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CFNM sister vs brother ballbusting in the bed

Big, blond and dumb

Donald flexed in the mirror. His massive arms bulged with muscle, so did his calves, and so did his chest. In fact his whole body bulged with muscles. Donald was one big, massive wad of man-muscle, and he was inordinately proud of that fact. There was only one problem, though – it was damn difficult to maintain musclemass on the normal ration of testosterone provided by his balls. So, he’d reached a decision. Tonight he was going to have his mother and sister bust his balls ‘til they busted open. Then he could go to a doctor and get steroid injections! It was brilliant! And his mother and sister already enjoyed the privilege of racking him, so there shouldn’t be any problem there. What a fine day it was! (Donald may be big, but he wasn’t very bright).

Mother and sister were in the pool, dressed in one-piece bathing suits, Vivien swimming and Charlotte sitting on the chair and reading the comics. Donald walked in, dressed in his modeling Speedo and bid them a good morning.
“Don, if you’re going to wander around the house in that posing pouch, you might as well just go naked, because it leaves very little to the imagination.” Vivien went out from pool.


“Yeah,” agreed Charlotte. “You might as well let it all hang out. We can kick your balls with or without it, so be like a good dog and get on all fours. I haven’t kicked them for 12 hours, and I’m getting bored.”


The huge 19 year old boy got down on all fours and backed up to his sister. He waggled his butt. This is the most exciting part of the morning – getting his nuts pasted by his mom and sis.


“There’s a good doggie. Doesn’t he make a lovely pet, mom?” Charlotte aimed her dainty foot and smacked it right into his fat pouch. Donald’s blond head bobbed. She raised her right foot to his goolies, and squished them around with her lilac socks. It was intoxicating to know her brother’s balls were there for the abuse, and she knew he didn’t mind. In fact he seemed to look forward to it. He was so dumb. She smacked the bulge again. A third, a forth and a fifth time before Donald reached to protect himself.


“Mom,” he said, “Care for some?”


Vivien smiled sweetly. “Of course.” Donald crawled across the floor and turned around. He even spread his knees more, more than he had for his sister. This was his mother after all. Vivien looked down at his spandex clad ass and fat package.


“No. I think I want to see what I’m kicking. Stand up and take that silly thing off.”


Donald, who was looking between his own legs, waiting for his mother pound his junk, raised his head and then looked back at her. As usual confusion played across his face. Then, it dawned on him that his mother and sister hadn’t been kidding about him being naked inside the house. He stood up, his huge muscles flexing, and pulled down his little Speedo. His cock and balls flopped free. Then he got back down on all fours.


“That’s better dear, now isn’t it? Can’t you feel how much freedom being naked gives you? And us.” She stepped back and sent her foot flying into her son’s testicles. That was followed by four or five others until Donald semi-collapsed and used both hands to hold himself. Vivien went back to her baking. A lot of guys would probably be incapacitated by such brutal and intimate treatment, but this was a daily activity for the three of them. When Donald wasn’t pumping iron in the basement or doing chores, he was offering up his nuts for kicking, hitting, or what-some-ever his mom and sis desired. It had begun when Donald was a kid. His mother had caught him stealing money from her purse to go buy baseball cards. She felt it was behavior so bad that she had resorted to swatting the young boy in the balls. Later in life, when she found him masturbating for the first time, she had him stand stock-still while she kicked him between the legs. The funny thing was... he seemed to like it and strangely enough, so did she. Naturally Charlotte got in on the action, and so it became routine.


“Come over here. I want another go.” Charlotte really was bored, and so she should be. The comics were mostly repeats. Would “Peanuts” ever go away? The guy had been dead for years.


Donald crawled over. 


“Face me, up on your knees and spread them.” Donald’s nuts quickly dangled within reach of her feet, hands behind his head, and his thick trunk-like legs spread for his sis.


She smiled at the dangling orbs and reached down to squeeze them. They were hard and slippery but the sack was silky smooth, Donald shaved it religiously, just like the rest of his body. She fondled them and watched Donald’s dick start to swell. It made her smile yet more. Charlotte let her brother’s stones drop and then balled up her fist. She smacked them with all her strength. Donald’s huge washboard abs tensed. She hit them repeatedly. It was so cool the way they swung back and forth with each jab.


“So, [oof] mom, sis, I was [oof] wondering if you’d do me a [oof] favor today.” Donald fell to the floor, writhing a bit. Charlotte let him.


“What’s that, muscle boy?” asked his sister in a flat tone as she went back to eating her muffin.


“[groan] I thought you two should bust my balls. You know, really bust them. I want to go on artificial hormones.”


Vivien looked down at her son. “You realize that will hurt a lot, right?”


Donald blinked a bit. “Oh, I hadn’t thought about that.”


“Yeah, it will,” said Charlotte, “In addition to which you wouldn’t ever be able to have children.”


“Children?,” he said slowly, still on the floor.


“Still, if you really want it, I’d be fascinated to see what happens when a ball splits. I mean, will it burst with a ‘pop’? Or will it just spread out? Hmmm.”


“Ahh, the mysteries of the male body,” commented Charlotte distractedly.


“Fine, Don. We’ll neuter you later. Now go and clean up the yard and then you can exercise. But put some pants on! I don’t want you to embarrass our neighbors.” Donald was by now sitting on the floor, his ball sack resting on its tiled surface, trying to clear his head.


“Don! I said, get a move on!” Vivien walked over and placed the sole of her high heels on his balls and ground them into the floor. “Don’t make me ask you again!” The slippery orbs popped out from beneath her foot before they could be genuinely damaged, but Don cried out in surprise.


Later on that day, Don was in the basement going through his exercise routine. He pumped iron, squatted, did thrusts, crunchs on a big blue ball, lifted 300lbs and did pushups on his fingers (he took pride in his muscular fingers). He lived on a diet consisting mainly of MAXIBULK 10000, pasta, rice, steak and supplements. He oiled his body daily and got as much sun as possibly to give his body a healthy orange glow.
Dressed in black gym leotard, Charlotte found him on his back, naked, on the bench-press. She carried something in her hands and stood between his legs. She smiled at him. 


“Hello, dear brother. How’s it hanging?” Actually, she could see how it was hanging. Very loose, actually.


His thick neck raised and he blinked his muscular eyelids. 


“What you got there, sis?” he asked.


“Well, since you asked, I thought I might try out something on you. Seeing as how you’re not gonna have any balls anymore, I wanted to test out my new taser on you. Just to see if it works.” She batted her delicate eyelids.


“Well. OK. If you want to.”


“Good! Stand up. I want to see you fall.” She had him turn around so she could hand cuff him and found that they barely fit around his thick wrists. She spun him round again to face forward.


“Spread those massive thighs for me. Wider. Wider! Good.” She pulled and yanked on his sack to make it hang as low down as possible. Then she knelt in front of him. She turned on her taser, its blue lightning arcing between its tips. It looked so deadly, but Donald just stood there, looking straight forward. Then his sister aimed and jabbed the device into his testicles. The jolt knocked Donald off his feet and he screamed as he fell. He landed in a heap and began to twitch violently. Clearly the pain in his balls was off the charts. Charlotte smiled wickedly.


While he was helpless in the throws of agony she kicked his flopping legs apart and tased his balls again, and again, and again, and again. She was literally frying his balls with electricity. His scrotum was actually smoking. It was amazing. For all his bulk his nuts weren’t any stronger than any other man’s. When he started to foaming at the mouth, she stopped.


“Well, it looks like it works. I’ll come back later after you’ve returned to your normal dense self and uncuff you.” She waved at him and said in a cutie voice, “Enjoy your balls while you still have them,” and left the basement.


Under the high mid-day sun the Vivien and her daughter, dressed in their one-piece bathing suits, found him soaking up rays on the patio pool, recovered from the electrocution.


“Look, mom. Don’s nuts are all swollen. They look like angry balloons. We should see if we can pop them.”


“Well. Why not? And afterwards he can lotion us.” The two women in swimsuits stood between his legs and looked down at him. “Hold those legs open, sonny-boy and stay still. Charlotte you take the right, I’ll take the left.”


WHAM, both naked feet came down on his nads, grinding them into his crotch. They seemed to have softened somewhat from their deep tissue frying. Donald’s mouth made a huge “O” and his eye’s bulged in their sockets. Before he could scream, Vivien shoved one of the cinnabons she made in his mouth, and while his hands scrabbled to keep from choking on it the two women grabbed and lifted an ankle each and actually stood on his balls. Their bare feet pressed against his nut meat, and they could feel it squishing out from under their heels and oozing between their painted toes, a matching delicate pink.


Vivien bounced about a bit on her chosen ball. “Just think how we’re going to miss this. It’s our mother/daughter bonding activity.”


“Yeah, mom. Sharing Don’s balls between us. Well, all good things come to an end, they say.” Don was trying to squeal through the pastry clogging his mouth.


“Don, don’t drool frosting all over the deck. We just had it re-sealed.”


After about ten minutes of nut-torture, the two girls in swimsuits let Don up so he could slather lotion on them, and the three of them lay like beached sea-lions, soaking up the sun. When the women tired of this, they both dove into the pool.


“Mom, let’s play ball tag. It will be our last chance.” Charlotte’s huge boobs floated gentle in front of her.


“Sounds good to me. Don!” Vivien shouted, “Go get the blindfold and hop in the pool.” The huge teen shuffled off and got the item. He came back, jumped in the pool and covered his eyes with the cloth. The game was simple – try and tag Don in the nuts before he could tag them. Since he was almost pure muscle and tended to sink rather than float, he really didn’t have much of a chance to tag his mom or his sister because he was to busy keeping his head above the water line.


“Ready mom? GO!” They both dove underwater and observed Don’s balls as he thrashed around in the water. They were floating between his legs, as was his thick cock. Vivien went in first, swimming behind him and reached around to flick his nuts with her fingers. Then Charlotte swam in front and hit them full on with her fist. Both came up for air.


“Good one, Charlotte. I saw him shudder.”


Down they went again. This time his mother simply grabbed Don’s nut sack in her hand and tried to pull him down to the bottom of the pool with it. Her son struggled hard to pull against it and thought to try and tag her. She let go to avoid his touch, and swam away.


Now he was sputtering and really floundering. Charlotte thought this was the perfect moment. To her, his dangling male parts always looked like fish bait, and since he was going to loose them anyway, she might as well try, this once, to “take the bait”.


Being a strong swimmer and able to stay underwater for extended periods, she swam up beneath him, grabbed his kicking legs and split them apart. Then she darted upwards and sucked one of his testicles into her mouth and bit down, hard. Charlotte could hear him shriek even underwater. She squeezed her pearly white incisors together as they nearly cracked his right walnut in two, then she let go. No point in ruining this evening’s fun. Don sank to the bottom.


Vivien had been watching with great interest and broke the surface.


“Charlotte, be a dear and go fetch him from the bottom. I don’t want the great lump to drown.”


“Sure thing, mom.”


Evening arrived and the three of them had supper and they had a lively discussion as the two women in their swimsuits reminisced about busting Donald. He just ate and listened with a pleasant and vacant look on his face. He didn’t particularly remember any specific ball-busting session, and the conversation washed over him.


“Mom, I think for desert I’d like to pop ‘my’ ball. Do you want his left or his right?” Charlotte asked as she handed her plate to Don for clearing.


“Oh, I think you can have his left. I’m not greedy. The right’s slightly smaller and that’s good enough for me.”


“Cool. Well, let me go put on my Michael Kors! I just bought them last week. Five inch heels! They’ll spear his fat nugget in a second.”


“Oooo” squealed Vivien. “Go put them on, I’d love to see them.”


In a short while, Charlotte came prancing down the stairs. The shoes were black with stiletto heels and a fat, wedged toe. She modeled them for her mother and brother, acting like a naughty pole-dancer. Donald even started sporting a woody at it.


“OK. Don, get your sack on the table. I’m gonna climb on top and pop that ball of yours.”


“OK,” said Donald. He had a glazed look – all the ball busting earlier had left him in shock. But he complied. He always complied. He wasn’t smart enough to raise any objections, and he had asked for it, after all. He stood at the table and rested his naked balls on it. His beercan dick was sticking straight up, in anticipation of his sister’s attentions, so it was well out of the way. Charlotte climbed up and then wiggled herself in front of him. This was going to be fun! Backing up, she delicately placed the heel of her left shoe on his left fall, laying there on its side and about the size of a large lemon.


At first there was a dimple (and a moan). Then there was a depression (and a louder moan). Then there was a pit in his ball and his moan turned into a sort of high pitched whining. It took less than two minutes of her teasing torture of his nut for her heel to break through the ball with in a crisp “snap”. Donald nearly vomited. He certainly dry-heaved. Both the women were delighted. Charlotte lifted her heel and plunged it over and over into his ball-meat until it was just a pulpy mess.


“Mom, catch him, I think he’s going to fall. Eww, look, raw sperm on the table. Gross.” Little bubbles of foam were playing across Donald’s lips. He was in nut-shock. His left ball had just been speared like an olive in a martini glass.


“Excellent,” said Vivien. “Now it’s my turn. Help me get him to the pastry board.” Don’s only family members hauled him over to a marble board already dusted with flour. 


“Hold him,” said Vivien. She got out her heaviest rolling pin and set it over Don’s ruptured sack and his still-whole ball. “This will be a lovely workout,” she said. Then she did her best to roll his ball flat. The heayv wood pin “thunked” over the lump of his nut and squished over his busted ball.


“Always remember [oof] Charlotte, this is an excellent way to crush nuts. Walnuts, almonds, pecans and even... man-nuts. Of course [oof] you usually put them in a plastic bag first.” Vivien paused to dust some flour on his mangled meat so the pin wouldn’t stick, and resumed her work. THUNK THUNK THUNK


The ball actually started to flatten and she put all her might into the project. As she had guessed earlier, the ball eventually just split down its outer curve and they could see the ball’s contents ooze out into the sack.


“Never let a job go half done!” exclaimed Vivien. She kept rollout out his balls until Donald fainted dead away, and they dragged him over to the couch. 


“Well, I guess this proves that the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”


“Yeah,” replied Charlotte, “Get as big as they like, but men are still wimps.”


“Cinnamon roll, dear?”


“Sure mom. All that exercise made me hungry for some real desert.”

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!

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