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Bad copying

It was the exam. I was writing the answers. And then a silent conversation behind me got my attention. It was the 3 girls - Julie, Anna and Amie. They were copying. The teacher in charge was sleeping. I suddenly shouted "SIR - these girls are copying". the teacher woke up, came to the girls and took their papers away. The 3 girls stared at me mad. I was kinda freaked coz I was the only boy in the class, all the others left. The girls looked at me for a minute and they went out of the classroom. I finished my paper and left. I saw the 3 girls standing there. They were like they were gonna beat me up. I said sorry, looked into all of their eyes and said sorry again. I said I did not mean it.

They looked at me and grinned, they said we accept your apology. And Julie asked me "Why dont you come over to my house?". Julie's mother was a friend of my mother so I had to say YES. then me and the 3 girls walked to Julie's house. Julie switched on the TV and Julie and her friends said they'll change their uniform and be back. I was hungry and ate the snacks on the table.The girls returned they wore shiny pink tank leotards and a leathery black boots. After 15 mins of TV. I said I am going home. Anna said no and told me to stay for just a hour. Amie said lets play a game. Julie said lets play hide and seek.

I counted till 100 waiting for the 3 girls to hide. After I finished counting hundred, I went searching for them all over. I went upstairs and entered Julies room. As soon as I entered. some one jumped on me from behind, I couldnt see who was it. I was on the ground, I turned my head and saw Julie, anna and Amie. They forced me to a armchair. And duct taped my hands to the armrest and my ankles to the legs of the chair, Then they rolled duct tape around my chest and lap to the chair. And they said that they are gonna leave me like this for the night as a revenge. Amie took a pink bandana and rolled it into a ball. I shut my mouth tightly. Julie came and pinched my nose. I held my breath for 20 seconds and I gave up and opened my mouth. The bandana went right in my mouth and duct tape went over my mouth securing the bandana inside.

I tried to scream, all I let out was a mmmmph The three girls turned off the light, locked the room and went. I was totally immobilized. After 10 mins of trying to escape. I gave up. after 1 hour. I got sleepy and slept...

A voice woke me up. I looked up and saw the 3 girls. All 3 smirked at me. I was still tied to the chair but the duct tape on my mouth wasnt there. Then Anna slowly slid a mirror in front of me. I gazed onto it and was horrified, THEY HAD DONE A MAKEOVER TO ME. there was pink lipstick on my lips. pink eye shadows my hair was dyed pink and it was long, it was a wig so I wasnt worried about my hair, then there was nail polish over my nails, AND I was dressed in a girls dress pink top and jet black skirt. My whole face was filled with make up and I looked like a girl. Julie quickly brought a camera and captured a photo of me.


After 30 mins asking them to release me, they released me, and said "If you don't listen to us, this photo is going to your school and FB". I ran to the bathroom washed my makeup. And went back and told the girls not to put the photos in FB or pass it around my school. I asked my dress back and Julie threw my school uniform at me. I changed and went over to Julie I said that I will obey them forever if they wont put the photos up.


Now Im bound to the girls and do whatever they say all because of me complaining about them copying.

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