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Don't cross Kate

Kate put her hands on her hips and studied herself in her bathroom mirror. It was Friday night. She had just changed into a revealing black thong leotard. She was extremely attractive, and she was well aware of it. Fairly tall, at 5 foot 10. Long, wavy dark hair. Sparkling green eyes. Beautiful smile. Adorable face, with high cheekbones, a delicate chin, and a warm, sweet smile. Fair complexion. Very fit. Full, firm breasts. Taut little waist. Long, toned legs.

She took a sip from her glass of merlot. One would think that a woman like Kate would have no trouble at all finding a man worthy of her. After all, she was pretty, she was very smart, she had a great job, and she was fun. One would, however, be wrong. Perhaps she was too picky. Perhaps her standards were too exacting. She didn't know. She did know, though, that she was tiring of looking. She wanted a man who would treat her like a goddess, and she would accept nothing less. She had finally had enough. If she couldn't find the perfect man, then she would take one who she liked well enough, and she would mold him into the kind of man she wanted. Poor bastard.

Kate trembled in anticipation as she looked at herself in the mirror. She took another large sip of merlot, and she began touching up her makeup. The poor bastard's name was Mitch, and he was currently sitting on Kate's sofa. Very cute. About six feet tall. In good shape. She had only been seeing him for a few weeks. They had been going at it pretty heavily on the couch for the past 20 minutes or so. She had him very, very hot and bothered. She had excused herself to use the restroom. My wouldn't he be surprised when she returned wearing only a sexy leotard? Kate chuckled to herself as she turned off the light and opened the bathroom door.  

It would be the first of many surprises for Mitch. He was where she had left him, sitting on the sofa, drinking a beer. Kate looked at his face when she walked into the room, and she smirked to herself when his eyes grew wide and his mouth fell open slightly. She approached, smiling down at him.

"Hi," she said throatily.

"Hi," he returned. "Wow. You look great!"

Kate smiled. "Thanks. You ready for another beer?"

"Yeah, sure," Mitch said

Kate held out her hand, and Mitch gave her his empty bottle.


"Right back," she said, looking flirtatiously into his eyes.

As she turned to walk to the kitchen, Kate wondered what Mitch would think of her leotard. She knew he must be staring at her ass as she walked away. She smiled to herself and she felt another tinge of excitement. She downed the last of her merlot and poured herself another big glass. She got Mitch another beer, although she wasn't sure he would have the opportunity to drink much of it. Kate walked back into her living room, looking at Mitch as he followed her with his eyes. She took a sip from her glass of wine and set it down on the end table. She placed his beer on the table, too. She turned to face him.  


"Well?" she said mischievously, folding her arms across her chest. Mitch quickly rose to his feet and walked over to her. He put his hands on her waist and leaned in to kiss her on the mouth. She returned his kiss hotly, moving her hands up and down his back, sliding them in and out of his jeans. She kissed the side of his face, his ear, his neck. She put her mouth on his throat and let him feel her teeth, smiling as he groaned approvingly.

As Kate continued to bite at Mitch's throat, she slid a hand down the front of his jeans, working it into his boxers. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft of his penis and felt it get harder. She moved her mouth to his ear, putting her tongue in it. Mitch groaned in ecstasy, moving his hands down her back, firmly caressing her buttocks. She withdrew her hand from his pants, and put her arms on his shoulders, around his neck. As Kate continued to kiss him on the mouth, she lifted her right leg up along the left side of his body, until the knee was against the side of his waist. She pulled her face back an inch or two from his mouth, and she looked into his eyes and said "Don't let me fall."

Kate held on to his shoulders, and she brought her other leg up on the right side of his waist, holding on to his neck so she wouldn't fall to the ground. She smiled at him as he quickly moved his hands to her behind, to hold her up. He held her in his arms, with her legs wrapped around him. She moved her face back in, kissing him hotly on the mouth, and she eased her crotch in against his belly, wrapping her thighs around his waist, locking her ankles together behind his back. She kissed his mouth, his face, his neck. She settled her lips against his ear.


"How do you like it?" she asked seductively.

"Oh, I like it a lot," Mitch answered.

"Mmmm. I heard that you would," Kate said, her lips against his ear.

"What?" Mitch asked, kissing her on the side of the neck.

Kate squeezed her thighs in around his belly, smiling naughtily in his face as he gasped.


"Well," she said. "You know my friend, Amber? She sees your friend, Steve? They're the ones who fixed us up a few weeks ago."


She squeezed harder, watching his eyes widen as she began contracting his stomach between her legs. "Well, I guess Steve told Amber that you told him that you were just dying to get between my legs. Or," she squeezed harder still, "even better, to get up my ass. And that you thought you might be able to accomplish both this weekend."

She squeezed him harder, looking coolly into his eyes. "I ... I never said that," he gasped. She could tell immediately that he was lying, that he had indeed said exactly that.

"Oh," she cooed, her lips against his ear. "No one likes a liar, baby. You know you said it. Why on earth would Steve make it up?  So I'm asking," she brought her thighs together suddenly with tremendous force, looking into his eyes dispassionately. "I'm asking" she whispered in his ear, through clenched teeth, "how you like it. Being between my legs. So far, is it what you had hoped?"

"I didn't ..." Mitch stammered, "I didn't say that," he gasped, letting go of her buttocks and using his hands to try to pry her legs apart. Kate didn't need him to hold her up anymore. Her grip around his waist was so tight that she was holding herself up quite nicely. And her legs were much too strong to be moved by Mitch's hands. He quickly discovered this, and began trying to strike her with them. Kate caught hold of them, though, and brought them behind his back, embracing him with her upper body and simultaneously keeping his hands where they could do her no harm.

She relaxed her thighs for a split second, and then brought them together around his waist with crushing force, arching her crotch in against his stomach. He gasped and choked as she smirked in his face, and after a moment he fell to his knees. Kate lowered her feet to the ground, keeping her legs crossed at the ankles, and she stood over him, with her hands on her hips, looking down into his face, crushing his midsection with her thighs, holding him captive between her legs.

"Do you like it?" she taunted. "Is being between my legs as great as you had hoped?"

"God damn it, stop!" Mitch groaned, looking up at her angrily, swinging his arms at her.

"Oh, no, no, no," Kate chuckled, catching his wrists in her hands.  
"You'll be taking orders from now on.  Not giving them."


"Fuck you," Mitch returned angrily, flexing the muscles in his stomach in an attempt to keep Kate from collapsing her thighs together any further.

"Oh, now is that any way to talk to your girlfriend?" Kate asked, giggling at him. She brought her feet off of the ground again and leaned forward a bit, forcing Mitch to fall backward, off of his knees and onto his bottom, where he landed on the floor, with his legs stretched out in front of him. Now, she was sitting on his lap, with her legs still wrapped around his waist. She took his wrists again, and hugged him with her upper body, crossing his arms and holding his hands firmly behind his back. She could feel his erection through his jeans, against her buttocks. She felt herself  becoming aroused, as well.

Kate rested her chin on his shoulder and continued to squeeze his middle between her thighs. He resisted as best he could, holding his stomach muscles firm, shaking his body to try to loosen her grip.

All of this effort made him short of breath, though, and Kate was relentless as she sat comfortably on his lap, hugging him firmly as she squeezed his stomach between her thighs. She pulsed her thigh muscles against his belly, and each time she flexed them it felt to Mitch as if someone were punching him in the gut. She could feel him weakening, little by little, and each time he took a breath, Kate clamped down harder.

Kate moved her face to the side of his head once again. She brought her face in close to his, and she seductively put her tongue in his ear and loosened her thighs for a split second.  She smiled to herself triumphantly as she felt his body tremble at the sensation, felt him relax his stomach muscles, and she quickly collapsed her thighs in around his midsection. He squealed in pain and horror, and she had him. He was defenseless. She could 
squeeze his middle as tight as she pleased now, and he couldn't fight back enough to make a difference.


"Ohhhh, yes," Kate moaned as Mitch screamed in pain. His tummy was soft and squishy now as she pulverized it between her legs. The feel of it being crushed between her powerful thighs was intoxicating to her. She wanted to feel his naked belly against her skin.

"Please!  Oh, Goddess!  Please!" Mitch gasped.  He could barely breathe. What little breath he could draw came in little short gasps.

Kate pouted in his face. "Oh, dear. Does this hurt? Am I hurting you? Are you having trouble breathing? Poor, poor thing."

"Oh, please stop!" Mitch choked.

Kate pulled her face back, so she could look into his eyes. She squeezed harder, squishing his middle between her thighs.


"Stop? But baby," she said sweetly, "I've only just begun." She squeezed her legs together until he shook with pain. "You wanted to be between my legs, and now here you are. Why don't you just enjoy it?"

Kate let go of his arms, now. If he dared to swing at her, she could break him in half. As she continued to watch his eyes, she began unbuttoning Mitch's shirt. When she loosened her thighs enough to take his shirt all of the way off, he tried to wriggle away from her.

"Oh no, honey," Kate said bemusedly. She hugged him back tightly in against her crotch, pressing it against his belly, and she brought her legs together around him with terrible force. Mitch shrieked in pain and gasped desperately for breath as she collapsed his middle between her powerful thighs.

"Ooooh, yes," Kate sighed. "Ooohhh." She brought her face right up to his, until their noses touched. She moved to the side of his head, and bit his ear lightly. She crushed him between her thighs. He gasped and screamed, and all the while she could feel his erection against her backside as she sat on his lap.

She opened her mouth and bit his neck and shoulder playfully as she pulverized him between her legs. "Ooooh, God, yes," she moaned. She wrapped her arms around his torso and hugged him, pressing her breasts against him, her erect nipples poking at his chest. "Mmmm. The feel of your weak, defeated tummy, all squishy between my legs is sooo awesome," she said.  

"Probably doesn't feel so great to you, though, does it?" she laughed.

"Please, please, please stop," Mitch pleaded weakly. "I didn't mean it. I didn't mean anything. I'm sorry!"

Kate pulled her face back, looking into his eyes, drinking in his pain and humiliation. She squeezed harder. "Good," she said. "That's better."

She reached behind him, taking hold of her left ankle with her right hand and her right ankle with her left hand. She leaned back just a bit, so that she could look into his eyes, and she used her hands to pull her ankles in opposite directions, forcing her thighs against his waist, mashing it with unbelievable force. She arched her back, pushing her crotch in against his belly, until she had crushed his waist into the smallest possible position. Mitch's pain was unthinkable. She looked into his eyes as he squealed like a wounded animal, gasping in short little breaths only to have Kate force them right back out of him with her thighs. She pulled her ankles as hard as she could, and she held them that way.

Kate leaned in to the side of his face, resting her chin on his shoulder, letting him rest his chin weakly on hers. She spoke quietly, with her lips right against his ear. "I feel your cock.  Poor little thing. You're hard for me. Hard as a rock for me. Here you sit, trapped, completely, totally defenseless between the legs of a pretty leotard clad girl. A girl you expected to fuck not twenty minutes ago. A girl you still want to fuck. I crush you between my thighs, causing you unspeakable pain, incredible humiliation, and yet still you are hard for me. Poor, pathetic, weak little thing."

She kissed his shoulders and neck and squeezed his middle brutally. He gasped and grappled weakly at her thighs with his hands.

"That's it," she cooed, looking into his eyes again. "Try to stop me. Fight back. Don't stand for this. Make me stop it." She watched him struggle weakly for breath for a moment. "Can't you stop me? No?" She paused again, looking into his eyes with mock concern. "You had better start to fucking beg me, then. Beg me, you fucking pussy. Beg."

Kate squeezed his belly between her powerful thighs, laughing at him. "Beg me," she repeated. "Beg me to stop hurting you." She pressed her chest against him as she embraced him, her chin on his shoulder, her hands pulling her ankles, forcing her thighs in against his waist, her crotch pressed firmly against his weak belly.

Mitch began to sob.  The pain and the humiliation were just unbearable, and tears began to fall from his face.

"Oh, God, yes! That's it. Cry, weakling. Like a little girl," Kate moaned ecstatically. She embraced him, letting him rest his head weakly on her shoulder as she crushed him between her thighs. She felt his tears fall down onto her shoulders and run down her skin, over her breasts, down her back. "That's it, my poor little thing. Cry. Is the mean, pretty girl too much for you? Is she a terrible bully? Weep on her shoulder as she crushes you. You can't do anything, can you? Can't make me stop. Can't get away. You can't do anything but sit there and let me bully you. That's it. Have a good cry, angel."

Kate sighed with arousal as she felt Mitch sobbing in her arms, felt his soft, defeated stomach tight against her crotch as she chewed on him with her thighs. She felt herself beginning to climax, and she squeezed him harder still, pressing her firm breasts against his chest, biting his shoulder with her mouth.


"Oh, yes!" she moaned, as his body wracked with sobs. "Mmmmm. Ohhhh.  Yeah!" She pulled her face back, so that she could look into his eyes as she climaxed against his tummy.

"I guess I'm the one doing the fucking," she said quietly, when she had finished. "And you are the one getting fucked." She held her thighs as tightly as before, looking into his eyes as he squealed in pain, sobbing, and gasping weakly for tiny little breaths.

After a few minutes, Kate moved around to one side of him, so that her crotch was against his side, and so that she had one muscular thigh against his back, and the other against his stomach, and she lay down on the floor. She pulled him down, too, and she bent her body at the waist so that she could lay with their upper bodies parallel while she continued to hold his midsection between her legs. She wrapped her arms around his upper body and snuggled her breasts up against his side. Kate kissed him gently on the shoulder and then brought her thighs together violently, squishing his midsection between them once again, digging her right thigh into his soft belly and forcing his body into it with her left thigh on his back.

Mitch continued sobbing and gasping for breath, and Kate continued to kiss his neck and shoulder as she humiliated him between her smooth, powerful legs. She put her lips against his ear and quietly said "Beg. Beg me now."

Mitch was in horrible pain. He was desperate for relief, and so he did not hesitate this time. "I beg you! Please! I beg you! Oh, Goddess! Please!" Mitch sobbed.

"That's it, pussy," Kate mumbled, with her lips against his ear. "Beg me some more. Beg me."

"Please! Oh please! I beg you! I beg you! Please stop!" Mitch squealed.

"That's it," Kate said quietly. "Beg me, bitch. Beg me to stop hurting you. Beg the pretty little girl to have mercy. Plead with me."

"I beg you! Oh, Goddess! Please, please stop hurting me! Please have mercy! Oh, I beg!" Mitch sobbed, between short, desperate little breaths.

"Call me 'mistress,'" Kate said firmly, propping herself up on one elbow, so that she could look down into his eyes.

"What?  I ..." Mitch stammered.

Kate clamped down on his belly with her thighs, and she shook his whole body between them, until his limbs flailed about. He screamed in horror. After a few moments of this, she slammed his back down against the floor with a thud. She roughly lifted his head from the floor by a handful of hair and turned it so that he was looking into her eyes. "Mistress," she said sternly. "Call me 'mistress.' Beg your mistress, you little fucking pussy." She shook him one more time, between those powerful thighs, for emphasis.

"Please ... Mistress! I beg you! I beg you! Please let me go!" Mitch sobbed.

Kate looked into his eyes, adoring his total defeat. She did not loosen her thighs at all. "You better beg me some more," she said coolly.  

"Beg your mistress to stop hurting you. Beg me and beg me and beg me until I stop, because you can't do anything else. You have no other recourse except to beg. Beg, until I am appeased. Grovel to your mistress, pussy. Plead with me." She let go of his hair, chuckling to herself as his head smacked the floor. She dug her thigh in cruelly against his belly, crossing her legs tighter and tighter, pulling his side in against her crotch.

"Please!" Mitch squealed. "I beg you, Mistress.  Please, please, please stop hurting me, Mistress! Aaaaar! I beg you! Please show mercy! Please! Oh, I beg you, Mistress!" Mitch sobbed uncontrollably and his body convulsed in pain.

Finally, Kate loosened her thighs, keeping them wrapped around him, but relieving the pressure. He gulped in air, as he continued to weep with shame. She held him snuggly in her thighs, propping her head up on an elbow, looking down into his face for several minutes as he wept.

"Poor, poor, weak little darling," she taunted. "Talking all big to your friend about getting between my legs, and then you finally do get between them, and they're way, way too much for you. Aren't they? So you end up squealing and gasping for breath, and crying like a little girl. And then you have to beg me, and beg me, and beg me to let go of you before I break you in half. Bullied by a pretty girl.  One you thought you were going to be fucking. You big, giant pussy," she giggled at him, shaking him lightly between her thighs, laughing in his face as he sobbed meekly.

After Kate took several minutes to enjoy looking down into Mitch's eyes as he lay sobbing helplessly between her thighs, she released him. She leaned over him and unbuttoned his jeans, and she pulled them off of him as he lay there on the floor. She pulled a crotch of her leotard aside, as well, looking down mischievously at him. Before he could move, she lay down on top of him, propping her elbows on top of his arms, thoughtlessly digging them into him, pinning him to the floor. She let her breasts press against his chest, and she brought her face just above his, looking into his eyes. She could feel his erection against her thigh. She reached over and retrieved his shirt from the floor, wiping away his tears and drying his face.

Kate put her lips against his ear, stirring softly on top of him as she said, "Poor thing. You're helpless. Trapped here beneath a beautiful leotard clad woman. Powerless," she purred, her breath against his ear.

"Do you want me to get off of you?" she continued. She brought her face directly in front of his, so she could look into his eyes.


"Your mistress asked you a question. Do you?"

"Y-y-yes," Mitch stammered.

Kate smirked, giving him a soft kiss on the mouth, stirring her breasts against his chest, her erect nipples poking at him, moving her thigh against his erection. "Really? Your cock seems to like me here, at least. It's throbbing for me." She laughed at him and moved her lips back to his ear. "If you want me to get off of you, then make me," she said, biting his ear playfully, swelling her breasts against him, pinning him to the floor.  

"Come on, pussy.  Make me get off."

Mitch made no effort whatsoever, because he knew that he could not make her. Kate looked into his eyes, reveling in his humiliation, and then she moved her mouth to his throat, talking with her lips against his neck. "Fucking pussy," she cooed.  "You're my bitch.  I can do whatever I want to you, and you just have to fucking take it." She bit his throat lightly. "How humiliating.  What a pathetic, humiliating position for you to be in," she taunted, moving her face back to his, looking down into his eyes. "I don't know how you can stand it. Oh, silly me. You don't have any fucking choice, do you, sweetheart?"

She touched her nose to his, lightly. "Are you going to come?" she taunted, stirring her thigh against his erection. "Are you going to come in your boxer shorts, against my leg? And after I brought you here, made you think I would fuck you, crushed you to a pulp between my legs, made you cry, taught you to call me mistress, and forced you beg and grovel? Now I'm laying on top of you, clad in leotard, mocking you. And you can't make me go away. You should be fucking me, but you can't. You can't do anything except whatever the fuck I decide you will do. And you still have a hard on for me. How painfully embarrassing this must be for you," she said, pouting mockingly.

Kate scooted up on him, so that her breasts were above his face. Mitch trembled, but he did not move. Kate looked into his eyes as she lowered her bosoms onto his face. She circled her arms around the back of  his head, holding his face firmly against her chest, between her breasts. She pressed her leg against his erection and inhaled, swelling her chest, enveloping his face in her breasts.

As Mitch climaxed in his shorts, Kate laughed at him. She put her legs to either side of him, straddling his torso, pushing her crotch against his mid-section. She arched her back, pinning him to the floor, holding his face firmly between her breasts.

Her voice reverberated through her breasts against his face as she spoke. "I cannot imagine how pathetic you must feel. So completely defeated. You are so completely my bitch," she said.


"And now, you're being deprived of breath by my tits.  Can you breathe?"

"No!" came Mitch's muffled reply against Kate's bosom.

"I think you mean 'no, mistress,' don't you?" Kate asked, taking a nice, easy breath, swelling her chest against his face.

"Yes!" he replied, his voice filled with urgency as he became desperate for breath.

"Fucking say it, then," Kate taunted him.

"No, Mistress," Mitch said, his voice muffled against Kate's breasts.

"Beg me to let you breathe," she said quietly.
"Mistress, please. I can't breathe! I beg you, Mistress! Please!" Mitch pleaded, his voice muffled against Kate's chest.


"No. I won't. There's not a damned thing you can do about it, either, is there? I need to use the potty and to get another glass of wine. And I think you could benefit from a short rest, so I'm going to let you struggle between my tits until you pass out. Then I'm going to leave you in a pathetic, defeated heap on the floor and get myself another glass of merlot. And then I'm going to come back and play with you some more. We're only just getting started. As you fall into unconsciousness," she whispered, her lips against his ear, "let your last thoughts be of the unspeakable horrors that still await you," she giggled.

"No! Please!"Mitch screamed, trying desperately to pull his face 
free from Kate's breasts.


She laughed at him, pushing his head against the floor with her chest as he struggled to breathe. "By this time tomorrow, I'll just be sending you to get me a glass of wine, and you'll do exactly as I say." Kate realized, as she finished this statement, that Mitch hadn't heard it, at least not all of it. He was unconscious.

Kate pulled herself off of him, looking down at him with excitement. This was so much fun. My, how he would suffer. And there wasn't a thing he could do about it. She rose to her feet, and went to the restroom, carrying her empty glass with her. When she was finished, she brought a clean hand towel back out with her.  She stopped in the kitchen on the way back to pour herself a glass of wine. She drank half of it, and refilled it.

When she walked back to her living room, Kate stopped next to Mitch's motionless body. She lifted her foot from the floor, putting it on his face. She pinched his nose between her two biggest toes, and covered his mouth with the sole of her foot. She sipped casually at her wine.

Mitch awoke with a start, gasping for air and grappling at Kate's ankle. She giggled and withdrew her foot.  She handed him the hand towel and said "Take off your boxer shorts and clean yourself off with this. Then wrap your shorts in the towel. You can wash them tomorrow when you do my laundry." She smirked at the confused look on his face, but said nothing more.

Kate gave him a moment to do as she said, and then she walked back over to him. She stood towering over him, with one foot on either side of his head, giving him a moment to get his bearings. Then, she dropped to her knees, and looking down into his eyes, she lowered herself onto his face.

Kate sat with her sex on his mouth, straddling his face. She spread her knees apart until most of her body weight was on his face. He tried to push her off of him with his hands, but she easily tucked one of his hands under each of her knees, pinning them against the floor. She looked down over her firm breasts, erect nipples, into his eyes, which had grown wide once he realized that he was yet again unable to breathe and powerless to do anything about it.

She sipped from her glass of wine, and then set it on the floor to the side, placing her hands on her hips, looking down into his eyes as she suffocated him with her crotch. "Who am I," she asked him, her voice thick with arousal.

Her body tingled all over as she felt his lips move against her sex, heard his muffled reply, "Mistress."

"Ohhh. Good," she purred. "Say it again. You need the practice."


"Mistress," Mitch repeated as he labored for breath, pinned beneath her crotch.

"Do you want to breathe, you pathetic, weak pussy?" she taunted. "Beg me."

"Please, Mistress. I beg you. Please let me breathe. Please!" Mitch pleaded, his voice muffled against her crotch.

"That's it," Kate said, and she lifted herself off of him for a second or two, laughing at him as he coughed in a few breaths.

She dropped herself roughly back on top of him, looking down into his eyes carelessly. "If you want to breathe again, you will lick me," she said, smirking down at him.

Mitch did nothing, at first. Kate took a handful of his hair, bouncing roughly up and down on his face, smacking the back of his head against the floor, laughing at him as he groaned in pain. "Put your tongue in me, bitch," she said, sternly. "And lick."

Kate looked down at him over her breasts, feeling more and more aroused as it became clear to him that he had no choice, that he must do as she bid him. "If you ever want to breathe again, you had better start licking my pussy, bitch," she told him.

She smiled down at him triumphantly as she felt his tongue between her legs. "That's it, honey. Lick your mistress." She lifted herself onto her knees for a moment, digging them against his hands, so that Mitch could gulp in a breath, and then she brought herself roughly back down on his face.

"Put your tongue in my pussy. Now. Lick me!" she demanded.


After a moment, Mitch did as he was told. Kate continued to speak to him, to humiliate him. "That's right. Lick your mistress. Ohhh.  Put your tongue in farther. If you want to breathe again, I had better feel your tongue way, way up inside me. Ohhh. That's better." She began rocking her body up and down, mashing herself carelessly against his face.

She let him breathe again. Then she took hold of his head with her hands and rolled them both over. Mitch followed quickly, because he had no choice... Kate might have ripped his head off, otherwise. Now she was sitting on the floor, and he was laying on his stomach, with his face in her crotch, locked in place between her thighs.

Kate reached forward, pushing his face roughly against her sex, and she wrapped her right leg around his head, planting her calf against the back of his head, forcing it in tight against her crotch, resting her left foot comfortably on his back, so that he could feel her all over him, controlling him. She leaned back, propped up on her arms, looking down over her breasts into his eyes as she held him firmly between her thighs, his mouth locked against her sex as she applied pressure to the back of his head with her calf. She began to squeeze.

"You can breathe again after I come," she said, laughing at the fear in his eyes. "Now lick me. That's it. Put your tongue in me. Lick your mistress. Put it in deeper. Look up into my eyes while you lick me. Ohhh. That's better. Lick my pussy. Ohhh. You do what I say, now, don't you. Isn't that right? Mmmm. You do what I fucking tell you to do. Ooohhh. There will be no more crude talk with your friends about me, will there? Lick my fucking pussy, bitch. Yeees. That's right." She clamped her thighs roughly against the sides of his head, looking down sternly into his eyes.

"That's it. Put your tongue in me. Oooh. Make me come, if you ever want to breathe again. Ohhh. Yes, yes!" she sighed, as she lay all the way down on her back, looking up at the ceiling. She squeezed Mitch's head possessively between her thighs as he licked her, and she curled the toes of her left foot into his back as she climaxed, using her right calf to carelessly mash his face in against her crotch.

She held him between her thighs for a few seconds afterwards, depriving him of breath, just to be cruel, and to remind him that she was totally, completely in charge. Finally, she loosened her legs enough for him to breathe, with some effort, but not enough for him to withdraw his face from her crotch. She lay comfortably on her back, sipping her wine as she held Mitch loosely between her thighs, forcing him to labor for much-needed breath with his face against her sex.

"That's it," she cooed. "Struggle for breath against my pussy. Lie there and meekly take in what breath I allow you, as I relax and sip my wine. Are you enjoying spending so much time between my legs?" she giggled. When he did not respond, she pushed her calf against the back of his head lightly, easily cutting off his breath. "When I ask you a question, you will answer me immediately." She relaxed her hold again, so he could once again breathe, with some difficulty.

Kate smiled as she felt his lips against her sex, and heard his muffled reply. "Yes, Mistress," he answered meekly.

"Oh, good," she said sweetly. "Because you'll be spending lots more time in between them."

"Please, Mistress, no ... I ..." Mitch's speech was cut off as Kate forced his face in against her crotch with her calf.

"You will speak when I ask you a question, when you are spoken to. Otherwise, you will shut the fuck up and do exactly as you are told. Do you understand me?" she asked, holding his face in against her.

"Y-y-yes, Mistress," came his muffled reply.

"Good," Kate said. She sat up, and took her glass of wine in her hand. She began scooting backward, towards the wall. She held his head firmly between her thighs, so he was forced to crawl along with her, as she dragged him by the head... or risk having her break his neck.

Kate leaned back against the wall now, and she set her glass of wine on the end table next to her. She opened her thighs and carelessly took a handful of his hair, and she began twisting it to the left. He had no choice but to turn his whole head as she guided it by the hair, and eventually he had to roll his entire body over onto his back, which was Kate's intention. Once Mitch was laying on his back, Kate slid her lap beneath his head, and she stretched her legs out in front of her, so that the back of his neck was snug against her crotch, and her thighs were on either side of his head.

"Mistress, please," Mitch pleaded, as he began prying at her thighs with his hands.

Kate caught his wrists in her hands and held them firmly, pulling them down to the floor. "I said you will speak when spoken to. So shut up, bitch. My rules. Unless you can do something about it."

Kate brought her feet up to rest on his belly, locking her ankles. She began squeezing her thighs together violently on either side of his head. His screams were horrible. Kate reached up and pulled his neck in as tight as possible against her crotch and squeezed her thighs savagely against the sensitive back and sides of his neck and head, causing him unspeakable pain. He screamed, and his body convulsed. She squeezed tighter still, bending forward to look down into his eyes as she did it.

"Are you uncomfortable, sweetie?" she taunted, as she tortured him. His screams were indecipherable. "My goodness, you sound as if you're in a great deal of pain. Such a terrible shame that you can't do anything about it.  Poor, poor thing."

She ground her thighs around Mitch's neck and head, giggling sweetly at his agonized screams. He pried desperately at her legs with his hands, but she again caught them. This time, she put one arm beneath each of her buttocks on the floor, pinning them down beneath her as she continued to squeeze his neck. As Mitch howled in pain, Kate reached her hand up to the end table beside her and brought down her glass of merlot. She casually took a nice big sip and placed it back on the table.

"Beg me to stop," she said quietly, as if she didn't care whether he did or not, almost as if she hoped he wouldn't.

"Please, Mistress!" Mitch screamed. "Oooh! I beg you! Please, please stop!"

"All right," she said, "I'll stop." She loosened her thighs for a split second and reached down to pull his head and the back of his neck in even tighter against her crotch, and then quickly tightened them again. She had him in very tightly, now. Without warning, she squeezed her legs together savagely, crossing them all the way up at the knees, chuckling to herself as she elicited immediate screams from Mitch. She could feel him struggling to free his hands from beneath her buttocks.  "Oh, I guess I've started again," she laughed.  "I said I would stop.  I didn't say for how long."

She squeezed his head and neck brutally, crossing her legs in front of his face, so that his screams were muffled against them. His body shook with pain, as Kate rested her feet comfortably on top of it.

"Beg me," she again said, quietly. Kate did not raise her voice. She knew that he would hear her. She leisurely took another little drink of wine and swished it around in her mouth.

"Oh, God please stop! I beg you, Mistress! Please have mercy! Please, please, please!" he screamed as she dug her thigh muscles into his neck.

Kate squeezed harder, letting him hear her giggle at him as he screamed in horror. "Hmmm," she said. "I guess you had better beg some more. I don't feel like stopping yet. And since you have no hope of making me stop, the only thing you can really do is beg me, plead with me. Perhaps if you keep begging, eventually you might convince me to stop. Beg me better, you fucking pussy. Beg."

"Please! Oh, Mistress, please have mercy on me! I'll do anything! Anything!" Mitch screamed.

Kate rested her feet comfortably on his stomach. She squeezed harder, having another sip of wine and smiling to herself as Mitch screamed and his body convulsed in pain. "That's nice," she sighed, dispassionately. "But you'll already do anything. See, that's bargaining, and you haven't anything to bargain with. I own you. You'll do what I want, or I'll make you do it. So you can't really bargain with me. All you can really do is grovel, and tell me how much you adore me." She crushed her thighs against his neck.  

"Now," she said as he shrieked in pain. "Try some more." She squeezed as hard as she thought she could without breaking his neck or crushing his head like a melon.

Mitch was sobbing, now. "Ooooh! Please, Mistress! Please! I beg you! Please! Please stop hurting me. Oh, please! I worship you, Mistress! Oh, Goddess! Please!" he wept.

Kate still did not relent. She took the last sip from her glass of wine, sitting comfortably on the floor, resting her feet on Mitch as she caused him unspeakable pain, feeling his body convulse and thrash about as she squeezed him. "That's good," she said quietly. "What have we learned? Your only hope, your only possibility of appeasing me is to beg, and to plead. I may or may not be appeased. And if I am, it will be when I feel like it. Nothing is under your control, except that you can beg, and hope for the best. The better you beg, though, the better your chances of convincing me to stop hurting you." She was silent for a moment, as she continued to dig her thigh muscles into his neck.


"Now beg me some more, pussy.  Beg your mistress for mercy. Beg until I am satisfied."

Mitch did not hesitate. His pain was so intense, his defeat so total, that he had no pride left in him at that point. "Oh, please! I beg you! I beg you, Mistress! Please let go of me! I beg you! I adore you! Let me show you! Oh, Goddess, please, please!"

Kate kept hold of him just a moment more, for good measure, and then she released his neck from her thighs. She quickly rose to her feet, giggling as Mitch's head fell to the floor with a "thump." She stood over him, looking down at him as he trembled on the floor, weeping, a pathetic heap. She retrieved his shirt from the floor and wiped his face with it again, saying "Shhh. There, there, sweetheart" and pouting tauntingly in his face.

She left him there, on the floor, and took her glass to fetch some more wine from the kitchen. She was not concerned about Mitch getting up while she was gone from the room. He could barely move, she had hurt him so badly over the last couple of hours. Besides, if he did get up somehow, she was sure she could handle him. Kate retrieved one last glass of wine for herself from the kitchen, and then returned to the living room, where Mitch still lay on the floor. He looked up at her fearfully as she returned to the room.

Kate in her black leotard stood menacingly over him, straddling his body, with one foot on either side of his torso, looking down at him with her arms folded across her chest.

"Please, no more. Oh, please," Mitch pleaded.

"Oh, poor baby," Kate pouted, lowering herself onto his chest. "I'm afraid there's a lot more." She sat down roughly on his chest, her eyes sparkling with cruelty as he grunted in pain. "Actually, there's nothing but more. This is your whole life now. My amusement. You have nothing else to look forward to."  

She reached forward, and took a handful of his hair, pulling his head off of the floor. She slid her right leg underneath it, bending her leg at the knee and sliding her calf in against the back of his neck, and she scooted herself up, bringing her crotch down on his throat. She slowly lowered all of her weight onto his throat, and took hold of her right ankle with her hands, pulling it upwards, forcing his throat in against her crotch.  

She closed her thighs on either side, looking down into his eyes as he gasped hopelessly for breath.

"Oh, yeah," she said, putting her hands on her hips, looking down over her breasts into his eyes. "You are in for a tough life, you poor, pathetic fucking pussy. Because I am one mean, selfish, sadistic girl." She giggled as he pawed desperately at his throat, completely unable to breathe.

Kate raised herself up onto her knees for an instant, laughing at him as he coughed in breath. She quickly lowered herself back down onto his throat and looked smolderingly down into his eyes.  

"Amazing how your whole life can change in a few hours, isn't it," she purred, gently running her fingers through his hair. "Just a few hours ago, you were the man, weren't you? You were gonna get laid. It was going to be great. You were going to get between my legs, weren't you?" She paused, smirking down at him, running her fingers absently through his hair. "And now, look at you. You're between my legs all right," she laughed at him. "You have lost everything between my legs. You're whole life belongs to me now. I decide if you breathe," she lifted herself off of his throat for a second, and he gasped in a huge breath, "or if you don't." She lowered herself back on top of him, pouting sweetly.

"You are so completely, totally mine. My bitch. My toy. I can do 
whatever I want with you. And all you can do is take it, and whimper and plead for my mercy. How humiliating that must be for you. I own you. Come on. Make me get off of you. Come on! I'm depriving you of breath. Your very life depends on you making me get off of you. Can you do it?" Mitch struggled weakly, but he clearly had no chance of making Kate do anything.


"Do you want to breathe?" she asked. Mitch was turning red. "What can you do to breathe? What are your choices? Tell me," she demanded.


"Beg," Mitch gasped weakly.

"You're damned right," she said. "You have no other choice but to beg me. No other choice at all."

Kate stood up, laughing at him as he rolled on the floor, choking in breath.

"Do you want me to sit back down on your throat? Choke the life from you as you lie there helplessly between my legs?" she asked, after a moment. "Do you?"

"N-n-no, Mistress," Mitch answered, weakly.

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