leotard woman vs man boxing match


I looked across the worn ring at Lisa and adjusted my mouthguard nervously. It felt too big for my mouth, but that was probably because I wasn't used to it. I pounded my gloves together as I waited for my opponent to set the timer for our fight.


This was my very mixed boxing match. In fact, it was my very first boxing match period.


How I found myself standing across the ring from a lovely 28 year old woman is a story in and of itself. But I was there and the bout was about to happen.


Lisa stepped back into the ring and adjusted her mouthguard too. She was about 5'-7" tall, and probably weighed about 135 pounds or so. She looked perfectly fit in her one piece swimsuit. The legs were cut high, accenting her long sinewy legs. There was a cutout in the midsection of her suit that revealed a flat stomach. It wasn't rippling with muscles, but it hinted at a hard layer of muscle underneath. The neckline scooped down and revealed a little bit of cleavage as her breasts jutted out firmly and prominently from her chest. Lisa's strawberry blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail and her blue eyes were all business as she stared across the ring at me.


I felt a lot of nervous energy running through me as I danced on my toes. I could feel the extra few pounds I carried jiggling as I waited for the bell.




The bell rang loudly and clearly to signal the start of our fight. I moved out towards Lisa, shuffling my feet forward, holding my hands high and trying to remember to keep my elbows in.


Lisa met me at the center of the ring and extended one of her small red gloves towards me. I cautiously put out my own left hand and touched gloves with her. She pushed my glove away as soon as it made contact and I could sense that this was not going to be easy. Lisa had easily moved my arm. Already she was one up in the mind games department.


I backed off and started to circle to my right, hearing the shuffling of my feet on the canvas of the ring. Lisa moved fluidly and she moved her head back and forth like a cobra. It was a mesmerizing pattern, seemingly random. I looked for an opening and fired a left jab at her face.


Lisa was quick. She ducked slightly down and to the right and the punch sailed past her ear. As I brought my left hand back Lisa uncoiled a right hook. I felt the punch thud into my unprotected ribs. It made a loud "Thwack" as it sent a flash of pain up and down my left side. I grunted involuntarily and quickly brought my elbows back in to cover up. 


Lisa smiled confidently at me and flicked out a left jab towards my face. I almost panicked in my hurry to block it, but I managed to use my right glove to deflect the punch. "That wasn't so hard" I thought to myself.


The little red gloves were a bit of a contradiction. Filled with padding they were soft and supple as you put them on. But when you balled your hand into a fist they were transformed into solid battering rams, capable of inflicting surprising damage.


I continued to circle to my right and decided that it was time to see how quick Lisa was. I faked a jab to see her reaction. Again she ducked a little down and to the right, intending to slip under the blow and counter to my ribs. I faked a right hand and got the same reaction.


I was starting to get warmed up now. I could feel the sweat building on my forehead and on my upper back. As I moved about the ring I was starting to get a little less nervous and my muscles were loosening up too.


Lisa suddenly planted her left foot and pivoted hard, whipping her left hand around in a hook towards my face. Immediately I leaned back and tucked my chin while raising both hands to block the incoming punch. The blow knocked my own right glove back into my face and I didn't see the straight right hand that buried itself in my stomach. 


My breath whooshed out of me and I doubled over. I didn't go down, but my knees were wobbly. It was as though the punch has disconnected my legs from the rest of me. I tried to use them to get away from Lisa, but they seemed to be slow in responding. I crouched over trying to protect my face and my body, holding my gloves close to my face, peeking between them to see what Lisa was up to next. 


Lisa fired another left hook at me that I blocked and followed it a straight right, which I also blocked. The punches landed on my arms with loud "THWACKS" and I stumbled back from their impact.


I could feel the coarse rope against my back, and I leaned against it for support. Lisa moved forward and launched another straight right hand at me which I blocked.


Lisa reached back to follow up with a left hook. I could see the muscles in her chest flex as she whipped it towards me.


I ducked down and bulled forward. The hook whistled over my head as I crashed froward into Lisa.


I knocked her off balance a little bit and took the opportunity to fire a short, clubbing right hand at her left ribs.


The punch landed fairly hard, but it seemed to have little effect on Lisa. She widened her stance and pushed back against me. I could feel her forearms pushing against mine as I struggled to get my strength back from that gut shot.


As I kept my head down in close I could see the thin film of sweat on her skin and I heard her make little grunting sounds as we jockeyed for position.


After about 15 seconds or so she decided to back off to get some room to work. My legs were getting the feeling back and I took the opportunity to move off the ropes and back out towards the center of the ring.


Lisa went back to her snakelike movement while I plodded sideways around the ring.


I fired a jab with all my strength and was pleasantly surprised to feel my glove smack right into her pretty little nose. Lisa's head flew back and her ponytail bobbed around behind her head. She recovered quickly and left no opening for me to follow up. 


I continued to move around the ring and watched Lisa intently. As she bobbed and weaved in front of me I could see the fibers of her muscles working underneath her smooth, tan skin. Her breasts wiggled ever so slightly as she moved around the ring like a dancer.


I was starting to become aware of another sensation as I found myself aroused by our combat. It seemed to rejuvenate me as I felt my cock start to get hard and straighten out inside my shorts.

I decided to be bold and rushed forward again, this time hooking with my left at her right side.


I felt my glove slam solidly home against her ribs and moments later I felt her own left hand glance off my temple. Sweat flew from my hair as I rolled my head with the punch and tried to whip another left hook back up to Lisa's face.


Lisa must have been expecting this because she leaned forward and ducked down, banging her forehead into my chest as my left hand harmlessly missed the mark.


Lisa tried to dig a let hook of her own into my stomach again, but this time I was ready, and blocked it with my right elbow. Lisa also tried a right uppercut, but I caught that one too and smothered the punch, trapping her gloves between my left arm and my body.


We pushed against each other, jockeying for an advantage. Lisa pulled with her right hand, trying to free it from my grip. She clubbed at the side of my head with her left to distract me. I felt the punches land, but with little leverage they did no damage.


One of the benefits of this little tie up for me was that my left arm was continually rubbing against Lisa's breasts. I could feel their firmness each time we jostled. Again I felt the rush of blood to my crotch as I was becoming increasingly turned on by the action.


Finally Lisa managed to rip her right hand free. She pushed off of me with her left and moved clear. I went back to my peek-a-boo defensive stance and peered through my gloves at her. Evidently She was enjoying this too, for she had a hint of a smile on her face and her nipples were prominently pointing out.


We circled each other once again. Lisa flashed out a left jab again that I partially blocked just as the bell rang, ending the first round.


I backed off and took a deep breath. I had just fought my first round of boxing. Granted, I was not fighting a man in my own weight class, but I was facing someone far more experienced than myself. Finishing the round without any major mistakes was a victory of sorts, and I intended to savor it.


I walked back to my corner and reached down for the water bottle we had put there before the fight. I took a swig and swished the cool fluid around in my mouth before swallowing. 


I turned around to face Lisa and leaned against the corner post to rest while I waited for the bell for round two.


Lisa looked magnificent in her corner. She was a very toned young lady. Her sleek legs were very well shaped, and she had that subtle hourglass shape you see in athletes. Her shoulders were straight and she held herself with confidence. I could see that she too was starting to work up a good sweat from the shine on her brow and the small dark spot under her breasts where the sweat had soaked through.


I took some deep breaths and thought about strategy as I sized Lisa up from across the ring. She liked to duck down and to the right. I could use that to my advantage. I also had more upper body strength, and I seemed to do better when we were close in. I could use that too. I also remembered my best punch of the fight - the left hook to her ribs seemed to shake her up a little bit. So that was my strategy. Work the body in close, and fake her into position for a head shot.


I took another deep breath and the Bell rang for Round two. We hadn't really set a specific number of rounds, we had agreed that we would both probably know when it was time to quit.


I moved out to the center of the ring to meet Lisa. This time I moved to my left instead of to the right. It felt a little awkward, but I didn't want to get predictable. It didn't seem to phase Lisa one bit. She was back to her snakelike movements, and it hit me, she looked like one of those Arabian dancers, except with boxing gloves.


I tried another left jab to see if she was stilling ducking down and to the right. She was. And this time I noticed that when she did so I could get a glimpse of her breasts looking down her top. That little discovery again got my juices flowing.


Lisa fired a right hand at my face. I blocked part of it but it still snuck through and flattened my nose. The punch stung and I backed out of range before she could do more damage. It was odd how the punch made my nose feel stuffy. I sniffed hard to clear it and circled cautiously again.


I decided to test my strategy now. I feinted with my right hand but shifted my weight. As Lisa ducked down and to her right I whipped a left uppercut at where I thought her face would be.

My glove slammed home and sent a very pleasurable little shock wave right up to my shoulder. Lisa's head snapped up and her gloves flew apart as she was surprised by the punch.


I moved forward to press the advantage and fired a right hand at her face. It was just off target, and it glanced off Lisa's ear. Instinctively I swung my left around in a hook. Lisa tried to block it but I smashed her glove against her face.


As Lisa stumbled backwards I felt that surge again in my cock. I was really starting to enjoy this.


I followed as fast as I could and threw a sloppy right hand at Lisa's face again. Lisa ducked down and I fired my left at where I expected her head to be.


But this time she went left, and my punch glanced off her shoulder. Lisa launched a left hook of her own and I almost panicked as I brought my gloves up to protect my face.


The punch caught me right on the eye. I blinked to clear my vision and felt a tingling where her red glove had landed.


Lisa was trying to slip to her right to get away from me and I moved to cut her off. In the process I ran right into one of her jabs. It came right up the middle and smacked me in the mouth, snapping my head back.


That slowed me down for a moment and  moved with a little more caution. I had to find a way to get back inside.


So I did the cave man thing, I lowered my head and rushed forward behind a left jab.


The punch sailed harmlessly over her right shoulder, but my rush

did not give her a chance to counter.


As my shoulder slammed into her arms I felt her sort of hop back against my weight, trying to keep her position. One of her gloves was smashed against my face and I could feel it as she dragged it across my lips.


My right hand was free and I used it to club at her ribs. I could hear the dull thudding sound and felt my glove slam home, once, twice three times.


Lisa tried to push me off, but it gave me a chance to use my left. I lifted an uppercut to her body.


This punch felt different as it landed. It was more of a squishing feeling. Lisa let out a small gasp of pain, and I realized I had connected with one of her tits.


Lisa covered up to protect herself. I felt a rush of adrenaline come over me.


I tried to work her body, slamming punches into her from all angles.


Things seemed to start to go in slow motion. I saw my left hand slam into her arms and knock them aside. My right hand followed and I swear I could see the glove compress as it landed squarely on her forehead. Lisa's head flew back and sweat flew from her brow.


As Lisa straightened up I launched a left uppercut. It gave me great pleasure to watch my glove hit the underside of her right breast and drag it upwards, causing the flesh to bulge over the top of her suit momentarily.


I heard Lisa moan again as the punch landed and she fell forward against me. I could feel her sweaty body against mine. Her arms wrapped around me and she used my body to shield her breasts, which felt very nice pressed up against me.


I couldn't really land any more punches, so I tried to shrug her off of me. She had a good grip, and I had to work my arms inside of hers to get enough leverage to push her away.


Lisa stumbled back against the ropes and she left an opening between the red leather of her gloves. I fired a right hand that landed flush on her mouth. Lisa's head snapped back as she swayed backwards against the ropes. Then the ropes shot her back towards me. The left hook I had fired at her pretty face missed the mark as she fell against me and then slumped to the mat.


I felt her face slide down my torso and my legs almost trembled as her cheek rubbed past my cock.


I moved back to look at my handiwork. Lisa lay face down on the canvas, but she was already getting back to her feet. Her back glistened with wetness and I admired her tight ass. Her suit had crept up her butt from the clenching and releasing of those magnificent muscles in her glutes.


I backed off and let her get to her feet. My dick was as hard as it had ever been and I felt an overwhelming feeling of power.


Lisa struggled to her feet and brushed her hair back from her face. She was kind of swaying, but she wanted to continue the fight. I moved forward and led with a left jab. Lisa managed to block it I launched a sweeping right hand that Lisa Ducked. As she bent over I could see right down her top, and I marveled at the little beads of sweat that clung to her breasts.


Before I could fire another punch the bell rang, ending round two.


I backed off and looked at Lisa. She straightened up, took a deep breath that inflated her chest and said "Nice round." She stood there looking at me with her chest heaving and her nipples very prominent against her sweat stained top.


"Thanks" I answered. "Are you OK?" I asked.


"Don't worry about me" Lisa replied. "Next round your ass is mine"


With that she turned and walked unsteadily back to her corner. I admired the view of her buttocks working as she made her way back to her corner. I went back to my own and enjoyed the feeling of power this fight had given me. It was an aphrodisiac. I felt horny as all get out, and I wanted Lisa to keep fighting so I could keep smashing those firm tits of hers.


I looked down and saw that was hardon was very visible. I felt my cheeks flush with embarrassment for a moment as I realized Lisa was staring across at me.


Lisa seemed to be regaining her composure across the ring. She took deep breaths and poured water over her head. It was very sexy how the water cascaded down her face and disappeared between her breasts then dribbled out of the bare spot across her midsection.


I planned my fight for the next round. I would keep trying to bull in and work over her body. I closed my eyes and in my mind I replayed the body shots in slow motion, savoring how Lisa swayed from side to side with the impact of the punches, how here chest shook as the red leather slammed home, hearing the dull thuds of my gloves against her body mixed in with the grunts and groans as I worked her over.


I opened my eyes and smiled as I looked across the ring at Lisa. She seemed to be recovering well and already she was standing, pounding her gloves together, waiting for the bell. 




The bell sounded again and I moved out for round three.


Lisa came out again and began to weave her body in search of a vulnerable spot in my defense. I feinted a left jab to see how she would react. Down and to the right, she was back to her old pattern. As I circled to my right I faked a left hook then fired a straight right where I expected her head to be.


This time Lisa moved only slightly to the left. As my right glove whistled past her she popped me in the right eye with a jab. As I brought my hands back up to protect my face she fired another quick jab that found my left eye.


Her blows did not have a lot of power behind then, but they were annoying. They made me blink and kept me from pushing forward. I continued circling right and looked for another way to get inside on her.


I ducked down low to try and fire a shot to her body but before my glove got there Lisa's left jab tapped me on the face again - and once more time on the mouth before I could get back into a defensive position.


I could see that Lisa's strategy had changed. No longer was she going to try and counter me, instead she was going to try and get off first and pepper me with punches to keep at a distance. She was counting on being faster than I was.


I have to admit that she was quick. Every time I tried to punch it seemed like she was able to slip one of her gloves in a tap me in the face.


I felt my cheeks start to get warm as she kept finding ways to hit my face with quick, accurate shots. 


I tried to use a left jab of my own. I fired out my left hand stiffly, but she seemed to manage to find a way to block it or slip it. I know that once or twice I managed to push her own gloves back into her own face, but before I could follow up she would dance out of trouble.


I was working up a good sweat know and I could feel the toll that the fight was starting to take. My breathing was getting a little ragged, and my legs were getting a little heavy.


I decided to take the offensive and leaped forward with a straight right and her bare midriff. I kept my left hand high to ward off the expected right hand counter, but this time she sort of swayed sideways and turned her body. As my glove glanced off her rib cage causing her breasts to jiggle Lisa's left hand swept around in a hook and smashed me right in the mouth, snapping my head back and sideways.


My mouth felt intense pain and I realized that I could taste blood mixed with the sweat dripping off my upper lip. I spat on the floor and saw that my lip was split. Not very badly, but it was split nonetheless.


As I glanced at my blood on the canvas Lisa fired an overhand right that sort of clubbed me on the temple. It made me lose my balance and I stumbled towards Lisa.


As I tried to catch my balance Lisa Lifted her left hand into my face again. Her red glove smashed into my eye and  I felt that odd combination of heat and pain where it landed. I regained my balance and turned to face her. As I did, she fired a right cross that split my gloves and landed right in the center of my face.


I saw stars as my head snapped back and I reached forward to grab onto her. But Lisa was too quick this time. She nimbly sidestepped  and ripped a hook into my exposed ribs.


Her red leather slammed home with and thud and I felt a flash of pain run up and down my side. I covered up and tried to sort of roll away from her and get some distance between me and those quick hands of hers.


I did manage to get away and I shook my head to clear it. My eyes were starting to feel puffy from absorbing all those jabs, and my nose was stuffy too. I could taste the blood in my mouth. I did not like the way things were going right now.


I cautiously began circling to my left. I had to find a way to get back inside to slow her down. I knew that my weight advantage was no good if I stayed out where she could be faster than me. I crouched down low and kept my arms in close to offer a smaller target. In essence, I rolled in a little armored ball sort of like an armadillo.


Lisa moved forward to try and peck away at me some more, but her punches mainly glanced off of my arms. They weren't connecting with my face or body anymore, but they were making my arms feel a little bit heavy and numb. I stayed in my defensive shell for the rest of the round. By the time the ball rang I was in need of the break. I was breathing heavily and my arms felt like I was carrying 30 pound weights in each hand.


I returned to my corner at the end of the round and slumped to the canvas. I grabbed the water bottle and held it to my swollen, cut lip. I hoped that the cold would help slow the flow of blood. I took a swig and swished it around in my mouth, then squirted it over my head to wash away the sweat. The salt from my perspiration stung the open cut as the water cascaded down my face.


I shook my head and water droplets flew everywhere. I was starting to get my wind back, but my arms and legs felt weary. Across the ring Lisa stood with her back towards me. I have to admit, I enjoyed the sight of her ass. Her swimsuit had ridden up her rear end so far that it looked like a thong. Her legs flowed upward smoothly into her butt, with the only break being the crescent shaped crease that smiled at me as she stood there with her ass cocked to one side.


Lisa turned around to look at me when she saw me sitting on the canvas she smiled confidently. She too was taking some deep breaths, but the sight of her chest heaving up and down was mesmerizing. Her face glowed from her exertion and almost the entire swimsuit was soaked with her sweat. 


Lisa's face was showing a few signs of wear and tear. As she brushed away a few stray wisps of her hair I could see that there was a red spot on her left cheek, and she looked a tiny bit puffy around the eyes as well. I grabbed onto the ropes to hoist myself to my feet. The last thing I wanted to do was let her know how completely tired I was.


As I waited for the bell to begin round 4 I nervously pounded my gloves together. The leather made a slapping sound that broke the quiet of the gym. I had never really noticed how it silent it was, but the sound of the leather meeting leather echoed throughout the facility and reminded me that we were alone. It was just me and Lisa.




The bell startled me. I moved out cautiously to meet Lisa. I figured if I didn't do something big early in the round I was going to be in real trouble. So I faked a left hook at Lisa's body and then fired an overhand right at her face. I was somewhat surprised that my Right hand slipped past her gloves and glanced off of her left eye.


That slowed Lisa down and I could see that the punch had affected her. She blinked her eyes furiously trying to clear up her sight. To press the advantage I crouched and waded in low. I threw my right hand again, this time straight at her belly, hoping to slip my fist between her elbows. It worked. My red glove slammed right into her belly button. I could feel her solid abs give a little bit with the force of my punch and Lisa took a step backwards and crouched over some more.


This was my chance. I ripped an uppercut that slammed right into her tit, smashing it back into her ribcage and dragging it upwards. Lisa gave a little squeal of pain and hunched over some more. I brought my right around in a sweeping motion to try and work her head, but the blow sailed behind her. Lisa again pushed against me to take away my leverage and we leaned heavily on each other.


As we jockeyed for position I could feel her smooth sweaty thigh rub against the inside of my own thigh. The touch was like being stung. I immediately felt that rush of blood to my crotch  and it almost made my legs quiver with excitement. Lisa and I were both breathing heavily as we cuffed at each other with our fists.

I kept my chin tucked in and looked down at Lisa to try and figure out where she was going to punch. I could smell her. That mix of perspiration, exertion and arousal is unmistakable. I breathed it in deeply. Lisa's tits rubbed against my chest and arms. I couldn't resist the chance to touch them, so I opened my right fist and laid my hand against her left breast, cupping it in the leather. It felt full and firm against my palm.


Suddenly Lisa took a half step back and lifted a right uppercut. Her punch caught me looking at her breast and it exploded on my chin. My knees went weak as my head snapped back. I heard a rushing sound in my ears, followed by a ringing. Lisa followed up with a left hook the crashed into my cheek, spinning me part way around. I was starting to get foggy, and I could barely see the right hand that smashed into my mouth. I was telling my legs to move me out of range, but they didn't seem to be working again.


I felt something hard hit my ass and things seemed to be going in and out of focus. I tried to turn and realized that I was on the canvas. I managed to roll over onto my knees, and I shook my head to clear the cobwebs. A tin sounding voice was saying something in even, measured tones. "Four...Five...Six.." I realized that Lisa was counting me out. I wasn't about to let that happen so I struggled to my feet as Lisa continued "Eight....Nine..... My, My. You are a tough guy aren't you?"


I brought my hands up to defend myself and I peeked through a small opening at Lisa. She had a smile on her face as she moved in. I saw her left jab flick out towards my face. I managed to keep my head behind my arms and I blocked the blur of red before it reached my face. Another punch slammed into my arms and knocked them slightly off to one side. That gave Lisa just enough room to pop another jab into my mouth.


The buzzing in my ears started again, a sort of low hum. I could hear myself breathing heavily and I was acutely aware of the sound of my shoes dragging across the canvas as I tried to get clear of Lisa. Lisa followed me, slowly and deliberately. Again it was like life suddenly went into slow motion, except this time I was the one getting hit.


I watched as Lisa whipped her right hand in a sweeping arc towards my ribs. Her red gloved fist rammed into my ribs and the pain made me sag to one side. I watched as she pivoted on her left foot to bring her left across towards my other side, her breasts swinging to and fro as she switched the direction of her torso to add more leverage to her punches.


The leather glove thudded home on my right side and I heard a gasp come from my mouth as the wind rushed out of me. I stumbled back into the corner and hunched over, trying to cover up. Lisa was very efficient. She used a left jab to pry open my arms and shot a straight right that smashed into my nose. I watched the punch as it flew towards me, helpless to stop it, and my head rocked back with the impact. My legs were all rubbery and my hands slipped lower. Lisa again brought her left hand around in a red leather blur and I felt her fist crash into my eye.


As my head swiveled around to my left it ran into Lisa's right fist, which snapped it back the other way. Everything was getting very blurry now except for the center of my vision. And I saw very clearly how Lisa recovered herself, and very deliberately reached down with her right fist and brought it in an uppercut.


Everything froze for a moment. I could see Lisa's jaw clenched as she mustered all the power she could behind the punch. The muscles between her breasts were flexed and her nipples were poking out from her swim suit. I could see the sinews of muscle in her shoulders and arms as the punch traveled from below her hips and crashed right into my chin. Everything went black when the punch landed - but just for a moment. I felt myself fall forward against Lisa, my arms now at my side uselessly. I was aware that my face was buried for a moment in Lisa's chest. I felt the smoothness of her swimsuit against my cheeks and forehead. I could taste the saltiness of her sweat as my mouth slid past the open spot on her stomach. When my knees hit the floor  stopped for a moment while my face rested right at her crotch. I could smell her excitement, and I think I actually smiled. After that brief moment, I slumped the rest of the way to the floor with my face dragging down the silky-smooth skin of her inner thigh.


The last thing I remember is rolling over and looking up at Lisa standing over me. She looked magnificent for my angle, and I savored the view of her ass, her crotch and her impressive chest from below. After that I don't remember a thing. But I think I'm going to give this boxing thing another try.

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!