CFNM erotic mixed wrestling femdom couple bedroom fighting

Arianna's headscissors

This was actually the first girlfriend I ever had. We were at a party one night and some of the couples were pairing off upstairs to fool around and what not. We were able to secure a room for ourselves but because of the situation she was disagreed to undress completely because our relationship was fairly new, and besides the door wasn't locked. Hoping to have a sex, I was naked but she wore a long sleeved leotard and teased me. So instead we sort of talked and eventually started playfighting on the bed. We wrestled around gently and I sort of let her get the upper hand to keep her interest. At one point she was on top of me trying to press her body down and crush me into the mattress.


I began to slide my way out when I realized my head was now down by her legs. I could have easily pried my way all the way out but instead I brought my head up early and caught one of her legs. I pretended to try to lift my head clear of her leg at a leisurely pace, and she took the bait. Sensing her advantage she instinctively drew my head down with her leg, shutting them on my head and crossing her feet. I was in a frontal head scissors and I was facing her. The light was dim but I could see she was smiling as she discovered she could exert pressure by straightening her legs and making me clutch at her thighs in supplication.

I think it was very effective because the relationship was fairly new and no one had established themselves as the more dominant partner and this sort of gave her a feeling of superiority for the moment. She enjoyed overpowering me, she perceived the hold as something she had initiated. This girl was very competitive, independent, strong willed and she hated to lose.

Female superiority has very nice proof when leotard clad wife sits on top of her naked immobilized husband. He can't resist her, forced to worship under his Goddess. Woman's victory poses looking so sexy when girl wearing a leotard or onepiece bathing suit, especially is she is a dancer, gymnast or ballerina. Strong, powerful, muscle legs of athlete girls are deadly weapon, any woman can be a merciless mistress when she squeezing her male prey with her legs - applying headscissors, bodyscissors or just facesitting combined with oral sex as cunnilingus. Girls are stronger than guys, when girl has her leotard on but male is nude he has a great disadvantage because female clothing protects her sexy body like armor when nude man stay vulnerable when exposed, any weak point of his whimpy body is always open for kicks, knees, punches of cruel lady, especially when she using a ballbusting or simply squeezing his balls hardly with her steel hands!