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Jenny vs Sam

The marriage ceremony was traditional, complete with bridesmaids, groomsmen, a handsome groom and a radiant bride dressed in white. She was 21 and he 24. They had known each other for less than a year, but were considered "the perfect couple" as one of the guests noted. Both families looked forward to a long and happy marriage of the conventional type.

Jenny admired Sam. He was three years older and, after all, a wife was supposed to look up to her husband. Besides he was a medical student, a doctor almost, clever and funny and smarter than she. She loved it when he made her laugh. Sam reciprocated Jenny's love. She was everything he had ever dreamed of. He loved her long blonde hair and the charming way she adored him. She had a beautiful body kept in shape by regular exercise. Their lovemaking went well. He was gentle and she receptive. The only strains at all were fatigue and lack of time, for he worked long hours in the hospital and studied when he was home in their apartment.

As she became more used to his lovemaking, she began to explore his body. She liked to run her fingers over his chest and the muscles of his arms. Especially his aroused male organ intrigued her. She liked to feel it against her. Soon she experimented with holding it and massaging it, enjoying the effects she could have on him. About three months into the marriage she began exploring behind his penis, running her fingers over his scrotum. Soon she was taking his testicles in her hand. It felt good to hold these sources of his maleness; they fit so easily into her palm. One day she pulled on them and, lo and behold, his whole body came towards her. She experimented further and found that she could move his body back and forth just by pulling and pushing. Where her hand went his body followed. It was fun and gave her a sense of power and control. Once she said, "Oh, you moved. I like these. I could almost keep them. No one else can have them. They're my property."

"Yeah. Just be gentle." From then on she called his testicles "her property."

They had tussled playfully since before they were married. She had liked physical contact since she was a child and had gone on to become an aggressive basketball player, an accomplished soccer star and reached the state meet in the 400 meter run. She would sometimes throw herself on him and, although she was a strong, well-coordinated young woman with a competitive streak, she would quickly give in to his masculine strength. It was natural to do so, for she was a woman and he was 4 inches taller and 15 pounds heavier. Phase one of the marriage was conventional; it was a happy time.

Phase two began one evening fifteen months after the wedding. They were playing, laughing and tussling, he sitting on the edge of the bed wearing nothing but his socks, she dressed in tank leotard standing in front, moving in and out, teasing him. He reached out pulling her toward him. She ducked down, her head coming close to his lap. Impulsively, her right hand reached between his legs, closed upon his testicles and tightened. She heard him gasp and felt his body stiffen. She pulled with a slightly twisting motion.

Sam's protective instincts took over. He grabbed her wrist with both his hands pulling toward him to relieve and tension on his balls. They were now face to face staring into each other s eyes. "Oh, damn," he said, more in dismay than in anger.

Then, in an attempt to make her let go of him, he twisted his right hand clockwise and his left counterclockwise painfully stretching her skin. She could not believe he was actually hurting her. Now it was Jenny's turn to be dismayed. Tears started in her eyes, but her competitive nature took over. She countered by squeezing his balls.

Now it was his turn to be surprised. Not only was her grip painful but there was a fearful sensation in his belly. He eased the tension on the skin of her arm, continuing to hold her wrist.

Now feeling herself in charge, she gave a further squeeze. "Let go."

"Be gentle."

"I'll be gentle if you let go." In that instant it was over. He dropped his eyes and released her arm. She had won! She felt power flowing from her hand, up her arm and through her body. She eased the pressure, but kept his balls tightly under control. She pulled his manhood toward her, this time gently, while at the same time pushing on his chest with her other hand. He had no choice but lie back on the bed. Controlling his naked body, she moved him as she wanted finally positioning him on his back in the middle of the mattress. It was like having a steering wheel. She had but to move her hand and his body followed. No, it was more like a joy stick or joy balls. Yes, that was it, joy balls. She was in charge of the controls.

Keeping a firm grasp, she leaned down and kissed him on the lips. This was heaven. Never had she felt better. She kissed him on the eyes and nose and lips again. Next she explored his ears with her tongue while he just lay there and squirmed. It was time for making love. She let go of his balls and rolled on her back.

Sam had at first been concentrating mainly on keeping her from hurting him. Wherever her hand led, his crotch followed. He understood what she was doing and her satisfaction in controlling him, but discomfort and a strange unpleasant feeling overcame any resistance or even any resentment. Her kissing and working on his ears had aroused him although he had not kissed her back. When she let him go, he covered his genitals with both hands, and curled protectively into a fetal position.

"I'm ready." Her voice was soft and seductive. He realized she was aroused waiting for him, expecting him to perform, unaware of his weakness and discomfort. Well, if she were oblivious of the effect that she had had on him, she should remain so. She would never know. Summoning all the strength and passion that he could manage, he began to kiss and caress her. He was able to perform, albeit mechanically, almost without feeling. The climax relaxed him, but he still had a desire to cup his hands protectively around his balls.

Jenny felt totally relaxed and fulfilled. Wow! This was something new and very exciting.

Jenny's realization that Sam was vulnerable and that she could actually control him changed her life. Never before would she have dreamed of challenging him. She could not have imagined that she could make him obey her will. Now she walked a little straighter with more self-confidence. She began to think of movies in which she had seen a woman knee a man in the balls. She would do that, Sam really very vulnerable.

She was ready. As he put his arm around her and kissed her, her hand shot between his legs and found her target. For a moment Sam tried to resist, but her tightening grip on his testicles soon overcame his resolve. Holding him, she maneuvered his now unresisting body to the middle of the bed and began kissing him over his face, his neck and his chest. When she judged him properly aroused, she rolled over saying, "Come get me." Sam was again able to perform despite an empty feeling in the pit of his abdomen.

But her fulfillment did not stop her from wanting to control him again. He could be strong and masterful, but so could she. The thought of holding him down and kissing him excited her. The next time when he tried to hold her off, she threw her whole body at his pelvis, her hands coming from both front and back both reached their mark. He struggled for a few seconds until she firmed up her grip. Then she was in control.

Their lovemaking session turned into wrestling match as each tried to be in control, to take the lead. Sam's size and strength and the psychological advantage of being a male were balanced by Jenny s physical condition and by the vulnerability of his testicles. The element of surprise was in her favor. He could not predict when, in the midst of lovemaking, Jenny would suddenly turn aggressive and grab his balls. He tried to protect them at all costs. Jenny's short hair made her feel less, traditionally feminine. It was part of her fighting outfit like leotard. Sam, who was naked under her, felt doubly so now.

Sam was becoming increasingly unhappy and nervous. He felt more vulnerable than ever before in his life and sometimes felt an urge to protect his crotch. He thought hard about how to stop her. The obvious way was a talk, but he was reluctant to let her see what he considered his weakness, that is his inability to cope with her tactics. Finally he overcame his reservations and told her, "Honey, I don't think you should keep grabbing me by the balls."

"I haven't hurt you have I?"

"No, but sometimes it's unpleasant."

"But I have to. It's my equalizer. Otherwise you'd win all the time. It wouldn't be fair. Besides, you get hard, so I know it can't be too unpleasant." With that she reached for his genitals. He countered and they went at it. He reached for her with his right hand, leaving his left to cover his crotch. She grabbed the fingers of his right hand with both her hands and began to bend and twist them. She continued twisting his arm until she was behind him. She hooked one of his legs with one of hers and tripped him so that he fell forward. After that it was not too hard to get her arms around his pelvis. With her right hand she pried loose his fingers from his genitals and with the left came from behind to seize them. "See, that's my equalizer."

Sam tried to do some serious thinking. She had a point. He was bigger and stronger so that she did need "an equalizer."

She laughed and continued, "It's just a woman thing. I want you to make love to me, except when I want to make love to you and even then I want you to try." Sam thought to himself, "A woman s logic. What am I supposed to do?" He couldn't just give in to her and admit that she had beaten him. He would just have to watch himself and fight harder. He had been too gentle with her. One of his problems was that she started the fights by reaching for his balls. That gave her an advantage.

They both was sweaty, but Jenny being in better shape was still fresh and stimulated by the exercise and the smell of Sam's sweat while her husband was exhausted. Playfully she reached for his crotch. Sam evaded her and grabbed for her. She laughed and ran into the kitchen with Sam in pursuit. He grabbed for her again, but she slipped away. Sam chased her around the house getting more out of breath. He cornered her in the bedroom between the double bed and the wall. As she tried to leap across the bed, he caught her ankle. She fell on the bed and turned into a sitting position as Sam began to work his way up her legs. He got to her thighs and then his head pressing against her abdomen. She put both hands into his armpits and began tickling him. He tried to bring his elbows to his sides and when that did not help turned over to catch her hands. Jenny noted that the back of his neck was in her crotch and hooked her right leg around his neck and her right foot behind her left knee. Relieved of the tickling, Sam found himself now trapped. He tried with both hands to pull down on his leg. Jenny, watching his mounting efforts, let her foot slide from behind her knee. She made him work hard for every inch, but slowly let him pull her leg away from his neck. As Sam got her right leg straightened, she shifted position slightly and brought her left leg up bringing her calf against the front of his neck and catching her ankle with her hands to tighten her leg grip.

Jenny, leave him, adjusted her leotard and assumed a ready stance. She was surprised when Sam went to his knees and, walking on them, approached her. She backed away and, when he pursued her, circled him, keeping out of the way because of her greater mobility. For about a minute and a half Sam stalked her while she studied him and planned her next move. It came suddnely. She circled rapidly to her left. As soon as she was to his side, she threw herself at him, knocking him off balance so that he fell to his left. She seized his right arm with both of hers, twisting with all of her might. Oops. She was twisting the wrong way. She reversed the twist and was gratified that she was able to get his wrist behind his back and then force it up between his shoulders. As he, still on his knees, was forced to bend forward she slid her legs around him and locked her ankles. Now she had him, his right arm in a hammerlock and his body trapped in her scissors hold. As he struggled, she began to apply pressure.

Sam was alarmed. Damn it! This was not supposed to happen. He fought desperately with the strength of his increasing despair but all to no avail. Excited and very pleased with herself, Jenny straightened her legs putting painful pressure on his abdomen. Then an idea occurred to her - the coup de grace. She loosed her left hand from his wrist, using her leverage to keep up the pressure with her right. With her free hand she reached between his legs from behind. He pulled his legs together, but it was too late. Her hand was between his legs, her fingers probing for his balls as he squirmed miserably and ineffectively. This was terrible. More that anything else Sam wanted to get free, away from this confining hold.

"Give up?" The question caught him at his most distraught.

"Yes." The answer had popped out before he had time to think. Surprised by the anguish in his voice, Jenny immediately released his arm and unlocked her ankles.

They faced each other. He charged head down like a football player trying to bring his opponent to the ground. She sidestepped, twisting, and wrapped her arms around his head. His momentum brought then both down. She ended on her knees, but with a firm front headlock. She tried to roll him onto his back, but he slipped out of the hold before she could follow up on her advantage.

Again they faced each other. This time Sam was more cautious; he was breathing heavily. They closed like two experienced wrestlers testing and feinting. Sam's desire began to well in him as it had earlier in the night. He was distracted for only an instant, but it was long enough. Jenny grabbed his leg and lifted. Down he went with Jenny on top. He tried to escape, but she maneuvered her body this way and that countering first one move and then another. He fought with increasing desperation. Then he realized that her thigh was pushed firmly into his crotch. He locked his legs around hers and rolled. He almost succeeded in turning her onto her back, but her forearm pushed painfully against the front of his neck and they broke.

They faced each other a third time. Jenny watched him, totally engrossed in the battle, calculating the next move. Sam, on the other hand, was detached, almost as if he were watching himself. He was breathing harder than ever. He realized that his strength and his concentration were waning as sexual desire kept trying to intrude into his consciousness. Then the thought formed in his mind, "She's gotten too good. I'm going to loose."

Now Jenny was the aggressor with Sam defending himself as well as he could. She achieved a side headlock and this time threw him over her hips on to the rug. She pounced on him holding him on his back. He tried to get up but as he tired she countered his efforts with increasing ease and confidence. He fought down the thought that in the end he would loose. He tried to concentrate, exerting all of the will he could muster.

He seemed to be making progress when all of a sudden his body could not or would not continue the fight. His body became weak as his resistance totally collapsed. "Are you OK?" she asked, feeling his limpness and alarmed that she might have injured him.

"Yeah. I'm OK."

"Did I hurt you?"


Then she knew. The fight had gone out of him. She had won. This was it. She pulled herself up and then dropped on him, locking his wrists to the floor with her hands and putting her knees on his shoulders. "I win."

He did not dispute her, but looked up at her with wide eyes.

A sense of power and control such as she had never before known flooded through her. She slid down and kissed him. He was passive and drained. Her tongue probed then entered his mouth, exploring deeper and deeper. She wanted him and he was hers. Never had she been so ecstatic. Desire overpowered her. She fondled him, kissed his face, his breasts, his body. He was hers as in the early days of marriage she had been his. He tried to clasp her breast. "Stop! She pushed his hands away. Don't move, not unless I tell you to." He obeyed.

Then slowly she took him inside her, repeating, "Don't move. Don't move." She slid down on his face and began rhythmically to thrust herself against him, again and again, harder and harder. His surrender brought her climax to a hitherto unrealized peak.

Never in his life had he been so naked, so vulnerable, so helpless before girl in leotard. His body, his emotions, even his will were no longer his but hers. Never in her life had she felt so powerful, so totally in charge, so satisfied. A radiant smile lit her face.

Sam had felt cold as he lay naked on the bed. He trembled in his vulnerability, not knowing what to expect. He felt her hand seeking his balls and then closing around them; it was arousing, but he felt uncomfortable, weak and very vulnerable. He was breathing hard. She was getting to him. Soon he realized that he was loosing control over his body. He moaned as his body began to writhe under her ministrations.

She took his balls in her hand and began to play with them. "Do you really want to challenge me?"

"Not when you're holding my balls."

"Your strength and your weakness. Lie back and stop complaining."

He did.

"Now remember: you can't stop me anyway. You don't have to admit anything. Just relax."

Sam just lay back accepting her dominance. His wife had dominated him psychologically, as much as physically and sexually.

Sam didn't know, in addition to her gymnastic workouts, Jenny's self-defense course had given her added confidence. She had learned how knee a man in the groin, grab his testicles, and poke her fingers in his eyes.

"Now it's my turn. I am the man of the family." said Sam.

Jenny looking at him like a sweet, innocent girl. Sam loved that look, her slim, well-formed legs, her beautiful neck, the shape of her head, her hair that she had re-grown. Sam smiled to himself. Well, this was it. "Jenny, I am going to make love to you tonight. If you try to resist, you will have to out-wrestle me."

"Come over here first and give me a kiss. Then we'll talk about wrestling."

As he leaned over to kiss her, her hand darted into his crotch. His naked balls has no protection. She closed around his balls. Sam was stunned at being caught so off guard. Both his hands closed on her forearm, but there was nothing he could do. She stood up and looking into his eyes said, "I accept your challenge. Let's wrestle."

"But we can't start like this."

"Why not?"

"Because you have the advantage."

"I guess you are going to say this isn't fair."

"It isn't."

"All's fair in love and war and this is both...Well, I'm ready." She moved quickly around him causing him to turn so that his back was to the bed. She shoved his chest with her right hand while pulling down on his balls with her left and maneuvered him on his back in the center of the bed. She lay crosswise and took his left breast in her mouth. "Do I win?"

"I am not fighting."

"You challenged me. I did not challenge you." Her thumb locked around his penis and began moving up and down. She went to work on his breasts. As he began to writhe and moan, she added, "I win." His body was still tense trying to resist her. She kept her grip on his genitals, but stopped massaging them to concentrate on his breasts. Her free hand worked on one nipple and her mouth on the other breast.

Sam felt fooled, trapped and resentful. There was nothing he could do now, but the next time would be different. He tried to keep that in mind, but it kept slipping away as she worked his breasts. "Dammit. Dammit." He said to himself. And then suddenly as if she had turned a key in his chest, he gave in. He was hers again, all hers. She felt his body relax and knew that he had come under her control. She toyed with him a while, enjoying her dominance and then, "Are you ready for me to claim my victory?"

"OK." His words conveyed both acceptance and resentment.

Finally he plunged ahead. He had worked out his speech in advance. "Jenny, may I talk to you...I want you to sit over there and I will sit here until we have finished talking. Jenny, please do this for me. Is that OK?"


"Jenny, I want something very badly and I want you to help me. It is hard for me to say it, but I want to wrestle with you, starting from scratch with no surprises, fair and square. Jenny, you have to give me a chance. I don't want you to make love to me or to grab my balls before we start. I want to start equal. Please give me that chance."


"I've tried to explain to you. When we wrestled something happened to me. I don't know what it was, but I couldn't go on. So you won and took charge of our lovemaking. I just want another chance. Please."

"You want me to let you win?"

"No. No. I want you to do your best. I just want an even chance."

"If I win, you will say it wasn't fair."

"No. You don't understand. If it is fair, I will say it was fair," he protested knowing in his heart that she had a point.

"You'll be mad if I win and I'll be mad if you win. Why should we wrestle?"

"Jenny, I will not be mad if you win."

Jenny was enjoying the conversation and his earnestness. "If I won, you wouldn't admit it anyway."

"Yes I would."

"That would be the day. I have beaten you a lot of times and you've never admitted it."

"I would this time. Please, Jenny."

"You shouldn't wrestle with me because, when I win, you'll just be more unhappy."

Ned did not miss the "when," but he plunged on. "I couldn't be more unhappy than I am now."

"Come over here and I'll make you happy."

"No, Jen. Please. Don't start that. We have to finish this conversation."

"And then will you come over and sit on my lap?"

"When we finish."

"OK. I'm finished."

"Jenny, I am not. Please wrestle with me."

Jenny had gotten increasingly excited. She really wanted to wrestle, to try out some of her holds on him, to show off a little.

"I'll wrestle with you, but I will pick the time."


"I don't know."

"I have to know."

"Well, sometime in the next three weeks."

"OK. One more thing. Will you promise not to surprise me? I mean will you let me know ahead of time so that I can be ready?"

"I'll let you know at least a day ahead of time so that you can think about it. Now be quiet and come over here. We'll see how strong you are when I finish with you."

"Tomorrow is Saturday. We'll have our match at 4:30 p.m. We'll start even. Neither of us will have any excuses and you won't be able to say anything was unfair. Understand?"

"Yes. OK."

"And if I win, you will admit it. OK?"


Sam was naked as usually. He had hardly slept the night before. Jenny was in a one-piece bathing suit looking and feeling fresh. What a lark, she thought. He looks strong. Maybe he will win, but we'll see.

They stood facing each other. Sam moved forward tentatively. They locked arms, tugging and pulling, seeking an advantage. Jenny pulled him to the right and as Sam crossed his legs to keep his balance, she ducked, grabbed him under the left knee and lifted. Sam tried to hop on his right leg to keep his balance, but Jenny twisted and lifted. Down he went on his right side with Jenny now holding his lower leg. He rolled onto his stomach, but Jenny now had his foot under her armpit putting pressure on him while her other arm looped around his neck. He put his arm back to try to push her away. That was a mistake. Releasing his leg, she caught his wrist, pushing it between his shoulder blades. Soon Sam was face down with Jenny sitting on the small of his back holding him with a painful hammerlock. "Give up?"


"I've got you."

"But I won't give up."

"Admit I've got you and you can't get up." She put more pressure on his shoulder.

"I'll admit that."

"Admit I've beaten you fair and I'll give you another chance."


"Say it."

"You have beaten me fair this time." Jenny was satisfied. That was a first. She released him, stood up and pulled back her hair. She had forgotten to cut it and hoped he would not try to pull it. Well, even if he did, it wouldn't matter; she had gotten so much better than he.

By the time Sam got to his feet Jenny was already in a wrestler's crouch. Again they closed, pulling and tugging. Sam decided to try for a headlock. When he moved in, Jenny moved into him and executed a near-perfect arm thrown. Sam went over on his back hard. Before he could recover, Jenny was on top of him. She caught him in an arm-bar and rolled her weight on to his shoulders. Sam was trapped, his shoulders on the floor.

"You're pinned."




Jenny released him, got to her feet and assumed her crouch.

"Wait. Let me get my breath. You're pretty good." Sam could hardly believe she had put him down twice so quickly. He had expected a challenge but not this, not to be totally outclassed in two bouts. He thought back to the early days of their marriage when he had easily dominated her physically. What had happened? Some of it must be psychological. He steeled himself for the third go. "I'm ready."

The start was the same except that Sam was more cautious, waiting for Jenny to make a move, hoping for an opening. She moved in as though for another arm-throw. As he pulled in his arm, she slid behind him. First, she lifted so that his weight was not fully on his feet. Then she let him down, hooking his right leg with hers. Down he went, face to the ground. She slid around him, achieved a half nelson and began to turn him. Sam struggled against her weight and her leverage. It was exhausting. Suddenly he reversed and went with her, but he ended on his back with Jenny across him her left arm around his neck. Her right went through his crotch and hooked around his left leg. Sam was again trapped. It was only a matter of time before his exhausted shoulders were down.

"You're pinned."


"Still fair?"

"Yes, fair."

They rested a moment. Sam could not believe how good she was, much better than he even though he had gone into training. What should he do now? He would give it another go. Jenny was almost as surprised. It was easier than she had even hoped. Well, he was having his chance. At least he had not collapsed.

The next bout was a long one. Jenny brought Sam down with a side headlock which she held as they rolled around the floor controlling him. She decided just to hold on without trying either to shift to a better hold for pinning or to get him in a more controlling grip. She could tell that he was tiring fast as he struggled to get loose while she had a fairly easy time of just holding on. She let him get to his feet several times and then just put him down again. Sam was breathing very hard and they were both sweating profusely. When he would try to rest, she would pull him up and then put him down again. Another five minutes and Sam thought his lungs would burst. He could hardly move his arms or legs. 

When she judged he was at the end, Jenny threw him on his back, loosed her headlock and sat on his chest. She locked his wrists to the ground over his head and put her knees on his biceps. "Pinned again. Fair?"

"OK," Sam gasped out.

"I want to hear you admit that I beat you fair and square."

"You beat me fair and square."

"No excuses?"

"No excuses."

Getting off him, she said, "Stand up."

They faced each other. Jenny looked directly into her husband's eyes. "Do you really accept the fact that your wife beat you in a fair fight?"

It was a moment of truth for Sam. He stared back into the eyes of his wife, the woman who had just shown that she could dominate him physically. "Yes, Jenny. I told you I would admit it and I have."

"I know you admit it. Do you accept it?"

He looked into her eyes and then looked into his own inner psyche. He knew the answer. "Yes."

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