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The black belt

18 y.o. George was obsessed with all things martial arts. For years he had been a big wrestling fan, but lately after the success of the Ultimate Fighter mixed martial arts phenomenon George began to research all things related to Oriental Fighting systems. He never had taken classes in the subject, but he was intrigued. When a studio opened in a little strip mall near George’s house, his interest was peaked. It happened to be right next to the gym George frequented, but because the windows were all painted he couldn’t see in. The only thing that he had noticed about the place was that there seemed to be a continual parade of hotties that went in and out, and this intrigued him even more.

One Saturday morning as he was headed to the gym he thought he might pop in and check the place out. Maybe they offered classes, he thought to himself. George was pretty well built and had never considered taking up marital arts in the past although he was obsessed with watching it. Now that there was a studio so close, he figured now was the time to go from THINKING about martial arts to actually LEARNING AND DOING it.

When he opened the door he thought he must be in the wrong place. This looked more like a ladies Yoga class more than a Martial Arts studio. Everywhere he looked he saw women, exceptionally hot women he thought, in leotards stretching in various poses on yoga mats on the floor. At the head of the class was the teacher, who was stunning. A little on the short side with dark hair and a figure that had his cock already stirring in his shorts, she looked more like a lingerie model than a Kung FU master. Especially delightful to George was her impressive rack, it was hypnotic. They were spectacular and in the tight leotard she wore, which was stretched to capacity to contain these gorgeous melons, every curve was highlighted by the stretched material. Her cleavage also was glorious and George would have given anything to just bury his face in there for the rest of the afternoon.

"May I help you sir?" this glorious vision asked.

"I am sorry, I must have the wrong place. I was looked for the Martial Arts class." George answered. The girls started giggling and Samantha, the instructor sighed. Men were so predictable. They assumed that physical strength is the key to self defense and could not comprehend how a woman, especially a smaller woman, would be able to use her skills to take down a much larger opponent. As she studied George, she knew he was just sort of muscle bound moron.

"This is the right place, are you interested in taking our class? We were just warming up."

George laughed. “You are kidding right? This can’t be the right class. I am looking for the MARTIAL ARTS CLASS” he said slowly for emphasis, as if the woman had not heard his request. The other women in the class grew silent but the anger and rage that emanated from them could almost be felt Samantha went from smiling and friendly to massively annoyed. She was used to this sort of male chauvinism but it always pissed her off when she was confronted by it, and now that George had publicly embarrassed in front of her students, she seethed with rage.

"No SIR, this is a MARTIAL ARTS CLASS, and if you want to join, please take your place, if not, please leave as we are just getting started."

George, among his many qualities, had a big mouth and did not know when to let things go. A normal person would have left, or shut up and took the class and the incident would not have escalated. Sadly for George, he was not such a person and he just could not let it go. How on earth could this tiny hot woman actually not only practice Martial Arts, how could she think she could teach it. Surely she would be helpless against a real opponent.

"Is there a real teacher I can talk to? When do the real students meet?" George asked sarcastically. Now he had really done it. Not only had he offended Samantha the teacher, but all of the students. In his ears he heard the low murmur of pissed off women. The phrase “who does this guy think he is" and “someone needs to teach him some manners" were being tossed around by all of the other students. Samantha walked back to the entrance and looked up at George.

As she looked him up and down she grinned. This was JUST the sort of arrogant fucker she liked to humiliate. He was a hottie she thought, but a jerk. Tall, very muscular, she looked up into his eyes and smiled. She took a finger and jabbed it into his chest.

"Listen up SIR, either you take the class and shut up, or LEAVE. Frankly, from the looks of you, I don’t think you could handle this class anyway, so on second thought just leave."

Now George’s manhood had been attacked and he got pissed. HIs mouth once again opened and as has been a pattern most of his life proceeded to get him into trouble.

"Listen Lady, I think it cute that you think you are some kind of martial arts master, but you really shouldn’t be telling these fine ladies that they really could learn from you. I mean, come on, a real man certainly could take you down." George exclaimed arrogantly.

Now Samantha was truly pissed, almost pissed beyond reason. She decided in her head that she had a mission now, and that mission was going to teach this guy a lesson he would NEVER forget.

"So, you think YOU could take me on do you. Care to demonstrate or is your mouth writing checks your ass can’t cash." The tension in the room was very thick, and all of the women were visibly angry. This statement by Samantha caused a spattering of OOOOOs throughout the class.

“Listen lady, there is nothing I would love better than rolling around with you, especially if it was back in my apartment and we were both NAKED, but I don’t really think if we were to have a match it would be a fair fight.” George couldn’t help himself with his trash talk. In an odd way, her attitude got him quite horny and he could barely maintain eye contact with her as he kept staring at her impressive tits. He knew he was being a dick, but part of him hoped upon hope that one day he could bed this fine piece of ass. He would love sliding his cock in-between that gorgeous rack and blowing his load all over her face. Yes, George was an arrogant pig, but he felt himself grow even harder as this trash talking episode continued.

Samantha laughed out loud. “Boy, you could not handle these!” she said as she grabbed her breasts and rubbed them together. “But I think you REALLY need to be taught a lesson. I have a proposal for you, and one that I think will benefit the class. Since you think you can take on a poor helpless woman, here is my proposal. You get me to submit, and I will go back to your apartment tonight and rock your world. If I get YOU to submit, well, I think you should join our class as our mascot. You can be our test opponent and then get your ass beaten each week by one of my students.” The girls erupted in laughter and applause at this suggestion. “Maybe after a few weeks you can win your pink belt!” Samantha added just to further taunt George.

George was amazed at the proposal and he had to admit aroused by it. He should have just either agreed or left but again he couldn’t help himself and he just had to escalate.

"Say Babe, that sounds great. I can’t wait to see your mouth on my cock on my couch tonight! The only thing that would make this bet better would be if I had you naked right now!" George grinned at the thought. IF he had been a smart man he would have shut up and left, but, as has already been established, intelligence was not part of George’s skill set.

Samantha looked at him with a red hot rage, but an evil smile formed on her face that slightly concerned George. “OK, tell you what. If you are man enough to whip out that shrimp dick of yours right now, I will fight you now. You will fight naked because you want that yourself. BUT, if I win and get you to submit, you get to be class bitch. Not only will you get your ass beat every week by my students, but, you will get to have your ass beaten BARE ASSED NAKED! Think you are man enough for my challenge Boy?”

George couldn’t believe it and his mouth salivated at the thought of those gorgeous tits of hers flopping around in front of him. Despite being a little embarrassed by the thought of stripping naked in front of a group of women, George readily agreed. The other women in the class eyed him with a combination of lust and anger as he started to strip down and go to the head of the class to start a match. George cupped himself as he now realized that his mouth had indeed written a check his ass couldn’t cash and his erection was hard to hide. The whistles and cat-calls from the other women in the class both humiliated him but also oddly further excited him. When Samantha emerged from the back room, glorious in her black sports leotard, his fight to control his erection was lost. She was even more spectacular than he imagined. She walked over to the mat to meet him.

Five seconds into the match George realized he had made a horrible mistake. Despite being considerably larger than Samantha and obviously packing more muscle mass, this girl in leotard was amazing. Within seconds she had him on the floor and paralyzed under her amazingly strong thighs. He winced in pain as her thighs crushed his stomach and he felt himself unable to breathe. He looked up at the beautiful Samantha in leotard towering over his naked body and felt his cock start throbbing as those glorious breasts, the breasts that had gotten him into this situation, swing right in his face. Lust overcoming his fear of losing, he reached out with his tongue and lovingly licked her left nipple through leotard that was tantalizingly dangling right over his greedy mouth. George, although racked with pain, was in pure heaven.

Samantha was also getting aroused by the match. Although very angry with George, all this flesh to flesh contact had gotten her wet, gushing wet. Although she was incredibly pissed at George, and was enjoying his beat down, she had to admit he was quite attractive. When his hot tongue reached her erect nipple she gasped and felt herself leak her moisture onto his stomach, which she was crushing with her thighs. Even more than this, the knowledge that he was going to be her bitchboy excited her even more. George was getting exhausted trying to escape her clutches as Samantha was the master at using an opponents own weight and strength against themselves. With great fanfare, she flipped him upside down and had his shoulders on the mat and his legs spread wide to the side. With her powerful legs she trapped his ankles and pulled him even wider. George, to his great horror now had his cock, balls and asshole completely exposed upside down to the class and was helpless and could not move. The way Samantha had him situated, her legs held him fast to the floor and her hands were free. When he felt her left hand grab his balls and her right hand grab his cock, he knew he was done for.

For the next 10 minutes George struggled hopelessly to escape this position, but girl in leotard held him fast. She was enjoying his torment, and to both his incredible erotic excitement, and his ultimate humiliation she was teasing and tormenting his cock to the obvious delight of a room full of women. She ran her nails lightly around the crown of his cock and it visibly throbbed and weeped pre-cum right into his face. With her left hand she made lazy circle eights over his balls that twitched and throbbed at her assault. Shamefully but beyond his control George was loudly moaning

The women in the class were transfixed. Several were shifting nervously as they got more and more turned on by this display. This was to ALL of them the single most erotic thing they ever had witnessed, and the fact that this arrogant jerk was now stripped, beaten and now milked was just too delicious. Several women, to the horror of George, began taping his humiliation on their smartphones. Now he was going to be a laughingstock and there was nothing he could do about it. Despite the pain of being held in this uncomfortable position, and his obvious humiliation at being stroked and teased in front of all these women, his brain was focused on one thing, and one thing only, he had to CUM and he had to cum NOW!

"I give, I submit!" he finally cried out. “Just please please please let me cum!"

Samantha did not stop, but the grin on her face could not be contained.

"OH? You want a handjob too? That will cost you." she cackled, reveling in George’s humiliation. As he squirmed under her legs, racked in both pain and lust, he begged pitifully for relief and said he would submit. In his erotic haze he barely heard the terms, and I am sure if the blood had not rushed from his head to his tormented cock he might have reconsidered agreeing.

"OK Stevie, here is my price for your submission. After I let you up, you will crawl to each woman in the class, kiss their feet and beg for forgiveness. After all of them have been asked, I will ask your Goddesses to vote on whether you should be allowed relief. If I were you, I would make my apologies convincing!" Samantha then asked one of the women to fetch her purse for her out of the back. While she waited, she continued her assault on George’s cock and balls enjoying the delightful shade of purple his testicles now had turned. When the purse was fetched, she removed a pair of handcuffs and held them up to the class. They all erupted in laughter as they realized what was going to happen next. She released George and in complete exhaustion he rolled onto his stomach, lifting his hips slightly to avoid crushing his erection. Never in his life had he felt so completely wiped out. Every muscle hurt and he felt like he had the strength of a wet kitten. When Samantha grabbed his wrists and proceeded to handcuff him behind his back, he really could offer no resistance.

Now bound behind his back she instructed George to kneel and crawl over to her. She, to his dismay and disappointment, had already gotten redressed and sat in a folding chair. She pointed to her foot and indicated that to show his defeat, and to properly demonstrate his inferiority to her, he was to kiss the bottom of her foot. Despite aching all over, George’s cock started to throb again. Sweat began to pour off of him as he knelt down and took her foot into his mouth. George’s secret shame was his uncontrollable love of women’s feet, which now was on full display as his cock betrayed his lust. Samantha smiled in total victory as she saw him licking and kissing her delicious soles and toes.

Samantha grabbed George’s chin and directed him now to show his respect to the women in class he had offended. All looked straight at him and grinned. One at a time George crawled over to each girl in turn and kissed their feet and begged for forgiveness. After about 30 minutes, he was done and led back to the front of the class where he again knelt, fully naked hard and throbbing for the vote. The vote was overwhelming, 15 to zero. George was not to get release. Samantha dug back down into her purse and pulled out a cock cage. Pandemonium broke out among the women as they all realized George’s fate. George looked unbelieving at the cage and thought about running out of the studio, but the fact that he was naked and handcuffed made him reconsider. He thought this must be a horrible dream when he felt the cage being attached to his cock and the small lock snapped shut. Samantha took the key and put it on a chain which she placed around her neck.

"You may leave now George, but make sure you are on time next week for class." she said as she uncuffed him. George looked down at his meat, all caged and confined, throbbing and desperate and wondered where the nearest locksmith shop was. This was going to be humiliating but he had to admit it would be an experience he would never forget. As he started to get dressed, Samantha spoke words that chilled him to the bone.

"Oh, I know what you are thinking George, and if I were you I would not have that lock removed. That is, unless you want your shame broadcast to all of your friends on the internet. You see, my friends here all taped your little shameful display, and we won’t upload it unless you of course fail to show up for our class, caged, naked and ready to rumble."

George’s mouth dropped open. “But, how am I going to live like this. I mean, I have to, you know, take care of business..”.

Samantha grabbed George by his caged balls and looked deep into his eyes.

"Tell you what George, make sure you are extra nice to the girls here next week and who knows, maybe they will vote to give you a free shoot?" and with that he was ushered outside. George felt butterflies running all through his stomach as he now realized his cock was enslaved to a bunch of strange women, and to make matters really serious, he was completely trapped without any way to escape. He could only hope that eventually he might earn a release somehow.

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