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ballbusting femdom leotard self defense swimming team locker room

After a swimming match

I have found memories of trying to sneak into the girl's locker room after a swim match.

Our match was over by 8:30 pm and it was going on 10, and I was the only guy left from our team. Somehow my horny little body got the best of me and I started to peak into the girl's locker room.

Well the door was open and there were four girls and the woman's swim coach, dressed in their racing swimsuits, was sitting on one of the benches and they were all laughing and talking about the victory that the boys and girls teams enjoyed that night. We were good and everyone from the girls and boys team knew each other and we got along great, just like sisters and brothers, yet we would joke back and forth and complain about the skimpy swim suits boys had to wear. The girl's suits was high-legged one-piece; you could see every outline of every part we owned. As it was it was not unusual to walk by and even stop to chat as we would get dressed; it just didn't seem to matter until that night.

I was standing in the doorway, just to the side and I was just enjoying the view as my little hard'on was getting harder and harder thru my Speedo suit. I was just enjoying the view of some nice young tight bodies and the coach, being 24 years old was in nice shape too.

When the coach saw me by door and I quickly turned to walk towards the boys showers when she said, "Hey, D is here. Come on in. You did a great job tonight, didn't he girls?" She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room and then it hit her. She looked down at my hard-on trying to rip thru my trunks and said, "Oh my, you've been watching us haven't you? Just how long have you been standing there D? You know we warned you boys about peeking and I told the girls the same thing. I don't care what you do on your own time but I won't have you boys, or the girls, allowing your hormones to get in the way of the meets!" The girls were giggling and laughing as I the Coach was holding my hand. I was red as a beet, embarrassed, and my free hand was in front of me trying to hide my hard-on.

"Now I thing we need to teach D a lesson don't we girls?" as the coach stepped to my side and grabbed my free hand and pulled my arms to each side, completely exposing my obvious hard'on to all the girls. "See girls, he's excited to see us!"

They all laughed and I was saying "I'm sorry coach. I was just walking by really... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, ...

"Well come on girls, line up and give D a good look. Come on, stand right in front of him so he can get an eyeful." The coach let go of my arms. "Now stand right there D and I want your hands to your sides." The girls were laughing and stood in front of me. I didn't know if I was in heaven, but I did know that I wasn't going to get off that easy. The coach then stood in front of the girls and said, "Now you've seen what you were after, but I bet you haven't seen a naked man before have you?"

With that, the girls stopped laughing and their eyes widened as the coach slipped off my speedos... "Now girls this is what I have said about the boys. Look at those things between his legs (as she grabbed each of my knees with her hands and spread my legs apart). Don't you move D, I'm making a point!"

"See how they get excited? That-s why we can beat them in the matches. Their body dynamics are not smooth like ours. Now if we could just keep them soft... this," then she mildly struck my cock and balls with the back of her hand, "would not be an issue in the pool or in the locker room!" I doubled over just a bit as it was more a surprise for me than it hurt and the girls were all laughing now.

"Now girls, don't you think we owe it to D to help him get rid of that ugly hard-on so he can be slim and trim in the water for his team? And I think you think we need to teach D that trying to sneak a peek at the girls locker room has its price!" The girls were laughing and they were all saying, "Yes, coach."

"Then Kathy, come over here and hold D's right arm. Diane, come over and hold his left arm. Amy, hold his right leg out and Kim come over here and hold his left leg out. What do you think we should with you D?" The girls were holding my legs and arms apart and then Kathy smacked my ass with her free hand and the coach laughed. "I think we're on the right track girls!" She walked behind me,  my ass was bare and she slapped me several times, only making me harder.

"I'll tell you what were going to do D. I think you need a good kick in the balls to help you control your hard-on, to teach you a lesson and to help you trim up for your team. You just can't swim like that and expect to win; it-s just going to get in the way, so, really this is for your own good." The girls were now silent, and then they tightened their grip on me and Kathy said, "Yes, kick his balls! Can we all kick his balls coach?"

I was pleading and begging, shaking and saying I was sorry, but the coach lifted my chin with her hands. "This really is for your own good D, and I can bet you won't be peeking in our locker room when were done now, do you?"

I said, "No ma-am, just don't hurt my balls, pleeeease,"

"Alright girls, each of you get one turn at his balls, but I only want you to use your knees. No kicks, he's got a meet in two days and he has to win. Now I'll go first and watch me and do the same thing and then we'll rotate."

The coach walked in front of me and reached out and grabbed my cock and pulled it to the side and slowly slid her knee up to my balls. "Ready D?" I was shaking so bad that the girls were holding me up. "Now count girls and help him to stand up after I knee his balls. One-two... THREE!" Her knee slammed right into both my balls and she was pulling my cock. The girls were holding me up and I doubled over but couldn't fall down. My balls felt like they were on fire! "There D, that wasn't so bad was it? Only four more to go!"

"Come on Kathy, your turn¦ The coach took Kathy's place holding me and Kathy moved in front of me. "Alright Kathy, I'm going to pull his cock out of the way again so his balls are ready!" I still had my trunks on and the coach grabbed my bent hard'on to the side and Kathy's knee came slowly up to my balls and she was shaking too, "Come on, Kathy... on three."

Kathy had this look on her face, "But coach, doesn't this hurt him a lot? I mea... maybe we should just..."

The coach laughed, "You're going to learn Kathy, that a guys balls can take a lot, and you-re going to like being in control. Come on, he'll be fine. Won't you D?"

Then Kathy looked straight into my eyes and whispered, "I'm sorry,"

"Come on! one! two! THREE!¦ and Kathy drove her knee into my balls and as I doubled over this look came over her face and she was smiling!

"Oh god coach! That was great! That felt so great! Can I do it again? Pleassseeee?"

"No Kathy, come on let the other girls have their turn." Then I had to take three more knees and all the while the girls were laughing more and more and the coach was pulling my cock out of the way... I was getting harder not softer!

"Alright girls let him go." I slid to the floor holding my balls, and to my surprise, wasn't that much in pain The first knee was the worst and hurt the worst and the second was bad, but the last ones were all pretty much the same.

The coach sat next to me on a bench. "Are you ok D? Now that wasn't sooo bad was it? Maybe we should do this once a month for you, what do you think?"

"Come on girls, the funs over. Get dressed and go home, I'll sit with D until he's ready to go." After a half hour the girls were gone and I was sitting on the bench beside the coach drinking orange juice she had given me.

"Now you know why I had to do this don-t you?" I said yes. "But it still looks like you haven-t learned to control your hard'on. There's nothing wrong with having a hard'on D, but there is a time and place for everything and swim meets and locker rooms are not them. Now stand up." I stood up and the coach was sitting on the bench facing me.

She took my hand and we headed to her office and she had me sit in her chair, "Now this IS going to hurt, but understand it's for your own good." She took her bra in front of me, put it around my waist backwards and pulled my cock up and snapped the bra around me so that my cock was trapped under the bra, holding my cock up and to the right. She walked around to the back of the chair and said, "Now spread your legs dear." She bent over the chair and her wonderful breasts were against my neck and face and she reached both of her hands down to my balls. "Come on now, spread your legs." She slapped each of my thighs. "Now close your eyes if want to, this is going to really hurt." She balled her right hand up in a fist in front of me and slowly arched it down to my balls, her left hand cupped my balls and she slowly arched her right fist up and down to my balls and then WHAM! WHAM! "I said spread your legs!" WHAM!

Then I was on the floor in front of the chair holding my burning balls, looking I know stupid having a hard'on trapped by her bra around me! "Alright on your knees D. Come on, you can do it. Come on baby, do it for me. Let's just get this over with. Come on baby, on your knees" She got down on her knees in from of me and reached between my legs and pulled them apart, then she lifted and slammed her right knee into my balls and I fell into her. Lady in sexy racing swimsuit rolled me over to my side and forced my legs apart and started to beat my balls with her fist until she couldn-t hold my legs apart any more She stood up and I looked at her and she just smiled She was sweating and breathing hard; she reached down and undid her bra from me and smiled when as she did. I came as hard as I ever had in my life and have never since that time.

We had a great summer that year and then college and then just memories. I never saw her again after that great last year and the wonderful summer and have never been able to connect with the girls in the locker room, but if all I have is those great memories, they have and will last for many more years, if people will wonder why I smile.

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