head - and whole body up and back.. 

I fell back against the wall and my hands dangled at my side. I was in dream land, and all I could see was Lynda in her boxing gloves smiling at me. She tapped her gloves together and ripped a left hook that crashed into my jaw. 

Again, as if in slow motion I saw Lynda's muscles ripple as she drew back to throw a right uppercut. I could see the individual beads of sweat clinging to her body, the sinews of her pectoral muscles in her cleavage as she started the punch. Her leather glove flew upwards towards me and smashed my mouth. 

I literally saw stars as I fell forward against Lynda. I could fee her quivering as she let me slowly slide down her body. My face felt the smoothness of her leotard, that hardness of her nipples, the sweat on her abs and thighs before I landed on my side on the carpet. 

"Guess you won't be around to enjoy this after all" she smiled. 

And he last thing I remember is Lynda taking off one glove, reaching down and taking out my cock. Smiled as she put it in her hand. My whole body shuddered when she start to stroke my dick.. 

And that is when I passed out.

She was right. I never even got to enjoy the handjob. But she did promise me a chance to earn one again - and maybe next time I'll be able to stay awake for it. 

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