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Breaking Brock's rocks

 Stef and Marie stretched out on pool chairs, soaking in some rays on a warm Saturday afternoon.  Stef's parents were out for the day and the girls had decided to take the opportunity to get in a little R&R.  The two had been friends since kindergarten, and were now getting ready to graduate from high school in just a few short weeks.


"Hello?" A male voice called from the edge of the yard.


Stef and Marie turned to see a tall, handsome boy walking in through the side gate to the patio.  His body was covered from head to toes with thick, corded muscles, that bulged beneth his t-shirt and tight fitting swim trunks.


Marie sighed. "What's he doing here?"

"I invited him, so be nice.  I figured we could use a little eye candy."  Stef said, pushing her sun glasses down.  "Hi Brock, come on in.  Glad you could make it."


"Yeah, sure. Thanks for inviting me over." His eyes were already scanning every curve of the two supple 18-year-old girl's bodies, draped in a one piece pink and yellow swimsuits.


"It doesn't matter to me if you want to bang this meat head, but why do I have to be here to witness it?"  Marie huffed under her breath.


"Because, the only way I got him to come over was by telling him that you would be here."  Stef smiled.


Marie rolled her eyes and groaned.  Brock was a jock's jock, and he'd had his eye on her for quite some time.


"Hey, so what are you two lovely ladies up to?"  Brock smiled, flashing his dazzling white teeth.


"You're looking at it." Marie scowled and closed her eyes, obviously not interested in engaging in any chit chat.


"Nothing much."  Stef grinned.  "Care to jump in the pool?"


"Maybe later, but I think you two have the right idea... my tan could use a little boost."  Brock said, peeling off his bright white t-shirt to reveal his broad, muscular chest and rippling abs.  "You don't mind if I join you, do you?"


Marie grunted, but Stef interrupted her before she could say anything.


"Of course not.  My, you do look like you've been hitting the gym a lot lately."


"Yeah, I have actually.  Twice a day, six times a week.  It's not a routine so much as a life style, but it's all good good.  I really like the results I've been getting.  Girls tend to like it too."  


Brock was staring directly at Marie, but she refused to look in his direction.


"I'm sure they do.  My goodness, you could practically be a model with a body like that."  Stef nodded.


"You bet I could.  I've thought about it a lot actually. Maybe a fitness magazine, or something like that."  Brock stepped closer toward Marie and fiddled with the string of his trunks, trying desperately to get her attention.


While Marie appeared to remain impervious to Brock's advances, Stef fell for them hook, line, and sinker.  Brock wasn't even looking at her, despite the fact that she was the only one doing the talking, or that she was staring right at the huge mound that bulged obscenely out from the front of his shorts.


She tried again.  "Yeah, I could totally see you as a model.  For fitness, or fasion, maybe even underwear?"


Brock shrugged.  "Sure, maybe.  I guess we'll see.  But that's only just one of the perks.  I mean sure, it's great to be able to turn heads, but looking like this is a great deterrent for trouble. No one's ever tries to mess with me."


"Is that right?" Marie suddenly perked her head up.


"Yeah, of course. Who'd want to start shit with someone with guns like these?"  Brock boasted, flexing his huge, sculpted biceps.


Marie shook her head.  "I don't know, a guy with an actual gun perhaps?"


Stef giggled.


"Well, yeah, ok, but not if he's unarmed." Brock looked indignant, looking wounded by her indifference.


"Please, a 6 year-old girl could take you down in two seconds." Marie scoffed.


Now it was Brock's turn to scoff.  "Seriously?  You're joking!" 


"Well, there aren't any 6 year-old's around to prove it, but yeah, I'm serious."  Marie shrugged.


He laughed a loud, hearty laugh. "Oh yeah?  And just how would they..."


Brock suddenly chocked on his words as Marie answered him by arching her foot back and kicking him square in the crotch, visibly flattening the mound in his shorts and crunching his balls hard against his large, muscular frame.


Brock let out a soft, mewing sound and slid down to his knees, clutching his injured groin.


"See, I guess you're not as tough as you think you are." Marie grinned.


Brock let out a groan and rubbed his sore nuts. "Shit, that was mean." 


Stef tried to wipe the smirk off her face. "I think we have ice in the kitchen.  Come on Brock, I'll show you where it is." 


Brock rose to his feet looking a bit sheepish.  Both his pride and his manhood had been bruised, but it was nothing he couldn't recover from.  He was a stud, after all.  He followed Stef back in to the house, leaving Marie to soak up the sun on the concrete patio. 


Inside the house it was cool and quiet.


Stef pulled out a tray of ice cubes and dumped it in to a small plastic bag.  "Here, use this, it'll help keep down any... swelling."  She said with a wink.


Brock thanked her and felt her eyes devour him as he pressed the bag of ice against his crotch. 


"You know, shoul should probably apply that directly to the injured... um, area.  Infact, I wouldn't mind checking myself... for any swelling, that is." Stef grinned.


"Oh, that's ok, I just..."


Brock let out a tiny gasp as Stef pushed him against the counter, grabbed the front of his swim trunks and squeezed its contents between her fingers.


"Oh my, you are so... big."  Stef said, still grinning as she ran her free hand down Brock's rippled chest, ending down in his crotch where she grabbed a second handful of his bulging manhood.


The high school stud's eyes widened with surprise, but he made no move to stop her from handling his goods.


"You'll have to excuese Marie, she can be a bit rough at times, I on the other hand, can be so gentle..."  Stef was now rubbing the two lumps in his shorts where she felt Brock's testicles were resting.


Brock let out a gentle moan.  His dick shifted inside his swim trunks as he began to get hard.


"Uh oh, I think there is some swelling after all.  I think I better check it out."  Stef said, pouting her lips playfully.


Brock nodded in agreement as she slowly pulled the strings on his trunks and pealed them down his thick, tree-trunk legs. When they were down far enough, Brock's dick sprung up as if it were spring-loaded.  


Stef cooed when she took hold of his throbbing phallus.  Just like the rest of Brock, it was thick and solid.  She stared at his member as if she was looking down the barrel of a loaded gun.


"My gosh, you're a big boy."  She exhaled slowly, giving Brock's penis a couple of short tugs.


Brock was breathing hard, his excitement was palpable. He looked like he might blow any second.


A quick, "thanks," was all he could manage.


Stef smiled.  Now that she knew she had him, it was time for a little more fun.


"And what about these, are these swollen too, or do you just have really big balls?"  Stef said, reaching for Brock's bulging ballsac.  His testicles were drawn taught against his body, and they felt both warm and heavy.  No doubt they were packed the brim and boiling with Brock's pent up stud seed.


"I guess I just have big balls too." Brock replied, his voice ragged and filled with desire.


"I guess you do too. But I'm surprised that all it took was a little kick to hurt these big, magnificent bull nuts of yours.  Haven't you ever been hit below the belt before?" Stef asked, sounding a tad naive.


A skowl crossed Brock's handsome face.  "Well yeah, sure, I've taken a few hits to my sac over the years. They typically get knocked around whenever I play sports, but don't worry, it's nothing these king-sized baby-makers can't handle."


"I'm sure you're right, of course.  It's just, you looked like you were in a lot of pain when Marie barely flicked you.  I nearly thought she'd ended your chances for fatherhood right there!" 


"That wasn't pain, it was shock!"  Brock protested.  "Sure, all guy's nuts are sensitive, but they're pretty much impossible to break.  That was different because I had no idea she was going to do that. If I knew it was coming, it wouldn't have nearly been as bad."


"Is that so?  So if I told you right now that I was going to hurt your balls, and then I did, you'd be able to handle it?"  Stef smiled, feigning amazement.  "In that case, do you mind we test out your theory?"


"What?" Brock looked dumbfounded. Where was this coming from? Not a minute ago it looked like he was going to at least get a hand job out of this, and now...


"I mean, I'm going to squeeze your balls, with both hands, as hard as I can, for as long as I can.  If you're right, I'm going to give out before you, or to be more precise, your balls, do."


"You want to do what to me?"  Brock shifted his stance uncomfortably as Stef's  grasp tightened around his bollocks.


"Relax stud.  I'm only a girl, after all.  It's not like I actually have a shot at cracking these suckers.  I just want to see just how tough you really are."  Stef did her best not to appear pandering, but she was hoping her little ploy would turn Brock's own pride against him.


Doubt slowly crossed over Brocks face as he considered her argument. 


That was all that Stef needed to step things up a notch. 


"You're so big and strong... and handsome.  God Brock, you're so hot.  I can't believe you're so well hung.  I just can't help myself." With Brock's nuts still clutched tightly in her grasp, she twisted his sac and slowly began to palpitate the round, meaty organs. 


Brock let out a long, controlled exhale.  "Shit... I guess you're just going for it."


Stef smiled wide and nodded. "Yep. Time to put your money where your mouth is, and find out how tough you and these big balls of yours really are."


Brock grunted, but he didn't protest or make any move to stop her.  He simply accepted the premise that both he and his gonads were being put to the test and hoped that neither would turn out to be found wanting.


Stef twisted Brock's sac with a couple more turns and then sunk her fingers in to the bulging orbs, burrowing down to the core of each gonad. Brock let out another moan.


Stef paused and eased up.  "This looks painful, should I stop?"


"Only if you want to, but I'm ok."  Brock grunted. 


Sweat was beading up across his forehead.


"No, I'm fine too.  My hands are getting a little sore, to be honest, but they should be fine."  Stef grinned and resumed her nutclaw grip on Brock's prized nuggets.


Brock had to stop himself from chuckling. Her hands were getting sore?  His nuts were screaming in pain, but he managed to maintain an impassive look on his face.


Stef took that as a sign that she wasn't trying hard enough and really put her full effort in to grinding the hung teenage stud's bulky balls.


The veins in Brock's thickly muscled arms and legs began to bulge with strain as Stef went to town on him.  Occasionally she would only focus on one nut at a time, driving both her thumbs in to the poor singled out nad until the flesh would bubble out around her fingertips. 


Brock began to lean forward and pant as the calm facade he'd tried to project began to crumble. "Fuuuuuuck me...." He whispered through grit teeth.


Stef squealed with delight, finally getting the reaction she was hoping for as she mashed Brock's twin meat balls with all her might.  Then she got up close to his ear and whispered. "It's ok. Just admit it.  You are a big muscle head with nothing but a set of big, weak balls."


"Fuck that, I'm no quitter."  Brock spat, wincing as Stef continued to crush his nuts with ruthless efficiency.


"You sure aren't." Marie suddenly cooed in to his ear.


Brock jumped at the sound of Marie pulling her arm tight around him.  With all that was going on, he hadn't seen her slip in to the kitchen to watch her petite girlfriend try to grind the muscle stud's gonads in to paste.


Brock took in Marie's supple body, his attention shifted suddenly from the horrible ache in his balls to the blond hottie's cleavage standing next to him.  Brock's teenage lustful impulses appeared to be getting the better of him as he started at her heaving chest.  It was more than his young, hot body could take, an in seconds his dick grew rock hard.


"It looks like his balls isn't the only thing that refuses to quit."  Stef giggled.


"I guess you're right, look at that." Marie exclaimed as she grabbed the shaft of Brock's rigid tool.  "Stef, you keep working his balls over the way you are.  I'll take care of Mr. Big Dick myself."


Then, as almost an afterthought, Marie pressed up closer against Brock's heaving muscular frame.  "That's alright with you, isn't it."


Brock nodded and moaned in anticipation of what to come.


"Are you ready to have your balls drained by two women?  I'm not sure you'll be able to handle it.  Once I start cranking on your shaft, Stef isn't going to stop squeezing until your nuts are wrung dry."


The little bit of dirty talk was all that was needed to push the muscled stud over the edge.


"Yes, please, drain me. You're so fucking hot, I don't care if you crush the cum out of me!"


Stef and Marie laughed at frustration of the horned up muscled teen as he teetered on the edge of climax.  Then working as one, Stef clamped down on red, swollen testes while Marie played with the knob of Brock's dick until he was ready to blow.


Every muscle in his body appeared to flex as the orgasm built up inside him.  Then, without any further warning, his dick began spewing thick ropes of white cream.  Spurt after spurt of the stuff splashed against the floor, forming thick puddles as Brock's baby-batter that spread across the tiles. 


Brock threw his head back and a low, guttural sound roared from his throat.  Marie aimed Brock's gushing cock away from Stef as she continued to grind down on his balls.  From the viscosity and thickness of Brock's man sludge, it appeared that he'd been holding on to this load for a while - only to be wasted and end up on the floor of her best friend's kitchen floor.


Despite the method of extraction, Brock appeared to enjoy having his balls made lighter, one salty load at a time.  After over a dozen spurts, the muscled stud's raging boner finally came to a rest, though it remained hard and continued to dribble out a constant flow of clear liquid.


"What's wrong, why'd you stop cumming?"  Stef asked, a hint of indignation in her voice.


"Are you kidding me?  That was like, the biggest orgasm of my life!"  Brock exhaled. 


His balls were sore as hell, both red and inflamed, and his dick was tender to the touch, but he was feeling thoroughly satisfied.

Marie clicked her tongue.  "She's right. I did promise that we would drain you... completely."


Brock shook his head, still awash in his post orgasmic afterglow. "Listen, mission accomplished.  After all that, I don't even know how soon I'll be able to cum again..." 



"Shit... I can't...."  Brock groaned and futilely thrust his hips, but it was no use.  His balls were drawn up against the base of his cock, choked to the brim with his potent stud sauce and with nowhere to go.


Marie pulled away from the frustrated stud. "Fuck this, it's taking too long.  Watch out Stef, I'm going to step things up."


Stef pushed back and watched as Marie spun Brock around, seized the confused muscle hunk by his large, bulging shoulder blades, and slammed her knee directly in to the center of his groin.


Brock bellowed in agony as his junk was smashed again and again by the slim teenage girl, trapped between the kitchen counter and Marie's horrifically powerful knee thrusts.


Marie's task was made easier by the fact that Brock's balls were drawn all the way up to the top of his sac, effectively holding them firmly in place to be driven hard up against his pelvis.


After scoring over a dozen blows, Marie stepped back and watched the big beefy teen crumble right in front of her. 


Brock's knees bent and he leaned forward, retching and gasping for air. 

"What the fuck was that?" he coughed.  "You bitches are crazy!"

"Awww, what's wrong Brock?  I thought you were a big, strong, tough guy!  Come on, don't let a couple of girls take you out." Marie taunted him. 


Rage flickered in Brock's eyes, but before he could respond, Stef took  advantage of the opening between Brock's open thighs and uppercut him square in the balls, catching him right in the undercarriage and hammering in to his tender jewels so hard that they pancaked against his hard, lean frame.


Brock grabbed his busted balls and shrieked as he tumbled to the floor, smashing the back of his head on the lip of the counter on his way down.  He landed on his butt with a loud thud, his legs splayed out before him with his semi-hard dick still pointing straight up and his big, swollen cherry-red balls hanging vulnerably between the gap of his muscular thighs.


The two girls stared at the downed hunk, and then at each other.


"Do you think he's ok?  Stef asked.  She reached back behind Brock's head and found a bump where he'd made contact with the counter. "Should we call an ambulance?"


Marie shook her head.  "No need, he'll be fine. Though he'll probably wake up with a pretty bad headache."


Stef nodded and then grinned as she scooped up bruised nutsac and rolled the contents against her fingers.  "That's not the only thing that's going to ache when he gets up.  You sure did a number on him."


Marie shrugged her shoulders. "He deserves it. He's a big preening, postulating prick that only thinks with his dick.  I say we use this as an opportunity to teach him a lesson."


Stef raised one of her eyebrows. "Oh? And what lesson is that?" 


"I say we nut the asshole." Marie crossed her arms over her chest.


"You mean you want to cut off his... his balls?" Stef looked mortified.


"No, nothing quite so bloody." Marie shook her head. "I don't want to go to jail or anything.  I'm just thinking we do the world a favor and reduce the number of testicles Brock is sporting down to one.  You know, make him a one nut wonder.  Take out a member of his dynamic duo, and turn him in to a solo act."


Stef shook her head.  "I don't know. This could ruin his life."


Marie sighed.  "Yeah, I guess you're right."


Stef looked relieved.  "Ok, good.  What do you say we let Brock rest here for a little while.  When he comes to we can apologize and this can all end.  I don't think he's going to be all that forthcoming with the fact that he got owned by two girls, his reputation would never stand for that."


Marie nodded. "Sure, sounds good."


Stef rose to her feet. "Hey, lets get back outside and enjoy what's rest of the afternoon.  We should still have a couple of hours before we lose the sun."


"Yeah, ok.  You go on without me, I have to use the bathroom. I'll be right out."


Before turning to leave, Stef wrapped her arms around Marie and gave her a reassuring hug.


Marie watched her go, feeling a tad guilty for lying to her friend. She wasn't about to force Stef to do something she wasn't ready for, but that didn't mean that she couldn't have some fun on her own.


Marie stared down at Brock's still form.  His eyes were closed, and he was breathing lightly, completely unaware of the doom his manhood was about to face. She grabbed Brock's dick and almost absentmindedly began to stroke the girthy beast.  She thought she might stroke him off to completion and let him shoot one last load with his manhood fully in tact, but the thought of bursting his berries with a full load of cum stored up inside them became such an erotic idea to her that she quickly ditched that plan. If she was lucky, she'd get to watch Brock gush one out in the process of turning his manhood to mush.


The ease with which Brock reached a full erection told Marie that he was still horny from the recent aborted orgasm, which suited her just fine.  Then, climbing to her feet, she spread his legs out a bit further and dug her toes in to his big, bruised scrotum.  The skin that enveloped Brock's swollen, plum sized balls felt soft, yet rubbery and hot to the touch. 


The thought of being so close to snuffing out Brock's manhood sent a shiver down Marie's spine and she felt her crotch become wet.


There was hardly any noise when Marie's foot pressed in to Brock's poor nuggets and they were squashed against his body. Brock didn't move. He simply continued to snore quietly, his head hung limp against his shoulder.


Feeling more bold, Marie dug her toes in to the delicate orbs, twisting and turning as she was trying to put out a cigarette butt. She stayed with technique for a while, alternating now and then with a kick, or a hard stomp. 


Brock's rocks remained defiant, absorbing every blow she brought to bear, with no sign of quitting. This only frustrated Marie more, resulting in her putting more and more effort in to smushing Brock's obstient balls to paste. 


It took her a while, but eventually she found a technique that began to actually start to give her some results. Standing with her back facing him, she stood directly in front of Brock's prone body, her feet pulled together in the wedge formed by his thighs and rocked back and forth on her heels in to the comatose stud's groin.


Back and forth, again and again, the full weight of Marie's 112 pound frame came crashing down on top of Brock's trapped jewels, grinding them down more and more each time.  Marie felt a fresh wave of exhileration when she saw the extent to which Brocks' juicy plums bulged out from underneath her foot as they were methodically squeezed flatter and flatter against the hard tile floor.


Perhaps it was the pain she was inflecting, or some deep-rooted sense of self-preservation in that made Brock regain consciousness, but when the fallen hunk awoke to discover is manhood was in the process of being ground down in to oblivion, he let out a cry that was raised enough octaves to be considered a shriek.


"Oh my God, what are you... you're breaking them... You're breaking my God damn BALLS!"  The stud was babbling hysterically, desperately clawing at Marie's legs to move them off the sore, red sac that used to be his scrotum.


"Hush now, I'm almost done.  You should go back to sleep."


Marie whispered, her voice was quiet, yet filled with excitement. She lifted her leg, relieving the pressure and giving instant relief to his testicles, only to arch her foot forward and drop her foot back hard in to Brock's bruised baby-makers.


"Awwwwwweeeee," Brock cried.  His body jerked and bent forward, trying to protect itself, but that didn't stop Marie from swinging her foot back a couple of more times, each strike scoring a direct hit, transforming his already aching balls in to a massive source of pain and nausea.


After that it was clear that Brock was done. There was no rush, she'd actually managed to kick the fight right out of him.  She decided she might as well have some fun before she finished him off.


Marie slid the arch of her foot against Brock's hardened dick, rubbing the length of his shaft for several minutes until the tip began to dribble precum.


'Jesus, after all this, this kid's still horny as fuck,' Marie thought as she continued to stroke the handsome teen's massive member. 

Brock grunted, though whether it was in pain or pleasure, Marie couldn't be sure.


"Well it looks like you're ready to go.  What do you say we drain these big balls of yours, for good?"  Marie smiled evily as she pawed at Brock's swollen nuts with her toes.  "Better make it a good one, because I'm pretty sure it'll be your last."


Brock shook his head desperately.  "No, please... don't.  I need my balls, please I'll... do anything please don't break my balls. Please!"


Marie ignored his pleas and centered herself over Brock's doomed testicles.


"I won't ever be able to have children if you do this, please..."


Marie drove her foot in to Brock's heavy left nut and watched it smush against the floor, eliciting a yelp from the tortured teen's throat. 


"Of course you can still be a dad. It's called adoption, numb nuts."  With that, she dug her foot back down in to his bloated scrotum.


"No!"  Brock's body careened as the pain washed through him.


"It's not the same," he coughed.


Marie huffed.  "Fine, whatever.  After I'm done squeezing this last load out of you, I'll save some and put in a cup.  You can freeze it for later, when you find someone who's ok with marrying a big, ball-less freak.  Now stop interrupting and get ready to say good by to lefty."


"No, no! Please!  You're not actually going to do it, are you? Please, God, PLEASE!"  Brock moaned in agony as the inner membranes of his left testicle finally began to give way and surrender the sweet nectar stored up inside. 




A moment later, his dick erupted like a fountain, shooting jet after jet of the thickest, snow-white semen Marie had ever seen.  Spurt after spurt was forcefully driven out, the trajectory of each slug flying higher as Marie squashed the deflating gonad with terrible efficiency.  Brock's cock thundered on, pumping out well over twenty blasts until there was nothing left.  Even still, his dick pulsed and continue to shoot blanks.


When Marie felt the pressure in Brock's freshly emptied testicle begin to shift under her weight, she knew it was ready to pop.


"Here it goes!"


"No, noooooooo!"  Brock's voice fell off in to silence as his testicle finally gave way to Marie's weight and cracked in half.


His face was awash in agony, which was counter balanced by the fresh massive orgasm spewing forth from his loins.  It dwarfed his first and second loads by wide margins, painting himself, Marie's feet, and the floor and thick sheen with his stud sauce.


The site of Brock spilling his load was all that Marie needed to see  to push her over the edge.  Her body shuddered so vilently with the orgasm that had been building up over the last twenty minutes, that it actually dropped her to her knees. 


The combination of pleasure and pain was too much for poor Brock.  Even as the biggest orgasm of his life continued to gush out from his loins, his eyes rolled back in to his head and he conked out.


Marie curled next to Brock's still form and wrapped her hand around his big, swollen nutsac.  It felt odd with one side still containing a single dense orb, and the other filled with the two remnant halves of Brock's left nut. For a moment Marie considered letting it be. Perhaps with surgery it could be repaired?  But the more she held his half-shattered manhood, the more she wanted to claim the fractured gonad for herself.  He would still have his right ball, after all.  What difference would it make now? 


After some debate, she decided that Brock's cracked egg needed to go, and she was going to get to be the one to scramble it, permanently.


Marie took Brock's scrotum and squeezed the remnants of his left nut against the bottom of his sac.  Then, isolating the two broken halves between her fingers, she pushed down as hard as she could.  It was surprising what little force it took to finish the rest of it off.  Marie didn't stop until every last piece was broken down. When she was done, Brock's scrotum ballooned obscenely on one side where the contents of his left nut pushed out against the wall of his sac on one side and his remaining right ball on the other.


"What the... Marie! What did you do?" Stef shrieked as she entered the kitchen and took in the grim scene.


"I did it!  I crushed one of his balls with my bare hands!"  Many was beaming.


"Oh my God..."  Stef gasped.  "Is he... are you... Marie, what are you going to do when he wakes up? What if he calls the police?"

Marie rose to her feet and shrugged.  "Don't worry, I've got it under control."


"Under control?" Stef pointed at the naked teenage boy on her parent's kitchen floor.  "You call this under control?"


"Don't worry, I've got this."  Marie rubbed Stef's arm reassuringly.  Then she turned to Brock and fired a kick in to his bruised sac.  "Hey, you, wake up."


It wasn't until after several more kicks that Brock finally made a noise.  It took him a few moments, but when he finally came too, he awoke to an avalanche of pain radiating from between his legs and he curled up in to a ball.


"Oh God, my fucking balls.... they hurt so bad."  Brock groaned.


"Actually, it's ball.  Not balls."  Marie grinned.


Brock gasped as he checked the contents of his sac more closely.


"Oh God you didn't..."


"I'm afraid so. From now on you're going to be one testicle lighter." Marie smirked. "But don't worry, you're a good looking guy.  Even working on only one nut, I'm sure you won't have any trouble with the ladies."


"You fucking bitch..."


"Ahem," Marie coughed. "Watch yourself. Call me that one more time, and you won't be leaving this house with any balls."


Brock choked back a sob and shifted his grasp.


"Oh, and don't even think about telling your parents or the police about this, because if you do, Stef and I are going to tell them that you tried to rape us, and we merely were acting in self-defense." Marie bent down so that she could look directly in to his eyes. "And besides, you don't really want everyone at school to find out that you were nearly unmanned by a couple of girls, do you?"


Brock considered her words for a moment and then shook his head. Marie nodded sympathetically. "Good. Now why don't you stand yourself up, get dressed and go home." 


Brock tried standing, but he found he was too weak and needed Stef and Marie help hoist him up. Then he slowly pulled his swim trunk back on over his aching manhood and staggered out of the kitchen without another word.


Stef let out a sigh as they watched him go. "Well, I guess this will probably squash his plans for a career in modeling."


"Why should it?  He's still got a killer bod,"  Marie shrugged and then giggled, "though, he might want to stay clear of any underwear adds.  Not sure what a package with only one ball is going to look like." 


Stef felt guilty as a smile crossed her face and she shook her head.  "That's cold Marie, but probably true."


Marie hugged her friend close.  "I know, I'm only teasing.  Now, are there any other boys we know who might want to come over?"

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