strong muscle gymnast woman kicks a him in the balls


Darla and I met in college 9 years ago in California. We were part of a great group of friends, maybe 40 in size, that were always hanging around and sharing the college good times. We were tight and friendly and loyal and had so much fun over the 4 years in college that none of us will ever forget it.

Darla and I were super very close and she was a confident of mine and visa versa. Darla was a big girl, 5'7 and over 200lbs and a sweetheart, funny, smart and very cute. She really was a VERY pretty girl with big boobs due to her weight I figured and sadly never dated in college. I confided in her like nobody else. We were never physical as you might assume her physical-ness was never a turn on. I am 5'11 175 and very athletic. That all being said we were great friends. I am not a "player" but have always had a girlfriend and like many in college I slept with a bunch of women. And Darla knew ALL of this as like I said I confided in her and spent many a night getting high or drinking and just talking to her for hours. A few times she has made "advances" towards me but I always went with" let's stay friends" and that was true ... but I would never date a heavy woman and yes I know that may be shallow but like everything else I am going to say it is true and accurate. She loved my stories of "conquest" with other women and I gave her All the details all the time since we were such great friends.


Someone from the group decided to have a 10- year reunion and based on the emails the bunch of us were all going to attend this bash in NYC, people including me were going to fly in and look forward to seeing everyone. We all stayed in contact over the years via electronic media. Darla traveled thru Europe after graduation for 2 years sending me pics of all the cool places she
went and we would speak on the phone and do email all the time. When she came back she got a job as a graphic artist and was left a lot of money when her grandparents died and was living well in NY. I on the other hand was living in California and doing well in IT for a very well known company. My love life was exciting and by the time the reunion came I was "almost" engaged to a beautiful and great lady a few years older than me. Life was good all around.


The rumor about Darla was that she looked amazing and lost a bunch of weight which I thought was GREAT and I looked forward to seeing her as well as my other friends with whom I have not seen in a while. I was very excited when I entered this restaurant and was told to go upstairs to the private room and was immediately thrilled to see all of my friends. Hugs and kisses were everywhere and it was as good as I expected, actually better!!! Out of the corner of my eye I spot Darla and ran right over to her and she looked great. I was SO happy to see her and overjoyed that she looked so well. She was wearing a baggyish top and jeans and her hair looked amazing, she looked alive and happy and it was clear she lost a lot of weight and we embraced for a while. Wow, I immediately said to myself that this is one strong hug but whatever, right? I liked her so much it was great to see her.

We went off to a corner and started talking and talking and doing shots with a bunch of other people. We were really catching up and she mentioned she does a graphic designing and "some other things" that we can talk about later. Well, OK sure I said. She mentioned she was left this great apartment in the city and that I have to check it out which was fine too. For a while we went our
different ways at the party to mix and socialize but at the end of the night we got together again, both drunk but happy. The whole group agreed to do dinner the following night.


Darla and I drank some more and we were both a little more than tipsy when she suggested I sleep in her place for the night since it was just 2 blocks away and she had 4 bedrooms which is huge for NY and I agreed. My hotel was about 5 blocks away which is also no big deal but staying with Darla was perfect. Why not, we were great friends. On the way there she grabbed my arm like a good female friend would do and when she felt my bicep she said, oh boy seems that someone has been hitting the weights. I smiled and flexed it a little as she held it and said, you know me I have always lifted weights and worked out and like having muscles and she smiled and rubbed it a little and thought she was getting turned on. Darla was always into me and my body and loved hearing about all the times I slept with the various lovely girls in college and always wanted All the details which I was happy to tell her. And she said, you always had a great body Danny. She was one of very few people who ever called me Danny as I preferred Daniel but it was one of those special things we shared. We walked a little more and she said yeah me too, I have been lifting weights and doing a LOT of working out
since college and have actually lost a lot of weight. I told her that she looked amazingly great and I was proud of her and she thanked me for that comment as it was sincere. The whole time she was massaging my bicep which I thought was strange but since we have a lot of history between us plus she was drunk I was cool with it. Then as we entered her beautiful doorman apartment building she asked, so how are those abs, rock solid I bet. Hmm, I said yeah well I do a lot of sit-ups and stuff, how about you I asked thinking that was an out of the blue question. She laughed and said I actually do a lot of that too, you'll see soon. I thought, I will see soon? OK whatever.


The apartment was huge, 3000 square feet and 4 bedrooms and decorated beautifully as far as I can tell. Her grandparents must have been loaded. As she is showing me around she opened one of the bedroom doors and it was covered by a gym mat and had some dumbbells in the corner and I noticed none were lighter than 25" which is what I use. The others were 30, 35 and 40's. I asked what goes on in here and I turned towards her and she smiled and she said, well I may as well tell you the real story now. The real story, I asked? Yeah, she said and she faced me where we were pretty much chest to chest and Darla, maybe because she was so heavy in college always had huge breasts. Overall, she was just a big boned lady which was cool. So, I said, OK what's the real story? She said, well first of all in college I weighed over 200lbs and she gave me a look and I said, OK so what?? You were and will always be is MY great friend Darla no matter what the scale says, so what?? She thanked me and said, well now I weigh 160lbs and I said THAT'S GREAT AND YOU LOOK AMAZING and am glad you are healthy. She smiled and she said well there is more, OK what, spit it out please you are making me nervous now are you OK? After college I was told I was pre diabetic and had high blood pressure and that I better lose weight or I will die young. And when I heard that I said, GOD DMAN IT THAT'S ENOUGH. So I had this big sit-down with my parents and after some needed psychological therapy I left for Europe to travel but more importantly to get a new lifestyle, a healthy one and I was DETERMINED to lose weight. After a full year of exercise and changing my diet I went down to 140lbs!!!! It was crazy and I felt great and looked great and was finally happy. From there I found a "certain kind" of exercise that I LOVE PLUS weight training and added about 20lbs of muscle to that 140 and here I am. I stood there so happy for her and also very curious since if she is lifting those kinds of weights in this room then this girl is wowwee strong but more likely it is left over from some guy she is dating which would be great!!!! She continued, Well, I am a graphic artist but I have another job too. OK Darla why so mysterious, what's going on here? She looked up at me and said I am also a bodyguard. What? What's a bodyguard, what do you mean as I was confused. Whose body, what?? She stepped back and took off her top and I was BLOWN AWAY. What the fuck Darla? There was my formerly rather heavy friend, OK fat friend, who now had this incredibly sexy and SOOOO muscular physique I was tongue tied. Darla, what the heck? With that she started posing and showing off this most amazing body. So you like she said. Darla you look amazing and I went to go squeeze this softball sized bicep and it was as solid as mine if not more. I
stepped back and was just silent and staring and stunned. I could not believe my eyes!!!!!! There she is, wearing this sexy leotard, her body was simply to die for, her big breasts still big but you can easily see all the muscle underneath it as they bounced as she flexed. Her abs looked flat and tight although I could not see that much muscle but that was PERFECTLY fine as she blew me away. Darla was very into parading around and showing it off for me. Under that baggy blouse I had no idea I said and she said yeah I know I don't usually like to intimidate men. WTF, intimidate men? Darla? OMG Darla you are incredible. I saw the nipples in her very big tits popping through and I felt my cock getting way too hard in front of my dear friend. Being as big boned as she was her arms were huge and the muscles popped off like I could not imagine, they had to be 15-16 inches, not as defined as some but I saw amazing power in those arms for sure. Her breasts were always really big since she was heavy but now they were still big, likely D cups, but they too looked like there was a lot of muscle in that chest. I was super impressed and happy for her!!


She told me she has been weight training and dieting for almost 8 years now as well as studying wrestling and boxing and was approached one day by a wealthy guy in the gym to play bodyguard for his wife and from there people heard about me and I am officially and licensed as a bodyguard. I do it all the time for both men and women. I was awestruck. Wow Darla this is AMAZING. It got very quiet and she said, so how about wrestling me for old time sakes and see what you got. What? Darla, I do not want to hurt you so no let's get some coffee or something. Darla, you are a great friend and a woman and never the best athlete in town so why in the world would you want to fight me??? Listen to me girl, you look awesome, seriously incredible with the hardest and sexiest body around but fighting you is out of the question dear. She walked towards me and said, you hurting me? I think you may be surprised what I can do nowadays and she did this huge double bicep pose that was awesome, sexy and yes intimidating. She said, let's do the best of 5 falls, OK, I want you to experience what I have learned.


And she leaves the room and comes back in this gym leotard. Darla are you serious? Fuck yes I am, just get all your clothing off and she pushes me very hard against the wall which pissed me off. OK Darla, let's do this fast and I took off all my clothing and said let's go. She had this shit eating grin on her face and went to the middle of the mat. So I am circling her not knowing what I should do but figured I would get her in a headlock and have her submit and then call it a night and go to sleep. Next thing I know she dives towards my knees and I drop to the floor and she gets behind me puts me down and gets behind me and puts me in a choke hold and I started to panic. I could not remove her grip, not a prayer, and she whispers in my ear, " imagine all those girls you fucked in college seeing you like this" I could not even get a response out as she was choking me. I was in real panic mode. Next thing she whispers "have a good nap" and that was it, SHE KNOCKED ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I woke up I don't know how much later with
her sitting next to me rubbing my chest and asking if I had a good nap and if  I was ready for fall #2 . WTF??? I stood up and I was pissed off. Did that just happen? I was rubbing my neck and could not even look at her in her eyes.


OK Darla, no fucking around now let's go as I shook the cobwebs out of my head. We were both bent over and I went to grab for her and for whatever reason I punched her in her stomach. She immediately jabbed me 3x in my face and said NO PUNCHES! My head was spinning as she just PUNCHED ME IN MY FACE THREE TIMES with such ease it was sick plus my nose started bleeding. I said, what the fuck and she said YOU punched me first big boy and if you want to box that is cool but first honor your commitment to wrestle. WOW I was pissed off, I was confused, I was in a place I was never in before and I wanted to end this NOW and I was determined to use all of my manly strength to pummel her. OK Darla, let's do this and then we can move on. I dove at her legs but she moved out of the way and said "nice try " and laughed out loud in my face and I was frustrated as fuck. And no matter what I did I could not grab her so I just rushed at her and she moved out of the way and tripped me to the floor and after a nice thud she got on my back and grabbed my chin and started to pull so hard I yelled out in pain as her knees were in the small of my back.

Horrible pain!!!! I never felt anything like that in my life and again I was helpless. She let go and my neck was killing me and she grabbed both of my arms as she sat on my back and pulled back with a force I thought she was going to break me in half and I was screaming in pain and she asked if I was giving up and I said FUCK YOU bitch which was uncalled for since she was my friend but I said it. She kept pulling and the tears of pain were running down my face, my nose was throbbing and I was in serious trouble and I heard her laughing which was making me more angry than I have ever been in my life ...

She finally let go but I could not move since I was in so much pain and needed some time and she simply put me in another choke hold and AGAIN choked me out unconscious. It was awful and I was freaking out. When I awoke this time she had me on my back and I was pinned to the mat with her breasts hanging in my face. She asked me if I was OK and I just looked up at her and said, what the hell is going on here? She said, you agreed to wrestle me and I wanted you to see the new me. Still pinned I said, this is unreal let me up I demanded. Look baby, don't give me orders, OK? I just put you to sleep TWICE and could have really hurt you if I wanted too and now I have you school boy pinned so be careful how you speak to me. OK Darla, PLEASE let me go and let's finish this.

She released me and sat on my stomach and flexed those god damn huge muscles and asked me if I liked them. I just stared up at her and went to grab them to feel them and surprisingly I moaned when I did and we both laughed. She jumped off and said OK still have three more left are you ready or ready to quit or want to try some boxing? I said boxing? She laughed and said, well based on what happened a few minutes ago boxing may not be a great idea and she laughed and touched my sore nose and said, but we should try it at some point since I am sure you are not feeling very manly now, are you? Fuck this I said, lets wrestle some more and I was very determined. I stood up and was a little woozy and I banged the wall out of frustration and faced her as she was just standing there staring at me. She looked amazing in her leotard and then pointed to the ceiling and I asked what she was pointing at and she said look, there are 4 cameras recording all of this. I flipped, WTF are you doing that for?????


I walked over to her and got in her face and she said, ooooo, I like you acting tough maybe you won't fight like a wussy and give me some competition. And by the way lover the reason why I Always video these things is to learn from them but in this case since I sooo easily dominate you it may not be the best learning experience for me and she laughed. OMG I was so ready to fight now. OK Darla, let's do this, #3, get ready to suffer some pain my friend. I was super determined to save myself some more humiliation and grab my formerly fat friend, BUT IS STILL A WOMAN, and pin her or do something to make her submit. I had to. I was serious and ready to break her and then walk away a man and never fight her again. One good pin or put her in enough pain for her to remember who I am. So I circled her and grabbed her hands and started to apply pressure but instead it was her who bent my fingers back hard enough to drop me to my knees begging for her to stop. As I was on my knees she was mocking me and telling me how weak I was and asking me if all of those women I slept with would think I am so hot now. Meantime I was in serious pain, and I mean serious pain as I saw as I watched this video ELEVEN times. I was ready to submit but she let go and started walking around me telling me to fight like a man, if I could. It took me some time to get my shit together but eventually I stood up but had no idea what to do. So I stepped back and ran at her figuring I would tackle her to the ground and do something. So I ran towards her and put my head down but instead of me doing anything she flipped me over her hip and I landed with a THUD, although not hurt but I laid there
saying shit this sucks. I cannot believe this!!! I get up again and she is smiling ear to ear and tells me, Danny boy why don't we just stop fighting before I hurt you and that big erection you have. Fuck, I knew I had it of course and was puzzled why except her body was really awesome and I was not sure she knew but that was pretty dumb. Embarrassed I said, you know baby you were always a fat chick that wanted this cock, we both know that, so I am going to beat you like a fucking rug and then I will grant you permission to blow me, so let's see what you got. She paused and said, that was terribly insulting AS YOU KNOW, and now I am going to fight just a little bit harder and make you apologize. It was on!!! And I said, OK baby, BRING IT!!!


Which she responded with, I am not your baby, Danny, just a muscular friend who is going to totally change your life ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .just like I have done to others you know!!!


Really, I said well fuck you I shouted and I started to grab and push her the best I could but every time I did she pushed me away and laughed and called me a weak pussy. I went to push her and accidentally my hands went into her face pretty hard. I was going to apologize but before I could she threw 2 jabs into my nose again! Fuck you I yelled, what the fuck? As my nose bled and the jabs were so fast and strong I never saw her throwing them and I felt my head jerk back and the blood was flowing AGAIN from my sore nose. She got very serious looking and got into a very intimidating boxing stance and said, OK Danny if this is what you want, bare fisted fighting then let's do it. CMON!!!! While she was in this boxing stance her arms looked huge, I mean those biceps were in a softball sized look to them and she certainly appeared like she knew what she was doing and I wanted no part of this at the moment. So I said, with my nose bleeding and tears in my eyes from those 2 jabs, NO I DO NOT WANT TO BARE FIST FIGHT WITH YOU ... YET>>>BUT I WILL.. Let's finish wrestling. She stayed in that position for a few more seconds and looked really pissed off, more than I ever saw her in all the years we were friendly ... ... ... ... ... SO I began doing the same thing, pushing and grabbing when she suddenly steps in and once again throws me over her shoulder leading to another big THUMP of me on the mat. I laid there for a second waiting for her to jump on me but she did not. I turned around and there she stood, hands on hips, waiting for me. I get up and tried to grab her into some hold and we got close and then horror and I mean real horror for me. While standing she gets me into a hold called a guillotine, which means she was choking me out as I stood, as we both stood.

It hurt like hell and reflexively I started punching her in her legs and ribs and she did not make a sound or was affected by these punches AT ALL. My neck felt like it was breaking off and it was becoming difficult to breathe and I was in panic mode once again. When I watched this on the video it was really scary since in that position her arm muscles looked fucking scary big, the definition in her shoulders and triceps looked like they are- DANGEROUS-DEVELOPED-POWERFUL and I was in serious trouble. In the video you can see me punching her and then my whole body goes limp - like I was dead - and she let go and I dropped to the mat not moving a muscle. She stood over me with her fists clinched looking so powerful and mean I was glad I was unconscious and did not have to see this. I laid there for 2 minutes and 4 seconds and then started to move around a little as she stood over me just staring down. A very small puddle of blood underneath me from my bloody nose appeared. She got to her knees and grabbed me by the hair and I did not resist since I was still dizzy.

She got in my face and said, OK lover, two more falls, do you think you are man enough for one more or have you had enough after Three knockouts bitch? Her face was an inch from mine and her big breasts were touching my chest and I reached up to grab her arm and it felt like a rock and I knew I could not compete with her. This is insane I said, let me up, we have to finish this now and she smiled a big one. I stood up and I had this gigantic erection and I was humiliated, and had no idea why. She immediately saw it and walked over to me and put her hands on it and said, OH wow this is the big cock that all the girls wanted? And she laughed out loud. She said, how much fun we could have with this later and just stared at me. Ready for the next fall?????


She lies down on the mat and said, OK Danny come here and let's start and you can get me in any position you want. With her back on the mat and stretching her neck to give me these orders I saw something that floored me. While in that position I could easily see the muscles in her stomach- through her bathing suit, through the layers of fat ( she was NOT fat but she was not defined/skinny either) and I was in awe. I could see a 4 pack easily and I said something, I said what I saw, Wow I can see very defined muscles in your abs!!! She laughed and did some real flexing to showoff and said, Danny are you just stupid or what, I told you I am a real life bodyguard and I fight all the time and having abs is part of the deal. You know I spent 17 months doing mixed martial arts in Korea? I had no idea I just knew you were traveling a lot and you did mention Korea of course but never the fighting. As she stayed in that position with her nipples getting hard and my cock throbbing like never before she described some of her ab exercises and it was really turning me on. I asked her to stay there and I got her in my own choke hold but did not apply any pressure and asked her if this was OK to start? She laughed and said yes and then yelled go. I tried but she wiggled and turned her body so fast she was out of it in seconds as we were both on our knees now with her smiling at me with a look of confidence which was easy for her to have. She reached out and grabbed me in a headlock and applied so much pressure I thought she would break my damn skull and I was about to tap out and she let me go as I stayed on my knees trying to get myself together when she got behind me and put me in a full nelson that was causing SEVERE back and neck pain and she was verbally fucking with me saying things like: Seems like someone is about to cry in pain, who would ever thought, huh, Danny, and if I were you I would just give up and accept the facts ... and I was about to give up too since at that point I did not care about how I looked to her but more concerned about her breaking my neck!!! She let go of me and pushed my face to the mat and I was moaning in pain at that point. She then used her huge thick legs and put her legs around my waste and put so much pressure on I was once again scared she was going to break my fucking ribs as she STILL was verbally screwing with me. First posing her muscles and playing with her big breasts and asking me if I still had that big ol' Danny erection and laughed and she would ease up and then squeeze some more and it was horrific until she rolled off me and stood up and dared me to do so. I wanted to smash her in her face at that point. I stood up and she did not stop talking for a second and all of it was demeaning and nasty plus I was a ball of sweat and panic while she looked calm and cool. I was breathing hard, my neck, back and ribs hurt but I was determined to get back on this last fall. I was grabbing at her hands when she ended up grabbing ME and bringing me into her and AGAIN a guillotine hold and I did not have the energy to resist and was choked out in 6 seconds and dropped to the mat and laid there, STILL, for 1 minute and 9 seconds until I moved.


She stood there in her one piece bathing suit was in all of her glory, dressed to kill and powerful standing over me. I woke up and could focus at first as I saw her standing there but eventually
I did and she did make a statement with that body that is for sure. Her arms were all pumped up from beating the shit out of me and she knelt down with those big tits inches from my face and started talking in baby talk to me. Does Danny feel OK? Does Danny feel emasculated now? Danny likes the new me and she flexes her massive biceps and runs her hands over her breasts and down her abs and mutters " I know you do, baby". I was still on my back in awe. She reminded me how I was just put to sleep 4x in less than an hour and smiled this shit eating grin and she stood up and extended her hand and brought me up to her leotard clad body. When she did the rush of blood got me dizzy again and she held me so I would not fall and held me for a good minute. I felt pathetic in some ways regarding what just happened but I was turned on too in some ways. She turned me around towards her and kissed me, with passion and took my cock and even though I said NO a few times I exploded a huge orgasm of cum in her hands and up her forearm as I shuddered an amazing orgasm that I really did not want to happen. She held me with her other hand as I came since I could have easily collapsed and I grabbed her arm that was holding me and it was AMAZING in its size and strength. It was crazy. When I finally came too after the orgasm she was looking dead in my eyes and said, now Danny, you just made a mess and scooped the cum off her arm and hand and forced fed it to me so strong that I began to gag. I NEVER ate my own cum, ever, and here I am being beaten with ease by my best friend, literally choked out 4x and now I just ate my own cum. With my back against the wall and cum dripping down my own mouth I was chest to chest with her, the NEW her and did not know what to say or do.


She told me I look like shit which was no news of course, I was naked and humiliated, my cock was down, I had cum in my own mouth and I was looking at the most powerful person, woman or man, that I ever encountered. She stepped back and said, I know you are confused, me too baby, but you are seeing a little of the new me. I just shook my head yes. She said, you are pretty weak to be honest but that's fine. So was Kenny and Syd. What??????????????????? She said, yah, I beat those two worse than you a few years back. WTF. I just saw them at the reunion and had no idea. Both of these guys are my size and even more athletic and well holy shit I cannot believe it!!! She disappeared and brought back some water and boxing gloves. She said, well we should wrap this up with some boxing like you agreed to since wrestling you again will only be more of the same, don't you think?, I nodded a yes but was freaked out standing there naked, cum in my mouth, being knocked out 4x and staring at this new powerful woman who looked amazing. WTF, I said, listen Darla, you are unreal, what just happened I cannot wrap my mind around, what you have created here with your body is just incredible. But in boxing in the state I am in I am afraid I will go ALL out and I am serious here. If we box I may hurt you and yes I know you punched me already but as you saw I did not punch you back so let's just try to talk about all that we just did, including the sex thing.

She was drinking water and smiling through all of what I was saying and she turns to me and said;;;;; OK here is the deal Danny, take off your jeans if you want, I don't care, and put on these 12 oz. gloves and the mouthpiece, its clean so don't worry and we are going to box 6 rounds and each one will be just 2 minutes and I have a timer too. Totally ignored me. And after I punch your half a man lights out I will fuck you better than all those women fucked you and after the great Danny back in college and I am sure you had your share after school too. And then she threw the gloves in my face!!!!

She had a small device that was a timer and she banged on it and said OK lets go. We circled each other and she landed 9 jabs to my face- it was crazy. Watching this on video was absolutely unbelievable I swung angry wild punches at her and all were caught on her gloves or shoulders. She was talking the whole time and all insults. Three more jabs to my nose and the blood once again was flowing and my face was red. She held her hands high which left her abs open and I actually landed 2 strait rights to her abs but there was no effect at all and she smiled and invited me to try it again and held her hands high as my nose bled a lot down my chest. When I moved in to punch her once again 3 jabs to my face and right left hook to my body fucking killed me when the buzzer rang. I was breathing hard, bleeding and a mess. She walked to the other end of the room and asked, so Danny, how do you think you are doing? Want to quit yet? I could feel my face swelling and I was tired. I ignored her when the timer went off for round two. I gingerly walked towards her as she waved me over to fight like a man as she said. I was getting close and decided to go for it. I threw HARD and wild shots that she ducked and blocked with ease and then landed a short right hook to my jaw and that was the first time I actually saw stars in my life. I was woozy from that one punch and as I watched the video tape it was clear she could have ended it right there but instead she just lightly threw some jabs into my already puffy face and danced around me. I was so wppzy from that one punch when I went to take a step I looked like the person who thinks there is not another step on the staircase but there really is and I stumbled. Never felt that way and this was my first fight of my life too. I stood there like an asshole but was too dizzy to move.

After a while I walked towards her to get back at her in some way and ended up with her back against the wall and me throwing a lot of punches into her stomach and NONE of it meant shit. So she spins me around where MY back is against the wall and she throws two uppercuts to my gut and the second one, and I am telling the exact truth here since I saw it on video, the second punch lifted me off the ground and I dropped like someone shot me. I was rolling around the floor UNABLE to get up OR breathe. It was the most horrible time of my life up to that point. Never had that much pain or fright in my life. She put me down for 2 minutes and 34 seconds before I could manage to get to all 4's and even then the pain was too much to handle. At this point her gloves were off and threw them down at me and said, "you're done" and she was berating me and telling me how easy she took it on me and how she could have knocked my "shit " out cold by hitting me in my jaw and this was better for me. On hindsight she was correct but at that point I was feeling so low I could not concentrate.

After a while she took me into the bathroom to clean me up. I sat at the end of the tub as she took cold compresses to my swollen eye and nose and and my head was swirling. My eyes kept going up and down all over her leotard clad body and she knew it and loved it and my cock once again was raging with an erection. She talked to me the whole time. All about herself, giving me more details about these past 10 years and why she got into fighting and lifting weights and how much she loved it. She talked about the amount of weight she can lift, she spoke about beating up my friends, she talked about the women she has knocked out barefisted, she talked about her time in Korea, she talked about all the men she has slept with and she talked A LOT about her body. Occasionally she would flex and sometimes took one of my free hands and ran it over her arms or abs and then took both of my hands and put it over her D cups and flexed those chest muscles and I have to say I was TOTALLY in to it. Amazing. She stood up and grabbed my head and I knew just to
eat her out and doing this to her was surreal and doing it after so many beatings was just crazy. She came pretty fast and was loving it. She said, OH was always curious what that was going to be like and then kissed me passionately. She mentioned that those two guys I knew, friends in our circle from college, were both fair in bed and cried a lot after their beatings. I just shook my head because I know they saw us talking, everyone did, and I bet they knew what was going to happen. She stood up and grabbed my hand and she told me it is time for me to shower her but first brush my teeth. HUH?? Brush your teeth? Yes and she stared at me and I did exactly that, I brushed her teeth. A first for everything. Then I showered her, every inch and I mean every inch of that body was showered while she did not touch me at all and I had a raging erection. Once she was clean she told me to "shower up" which I did and I met her in the bedroom where she straddled my face still in her leotard. She fucked my face long and hard, romantically, like I was never fucked in my life, no exaggeration. Walking into the bedroom and seeing her sitting up on the king sized bed in her leotard and knowing how much she ALWAYS wanted to sleep with me was awesome yet surreal still. I sat on the bed next to her and she asked me if I was OK? I told her I was sore and she reminded me again that she could have hurt me a lot worse. She told me that she has had her share of one punch knockouts and reminded me how strong she is. She stood up and I followed and we kissed a long time as my hands went all over her body and I made sure to compliment her the whole time which she enjoyed. Her nipples were hard and she told me her pussy was wet and she laid down on the bed and told me to come over and massage her.


She was thick and solid and I kept saying, "I cannot believe what just happened". She sat up and when she did I saw her abs contract which was amazing and she grabbed my face and said "tell me what happened baby". And I said, well, uh, well, you beat me. She smiled and said, not exactly. Danny, I choked you out FOUR FUCKING TIMES and nearly broke your back and neck doing so and then boxed you bloody and swollen and took mercy on you and knocked you out by body blows instead of just punching you in your face, got it????? It was silent for a second and she said, OK Danny, I ask you again, what happened??? And dutifully I repeated exactly what she said and she nodded approval and said, Danny baby, remember that, got it? Yes ma'am I said and she smiled. After that she took control and rode my face long and hard and was in total control and I loved it. I fell asleep on her breasts, like I was the woman and her the man and slept from 6AM- 3PM while my mind went crazy. When we woke up she stretched in her leotard, we talked a LOT about what happened and we made love again, her on top and me kissing every inch of her wet crotch.



When she released me I was harder than a rock and she knew it and asked me if I wanted to jerkoff in front of her. WTF????? What did she just say????? I have never been asked or ever thought of such a thing but she was dead serious and she started posing for me and with that leotard on she looked crazy sexy and to my surprise I did exactly that, I jerked off while standing up and as I was about to cum she grabbed my other hand to make sure I caught it all. My back against the wall, breathing hard and feeling great with my eyes wide opened looking at her as she posed and talked to me during this short process. She guided my cum filled hand towards my mouth and said, OK Danny it is breakfast time so make sure you suck every tiny drop into your mouth or I may just beat the FUCKING CRAP out of you again. And I did EXACTLY what she said. We walked back to my hotel so I could get dressed and meet our friends for dinner. The last demeaning thing that happened was before dinner and still in my hotel room she asked me to tell her what happened last night and I repeated everything back to her as she liked.

She then asked me if I was going to tell my girlfriend that she was beaten up and fucked and jerked off in front of her old college friend? I was not sure how to answer this and I told her I was not sure. She walked over to me and without putting her hands on me and chest to chest she kissed me with my back to the wall and asked me if I was OK? Again, not sure how to answer that Darla, is that OK?? I know this is hard for you baby as things have changed a lot for me and for us but apparently you liked what you saw since your erection is once again getting huge, does your girlfriend do this to you as she held my cock. No Darla, she does not. Did not think so. By the way you are pretty good in bed baby and she laughed out loud and I did too and thanked her. You know Danny, she said, we were always VERY good at telling each other our real feelings. She walked towards me and put her face inches from mine. So tell me, how do you feel about what happened? Are you scared of me now? Pinned against the wall and feeling her chest against mine and looking right into her eyes I said NO I was not scared of you because I know you would never hurt me, and she nodded a yes and said that is right. I continued, it is not easy to accept that , well, um, well ... ..and she said " that I can beat the shit out of you in wrestling and could easily put you to sleep like a little bitch? I looked at her and said, please don't talk to me that way. She said, and you know if I bring these fists towards your face I can SO fuck you up Way beyond what you have experienced so far, you know that right? I put my hands over her biceps and rubbed them and said, yes Darla you can and have done all of that and I am having a hard time with it all, it is rather sudden you know. I said, I realize you are a lot stronger than me, I realize you can fight which is mind blowing and your body is super sexy and powerful. I know it all. And yes Darla, you can rip my ass apart in boxing or fist fighting too. She laughed out loud and said, not the same fat chick, huh? And I said, no Darla not the same fat chick at all. Now I am not sure what to do with you Danny. What does that mean and she got very quiet but kept me pinned against the wall. I jumped in and said, PLEASE DO NOT BEAT ME UP AGAIN DARLA, I really do not want that feeling again and I saw that pleased her. She laughed and said, no worries baby nobody is going to beat you up ... .for now. Darla, can I do anything for you before we go to dinner?

Yes, she said, you can get on the floor and I want to sit on your face with my pussy and I want you to eat me out like the champ you are, OK? I tried to move but her body strength had me pinned against the wall and she laughed and said, going somewhere? We both laughed and I said, OK please let me go Ms. Muscles Beauty and I will suck that pussy dry for you. She looked passive and pulled aside a crotch of her leotard and let me pass and I lied on the floor in the hotel and she sat on my face and I ate her out as she wanted. Her wet, delicious pussy was fun to eat and hearing her orgasm was great. She got off me and we both went to the bathroom to clean up and the whole time I was looking at her still not believing what she did over the past 10 years and how turned on I was and lethal she has become. Still tough to wrap my head around it all.


We held hands all the way to the dinner and walked in to face my friends and especially the two she beat up.

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!