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Extreme mixed boxing club

Four young couples Andy and Patricia Jarvis, Robert and Sarah Jones, Terry and Janice Richards Damian and Jodie Cummings all shared a great love for boxing, participating in it not just watching it. So they formed a small private boxing club in the Jarvis's converted garage. They built a small but fully equipped boxing ring in the large double garage and filled the rest of the garage with training and sparing equipment. The couples used the ring boxing together both male v male and female v female, also mixed bouts. The mixed bouts were always the most exciting either one male partner against the other couples female partner or occasionally husband v wife seconded by the other's spouse.

The club carried on like this until four of the members the Jarvis's and Jones met a slightly older couple in the pub Derek and Mary Couper and got talking to them. They had struck up conversation as Robert Jones had a black eye from a recent bout. The conversation started when Derek Couper asked Robert Jones where he had got his black eye. Robert told Derek that he had got it boxing at their private boxing club. Derek and Mary seemed very interested in the private boxing club.

"Are you all members of the club?" Derek asked. "Yes we are all members its a co-ed club", Robert replied. "So Andy gave you that black eye did he?", Derek asked. "No it was Pat actually she gave me a good hiding the last night in the ring", Robert replied. "You mean you fight each other man v woman?", Mary asked in surprise. "Yes and their the most enjoyable and exciting to do and to watch", Patricia Jarvis replied. "Well that's just amazing", Derek exclaimed. "Want to join, fancy your chances then do you?", Sarah asked. "You bet it sound absolutely great", Derek replied. "What do you think love?, he asked his wife. "I'm with you I'd like to give it a try", she replied.

So they came along to the next boxing night and joined in Mary boxed with Andy and did quite well giving him a good run for his money, even though she had never boxed before. Derek fought Pat and they had a good tough battle.

Derek did win but not before he took quite a drumming from the more experienced Pat. Derek and Mary enjoyed themselves so much they became regular attendants and members of the boxing club.

They got to go so regularly their teenage son and daughter wondered what they were doing, particularly since one or both of the came back sporting marks or cut to their face's. In the end it was the daughter Melissa who confronted them in the end and asked the out right what was happening. When Melissa was toll the truth although a little surprised, she didn't seem shocked or disgusted. If fact it turned out she quite liked the idea just like their son Darren. They always asked Derek and Mary how they had got on and what it had been like, so much so that Mary suggested they go to he next boxing night. To her surprise they both agreed.

Melissa and Darren really liked what they saw at the boxing club and found it very exciting so much so that they the climbed into the ring and boxed for a few rounds just to see what it was like. Darren managed to win but he didn't find it easy and although managed to put his sister down she left him with a lovely black eye. After that Melissa and Darren became regular members of the boxing club as well.

Andy and Pat were getting things ready in their converted garage for the evenings boxing when Robert and Sarah Jones arrived with Terry and Janice Richards. Andy was 27 6' tall but of quite slim build but no weakling and could land a very good punch. He had short fine brown hair, and quite a smooth body with only slight traces of body hair on his legs and lean torso. Pat was 24 and 6' 1" also a little heavier than Andy. She had lovely big breasts and a beautifully round bum that looked even more stunning in tight fitting high-leg one-piece sport swimsuit.

Terry Richards was 29 5'10" 11 stone, fairly lean with small belly. He had had bright red hair and very fair completion. He could box very well being in the school boxing team. His wife Janice was 25 a short at 5'6" and weighing only 9 stone. However she was quite good little boxer always putting up a good effort against bigger stronger opponents male or female.

Andy and Pat were already dressed in their boxing gear. Pat wore a white sports leotard, cut very high on the thighs. Andy wore a black singlet with brief yellow nylon running shorts that hugged his waist and displayed his packet through the virtually transparent yellow nylon. He wore a standard white sports jock underneath his brief thin yellow shorts. Andy and Pat were both bare foot no-one in the club bothered with boxing boots to save on the expense.

"Hi ready for another great boxing night?", Robert asked. "Yes we are nearly finished setting up", Andy replied.

"You bet it should be another great exciting night", he added. "Hi Pat ready to take my man on?", Sarah asked. "Yes just about, but he is good boxer", Pat replied. "Your just trying to be nice to him you know you beat him more times than he has beat you", Sarah quipped. "But he is a good boxer and I like boxing him, and not just because I can beat him", Pat said.

"Good because I'm certainly looking forward to mixing it with Andy again", Sarah stated. "Maybe I will be my day and I can win against Andy", she added. "You never no, you never no", Pat said with a smile. "Why don't you get changed while we finish up", Pat suggested. "The Coupers and the Cummings should be her soon and then we can get started", Pat added. "OK see you in a minute then", Sarah replied.


Robert and Sarah returned when they had changed into their boxing gear. Sarah wore a black sports leotard and light blue tight fitting female running shoes. Sarah was 23 and 5'9 quite tall she had lean muscular but definitely female figure with not overly large but nice firm breasts and tight small bottom both shown off to perfection by her tight fitting gear.

Robert wore a white singlet and quite short tight fitting unlined while footballs shorts. He had a black jock strap underneath that could been clearly seen through the virtually transparent white nylon football shorts. Robert was 26 and 5'8 quite short and stocky. He looked the part of a tough little boxer but lacked the punch to back it up. Robert had fought all three women members of the cub he had managed to beat each one once, but he suffered more that one defeat from them all.

"OK I see your both ready", Andy said as he saw Sarah and Robert come back into the garage in their gear. "Yes we are", Robert replied. "Where are the others I want to get started?", Sarah asked. Just then they heard the sound of car doors slamming outside. "Good that will be them now I suspect", Andy said. The garage door opened and the Cummings came in. "Hi not late are we?", Damian Cummings asked. "No not by much", Andy replied. "Just don't take too long to get changed", he added. "Don't worry we won't", Damian replied leading his girlfriend into the changing area.

Terry Richards was wearing red Lonsdale vest with red Lonsdale brief cut boxing shorts and a red French nylon slip on underneath. He liked to box under the title of the red Devil. Janice Richards wore a white gym leotard. They all eyed each other's boxing attire while the Cummings went and got changed.

Damian Cummings was the youngest man in the club at 24 he had tough body he was only 5'9 and 10 stone but he was tough fighter with pretty good punch. He had short cropped blond hair giving him a tough appearance. He could hold his own against most members male and female. Jodie Cummings was younger than Andy at 23 she was the same height and build as him and was marginally a better boxer. Jodie had short blond hair not cropped more like a crew cut but very short for a woman aping her man's appearance. Though small Jodie was one of the best female boxers in the club able to slug it out with biggest heaviest guys.

Damian Cummings wore a tight fitting black half length vest leaving his belly completely exposed. He had light blue very tight fitting cycle shorts on that clung to his body like a second skin revealing the ample bulge between his legs visibly encased in a tiny pair of briefs. Damian had his favourite white boxing gloves thrown over his shoulder.

Jodie Cummings wore a powder blue one piece swimsuitt with brief sexy nylon bra and panties on underneath that could be seen through the tight fitting one piece garment. She had yellow boxing gloves hanging round her neck the same make and size as he boy friends.

Everyone was admiring the tough sexy looking couple when the door opened and the Coupers came in led by their mother Mary. "Hi hope we are not too late", Mary Couper said when she saw the four of the all ready in their boxing gear. "No your just about on time", Pat replied. "OK we will just get changed and be with you in a couple of minutes", Mary said.

The Coupers disappeared though the garage door and appeared a few minutes later dressed in their boxing gear.

Derek Couper was 38 5' 9" stocky and thick set. He had solid powerful looking arms. Derek wore a sleeveless tight fitting black T-shirt and black cotton rugby shorts. Mary Couper was 35 and 5' 7" she was slimmer than her husband and nowhere near as strong but she could still pack a mean punch. Mary Couper wore a black sports nylon leotard and black running shorts. Melissa Couper was 5' 8" and quite slim with a little trim waist and nice firm little breasts and cute firm bum. Despite her lean feminine looks Melissa was not a bad boxer. She wore a red sport leotard. Darren Couper was the youngest member of the club at 13 he was 5'7 and slim.

He wore white singlet and white tight fitting nylon shorts.

"OK now every one is ready lets get started", Andy said. "OK I think the first bout tonight should be a mother son fight between Mary and Darren", Andy suggested. Everyone seemed pleased with Andy's suggestion. "OK boxers to your corners please", Andy said. Mary climbed into the ring and stood in the red corner and Darren moved into the blue corner. Darren was seconded by Sarah Jones, and Mary by her Husband Derek. Darren was quite excited at he prospect of being seconded by such a good looking and mature woman as Sarah. Pat was chosen to referee the match and the others gathered round to watch the first bout the evening.

"Fancy your chances against mum do you little brother?", Melissa asked from the side of the ring. "I think I'll do all right", he replied. "Huh she's going to box your head off Darren", Melissa said. "And I'm going to enjoy watching her do it, she added. Darren didn't say anything he glared at his sister. However he did feel a little apprehensive about boxing with his mother after seeing her holding her own for a long time with his father, who he knew was a tough fighter. Melissa kept the smug little smile on her face while she helped Darren pulled his boxing gloves on. "Don't worry Darren just do your best", Sarah said massaging his shoulders. Darren's frown turned to a smile as Sarah massaged his shoulders and he could feel his cock starting to stiffen with excitement.


"Going to beat Darren Mary?", Derek asked. "Yes think I can beat him I did well against you", she replied. "Not going to be soft on him because he's your son", Derek asked. "No why should I, it's a fair fight for both of us and anyway I can nurse him afterwards", she replied with a little grin. "Good, it should be a good fight then", Derek said helping his wife on with her boxing gloves. They were regulation 8 oz gloves for good solid punching no soft 10 oz or 12 oz pillows were allowed in this boxing club.

The bell sounded and Pat signalled the boxers to come to the centre of the ring. Mary and Darren Couper stared at each other, they were both the same height but Mary was heavier and stronger looking than her slim teenage son. "OK I want a good tough fight, and you know the rules one item of clothing to be removed each round", Pat said. The two boxers nodded their heads. "OK go to your corners and come out fighting", Pat said stepping back from the centre of the ring. Darren and Mary returned to their corners and waited for the bell to sound again.

The bell clanged and they both moved quickly into the centre of the ring. Mary didn't waste a second she went right into the attack. She piled into Darren with a stinging left hook to his face that made him wince. Darren tried to return punch but missed his mother's head. Mary scored with a right to Darren's left eye making him grunt as the punch connected. Darren retaliated with a right to the body but it just bounced off his mother's clenched stomach muscles.

Darren aimed high again with a probing left hook at his mother's jaw. She grunted as it connected brushing it aside and counted with a hard right to the belt line of Darren's shorts. Darren grunted as his mother's glove sank hard into belly, it left red mark on his white vest where the blow had landed.

Darren was forced to back pedal and took a couple of stinging left jabs to his head that made it spin. He hit back managing to penetrate his mother's guard and scored with a left hook to her face. Mary winced as Darren scored to her right eye, she blocked a second harder jab with her gloves. She countered with a left jab to Darren's right eye quickly followed by a hard right jab to his nose. Darren's elation at penetrating his mothers guard was short lived as she countered with a punishing left right combination to his head. The left jab stung but the hard right jab to the nose really hurt leaving smarting as it started to turn red. Darren legs wobbled as the hard right hammered is nose and he retreated with his mother in hot pursuit.

"Good one Mary go get him", Derek shouted from the red corner. "You could put him down with another punch like that", he added. Mary fired a left jab to Darren's head as he retreated catching him on his stinging nose forcing Darren to raise his guard. Mary fired a hard right into Darren's belly making him grunt. Darren dropped his guard and was caught with a right cross to the jaw that sent him reeling to the ropes. Mary stepped in a fired a coupe of stiff left jabs to Darren's head as he was sprawled back on the ropes. Pat the referee stepped in and ordered Mary back to allow Darren to stand up.

Darren's head span as he reeled back into the ropes from his mother's right cross. He hung on the ropes momentarily dazed by the punch. He gasped as a hard stinging jab hammered into his head. He couldn't raise his gloves to cover his face and another harder jab made him wince. He felt his cock stiffen in his shorts as he thought bout being unable to defend himself and at his mother's mercy. The referee saved him from taking anymore punches when she ordered his mother to step back. Darren pulled himself up off the ropes, his face was white and he felt dizzy. His legs felt a little unsteady as he stood staring at Pat the referee holding his mother back.

"OK box", Pat said stepping aside. His mother attacked him instantly scoring with jab to his head. Darren countered with a right to the body but it didn't seem to effect his mother at all. She fired another stinging left to his right eye making wince. A second harder left to his aching and now bright red nose made Darren cringe. He new his mother had him trapped against the ropes, and he had to get free or she was going to destroy him in the first round. Darren shook his head stepped forward firing right at his mother head. She blocked it with her glove but he was able to land a left jab to her nose. He saw his mother cringe as the blow landed and she stepped back.

Darren stepped forward into left hook to his right eye. He countered with a left jab to his mother's right breast. A small grunt told Darren his mother had felt that blow. She stepped back and scored with left his nose sending a shudder racing right through Darren's body he felt his cock stiffen some more. He managed to penetrate his mother's guard as she continued to retreat and a glancing blow to her left breast. Although the blow didn't connect properly it did hurt his mother and she gasped loudly. Darren encouraged stepped straight into a hard right to his nose.

Darren's head span and he saw stars, he felt his legs give way and he dropped to his knees. Darren knelt there head spinning he could feel a worm trickle running down his face. His nose felt incredibly sore and he glanced and saw red drops appearing on his white vest. Pat stepped in ushered his mother back and stared to count. Darn got up at five, blood trickled from his nose down his face dripping onto his vest. His cock was now fully erect in his shorts and his heart was beating like a drum as the referee stared at him. Darren raised his gloves and nodded to the referee. Satisfied she nodded back and stepped aside.

Mary moved straight in to continue her attack on her son Darren. She landed a coupe fast left jabs to his face that knocked his head back. Darren countered with a jab to his mothers nose. She responded with a hard right to belt line of his shorts. He grunted and hit back with a left to his mother's right breast. She gasped in pain as the punch got through unchecked and bang on target. Pain seared through Mary's right breast as Darren's punch hammered it squashing it into her body. She fell back using her glove to protect her breasts.


Darren sighed with relief as he had made an in road into his mothers defence at last. Darren pursued his mother as she fell back hurt. He snapped her head back with quick left jabs trying to draw her guard high and uncover her breasts. It took two more stinging left jabs to his mother's head before she raised her guard. Darren instantly attacked her breasts scoring with a left hook to his mother right breast and a right upper cut to her left breast. Both punches hammered his mother's breasts making her groan. She dropped her guard only to take a hard right jab to the nose. Darren was delighted he was at last taking the fight to his mother and making in roads.

Darren fired more left and right jabs at his mother's head as she retreated until she was forced to raise her guard and then pay price a left to her right breast. Angry and desperate Mary punched low, below her son's belt line. Darren let out a short painful gasp as his mother punched him in the balls. Darren's cock was erect and poking up in is briefs and shorts, leaving his balls completely uncovered and unprotected. His mother's glove caught square on both balls.

Darren dropped to his knees with an agonised gasp and knelt clutching his aching balls. "Foul blow neutral corner", Pat the referee said ordering Mary to break off. However she was too slow to stop Mary slamming a hard right into her son's face right bang on the nose, as he knelt doubled up in pain staring up at his mother. Darren dropped to the canvas blood running freely from his nose. Pat pushed Mary away then helped Darren up into a kneeling position.

"Ohhh my balls, ..... my balls", Darren moaned doubling over forehead pressed to the canvas. "Wow nice ball buster mum", Melissa said from the side of the ring. "OK don't worry Darren you've got free 25 count for the low blow on top of standard ten count", Pat said as she helped him straighten up again. It was just as well Darren need all the twenty five count and eight of the ten just to be able to stand. He stood on wobble legs face white with blood still running from his nose down his face and staining his white vest and shorts. "Ready to continue?", Pat asked. Darren nodded and raised his gloves he felt weak and light headed but knew he had to fight on.

"OK continue", Pat said stepping aside. The long count had allowed Mary to recover from the worst of her breast mauling and she could see her son was weakened and in trouble. She went straight into the attack firing left and right jabs at her son's head. Darren stumbled back take numerous wicked jabs to the head as he tried to defend himself from his mother's onslaught. "That's it Mary you've got him,... put him down finish him", Derek shouted form the red corner.

"Yes go on mum kill the little wimp", Melissa shouted.

Darren hit back scoring lefts and rights to his mother's head but he was taking many more punches that he was throwing. Although Darren fought bravely he was loosing being forced back by his mother into the corner. Darren felt the ropes against his back and knew he was trapped as more wicked jabs snapped his head back. Every punch seemed to make his cock grow harder, by the time he was trapped in the corner he was fully erect again. Darren swapped punches with his mother, but was definitely coming off worst.

He crouched down cowering behind his gloves as his mother continued to pound him with her gloves. Unable to penetrate his defence Mary switched low and started to pound her son's body. Darren grunted as his mother fired left and right combinations into his belly and ribs. "Yes you've got him now mum kill him ... kill him", Melissa shouted.

She was really enjoying seeing her younger brother beaten by their mother. All the others were also enjoying seeing Mary box the living day lights out her thirteen year old son. Darren cringed twisting left and right as his mother's gloves pounded his belly and ribs.

Darren was fast losing strength and the stamina to continue under the brutal pounding. He was just wondering how much more he could take when the bell sounded the end of round one saving him from another knock down and certain defeat. Mary broke off her attack at the sound of the bell and returned to her corner. The rules of the club where that each male started clothed and were one clothing thing would be removed after each round and the fight had to last a minimum of four rounds. Male fighters would be naked for the last round. It was a popular rule adding to the fighters' excitement and the enjoyment of the other members watching.

Derek handed a water bottle to his wife, he started to rub her breasts to ease the aches and pains from them. Mary sat down on the small stool an allowed her husband to massage her sore breasts. The massage did ease Mary's aches and pains but it also aroused her as he husband teased her heard excited nipples. "Well your doing well Mary your well in control just keep doing what your doing and he won't last to the end of round two", Derek said. "I know, but is easy to say when your not in the ring and getting punched in the breasts", Mary replied. Just keep you guard up and your wits about you and you'll murder him", Derek stated. "OK I'll try to bare that in mind", Mary replied standing up as the bell signalled the start of round two.

Darren straightened up his head was spinning as he walked back wearily into his corner. He raised his arms above his head and let Sarah strip his blood stained white vest off then sat down heavily on the stool. She handed him a water bottle the started to work on his nose to stem the blood flow. The blood had slowed to a trickle and didn't take her long to stop in bleeding. She lowered her hand to Darren's shorts and grasped his hard excited cock making jump in surprise.

Wow your very hard already Darren", Sarah remarked as she stroked his iron hard cock through his shorts and briefs.

Darren gasped and shivered with excitement as Sarah teased his highly excited cock making it twitch in his shorts.

"You've got a nice little cock here Darren small but perfectly formed and in tip top working order", Sarah said. This was one of perk of seconding a male fighter she got to play with their cock in the breaks to keep them nice and hard for the fighting. She enjoyed teasing another mans' cock in front of her boy friend, because she knew he would have very jealous hard on as he watched her.


It was even more fun with Darren as he was young and shy, his cock would respond to the merest touch or her just being close to him. Darren sat there trembling with excitement as Sarah teased his cock wondering if he could last to the end of the break without coming in his shorts. The bell signalled the start of round two and he stood up as Sarah removed her hand from Darren's all but exploding cock. "Go get her Darren you can do it", Sarah whispered in his ear and she cheekily pinched his bottom. Darren moved into the centre of the ring his heart pounding in his chest and his cock twitching with excitement.

Round two started and male boxer was now stripped to the waist. Darren found it difficult to take his eyes of his mother's full heavy breasts under sexy leotard as they met in the centre of the ring. His mother fired a couple of left jabs to his head and Darren responded with a right jab to his mother's nose. His highly excited and roused condition seemed to give him more confidence and energy as adrenaline coursed through his body.

Darren cast aside the left and right jabs to his head hitting back with his own harder and faster jabs to his mother's head. They circled round the ring exchanging punches to the head and body, Darren was now punching as hard and accurate as his mother. The judge would have scored it even or Darren slightly ahead as the punches and jabs continued to fly back and forth. The punches were faster more accurate and solid taking toll of the fighters' stamina and resolve.

Darren was clearly getting the better of this round taking the fight to his mother. However the fight was still far form one sided.

Darren's nose was bleeding again by the middle of the round, running down onto his bare torso and adding to the stains on his tented white shorts. Darren's eyes were swelling up from constant stinging jabs and his body was covered with more red marks from his mother's gloves. Mary hadn't escaped Darren's onslaught in the first part of round two unscathed. She had a cut to the corner of her mouth that was slowly seeping blood. He nose was red from the constant drumming of Darren's gloves and her eyes were starting to swell up as well. Darren had started to penetrate his mother's guard scoring sever punches to her breast.
Mary started to fight more defensively as the round progress with Darren pressing her and scoring to her breast's.


Each punch that got through sent searing pain through her sensitive breasts. She fought to protect them keeping her guard low. The price for keeping her guard down was wicked jab to the head. Mary responded with hard jabs to her son's head and body but he was clearly getting the better of her as the round continued. Mary was considering whether to chance another low blow to Darren's bulging shorts when he got through with a hard right to her left breast.

Mary yelped in pain as burning agony torn through her left breast. The pain was so bad Mary's head span and she dropped to her knees gloved hands clutching at her aching left tit. Darren knew he'd hurt is mother as she yelped in pain, he watched in surprise as she dropped to her knees. Darren aimed a punched at his mother's undefended face as she knelt clutching her breasts, but was pushed away by Pat the referee. Pat stared to count and reached eight before Mary was able to get up even then she looked shaky.

Darren could see he had his mother in trouble and he could take the match if he tried hard enough. The wasn't long left to go in round two so Darren went straight into the attack when the referee stepped asides. He fired left and right's at his mother's breasts but couldn't manage to penetrate her defence. He switched targets scoring with jabs to his mother head trying to force her to lower her guard. Mary refused to lower her guard even though she was taking lots of nasty jabs her head. She knew her breasts the left in particular were much more vulnerable.

Darren didn't have it all his own way as the second ticked away to the end of round two. His mother hit back with jabs of her own making him wince as they connected with his head. In the dying seconds of round two Darren managed to bypass his other guard and score with a hard left to her right breast. Mary's face went white as the punch hammered her right breast sending pain searing though it. Working on instinct alone driven by anger and adrenaline she hit back with hard right to Darren's nose.

The punch stopped Darren dead and he grunted as it slammed into his nose. Darren staggered back blood pouring from his nose down onto his chest and shorts. Darren's attack had been seen off and Mary had saved herself from being put down and maybe out of the match as she struggled to cope with the blinding pain in her right tit. Both fighters dropped to their knees forcing Pat the referee to do a double count. The bell sounded ending round two with both fighters still on their knees at the count of five. "Wow what a fight their both down and only saved by the bell", Melissa said standing beside the ring as she watched her mother slowly get to her feet and stagger bent over and obviously in pain back to her corner. It took a few seconds long for Darren to get up and stumble wearily back to his corner, blood still pouring from his nose. His bare chest was covered with blood pouring from his nose, he stood in his corner white faced and light headed.

Sarah handed Darren a towel, "Here hold that to your nose, while I get these off", Sarah said grasping the sides of Darren blood stained shorts. Sarah pulled them down to Darren's knees, his cock was sticking out proud from his white Y-front briefs. "Wow your still hard I see", Sarah exclaimed and grabbed Darren's hard cock through his briefs. Darren gasped in shock as Sarah grabbed his hard excited cock, a feeling like an electric shock ran though his body to every nerve ending making him shiver helplessly. Darren you have a nice little cock small but nice a responsive", Sarah said as she teased it with her fingers delighting in Darren gasps of shock.


"OK sit down and let me attend to your nose", Sarah said. Darren slumped down on the small stool and let Sarah tend to his nose, it was still bleeding but not as much the towel had managed to stem most of the flow. Sarah handed Darren his water bottle and he took along gulp of refreshing water. Sarah pulled the towel away and started to work on Darren's nose using cotton wool and plugs the stop the bleeding. Sarah managed to stop the bleeding quite quickly, then she cleaned the blood off Darren's torso with a towel.

Satisfied she had Darren ready for round two Sarah dropped her hand down to his tented briefs. She clasped his hard excited cock through his white cotton Y-fronts. Darren gasped and his body shuddered violently as Sarah clasped his hard excited cock. Sarah smiled as use her forefinger to stoke Darren's iron hard cock through his cotton briefs.

Darren handed Sarah his water bottle and gripped the ropes with his hands to steady himself. However he couldn't stop himself from fidgeting and twisting his hips from side to side as Sarah continued to tease his cock. The bell sounded just as Darren thought he couldn't stand much or and would come in his underpants.

Mary made it back to her corner still slightly bent over from the pain in her breasts. She sat down heavily on the stool taking her water bottle from her husband and letting him work on her sore aching breasts. Derek worked hard on his wife's breasts easing the aches and pains out of them. Towards the end of the break her husband massaging of her breasts stared to arouse Mary and he felt he pussy start to moisten. By the time the bell sounded signalling the start of round three her pussy was really damp and she was gasping with excitement.

At the sound of the bell both boxers stood up and moved quickly into the centre of the ring. Darren was now down to his underwear, Y-fronts for the teenage boy and sexy black sports leotard for the mature woman. Both were highly aroused with sexual excitement stimulated by their seconds. Darren was sporting an erection that stood out like a tent pole in his briefs. Mary shivered with excitement her pussy sopping wet with her own hot juices. Both boxers we charged with sexual adrenaline and leapt into the fight.

Mary avoided a punch thrown at her head by her teenage son Darren, and hit back with a stinging right jab to his head the sent him stumbling backwards. Darren brushed off the blow and rushed back at his mother scoring with left hook to her right breast. Mary let out a strangled gasp of pain as Darren caught her in the right breast. Darren stepped in close as Mary lowered her guard to protect her breasts and snapped her head back was sharp left hook to the face. Mary grunted and countered with a short sharp upper cut to Darren's chin.

Darren's mouth was slammed shut by the upper cut painfully grinding his teeth together. He staggered back slightly dazed and took two wicked hard sting jabs to his right eye. The jabs left a mouse clearly visible under Darren's right eye. His right eye was swelling up starting to close, and he would have a lovely black eye in the morning. Darren pulled himself together as another jab hit him square on the nose starting it bleeding again. Darren hit back with jabs to his mother's head pounding her left eye. She countered with a hard right dangerously low on his bulging Y-fronts.

Darren winced in pain taking the hard punch just above his bulging cock. He fired a left jab into his mother's left breast making her catch her breath. He followed though with a hard punch to her right breast making her shudder visibly as vicious punch slammed into her aching bruised tit. Mary swung a right hay maker at Darren's head, catching him in the left ear. Darren grunted as the hard punch slammed into his ear making it ring. Darren stumbled forward into his mother and grabbed her in a clinch. Darren held onto his mother with both hands tying to steady his legs as his head spun dangerously from the punch to his ear.

Mary tried to push Darren away when he pulled her into the clinch then changed her mind. She started to fire short sharp punches into Darren's undefended belly. Darren grunted as the punches pounded his midriff. Darren legs were still too unsteady and he couldn't let go of his mother, so he had to endure the gut punches while he maintained the clinch. Mary watched the referee as she continued to pound her son's belly. She was behind Darren watching them intently but was showing any signs of moving to break the clinch.

Mary winced the weight of her son's body against her sore breasts reminded her that she owed him. Keeping one eye on the referee she fired a punch into the centre of Darren bulging Y-fronts. Darren grunted louder leaning heavily into his mother body as her glove fired into his balls. He opened his mouth wide and he produced a low guttural groan as his mother plugged him to the balls again. Satisfied she had returned the favour for her aching breast Mary pushed her son away catching him to the side of the head with a right hook Darren was in lot of pain, his balls were killing him as he stumbled out of the clinch pushed boy is mother. The right hook to the head put him down to his knees.

The referee pushed Mary away into a neutral corner before returning to count Darren as he knelt doubled over on the canvas. Darren straightened up when he heard Pat the referee start to count. She hadn't seen the low blows so he knew he would only get a ten count. His sister Melissa knew this and had seen the low blow she gave him a knowing smile. A six Darren struggled with a groan to his feet. He just about straightened up by ten. Darren felt weak and light head the pain in his balls was sapping his strength he raised his guard as he saw the referee step aside and his mother move into the attack.

His mother came on hard firing left and right jabs at his head. Darren's defence was slow and most of her stinging jabs got through sending him reeling back into the ropes. The ropes propelled Darren back into the ring straight into a hard right punch to his nose. Herd punch made Darren's head spin and his knees gave way dropping him to the ring blood pouring from his batter nose. Before Pat the referee could pull his mother away, she punished him with a hard right to his right eye and a left upper cut to his chin that laid him flat out on his back.


Darren stared up at the ceiling his head spinning wildly blood pouring from his nose his cock stood up like tent pole in his blood stained Y-fronts. He could her Pat the referee counting and he some how managed to roll over and pull himself up with the ropes. Darren hung over the top rope his sister face leering back at him loving every second of his suffering. Well little brother mum 's broke you nose and your balls by the look of things", Melissa said with wicked satisfied smile. Darren heard Pat the referee start to count again, she had stopped on nine when he painfully pulled himself up.

Darren sighed and let go of the rope he still felt weak and giddy and his balls still ached badly sapping his strength. Darren raised his gloves as his mother attacked again. She fired several hard stinging punches at his head scoring with nearly every one. Darren reeled back under the onslaught returning punches scoring to his mother's breasts and head but taking the worst of the exchanged. Darren desperate to survive to the bell drove a punch into the centre of his mother's leotard bottom. She let out a painful gasp as he delivered the low blow.

Mary dropped her guard hands dropping to clutch her aching burning sex. She left her breasts unprotected and her son fired a couple of hard punches to each making her cringe in pain. A hard right to her nose made her head spin and she could feel hot liquid running down her face. Mary realised her nose was bleeding nowhere near as bad as Darren's but bleeding all the same. His low blow and attack on her tits couple with her bleeding nose made Mary's anger burn. She cast her aside her suffering and charged into the attack Mary ducked up a clumsy punch from Darren and fired a hard right bang on the bridge of his nose the was a soft crunching sound as the punch broke his nose. Blood poured from Darren's broken nose and he reeled back into the corner. The audience cheered they were all loving this mother son fight not the least because the mother was taking her son to the cleaners. The men had erections delighting in the way Mary battered her teenage son. The women were all hot and damp loving seeing a male take the beating for a change. Darren would be in popular demand with the women of the club all wanting to get him in the ring and punch him out.

Mary pursued her son into the corner firing hard punches into his body. Darren grunted gasping for breath as his mother pounded his mid section. A vicious bone wrenching upper cut to the chin flung Darren back over the centre ropes. Darren hung by his arms from the ropes looking vacantly at his mother, his body was now open and completely defenceless. Pat rushed into the cornet to pull Mary away but not before she fired several hard right left combinations to Darren's head.

Pat pulled Mary back by the shoulders but Mary angrily shrugged Pat off and attacked Darren again. Here one I owe you boy", Mary spat as she sank he glove hard between her son's legs. Darren screamed in agony as mother's punch squashed his balls flat. Pat grabbed Mary again and managed to pull her way this time. Darren just slid down the ropes and doubled up in a ball on the canvas. "Low blow neutral corner", Pat said to Mary. "Darren gets a standard twenty five count", Pat the referee added.

Darren had just about straightened up and was kneeling still in agony by the end of the twenty-five count. He managed to haul himself up at eight he was light head and very weak Pat stopped counting but started again when he clutched the ropes. Darren waited till nine to let go and turn round. Pat looked into his eyes then stepped aside as he raised his gloves. Hs mother closed in instantly and scored with a wicked stinging jab to the side of his head. Darren's legs went like jelly and grabbed his mother in a clinch. He hung on while his mother pounded his body with short sharp punches. Pat the referee stepped in and dragged them apart.

Darren winced as his mother caught him in the right eye it was now swollen and half closed. Darren was totally exhausted and was only running on vapours. He fired punches back at his mother by instinct rather than design. His instinct paid off when he caught his mother with a hard punch to her right breast. Mary cringed as Darren punched her in the right breast making her attack faltered as burning pain exploded in her right breast. Darren wonder what had happened when punches stopped pounding his body. He looked up and saw his mother hunched over clutching her right breast and realised he'd got a lucky punch in.

Darren summoned up what little strength he had left and sent a stinging left jab into his mother's nose making it bleed faster. His mother staggered back struggling to keep her guard up Darren pursued her fight left and right jabs into her breast. Mary gasped every time a stinging jab connected with her breasts, she was visibly wrestling under the attack. Darren decided to go all out and do as much damage to his mother as he could in the last seconds of the round.

Darren drove his mother reeling into the corner and fired punches into her head and body. A vicious uppercut dropped Mary to her knees and she was only saved from a KO by the bell ending the round.

Darren walked back wearily to his corner, he felt weak and tired holding onto the corner ropes. Sarah handed him the water bottle then grabbed the sides of his now heavily blood stained Y-fronts. Sarah pulled his Y-fronts down to his knees releasing his hard excited cock that stuck out like tent pole. "Hmmmm, lovely little cock Darren", Sarah said teasing the end with her forefinger loving the way she made Darren shudder with excitement. "But sit down I'd better work on you nose first", she added. Sarah pushed Darren Y-fronts down past his knees letting them drop to his ankles.

She pushed Darren back making him step out of his briefs.

Darren's face went bright red as he was stripped naked in front of the other members of the club by his beautiful mature female second. He was very embarrassed at having an erection in front of the other members, and his mother and father, but particularly his sister Melissa. She was smirking at him as he stood there naked his hard excited, cock sticking out like tent pole. Sarah turned Darren round and pressed on his shoulder forcing his to sit on the stool.


"Your nose is broken Darren and there's only so much I can do, but I think I can stop the bleeding", Sarah said as she worked on his nose. It took a lot cotton wool and plugs, but Sarah finally managed to stop Darren's nose bleeding. She lowered her hand to his groin as he sat there panting, sweat pouring off his naked body. Darren gasped in shock as he felt Sarah grasp his hard excited cock. He stared down in horror as he watched Sarah peel his foreskin right back much further that he had dared to do himself. She teased his naked dripping cock head with her forefinger making him shudder in excitement.

Sarah kept her eye on her partner Robert as he played with Darren' cock. She could see Robert was hard himself his shorts bulging displaying his erection. She loved working on he male partners cocks while Robert watched her, he didn't hesitate fondling and caressing his female partners breasts in front of her. They both agreed it made an already highly arousing and exciting situation even more exciting. She could sense Darren's body trembling with excitement and actually feel his heart beating frantically in his chest.

Darren sat there trying not to come as Sarah wickedly teased his naked and peeled cock with her forefinger. He thought about having to box naked in front of everyone, box his mother naked with an erection while she was naked.

These thoughts did little to calm his excitement or steady his racing heart beat. Darren wondered if he would reach the end of the break without coming as Sarah's teasing was becoming almost impossible to resist. The bell sound and he stood up heart pounding prick spasming with excitement.

Mary stood up slowly and stumbled back to her corner. Derek placed the stool in the ring and Mary gratefully sat down with a sigh of relief. Derek handed Mary her water bottle and went to work on her bleeding nose. It didn't take Derek long to stop the bleeding. He then started to massage Mary's sore aching and badly bruised breasts. Mary let her head rest against the corner ropes while her husband worked on her sore aching breasts slowly massaging the pain away.

Mary's sighs of relief soon turned to gasps of pleasure as Derek softly caressed her breasts teasing her hard erect nipples with his fingers. Mary shivered with pleasure as Derek's right had slipped down her stomach toward her sex.

She shivered helplessly as Derek ran his finger over her hairy sex teasing the opening with his short stubby fingers till the juices started to run from her hot excited fanny. One hand teased her iron hard nipples while the other entered her fanny running round the highly sensitive interior. She could feel her husband's hot breath against her ear.

"You nearly beat him, go out and finish him this time, beat him for me", Derek whispered in her ear.

The bell sounded and Mary watched her son stand up he was naked and sporting a full erection. His short but beautifully shaped cock was now almost flat against his belly and his small tight balls hung below delicate and vulnerable target. Mary stood up and moved into the centre of the ring to meet her son, conscious of his eyes on her sexy body.

Darren looked pale and tired, his legs didn't look to steady. Mary knew she was going to beat him in this round he had played his last shots at the end o f the last round and she had survived saved by the bell. Time to show him who is the boss and who the better boxer is, Mary thought to herself as she closed on her naked son.
Darren watched his mother stand up and move towards him. He couldn't help staring at her sexy body in leotard.


His gaze concentrated on her sex surrounded by a thick spot on her leotard crotch. His own crotch only had few wisps of pubic hair. Darren could see juices running from his mother hot and aroused sex and he knew she was excited as him. His face was scarlet at thought of being naked and highly aroused in front of his mother. He watched transfixed as his mother moved closer and closer until she was standing opposite him.

It was only her left jab to his head that woke him from the enchanting spell. Darren grunted as his mother fired a left jab to his head, she scored with a another jab before he could get his guard high enough to counter. Darren stepped back wincing as his mother fired a hard right into his body. He hit back with a right jab to his mother head catching her on the nose and starting it bleeding again. Mary raised her guard to protect her head and Darren fired a left jab into her right breast. Mary gasped in pain and fell back as Darren's glove slammed into her already sore and tender breast. She hit back clumsily completely missing his head. Darren ducked under his mother's punch and scored with a hard right to her left breast.

Mary groaned in pain and fell back clearly hurt by the punch. Darren chased his mother firing jabs to her head and breasts making her cringe as he hammered her breasts. Darren pushed his mother back until he trapped her in the corner. With every step she retreated he hit out catching her soft breasts or now freely bleeding nose. Mary hit back wildly missing Darren again, he dodged it and caught her on the chin with a right cross that knocked her back into the corner ropes. The punch dazed Mary and she hung on the corner ropes hands by her side leaving her upper body and her sore bruised breasts completely exposed.

Darren fired left right combinations into his mother's undefended breasts until she sobbed with from pain. He was no highly charged and aroused enjoying inflicting the breast punishment on his mother. Darren was transfixed buy her heavy full and now highly bruised breasts. His cock was so hard sticking up at forty-five degrees in the air he knew he was going to come at any moment. The end of his endurance came as he delivered a vicious upper cut to his mothers right breast burying her hard solid nipple deep in her soft pliant tit with his glove.


Mary let out a scream of agony as the brutal upper cut smashed into her right breast. As she screamed Darren' cock exploded firing his hot white come onto his mother's belly and aching bruised tits. The energy seemed to drain out of Darren with his fierce ejaculation and he stood painting heavily in front of his mother sweat running off his body. He didn't do anything he just watched his mother slumped on the ropes tears of agony cascading down her cheeks.

Mary watched her son standing in front of her breathing heavily though her tear stained eyes, he didn't move or try to hit her even though she was helpless. Mary was hurt and angry as her son for punishing her breasts but even more so for coming over them in front of the others. Anger burned through Mary's body recharging her batteries and giving her the strength to take the fight back to her son. Mary straightened up not taking her eyes off her son for a moment, he didn't move even though he could see she was up and ready to strike.

Mary shot a left jab into Darren's right eye making him grunt he fell back and she fired two more jabs to his head making him grunt each time she connected. He hit back with punches to her head and body but his punches were now weak and lacked the power to have much effect. Mary quickly realised her son's ejaculation had sapped his strength considerably. Heightened by the fact and out for revenge Mary furiously attacked her son driving him back under a flurry of head and body punches. Darren tried to fight back as he retreated taking vicious punches all over his head and body, but he was too weak to put up any proper defence, his punches lacked the strength to stop his mother.

Mary forced Darren back across the ring into the opposite corner pounding his body with hard punches and snapping his head back with stinging jabs. He fell back taking numerous punches to his face particularly his nose that quickly started to bleed again. A hard right cross to mouth knocked Darren back into the corner groaning against the ropes. The punch cut his top lip and it ballooned up as blood ran from it joining with the flow from his nose. Mary forced Darren into the corner and started to work on his right eye making it swell right up virtually closing it.

Darren could hardly keep his arms up to guard himself let alone hit back at his mother. She battered his head and body as he cringed gloves raised in the corner. "That's it mum you've got him again, now kill him", Melissa shouted in excitement. "Yes go on Mary he's yours finish him now", Derek shouted from her corner. Mary fired left right combination to Darren's head until he slumped back against the ropes hands dropping to his sides. Mary didn't stop as Darren lay helpless against the corner ropes.

Mary unleashed a vicious attack on Darren's body driving hard punches into his belly and lower abdomen right down and around his hard excited cock. Darren groaned weakly flinching as the punches kept landing. A vicious upper cut to the chin was the final straw it lifted Darren off his feet, and threw him back over the top rope. Darren hung groaning over the top rope his shoulders and arms hanging down outside the ring. The rest of Darren's body hung down inside the ring completely exposed and defenceless.

Mary didn't stop even though her son was totally helpless and unable to defend himself. She continued to fire left and right punches into his body. Pat the referee didn't move to stop the fight or help Darren of the ropes, she just stood there enjoying seeing him being battered with the others. Darren was barely conscious but his cock was incredibly hard and excited it stuck flat to his belly, twitching as the punches pounded his body all round it.

"This is lights out boy", Mary said as she slammed her right glove hard into the dripping excited head of her son's cock. Darren let out a high pitched scream as his mothers glove smashed into his hard excited cock His cock exploded shooting spunk up onto his chest. Darren body shuddered as he was forced to ejaculate again. The strain was too much and he passed out. "Wow you made him come mum you knocked him out", Melissa said excitedly. "Yes Mary lovely knock and TKO", Derek said. "Or should I say lovely TKO, and knockout", he added.

Pat the referee raised Mary's right hand above her head. "The winner of the mother son match Mary", Pat announced to claps and cheers form the other members. Mary returned to her corner to be congratulated by her husband Derek. Pat the referee and Darren's second Sarah lifted him off the ropes and carried him over to a wooded bench. Lay Darren down on the bench and Pat the referee removed his gloves. Sarah his second started to tend the cuts to his mouth and nose and put a cold sponge of his badly swollen right eye.

Darren moaned softly and his eyes opened as Sarah worked on his bleeding nose. "Welcome back boy you lost I'm afraid", Sarah said. "Yes mum beat you, you little wimp", Melissa said hovering next to the bench. "She knocked out and made you come you little creep", Melissa added with a satisfied smile. Darren groaned but didn't bother to reply he felt too weak and exhausted. "Don't worry Darren your mothers a good boxer you put up and good fight", Sarah said as she continued to work on his nose. "Huh see you later loser the next fights about to start", Melissa said turning round and walking back to the ring.

"Yes Darren I've stopped the bleeding now, so get in the shower and wash the blood and well you know what off", Sarah said smiling at him. "Don't take too long you don't want to miss all of the next fight she added getting up and walking to the ring. "No I won't Darren replied wearily, still lying naked on the bench feeling embarrassed but too weak to move. He lay there for a few more minutes before dragging himself up and into the large double shower cubicle.

The next bout was going to be between Damian Cummings and Pat Jarvis. Pat was older taller and heavier than her male opponent. Pat stood 6' and had a longer reach than Damian who was shorted at 5'9". Both were good boxers Damian particularly but Pat's longer reach and heavier weight could prove decisive. Damian Cummings was seconded by Janice Richards, Pat Jarvis was seconded by Robert Jones. Damian climbed into the blue corner and donned his favourite a pair of 8 oz white gloves and Pat climbed into the red corner and donned a standard pair of 8 oz red gloves. Derek was going to be the referee for the second bout.

"Seconds out boxers ready", Derek said. "OK box at the sound of the bell", he added. The bell clanged and Damian and Pat moved quickly out of their corners into the middle of the ring. The boxers danced round firing punches at each other testing each others guard. Damian was intent on taking the fight to Pat moving against her attacking all the time. What was clear from the outset was that Damian was shorter than Pat and she a long reach on him. He was forced to walk though several punches to get in reach of Pat. Damian didn't seem worried by this he just brushed the punches aside and pressed forward hitting back at Pat.

Pat knew from their first contact that Damian although smaller was tough and capable and could punch, she felt the first blows he landed. She knew she had the reach on him and pinned her best hopes on keeping him at bay and landing as many punches to wear him down. This was a long term plan she would have to take a lot of punishment herself as Damian was doggerel and determined to engage her. The fist few engages Pat had done well scoring good telling punches to Damian's head but when he forced his way inside her reach he had returned the favour with interest. Both fighters were gasping and panting from their initial contacts.

Damian shook his head as Pat scored more punches to his head as he closed in again. She was fast and the punches were making him wince but he knew he could take them and it was price necessary to get inside her guard and work on her. He knew she was determined to land as many punches as she could while retreating trying to keep him in her firing range and out of his.

Damian knew this and pushed forward even harder driving through her flurry of jabs and punches. Once inside Damian was able to land punches of his own firing hard punches into Pat's belly to draw her guard low. When Pat lowered her guard he would snap stinging jabs to her face. Damian knew from Pats' painful winces that his jabs were hurting her. When she brought her guard back up it left her breast vulnerable to bruising short punches. Damian has scored several times to Pat's breasts making her cringe as the bruising punches hammered into her breasts.

Damian forced his was through Pat's screen of punches and started to hit back.. His nose was bright red and felt quite sore from several stinging jabs. Damian opened up with a left hook to Pat's right breast. Pat gasped in pain and stumbled back hot pain searing though her right tit. Damian followed her firing jabs to her head and keeping her on constant guard scoring through numerous holes as she pushed his hurting opponent.

Damian sensing a potential knock down went all out firing left and right punches into Pat sending her reeling backwards. Damian sped after Pat but not faster enough she picked herself up and he walked right into two stinging jabs to the face that slowed his attack enough for Pat to keep him at bay. She landed more punches as he pressed her again. Damian couldn't help feeling excited as he took these free punches as she considered them. They hurt, but he was sure he could handle them. but they seemed to excited him all the same. Damian could feel strange stirrings in his cock as each free punch landed.

The last two punches had been particularly poignant in that respect and he could feel his cock starting to expand in his tight fitting blue cycle shorts. Damian ploughed on through two more stinging jabs until he was inside Pat's guard again. He opened up with is own punches scoring to Pat's head forcing her to raise her guard. Pat left her breasts vulnerable with her guard high protecting her face. Damian didn't need a second invitation, he immediately started to attack Pat's breasts.

Pat groaned her face contorting as Damian started to pound her breasts with left right combinations. Pat would lower her guard to cover her breasts and would instantly take a stinging jab to her face. She hit back with jabs of her own to Damian's face and body but his punches were having the greater effect. Pat took two particularly painful upper cuts to her right tit that really hurt and forced her into a clinch. She held onto Damian as he worked her stomach with hard short punches. Damian was concentrating on pounding Pat's belly not thinking of his own defence believing she was suffering too much to be able to hit back.

Although Pat was suffering and in pain she was nowhere near a far gone as Damian believed. She saw he opening as Damian pounded her midriff. Pat delivered a shot but very well aimed upper cut under Damian's chin. The uppercut caught him completely by surprise, it hammered into his chin slamming his jaw shut tight. The surprise blow made his head spin and he held onto Pat in the clinch to stop his self from falling to his knees. Pat now switched from defence on the offensive.

Pat started to pound Damian's belly with her gloves driving hard left and right punches against his stomach muscles. Damian grunted as Pat started to pound his belly, he was still too dazed to do anything but hang onto her for a few seconds and hat endure the full brunt of her assault without defence. Pat fired a dozen or more left right combinations into Damian's belly to the bare skin exposed between his shorts and cut down vest. She then stepped back breaking their clinch. Damian stumbled slightly but managed to maintain his footing. The area of exposed skin between his shorts and vest was pink from the drumming of Pat's gloves there were darker patches where the red dye had come off her gloves.


Damian raised his guard when he realised that Pat had broken the clinch. However he was too slow to stop Pat delivering a hard right punch to his nose. The punch sent his stumbling backwards with Pat speeding after. Damian's cock was now very hard in his cycle shorts the punch to the nose and second upper cut had hardened it to a full erection him. Yet another uppercut to the chin sent Damian reeling into the ropes. Damian was bounced off the ropes straight into and hard right to the belt line of his cycle shorts that made him gasp in pain. A short left punch to his solar plexus virtually winded Damian.

As Damian tottered about trying to keep his feet as yet another upper cut lifted Damian off his feet and sent him back onto the ropes. Damian landed on the top ropes and hung from the groaning, his hard excited cock was clearly visible for everyone to see bulging in his tight fitting cycle shorts. Derek the referee walked over and started to count Damian as he hung groaning over the top rope. Damian shook his head and after a brief struggle he managed to pull himself off the ropes. He stood up still swaying slightly. Derek the referee looked into Damian's eyes, then ordered the boxers to box on.

Pat went straight into the attack hoping to exploit Damian's weakened condition. She attacked boldly intending to put him down again with more telling punches. Damian was much tougher than Pat realised and rather than wilting under her attack, he attacked her in return. Damian brushed aside Pat's punches to his head and body, hitting back with punches of his own scoring to her head and midriff. Pat gasped as Damian's punches got through her guard, Pat's attack faltered then failed all together.

Pat retreated back firing punches to Damian's head and body hoping to slow him up. Damian grunted at her punches landed but kept on coming, throwing punches of his own making Pat gasp as they hammered into her body.

The fight had turned right round again, Damian was back on the offensive taking the fight to Pat. Pat stumbled back desperate to get space between herself and Damian. Damian managed to land a right to Pat's left breast that really hurt, she nearly crumpled up on the spot. Pat was only saved by the bell signalling the end of round one.

Damian strutted into his corner and raised his arms above head allowing Janice to remove singlet. There was contrasting line where Damian's cut off vest had stopped. Above the line his skin was white relatively unmarked.

Below the line it was red from constant pounding by Pat's gloves with darker red stains caused by the dye off her gloves. Janice handed Damian a water bottle and he sat down while Janice sponged his body and face. She carefully checked Damian's face for any small cuts or abrasions.

Damian's face was red, his nose in particular from the constant attention of Pat's gloves. He sat there cock still bulging in his tight fitting cycle shorts thinking about the next round and his performance in the first round. He was confident he had done enough to win the first round even though Pat had managed to put him down near the end or at least over the ropes. He also knew taking Pat's free punches as he tried to get inside her guard was a risk long term in a fight like this, particularly since them seemed to be exciting him so much. He had hurt Pat all through the first round and especially at then end if he could keep that up her would beat her free punches or no free punches.

"OK here comes the bell keep up the pressure on her tits and head", Janice said to Damian. Try not to take too many punches as you get inside her guard or you may wake up when its all over", Janice added as Damian stood up.

Damian scowled at his second but didn't say anything. Damian moved into the centre of the ring at the sound of the bell. He watched Pat get up and approach from her corner. She raised her guard ready and looked firm. OK, here we go again Damian thought to himself advancing on Pat his own gloves raised in front of him.

Pat stumbled wearily back to her corner cradling her aching left tit. Pat sat down and taking a long drink from her water bottle. Her leotard was sticking to her breasts like a second skin. Robert immediately got to work on Pat's bruised and aching breasts with ice packs and cold sponges. Robert's attentions were painful at first but the pain soon eased as he reduced the aches and swelling with his skill full hands. Pat shuddered at first but her suffering slowly turned to relief, and in the last few seconds genuine excitement. Pat could feel herself getting damp between the legs as Robert massaged her breasts with his hands Satisfied he had done enough to ease the pain and swelling in Pat's breasts as he could in the time allowed, her sponged down her face checking it for an cuts that need tending. Apart from slight bruising red swollen nose Pat's face wasn't too bad. "Your OK for the next round", Robert said to Pat taking the water bottle from her, make him pay dearly to get inside your guard", he added as Pat stood up to start round two. Damian was already in the centre of the ring waiting when the bell sounded.

Pat moved forward to met him but stopped short. Let him come to me she thought waiting to use her longer reach to pound his face as he tried to penetrate her guard. Damian stood hesitating for a few seconds then shrugged and moved towards Pat. He didn't come on fast just slow and remorselessly. Damian grunted as Pat's first jab snapped his head back. Several more followed before he managed to get inside her guard, each one making his cock twitch in cycle shorts. Damian sent jab into Pat's nose followed by another to the side of her head, she hit back with a punch to the belly. Damian scored to Pat's right eye making her raise her guard higher.

Damian opened up with left and rights to Pat's midriff making her grunt. She retaliated with jabs to Damian's head, but he refused to be distracted by them, as he knew he was doing more damage to her. Damian grunted as Pat kept jabbing to his face she was concentrating on his nose it was really starting to hurt but he ignored it choosing to continue pounding Pat's midriff. He could see her weakening with every punch, wilting under his pounding of her belly.


Pat knowing she was trouble tried to back away and get some distance between herself and Damian so he was out of range but she wasn't. However Damian stuck doggedly with her despite her repeated jabs to his head. He was battering her belly Pat was suffering trying to endure the painful pounding of her stomach muscles. Pat's stomach muscles felt like they were on fire and she wondered how long she could continue to take this amount of punishment. The brutal pounding was sapping her strength making her weaker.

As she weakened Pat' jabs became less and less effective also her co-ordination started to suffer leaving holes in her guard that Damian was quick to exploit. Damian shot an upper cut through a hole in Pat's guard driving his glove into her right tit. Pat yelped in agony as Damian's glove slammed into her right tit. She reeled back groaning in agony taking punches to the body and head as Damian pursued her relentlessly.

Damian pressed his attack when he saw Pat virtually crumple after the bruising breast punch. He pursued her as she stumbled backwards, firing punches to her face and body. Damian battered Pat who weakened and disoriented could hardly keep up a credible defence. Damian drove her into the corner pounding her body with his gloves. In desperation Pat swung a wild punch at Damian's head this missed. He ducked under her punch and delivered a short right jab to her left tit. Pat screamed as pain exploded in her all ready bruised and aching right breast. Pat's legs gave way and she dropped to her knees head bowed touching the canvas her hands clutching her aching right tit.

Derek the referee pushed Damian away and started the count. Pat just about made her feet at eight she looked weary and unsure of her position, but Derek the referee just stood back and let the fight continue. He was enjoying the fight to much to let little things like the rules get in the way. However all the members knew that this was tough club with tough rules. If you climbed in the ring, here and lost your were going to get a good thrashing man, woman, girl, or boy, it made no difference. 

Damian closed in on Pat firing a punch at her head catching her clean on the nose before she could raise her guard.

Pat groaned as the punch connected it snapped her head back and

sent her back into the corner ropes. Pat grunted as her back hit the corner ropes, she straightened up swaying her, legs still unsteady. Blood trickled from the corner of her nose down her face dripping onto her sore bruised breasts. Pat moved forward knowing she had to get out of the corner or face annihilation at the hands of Damian.

Pat fired a right jab straight to Damian's nose, the punch made his wince and she saw his cock twitch in excitement in his tight fitting cycle shorts but it didn't stop him. Everyone could see Damian was aroused his cock fully erect in his tight fitting cycle shorts. It was obvious to everyone that taking punches to the head and body sexually aroused Damian. However it didn't stop him winning most of his matches or cramp his boxing style, it just made his enjoyment of the sport even better.

Damian felt a shiver of excitement run through his body as Pat punched him to the nose. Seeing Pat's nose bleed was very horny, he liked his opponent making his nose bleed it was highly arousing. It wasn't unusual for it to arouse him enough to knock them out. Damian stepped forward firing punches at Pat's head forcing her to raise her guard.

Pat's raised guard protected her head but left her body and breast vulnerable. Damian drove several hard rights and lefts into Pat's belly driving her back into the corner. Pay groaned as Damian pummelled her body with hard punches, she couldn't hold her ground and was forced back into the corner.

Seeing he had Pat literally on the ropes Damian stepped in closer. Damian smiled into Pat's face as she gaped and groaned under his brutal onslaught. He fired a short uppercut into Pat's left tit making her cry out in pain. Another even more cruel uppercut to her right tit brought tears to Pat's eyes. She swayed in the corner gasping in pain trying to keep her guard up wondering how much more she could take. The pain was very bad particularly in her breasts and she was finding it more difficult to protect them from Damian's gloves.

A second uppercut to Pat's right tit made her scream and turned her legs to jelly. She fell forward grabbing Damian in a clinch. Damian stumbled back trying to hold them booth up. He drove short sharp punches into Pat's midriff making her grunt, but they were not hard enough to persuade her to break the clinch. Pat was in too much pain and need to save her breasts or she would even make it to the end of the round. Damian was pounding her stomach, but she had to endure it a little longer. Through a red haze of pain Pat noted that Damian was concentrating on pummelling her body and wasn't not paying any attention to his own defence.

Pat knew she was weak and hurt and couldn't do much but she knew one thing that might save her and take the fight back to Damian. Damian was hammering Pat's midriff trying to find a way to punch her breasts. In desperation he eased back a step so he could swing a punch into Pat's breast's. Pat knew that Damian was going to punch her breasts again when he stepped back and she was really too weak and weary to defend them properly. So Pat in desperation lashed out with a short arcing punch to the centre of Damian's cycle shorts.

Damian grunted as he felt Pat's glove slam into his groin. He shuddered and let out a long low gasp as she pain started to shot though his body from his groin. The low blow fucking hurt and his balls were killing him. Damian stopped punching Pat and grabbed hold of her to hold himself up. Damian groaned and pressed his head into Pat's shoulder, the referee must have seen the punch, Damian thought to himself. However Derek didn't stop the fight and give Damian the standard twenty-five count for taking a low blow. Derek did see the punch but loved it, the match was too good to stop.

Damian was hurting Pat's breasts so it was only fair that she could return the favour with a punch or to his balls.


Pat sighed in relief the low blow had stopped Damian dead and he was now hanging onto her. Pat encouraged by the fact that she had got away with one low blow and knowing she needed more time to recover to last out the round drove another short punch into Damian's balls.

Damian let out a shallow low gasp as Pat landed another low blow. His whole body shook as the pain in his balls went off the scale, his legs went to jelly and he hung onto Pat desperately. Pat sensing she had a chance to put Damian down or at least weaken him considerably pushed Damian away breaking the clinch. Damian stood swaying trying to keep his feet his legs threatening to give way at any second. Pat fired a left jab to Damian's nose catching it square on knocking his head right back and starting his nose bleeding. She followed it up with a right upper cut to his chin, knocking Damian off his feet and putting him down. Damian's head was spinning from the terrible pain in his groin, god the bitch had slugged him twice to the balls and got away with it. A sharp left jabbed knocked Damian's head back and he could feel blood running from his nose.

Although his balls were killing him Damian's cock twitched violently, and he nearly came in his cycle shorts. However an upper cut to the chin stopped Damian worrying about that it put him down to the canvas. Damian lay on the canvas willing himself to get up but not finding the energy to do it. Derek the referee was counting and Damian heard five.

That finally roused him into getting up and Damian just managed to get to his feet by the count of ten. Damian stood swaying feeling weak and disorientated. Derek the referee stepped aside and Pat was on him Damian still dizzy struggled to maintain his guard and took several hard sting jabs to the face. He swung punches at Pat but missed she was out side his range peppering his head with wicked stinging jabs. Damian move forward to get near and be able to land punches. He walked straight into a hard right jab to the nose that started it bleeding freely. Damian's attack faulted and Pat drove him back into corner jabbing to his head. Moment earlier Damian had been winning, now he was battling to survive as he exchanged punches with Pat.

Pat knew she had to finish Damian or do as much damage as she could while she had the chance. So even though she was in a pin and very tired she drove into Damian relentlessly firing left and right jabs to his head and body. Pat marvelled how Damian stood up to her assault, the low blows had given her the edge but this tough little man was refusing to go down. The adrenaline of wining was wearing off and Pat's attack eased as exhaustion started to overtake her again. Damian gasped and groaned trying to keep going as he took dozens of punches to the head and body. Just when he though he couldn't keep going he noticed Pat's attack was running out of steam.

Damian stepped forward into a stinging let jab to his right eye but he ignored it and kept going. He drove a hard right into Pat's belly making her grunt. Then fired a left jab to Pat's head that stopped her attack and forced her to retreat. Damian moved after Pat hoping to land more punches, but a wild swinging hay maker from Pat caught him on the point of the jaw. The punch knocked Damian off his feet and he lay groaning oblivious to the world and Derek the referee counting. Damian's head cleared at seven but he knew wasn't going to make the ten count but her was saved by the bell and the count had only reached eight.

Derek helped Damian get up, and Damian shook his head walked wearily back into his corner. Blood was running from his nose down onto his chest and staining his tight fitting blue cycle shorts. Damian stood swaying in his corner while Janice pulled his cycle shorts down stripping him to a very skimpy pair of shear black nylon briefs. His swollen excited cock was clearly visible through his see through briefs, the head had peeled back and was dripping with precum fluid. Janice couldn't help teasing Damian' red swollen cock head with her fingers through his thin see through briefs.

Damian shivered in excitement as Janice his second teased his hard excited cock making it twitch in response.

Janice handed Damian his water bottle and he sat down and let her tend to his bleeding nose. Damian drank deeply sighing softly as the water coursed though his tired body making him feel better. Damian's balls still ached and he knew he was lucky to be still in the match but the at bitch would pay for his aching balls. She had failed to finish him and her reward would be a punishing third round courtesy of his white gloves. Janice stopped his nose bleed and dropped her had to his groin she started to tease his cock again. Damian shifted his seat gasping as Janice teased his hard excited cock making it twitch and spasm at her touch.

All the time Janice teased Damian hard excited cock she looked across at Terry watching her playing with Damian's cock. She smiled at Terry as he stared intently back at her, she could see he was excited a well the front of his tight fitting red boxing shorts his face flushed red. Pat didn't know whether her partner had an erection from excitement at watching the match or jealously at seeing her playing with another man's cock, one larger than his own. She didn't really care but hope it was the latter as she continue to make Damian squirm with her teasing fingers.

Pat moved back to her corner feeling very tired and very annoyed with herself for not finishing Damian and allowing him t be saved by the bell. "Never mind Pat you've weakened him and shaken his resolve", Robert Jones her second said. "True but I'm nearly through and there are still two rounds to go" - Pat replied and sat down.

Pat took the water bottle from Robert while he tended to her bleeding nose. When Robert stopped Pat's nose bleeding he stated to massage her sore bruised breasts sponging them with cold water. Pat closed her eyes and sighed as Robert worked on her sore aching breasts, gently massing them and cooling them with ice cold water. The pain slowly receded as Robert worked on Pat's breasts, He started to tease her hard erect nipples with his fingers. Although Pat's nipples were sore it still aroused her and she could feel herself getting damp between the legs.


Robert looked over at Sarah as he shamelessly teased Pat's nipples until she was gasping breathlessly, fidgeting on the stool. Sarah Stared back expressionless, she wasn't going to let Robert's shameless display of teasing Pats' nipples upset her. However she was going to forgive him either, Sarah decided to remember it next time she faced Robert in the ring.

Robert's cock was hard in his black jock that bulged in his tight fitting white nearly see through shorts. Robert's black bulging jock could be seen clearly seen through his thin unlined nylon shorts. Robert was fully aroused he loved teasing his female boxer's breasts in front of Sarah as she watched him.

The bell signalled the end of the second break and the start of round three. Both boxers got up and moved into the centre of the ring. Damian was naked and save just his brief underwear. Damian's hard excited cock was bulging in his see through briefs, his excitement obvious for all to see. Pat hoped her excitement was not as obvious as Damian's. Her breasts red and covered in darkening bruises from the attentions of Damian's gloves. Both fighters noses were red and sore from numerous hard punches dried blood clogging their nostrils. Their faces were red a puffed up from constant jabs to the head.

Damian seemed the most confident, he had definite spring in his step, despite being put down late in round two.

Pat's pace seemed slow and plodding in comparison as moved forward to engage Damian. Damian didn't hesitate he moved straight into the attack, ignoring Pats' jabs to his head as he moved forward to get inside her longer reach. Pat fired as many punches at Damian's head as she could as he drove through her guard and longer reach. The jabs snapped Damian's head back but lacked the power of her earlier punches.

Damian just shook his head and continued, ploughing past Pat's longer reach. Once inside Pat's longer reach he opened up with punches of his own scoring to her body and head. Pat groaned and returned the punches catching Damian square on the nose, a trickle of blood started to seep from the corner of his nose. Damian shook off the blow and pressed his own attack scoring with several quick jabs to Pat's head, that left her panting and falling back. Damian followed her doggedly, not letting her put too much distance between them firing more jabs into her head and body.

Pat's retreat was collapsing into a rout, as Damian drove her back under a flurry of jabs to her head and body. Pat was hurting and the round had only just started, she wondered how or even if she was going to get through it. Pat hit back with jabs of her own, scoring to Damian's head and body hopping to slow him up. She was taking double amount of punches if not more than she was landing. Damian was not going to be denied he pressed on driving Pat back across the ring.

Pat was concentrating on protecting her sore bruised breasts but in doing so she was taking punches to her head and body as Damian tried to tempt her into moving her guard higher or lower. Damian backed Pat into the corner and really opened up on her head peppering her face with stinging left and right jabs. Several jabs caught Pat's nose and started it bleeding again. Pat kept refusing to raise her guard and expose until the drumming to her face become too much.

With blood streaming from her nose Pat was forced to raise her guard. Damian had not had it all his own way Pat ad been hitting back with punches of her own had made Damian's nose bleed again as well. However the moment Pat raised her guard, Damian drove a left jab into her right tit. Pat gasped in agony as she driven back hard into the corner ropes. Damian followed up with an uppercut to Pat's chin that made her head spin. Damian stepped back a left Pat tottering and swaying in the corner. Pat's co-ordination and guard was all over the place, and Damian smiled as he drove a right punch into Pat's left breast.

Pat groaned falling back against the ropes as she took another hard cruel punch to her breasts. Pat covered her breasts with her gloves to protect them. She grunted as Damian drove hard right punch into her left eye. The punch rattled Pat's brains in her skull and her legs turned to jelly. Pat' legs gave way and she dropped to the ring, taking a punch to the side of the head from Damian as she dropped down. Pat dropped to the canvas sprawling flat out on her face. She lay there moaning softly as Derek started the count.

It took eight for Pat to get up and she looked white faced and weary. Pat raised her guard as best she could as Derek stepped aside and Damian attacked. The first punch caught her in the right eye again and sent her stumbling backwards. Damian followed her and drove a left jab into her right tit making Pat yelp in agony. She hit back angrily with a clumsy ill-aimed punch that missed by miles. Damian ducked under the punch and fired another left into her now heavily swelling right eye. The punch put Pat down for the second time in round three.

Pat lay moaning on her hands and knees, while Derek the referee counted. She slowly pulled herself up by the ropes as Derek reached the count of nine. Derek stopped counting when Pat let go of the ropes. Damian moved into to attack Pat and she grabbed the ropes again. Derek the referee pushed Damian away and started to count again. Pat didn't let go until Derek reached eight. Pat turned to face Damian raising her guard. She was tired and hurt but knew she had to fight or take a beating anyway.

When Derek the referee stood aside Damian closed in firing a left hook to her head. Pat managed to block a right punch to her nose and took another left hook to her eye. Pat's eye was swelling up starting to close. Pat tried to hit back as Damian went low driving punches into her belly. She did manage to score one jab to Damian's nose, but the punch was not hard enough to worry him, however it did start his nose bleeding faster. Damian retaliated with a hard right to the side of Pat's head that nearly put her down again. She staggered and swayed legs wobbling badly desperately trying to keep her guard together as Damian threw jabs and punches at her.


Pat bravely tried to hold her guard together but Damian's punches got through. She winced as jabs connected with her right eye and nose. Damian had her on the run and everyone knew it they all watched intently not wishing to miss a second of her now virtually inevitable defeat at Damian's hands. Damian pressed forward driving Pat back towards the corner firing jabs into her head and body. Pat was falling to pieces under Damian's relentless assault. She knew she wouldn't make the end of the round unless she did something fast.

When Damian pressed in close Pat swung low catching him with a foul blow below the belt. Damian let out a short strangled gasp and dropped to his knee clutching his groin. "Ohhhh, fuck, ....not my balls again", he groaned painfully.

The foul blow wouldn't save the match for Pat but it would buy her time, which would do the same thing. Derek the referee awarded Damian the standard extra twenty-five count for a low blow. The twenty five second rest was like god send to Pat it gave her chance to rest while eating up time. Damian didn't get up until Derek reached the count of seven, even then he still looked white faced and in pain.

Derek stepped aside and Damian moved in cautiously to attack Pat firing a jab to her head. Pat took the blow on her gloves, but her counter was weak and Damian pressed forward firing another jab at her head, then going low for the body. Pat fell back earnestly willing the bell to sound as Damian drove her back into the corner scoring with jabs to her head and body. Damian sensing victory again pressed forward, driving more punches into Pats' body. Pat was driven back into the corner ropes groaning just as the bell sounded.

Damian broke off his attack cursing the bell and walked back to his corner. He stood while Janice reached out and rolled his tight fitting skimpy briefs down his thighs releasing his hard excited cock Janice stared at Terry the whole time she rolled Damian's briefs down his thigh deliberately taking her time to make as sensual as possible. Damian stood there heart racing his excited cock sticking out proud from his body as his second removed his briefs. He stood there fully erect his hard excited cock the head red and bloated poking out a short thick bush of blonde pubic hair. His balls still ached yet being stripped in front of every one else by Janice was one hell of a turn on. Janice handed Damian his water bottle and he sat down cock sticking up in the air from his groin.

Damian jumped in shock when Janice slapped an ice cold wet sponge into his groin. "Here that should help with your balls", she said. Damian smiled back at his second the ice cold water did work easing the wicked ache in his balls.

Janice worked on Damian's nose nest stopping the blood seeping from it. Janice then towelled Damian down while he held the cold sponge to his balls. "I hope that's not too cold", Janice said. "I wouldn't want it to ruin something else she add wickedly teasing Damian's cock with her fingers while keeping her gaze on Terry across the ring.

The ice cold water in the sponge had made Damian's cock wilt a bit but a few stokes from Janice's teasing fingers quickly had it back to a full erection. When the bell sounded for the last round Damian's heart was beating rapidly in his chest and his cock was rock hard and twitching with excitement aroused by Janice's teasing fingers. Damian stood up blushing as he moved into the ring naked his cock fully erect and sticking out proudly in front of him. He watched Pat stand up and move towards him. His attention fixed on the crotch of her leotard, Damian glanced down at his own highly excited sex noting precum fluid seeping from the red flaring tip of his cock. They were both highly aroused, promising a tough exciting and sexy last round.

Pat stumbled wearily back to her corner her whole body ached particularly her two breasts that had been bruised and battered. She waited while Robert peeled her white sports briefs of uncovering the dark silky clump of tight pubic hair round her sex. Robert's cock was fully erect and got even harder if that was possible as he started at Pat's dark pubic mound slick with her sweat and excitement. His hard excite cock could be seen through his white nylon shorts bulging in the black jock beneath, that was struggling to contain it.

Pat sat down on her stool and Robert hands shaking with excitement started to tend her nose. Once Robert had stopped the bleeding he started to massage Pat's breast with his hands rubbing a cold sponged into her bruised and battered mounds of soft female flesh. Pat shut her eyes as Robert massaged her breasts delighting in the numbing touch of the ice cold sponge and his soothing hands.

Pat would start and jump when ice cold water dripped onto her hot excited sex making her squirm. The ice cold sponge and Robert's hands quickly reduced the aches and pains in Pat's breasts. Her moans and sighs of relief turned to moans and gasps of excitement as Robert's massaging hands started to arouse her. By the time the bell sounded Pat was very wet between the legs and she could hardly sit still on the stool. All the time Robert had been massaging Pat's breasts he had been staring at Sarah. Her firm stare back told Robert his ploy to annoy her was working, her jealousy was obvious. He just hoped it wasn't too annoying or he would cop it next time they boxed.

Go head Robert you get yours when we meet in the ring, Sarah thought to herself as she watched Robert massaging Pats' breast softly and sensually. She could see Robert was highly aroused the front of his short were bulging out wards his black jock expanded by his erect cock stretched tight white nylon of his shorts. "I'll let your cock have it fun now and my gloves will have their fun with your body later", Sarah thought.

Pat stood up and moved into the centre of the ring for the last round. Damian was already in the centre the ring waiting naked as well his hard excited cock poking out of short neat thatch of blond pubes. Pat raised her guard as she approached Damian, her we go again for what it's worth Pat thought to herself. Both fighters were tired now, but excited and determined to make a good show of the last round. Everyone round the ring waited in silence, eager to see the outcome of this tough sexy bout.


Damian impatient moved to intercept Pat as she approached him. He moved in quick not letting Pat use her longer reach on him to score free shots. Damian fired left and right jabs at Pats' head most landing on her gloves but a couple got through making her gasp. Pat hit back but couldn't penetrate Damian's defence. Damian drove a few punches into Pat's belly making her grunt and fall back. Damian moved with Pat keeping her in range of his gloves jabbing to her head and body. Pat did her best to keep up her defence but Damian was faster and several jabs to her head and body got through making her groan.

Pat knew Damian was driving her back into a corner and she had to do something before he trapped her. Pat started to fire more punches at Damian head she scored with couple of good ones to his nose making him wince. This slowed Damian's attack as he was forced to spend more time defending himself rather than just attacking Pat. Yet her success was limited she only managed to slow Damian's attack not stop it, he was still forcing her back. Pat feinted a low punch to Damian's groin that unnerved him breaking his flow and throwing him into confusion as he dropped his guard to protect his balls. Pat was able to move away from Damian in the confusion, and she parted with a couple of gifts driving a couple of jabs to his face scoring to his nose again.

Damian winced as Pat's jabs connected with his head one making his nose sting. He cursed himself for falling for Pat's trick, she had escaped and he would lave to fight through her longer reach to get back at her. Pat held her guard up determined to make Damian pay for getting inside her guard this time. She knew she couldn't win this match but she wanted to put on good show and not let it be a complete white wash. She watched Damian shake his head and come at her.

Pat managed to fire half dozen shots at Damian's head before he got inside her guard scoring with two beauties one to his right eye and the other to his nose. The latter started blood seeping from Damian's nose. Damian shook his head as he passed through two free punches the last one making his nose start to bleed again. Pat couldn't help noticed Damian's cock it was difficult to miss sticking out hard and excited from his groin. It twitched as she aimed punches at him and actually stiffened when one of her punches got through, the last punch to Damian's nose made it rise up a full inch or more.

The punches excited Damian making his cock twitch and harden some more if that were possible he thought. But his cock was getting harder it had been sticking out in front of him now it was sticking upwards at a steeper angle and still rising by all accounts. It got harder as Damian laid into Pat's body scoring hard punches to her right breast making her shudder and groan. Beating Pat and making her suffer was as exciting to Damian as taking free punches and his cock responded accordingly.

Pat didn't have very long to savour her small victory, she fought hard to keep her own guard in tact as Damian fired punches at her head and body. She gasped as he scored to her face hitting her in the swollen right eye and on the nose. Pat hit back scoring to Damian' nose again, he hit low catching her just above the crotch and followed with a left into her right breasts that stopped her dead. Pat fell back trying to protect her aching bruised right breast taking a flurry of punches to the head as she kept her guard lowered.

Damian had free rain for a few seconds scoring at will to Pat's head, and didn't waste a moment. He targeted her swollen right eye and nose peppering them with stinging left and right jabs. By the time Pat brought her guard back up her right eye was almost closed up it was so swollen and a small cut had opened above it. Her nose was red and very sore dripping blood down onto her bruised aching breasts. She angrily hit back scoring to Damian's nose making it bleed faster. He countered with right to her left breast that really shook Pat. Pat fell back in pain wincing tears of pain rolling down her cheeks mingling with blood from the cut to her right her eye and nose.

Damian knew he had Pat the last breast punch had taken a heavy toll and she was falling to pieces. Pat fell back is disarray with Damian matching her steps firing more punches into her head and body. Pat could hardly defend herself she was in so much pain and consequently she took many more punches to her head and body. Damian drove Pat reeling into the corner under barrage of body and head punches. He was very excited his cock now pressed flat against his belly very close to coming. Having Pat helpless in the corner was very exciting for Damian and he knew it would be touch and go if her knocked Pat out before he came.

Pat fired a right jab into Damian's face hitting his nose he stopped for few seconds keeping his guard open and she fired two more punches to his nose. Damian didn't seem to care they didn't seem to hurt him even though hi nose bled faster after each punch. Damian smiled as blood ran down his face dripping onto his chest and hard excited cock.

He caught Pat with an upper cut right under her chin. The punch lifted Pat off her feet and dumped on the top ropes.

She hung from the top corner ropes by her arms virtually out for the count.

Although Pat was on the ropes Damian didn't stop and no-one else tried to stop he either, not even Derek the referee. They were all too interested in seeing Damian finish Pat off in the best traditions of the club. The club might be a family or couples club to be more precise but that didn't stop it being tough and it members enjoying seeing another one getting a good hiding. Damian fired left right combinations into Pats' unguarded breasts as she hung on the corner ropes. Pat screamed as Damian brutally pummelled her breasts but she was helpless to stop him.

Damian hammered Pat's breasts with his gloves delighting her agonised suffering. Pat hung on the ropes head drooped to one side her eyes glassy and vacant as Damian pounded her breasts. It just too much for Damian and he grunted as he his came onto his chest battering Pat's now badly bruised and swollen breasts with his gloves. Weary from his ejaculation Damian decided to finish Pat off and end the match. He drove his right glove hard into Pat's cunt the knocked her head back with a left upper cut.

Pat screamed as Damian delivered the low blow to her cunt, but her screams were cut off by his upper cut that put her out for the count. Damian moved round the ring hands raised above his head in victory his cock still very hard and excited. Pat hung lifeless on the corner ropes. She looked a mess her right eye swollen shut and blood poured from her nose down onto her breasts discoloured by heavy bruising and swelling. Damian hadn't come off unmarked his face was red and swollen is nose bleeding running down onto his chest mixing with his spent come. But Damian had won and knocked Pat out, he was flushed with victory cheered by the other members watching.

Damian strutted back to his corner cock a hoop had still raised above his head. He stood while towelled his chest down wiping away the sweat, blood and spent come. Janice loved touching Damian's sexy body while Terry watched her, made Janice wet between the legs. She just couldn't resist stroking his still fully erect cock wit her hand. "I think you did well it was a great victory", Janice said running her finger up and down the length of Damian's hard excited cock. Thanks you've been a great second", Damian gasped in reply as Janice's teasing finger made is cock twitch with excitement.

Janice let go of Damian's cock and worked on his nose to stop it bleeding. "There you go all better now", Janice said when she stopped Damian's nose bleeding. Her hand dropped to his hard cock and she gave it a squeeze loving the way Damian shivered in response. Damian reluctantly pulled himself away and climbed out of the ring and made his way to the showers. He cheered and patted on the back by the other male members. The female members all grabbed and teased his cock making Damian squirm with excitement. As Damian stumbled wearily across the garage his cock highly around by the female members attentions he wondered if he would make it to the shower with out coming again.

Derek helped Robert carry, Pat back to her corner and held her up while Robert held smelling salts under her nose.

Pat coughed and sputtered as she came look up confused into Derek and Robert's face. "I lost then and he put me out?", Pat asked. "Yes a low blow to the cunt followed by the juiciest upper cut I've ever seen", Derek replied. "Huh no wonder my head ache's so much", Pat replied. "OK hold still while I work on your face it's a mess", Robert said. He worked on Pat's nose and the cut above her head stemming the blood flow then stopping it all together. It had taken quite a while for Robert to manage this by which time Pat had recovered enough to stand up.

Pat stood up wearily then kissed Robert full on the lips loving the way he squirmed with excitement. Pat made it long slow lingering kiss driving Robert wild with excitement. "Wow boy you liked that I 'm glad I let you up for air or you may have shot in your shorts", Pat said leaving Robert red faced and gasping, hanging over the top ropes.

Pat made her way to the shower to clean up. She saw Damian emerge with towel round his waist still dripping from the shower. "Thanks for a great fight", Pat said holding out her hand. "My pleasure I always enjoy beating another worthy opponent specially a woman.", Damian replied shaking Pat's hand.

The rest of the members were crowding round the ring for the next bout a father v daughter match Derek and Melissa Couper. They were all looking forward to good hard match as the Coupers mother son match had been really good and exciting.

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!