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Swimming lesson

Standing stark naked at the pool Andrew felt embarrassed like never before in his life. He felt all eyes on him, on his slim and totally uncovered body. The girls behind him were giggling and whispering comments to each other. He felt mortified but the P.E. teacher Miss Stuart was merciless and so he had to be kept in lesson. And as an added punishment for him because he had allegedly lost his trunks she made him swim in his birthday suit. To swim naked in the presence of his watching female classmates! 

Although the girls’ swimming lesson has already been over for about an hour a gang of them were still hanging around the huge pool observing poor Andrew with great amusement. 

18 y.o. Monique, Angie, Sally, Tina, Rachel, Vanessa, Benedicte the cute French guest student... all of them were sitting close to him on a nearby bench -  fully dressed in their black one piece bathing suits behind his back. 
"We start with two lanes backstroke!" Miss Stuart coldly yelled at him. 

The cruel teacher didn't care about the female audience witnessing the shy boy’s degradation. Andrew was at the verge of crying, his whole body shaking nervously but he didn't dare to complain as he was too afraid of the terrific P.E. teacher. Clumsily the 18 year old teenager climbed into the cold water shivering. The girls got a good glance at his ass and - even better - his low hanging balls which were very plainly visible between his scrawny legs. Sally, the hot big boobed blonde lit on a cigarette as she watched Andrew’s movements with an amused expression on her face. Being in the pool now, the boy had to turn on his back in order to practice backstroke swimming. 

That was the moment of truth. Andrew's mind was spinning and his head turned into a very deep shade of red – clearly visible for all to see. 
Through the water he made out the blurred features of his female audience. They were all smiles! 

All regarding him! His nakedness! Andrew wished he would die but there was no escape. Stupidly he started his strokes through the pool...meter by meter. As he struggled through the water his undersized boyish parts involuntarily flopped around. That comical sight didn't go unnoticed by the girls, with some of them starting to laugh hilariously. To Andrew’s dismay the sound of their high pitched noise echoed throughout the building. 

“Man, this is one goddam lil prick!” said Sally pointing at his genitals between two drags of her cigarette. 

“I suspected him to be small” laughed Rachel “but never thought it was such a tiny thing!” initiating hysterical laughter from her girl-buddies. 

“That's why lanky Andy is so fucking shy.” mentioned Monique. Vanessa false-faced: “Hey girls, I think his bony body matches perfectly with his dinky dick.” 

“O Van, you’re such a mean bitch!” responded Sally laughing heartily. 
Andy seemed to be the perfect victim of their frisky talking and laughing. He was one of the guys who wasn't popular with the girls, less with these pretty and arrogant divas ( besides, NONE of them was a virgin anymore), watching his debasement and efforts in swimming. The mean girls he always tried to dodge as they always made fun of him, the “awkward dumb-ass” or “spazz” as they used to call him now and then. Sally and especially Rachel often named him “lanky Andy” referring to his slim built. 
With all his might Andy tried to think about something else. He tried to avoid the thoughts of this non-escaping humiliation taking place. But as he reached the top of the pool he had to turn and struggle his way back to his spectators. So far he'd been in the water for about 2 minutes but for Andrew it appeared like hours. But his predicament had only just begun! Ever so slowly he again approached the other side of the pool with his head just above the water line not being able to look at his spectators awaiting his arrival. 
"Faster Andrew, faster!" Miss Stuart was encouraging him now. To his utter torment the girls even joined in making a total fool of him by cheering on him  "Go Andy! Go! Faster! You can do it!" In disbelief Andrew turned his head to get a better view of the crowd. Being kind of inspired he actually started to increase his speed. He didn't know why though he knew he must have given a ridiculous sight. 

Then the shouting became more vicious. A girl - he noticed it was Sally's voice - suddenly yelled "Make that little thingie wiggle for us!" erupting loud roars and more nasty comments mixed with laughter "Swing that lil Andy! Swing it! Harharhar!" Again, the last 15 metres appeared like miles. 

All the while Miss Stuart seemed to be deaf in one ear. She didn't make any efforts to calm down the nasty young beasts, least of all did she reprove any of them for their vicious comments. 

As Andy had reached the edge of the pool he quickly turned around and was (at least) happy to let his lower body parts slip back into the water. But he felt mortified. As he looked above he made out the girls' grimacing faces showing not even a hint of pity on him. Suddenly they all went quiet and looked down on him. And the expression on their faces told nothing but “knowingness”. 

His eyes darted between the two girls sitting nearest to him on the bench. Through his watering eyes he made out Vanessa's perfectly shaped and utterly long legs partly covered by her brown cowboy-boots and got a glimpse of Sally's shiny black thigh high riding boots. But he was the one to be NAKED! And they saw ALL of him! But what did Miss Stuart do? She just talked to him in her stern way and blamed him “No, Andrew. That wasn't good at all! You can do it faster. It took you nearly four minutes to do the silly two backstroke- lanes. Come on. Once again. Once again! But this time more struggle!” 

Andy couldn't believe what he just heard. He pleaded. “ Please, Miss Stuart! Don't let me do it again.” His voice was cracking now. “I'm nakid, and ...the...the girls are...” he looked at the smiling evil young females. “Mister Parker! Don't you dare to argue wiz me! As I told before, you only have yourself to blame for this. So if you don’t conform to my commands you’ll be in serious trouble, young man!” she barked with her hands at her hips. To his utter humiliation Rachel mimicked him in a childish voice “Pleeease, Miss Stuart”. It was hell on earth. But Andrew didn’t show the slightest inclination to swim. “What are we waiting for? Move your skinny ass to other side of the pool!” the bossy teacher commanded. The girls laughed at her surprisingly sharp words. But the doomed young boy started just another desperate plea: “No, please Miss! Pleeease let me ...” “Stop that begging, boy or it’s gonna be much worse! I count down to zero. “Five…four…three…two…” The tension in the air was almost palpable. The girls kept silence, curiously waiting with baited breath. With pathetic fear, Andy’s naked frame was struggling. “…one…zero! Go!” Miss Stuart finally yelled.  
Again Andy wasn’t willing to obey and kept stubborn. Instead he began to snivel weakly. “O my god! What a fucking cry baby he is!” hissed a sadistic Sally. 

“Ok, Boy I have it with you. Out of the pool! Now!” Meanwhile the coach became really angry. She bent down to the defiant boy, grabbed her strong arms around his slim frame and simply pulled him out of the water in one swift motion. Her force was unbelievable! Before he could understand the situation a shocked Andy was standing bare naked at the edge of the pool dripping. Regaining from the sudden change of events he bashfully covered his mid section. “What…?” the stunned boy stammered when Miss Stuart just bent down again. Another split second later he was roughly being shouldered by his athletic swimming coach. The wet and naked boy found himself in an extremely unpleasant situation. Head down his upper body hanged over her brawny back, whilst his legs and hips were being held together by trained arms. The spectators were overly amazed by the irate teacher's fast performance! In bewildered fascination Sally, Rachel and the other girls watched as the doomed boy struggled wildly in the iron grip of his superior teacher. 

“I’m just getting down to business. You earned yourself a needful teaching. To the barn we go!” the furious vixen announced whilst she was marching him towards the far-off building taking long, distance-devouring strides as if it were the easiest thing in the world to do. The girls, not intending to miss the following spectacle, eagerly followed the two protagonists. 
“Going to barn” has always been a threatening event for each boy student attending St. Lois Boarding School. Every now and then a rebellious or repeated disobedient brat was forcibly marched to the old tool shed – no matter if he was a junior or a senior. The former libertines all ended up in tears of pain and shame as they undergone a good old fashioned whipping! 
Accordingly, Andy was in pure terror now! The poor lanky boy fought a forlorn fight being unshakeable kept in place. He, an unclothed fourteen year old boy was being carried by his all so much stronger teacher like a young kid. A kid that is going to be spanked! Not to mention all the girls witnessing his punishment! His situation couldn’t be more traumatic. To his utter humiliation his wet and shriveled male parts were constantly being pressed against his teacher’s collarbone which was only covered by the thin material of her red spandex tank one piece bathing suit. 

“O my god. She has to feel it! She is feeling my naked dick touching her clothed body!”  was all Andy could think about. 

“Stop struggling around, boy!” he heard her unmistakable stern voice from above. Each time he raised his head Andy witnessed the malicious features of his female classmates eagerly awaiting his forthcoming chastisement. Even when he looked away the strides of numerous boots and pumps reminded him unavoidable of his following entourage as they were noisily clacking and tic-tacking on the stony floor. 
All Andy wanted to do was to flee. So he made more unremitting efforts to free himself from his delicate position he had to endure and yanked at her back with protesting arms. A decision he immediately regretted, as the sturdy teacher suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. 
She then drove three fingers, thumb, index finger and middle finger from above raptor-like right between his upper legs just beneath his ass crack! Andy shivered as he felt her strong fingers delving their way straight through the narrow gap searching for his most sensitive body parts! “No, Miss!” he wailed. 
The cruel attack didn't become unnoticed by the girls. They gawked with opened mouths as the determined teacher ignored his begging and relentlessly went for his hidden genitals! “If you don't calm, find out the hard way!” she threatened. Then she grasped both his little penis and balls with her claws and… squeezed firmly! “Aaaaaaargh. No! Pleeease!” Andy squealed in a high pitched voice as he felt a nausea pain between his legs. A pain that was even intensified as the ruthless coach maneuvered a long and razor-sharp fingernail under the stunted foreskin of his penis and bit it deep into the tender flesh of his unprotected glans. “AAAAARGH! OUUUUUUUCH!”  

“I warned you, boy! Stop struggling! At once!” she barked. Andy promptly froze in motion. 

”There you are. Keep rigid!” Miss Stuart, satisfied by the desired effect, loosened the pressure on his crotch, yet keeping her manicured hand in place!  
“Ouch! Poor naked boy. She's havin you by de balls, isn’t she?” Benedicte snickered at him gleefully in her French accent much to the amusement of her young comrades. Tina sneered and wagged her index-finger “Naughty naughty boy, you are!” 

If the shocking pain wasn’t bad enough, the girl’s taunting comments from above gave him the rest. Physically and mentally overwhelmed the sensible young student delivered a heart-wailing “Mommy!” which was promptly answered by hysterical laughter. 
His childish cry for help only lead to a new level of exhilaration. Now the mean girl-beasts mentally took the piss out of him! “Geez! Lil baby boy here is calling for his mommy!,” Vanessa mocked him sardonically. "Man, what a pussy!", Tina commented. Then Sally bent down shook her head no and teased “Nah! Mommy isn’t going to help her little brat.” Each comment shot like a painful arrow through his ear. 
Despite all the rude comments Miss Stuart didn’t intervene and let them bestow as ever. Instead she even cursed him again. “Mister Parker! Stop that miserable whining! Your punishment hasn’t even begun!” 
Finally the squad managed the long distance to the barn which was placed a good hundred meters away from the pool area, at the backside of the school's gymnasium. Then Miss Stuart – with Andy still on her shoulders – reached into her pocket for a bunch of keys and unlocked the heavy door. Being in the wooden room the teacher switched the light on. Andy's racing heartbeat even increased. In here, the hapless guy would be physically disciplined soon – just in the naked condition he was in! 
The barn was filled with several pieces of sports equipment and fitness tools. Its ordinary inventory was obvious to anyone who wouldn't know its second purpose. 

“I' m letting you off now, boy. But I warn you: If you cause any more trouble or even try to escape you're getting it the hard way!” she addressed to him in unmistakable words. As Andy was back on his feet he quickly covered his lately abused organs with apparently shaking hands. But Miss Stuart didn't waste more time. “See that vaulting horse over there?” she pointed to an old fashioned gymnastics apparatus. Andy blinked aside. Snapping her fingers she ordered. “You go there and bend yourself along the saddle. Buck up!” Without any sign of resistance Andy shuffled with weak legs to the fearful device with its leather covered top that was seemingly awaiting its newest “guest of honor” and maneuvered himself in the desired, humiliating position. "Ouch", the cold leather felt very uncomfortable on his still wet naked skin.  
Meanwhile a bunch of curious girls in black one piece bathing suits was still hanging around the doorframe not daring to move a step further and join the following private interaction. Their doubts were soon be dispelled. “It’s ok girls. You can come in and watch how we discipline misbehavior here in St. Louis.” Miss Stuart invited them. Sally and her friends didn’t need to be twice-told as they eagerly stormed the shed and witnessed the next step of the preparation of Andy. 
“Not like that! Place your hands on the edge of the saddle, you stupid boy!” Still unsatisfied with his position the strict teacher grabbed Andy's elbows and managed them in the required posture. “And spread your legs wider apart!” she commanded as she forcefully shoved his calves aside one by one with her right foot. “That’s the way.” Now being submissively bent over the vaulting horse a naked and yet again whimpering Andy was ready to pay his tribute whilst a freely dangling pair of balls between his parted thighs was plainly visible for all to see. Next, Miss Stuart reached for an unnoticed whip that hung on a hidden hook. “You’re now going to become acquainted with ‘Madame severe’, boy.” Saying this, the energetic swimming coach swung the heavy whip noisily in the air. "CRACK!" 

The girls just marveled. “Wow. She really knows how to punish a boy!” one of them whispered as another one stated "Damn! That is one REAL menacing lash, girls!" 
Turning his head Andy stressfully stared with wide opened eyes. “O no! Please Miss! Don't hurt me! Don't!” Never being beaten before in his life much less by such a cruel instrument he wildly shook his head in despair trying to elicit some hint of mercy. But for vain! Miss Stuart just interrupted his pleadings and proceeded. 

“Now keep your mouth shut and your ears open, boy! I only say this once, so you better pay attention. You have to take ten strokes. And I want you to count each one of them and add a gratefully spoken ‘thank you Miss’. And if you miss out only one stroke we’ll start again. From the beginning! Did you get that? ” Not quite being aware of the serious demand Andy didn’t response and kept on sobbing. “I said DID YOU GET THAT?” her words thundered. “Yes! Yes Miss! I count and say thank you Miss” he quickly and submissively replied.   

“Ok young man. Now prepare for the first encounter…” 

Raising her hand the tall strong teacher landed the first blow forcefully on Andy's naked ass followed by a nasty bang! 
Meanwhile, the eagerly watching girls winced as the boy screamed out an ear numbing yell of agony. 

Miss Stuart not being impressed at all waited a few seconds and stated: “Forgot the rules? Here’s another first one!” “Nooo…ONE...”, Andy screamed. 

But he was too late. “Bang!” his words were cut by another attack of the cruel whip. This time Andy screamed again but didn’t forget to add “One….Thank you Miss”  

“That’s the way…” a now satisfied Miss Stuart praised as she aimed the next brutal blow on her naked victim’s bare flesh. 

“Two! Thank you Miss…Three! Thank you Miss…Four…” Andy was wailing, screaming, crying and counting. 

"Wow, that must be REALLY painful!" the girls remarked in unison. 
But only after a few blows all female witnesses somehow got used to his “side noise” and paid more attention to the physical reactions and the results of the whip. “Fuck! Her strength behind the blows is unbelievable!” Rachel remarked. “Yeah, and see how his whole body is being shaken after each fuckin’ stroke.” Sally pointed to his opened legs “Even his lil jewels are jiggling!” “Six…Thank you…”  “You’re right, Sally! That’s so funny! Looks as if they nearly fall off like from a shaken apple tree!” Vanessa giggled. 
When the last stroke has found its destination Andy’s bare ass was badly covered with numerous red and violet marks. He grabbed his butt and started hopping from foot to foot in order to ease the burning pain. Miss Stuart was merciful to give the suffering boy a short rest, replaced the whip and folded her arms. Meanwhile, Andy’s wild dancing made him look so ludicrous that the girl’s fell anew into fits of laughter.”Look! That’s surely the craziest Irish jig I’ve ever seen!” Sally giggled gleefully. “Great performance Andy!” Rachel cheered, not showing any pity on her naked schoolfellow. 

In his fight against the agonizing ache the utterly humiliated Andy stammered “Leave me alone!” only to be disciplined by his teacher: “Silence, boy! Haven’t you learned your lesson?!” she hissed. 

Andy, facing the wall not daring to present his front to the audience, quickly gave in “Yes Miss Stuart! I’ve learned it. I swear!” 

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