woman in leotard and high heels vs man in the wrestling ring

Miles vs Tracy

My Mom and I didn't talk about my match with Susan over the next few days, but every once in while when we could tell we were both thinking about it, we had a little chuckle. Like it was a private joke between us. She had never really seen me physically exert myself, and I think that since I was a bit of bookworm she was relieved to find out that I was a normal young guy after all. That is, to the extent that wrestling a girl where pleasurable low grips and rubs are exchanged in front of the wrestlers' mothers is normal.

My Mom and I were driving back home from work (she had gotten me a summer job as a file clerk in her office), and she said she needed to drop off a recipe for her Sangria at Tracy and Susan's house. Tracy and her daughter lived in a well kept split level in a solid middle class neighborhood. Tracy greeted us with a big smile and kissed my Mom on both cheeks. I thought she gave me the once over as she showed me to the living room. I was just chilling out on the couch watching MTV while my Mom and Tracy busied themselves in the kitchen, I guess working through the Sangria recipe. Susan wasn't around, but would be returning home after working out at the high school gym. My Mom and Tracy came out with some Sangrias and we just sat around the living room, decompressing from the meaningless stress which comes from administrative office work.

Tracy congratulated me on my wrestling victory over her daughter, and told me that she had thought I was going to lose the match after Susan had so quickly pinned me in the first round. A bit nervous talking with Susan's mom about the match, I thanked her and said that I had never imagined how hard it would be to wrestle a girl. Tracy said that the match wasn't a real test of who was stronger, Men or Women, because while Susan was my age, she wasn't a real mature woman. Tracy said that an experienced woman would not have lost the third round. It was unspoken that the third round was when Susan had controlled me while I was on all fours and she reached around to rub my cock through my shorts. She only lost that round and the match because she released my dick to try and get me in a half-nelson and I was able to escape. My Mom tussled my hair and assured Tracy that I could handle any woman. I just sipped my drink and had the sinking suspicion that my Mom and Tracy were following a script that somehow involved me. There was a bit more banter between my Mom and Tracy, and pretty soon I found myself being led down to the basement to check out a set of gymnastics mats where I would take on Susan's mom in a wrestling match, with my Mom as referee.

The finished part of the basement was a 15 foot by 15 foot room with fake wood paneling, and the blue tumbling mats pretty much covered the room wall to wall. Tracy explained that Susan used to be into gymnastics before her growth spurt. Tracy and my Mom excused themselves, and I stripped down to my white jockey shorts. I had just turned 18 years old, and was still a bit pudgy at 5'10". A few minutes later, a knock on the door, and my Mom and Tracy returned. My Mom was wearing a black and white one-piece bathing suit, but I was shocked because I didn't know my Mom owned such an outfit. I was a bit flustered seeing my Mom like that. The top part was white and the bottom was black, and I think she wore it because it was appropriate for her role as referee. My Mom's about 5'6", 135 pounds, and I'd guess she was a B cup. She kept in shape, mostly on an exercise bike and by walking, but she thought that her ass was too big. Just to complete the picture, her skin has an olive tone and she has shoulder-length curly brown hair and brown eyes.

My Mom was dressed like a nun compared to my opponent, who was wearing white sports leotard. It was low cut in front, and high cut on her hips and low cut on her back so that only about half of her ass was in the suit. It was so high cut on her hips that I couldn't help but notice that the suit was pretty tight around her crotch. Tracy was the same height as my Mom, but about 20 pounds heavier which seemed to settle in her breasts, thighs and ass. She was a large C cup, if not a D cup. Her stomach was surprising flat with just a bit of softness, and from her general shape it was clear that Susan took some of her natural athleticism from her mom. Her leotard was made of a sheer material, and her large pink nipples were evident through the fabric. Tracy had blonde hair and fair skin, but a quick glance at her crotch made clear that she wasn't a natural blonde. As Tracy and I stretched out in our corners, my Mom announced that the match would have the same rules as my match with Susan, pins and submissions, but would be best out of five. Tracy said that first to win three rounds was the right length for a match for a man against a woman, but that she doubted it would go for five full rounds.

My Mom motioned for us to begin, and announced "Round 1." Tracy and I circled each other, and I was a bit distracted by the sway of her breasts. When we locked up with our hands on each other's shoulders, I was surprised by her strength as she seemed even more solid than her daughter. I tried to push her back but really couldn't budge her. Tracy gave a hint of a smile, and ducked down to get a bit of leverage into her forearm shove to my chest and then grabbed my hair to get me in a front headlock. Leaning over me, she pressured my face into the side of her right breast and I put my hands on her hips trying just to keep my balance. My ears began to burn because I hadn't fully recovered from the scissors that Susan had gripped me in a couple of days ago. Tracy began to push me back and I felt my ass hit the wall behind me. She then went to her knees, pushing me beneath her, catching my head between her thighs. I was on my knees, bent over and I felt her breasts and face against my back as I tried to push her off me by pressing on her solid thighs. I felt her fingers behind me underneath the bottom of my jockey shorts and she pulled up hard with both hands to give me a super wedgie.

I cried out as Susan's mom shook my underwear and pulled it up a bit higher. My underwear was wedged up my ass crack and felt the elastic waist band from the front rubbing against the base of my slightly erect dick. Tracy wrapped her left arm around my stomach and began to slap my ass with her right hand.

Outraged at having my ass slapped in front of my Mom, I placed my feet against the wall behind me and pushed with all my might against Tracy while I pressed my palms against her thighs. Using the leverage afforded by the wall, I pushed Tracy back and was able to push her to her back by pulling on her right knee at the same time. We both scrambled for position and I wound up facing her feet while she was still on her back. I threw my left leg over her and sat down hard on her chest. I felt her breasts flatten out under my bared ass and Tracy grunted. I reached forward for Tracy's left knee and pulled it towards me and leaned back towards her head. Tracy gave me some short chops to my right side, I cried out but I held on as my Mom crouched next to us and counted to three, signaling my pin.

I crawled off of Tracy, and rose slowly to find that my ears and ass were throbbing. Tracy looked pained as she got to her knees and then up. My Mom waited for Tracy, and then took our hands, raised mine and announced that I was the winner of Round 1 by pin. Although I had won the round, I was in much worse shape than after the first round which I had lost to Susan. Tracy was a much rougher wrestler than her daughter and my Mom didn't seem to want to call any fouls. I sat back in my corner trying to catch my breath. I got to my knees to pull my underwear from out of my ass and as I adjusted myself I found that the cotton was stretched in the front and back so that my jockeys were much looser. I looked across the mat to watch Tracy massaging her breasts inside of her leotard. Mom was standing in a neutral corner, and she caught me eye and gave me a thumbs up by her side so Tracy couldn't see.

Tracy and I were breathing pretty hard and starting to sweat in the not air-conditioned room as we crouched for the second round. We had our hands out, and she slapped mine upwards and rushed in to try to wrap her arms around my waist and slam her shoulder into my stomach. I tried to dodge the blow, but she caught me pretty good and I was down on my ass with Tracy trying to grab my legs. I kicked towards her and turned to get on all fours but she leaped on top of me and pulled back on my neck, turning me over to my side. She yanked again on my neck and twisted my head back and forth to set me up for the scissors she was putting on me while I was just struggling to get her hands off me.

She started the scissors slowly, from slight pressure to crushing as she pumped and held her thighs hard around me. It hurt so much that I couldn't think. Tracy let up the pressure, and pulled back on my head and twisted it a bit. I relaxed my stomach muscles as the pressure was building on my neck and Tracy nailed me with a full power thigh squeeze. I gagged as what little air was in my lungs was thrust out. I could barely breathe and she was completely in control. As Tracy pulled my neck up again, I saw my Mom crouching over us, totally intent on watching the action. Looking into my Mom's eyes I groaned out "I submit." Tracy pushed me away from her legs and I lay in a ball holding my stomach and moaning. I turned over to my back to catch my breath, and saw my Mom lift Tracy's arm and announce that she won the second round by submission. I looked up at the thighs and full ass in sweaty white leotard which had just dominated me.

Tracy went back to her corner, and I was really having trouble catching my breath. I signaled to my Mom that I wanted a time out by making a "T" with my hands and I headed, bent over a bit, towards the door to the garage. Tracy looked pleased when my Mom announced that I was taking my one time out. I walked out to the garage and rested my head against Tracy's grey Taurus. After I had rested for a minute or so, I heard the garage door open behind me and I stood here in my disheveled jockey shorts when Susan walked in with her bike. She almost passed right by me after putting her bike away, but then just stood in front of me open mouthed for a moment, obviously astonished at the sight. "You wrestling my mom?" asked Susan, obviously a quick study. I nodded my head. Susan was wearing a white tank leotard and blue shorts from her workout, and hadn't showered as the high school was just a few blocks from her house. Judging by the way her hair was pasted to her head by sweat, I'd say she'd had a strenuous workout.

Susan turned me slightly to the side to check me out as if I were a piece of meat. I was too shocked and tired to resist. As she tugged at the seat of my stretched underwear with her right hand, she casually wrapped her left around my dick and I gasped.

Acting like we were chatting about the weather as she tugged my cock to a full erection, Susan said "I guess my mom's been giving you one of her power wedgies. She had plenty of practice on me, because when I was young and misbehaved, she always gave me a big wedgie so she could spank me hard right on my ass." "Nice . . . to know . . . she had . . . a lot of practice," I said between gasps as my former wrestling opponent stroked me.

"How's the match going?" Susan asked. "One to one" I stammered, and I placed a hand on her forearm. Susan smiled at me and said "I don't know who I should root for. I mean, if my mom beats you, that means she's better than me because I lost to you." Fully erect, my dick jumped in her hand at the thought of having Susan cheer me on against her mom. Susan continued, "But I don't want to root for you against my mom because you beat me." After scratching her head with her free hand as if to think and adding a dramatic pause, she said "I think I'll just root for my mom to kick your ass" and at that, stopped rubbing me and walked to the wrestling room.

A moment or two later, as I lay back against the car, I heard a knock on the door frame and heard my Mom ask, "Miles, are you ok? Your break time is almost over." Mom took a double take at the sight of me, dick hard and panting. My Mom wiped the sweat from my forehead and said "I guess that Susan and you had a little tussle out here." I blushed and said that Susan had caught me a bit unawares. I bent over and put my hands on my knees to catch my breath, which allowed me to hide my erection from my Mom. For some reason, I had little problem wrestling nearly naked in front of my Mom, doing what it took to win against Susan, and hopefully, her mother. It was like the wrestling mat was a safe haven where the standard rules of conduct were somehow suspended and replaced by those of the match. Being out here in the garage, on the edge of the wrestling sanctuary, standing next to my Mom with both of us half-naked, made this separation plain.

My Mom ruffled my hair and told me that she and Tracy agreed that this match would have more roughhouse rules than my match with Susan, but that no painful blows below the belt would be allowed. "Mom, I'm just trying to keep my belt on." I said. My Mom laughed and asked "How you doing kiddo?" I looked up answered, "She's kicking my ass." "Just try your best. I'm proud of you," my Mom said and motioned for me to return to the wrestling mats.

Susan had pulled off her shorts and was massaging her mom's neck in her white sports leotard. The sweat from her workout made her leotard sheer and cling tightly to her pubic mound. I stood in the center of the room and motioned for Tracy to begin the next round. Susan playfully slapped her mom on the ass and told Tracy to kick my ass. I faced off against Susan's mom, realizing that I couldn't let her get me in any power leg holds or she would just punish me till I was too hurt or exhausted to defend myself. Although the match was all tied up, Tracy was working me over and I was starting to get a little desperate. I made like I was about to crouch down and circle, but instead charged into Tracy, leaving my feet to tackle Susan's mom around her shoulders. Tracy was able to partially step out of the way and both of us landed hard on our sides facing each other. Each of us instinctively raised our upper leg to try to get a partial scissors, and being taller I raised mine up higher and caught her legs beneath my left leg. I took the heel of my left hand and pressed it into her chin, forcing her head back. Tracy slapped me hard across the face with her left hand several times, but I kept pushing on her neck as Susan yelled "C'mon mom, don't let him do that to you."

I reduced the pressure on Tracy's neck, and guessing that she would try and get to her front so that she could get up, I shifted my weight over her as she made her move, so that I was able to get myself behind her as we were in on all fours. I leaned into her, thrusting my hips forward to get as close as possible to put my weight against her and so she couldn't kick or elbow back at me. I pressed my cock, made hard from her daughter's garage gripping, against Tracy's pubic mound, my sweaty chest rubbing against her slick back, her leotard strap against my chest. We both groaned as my dick jumped against Tracy's pussy, our underwear much thinner than the suits which were worn in my match against her daughter. I was putting all of my weight on this 39 year-old woman, trying to wear her out, my face against the back of her neck. As I deliberately thrust my hips into Susan's mom from behind and wrapped my arms around her stomach, I groaned into her ear, and had to restrain myself from licking the sweet sweat from the back of her neck. I turned my head to the side and saw my Mom and Susan both crouching near us, next to each other watching the action intently. Tracy tried to raise up against me, and I gave her a bit of space before I slapped my hands against her elbows to throw her arms out in front of her and I pressed my body against her hard into the canvas as her breasts smashed flat against the mat. Tracy moaned. "Oh, Mom!!" Susan exclaimed.

I got Tracy's right arm into a half nelson and felt my naked pubes against her leotard-covered ass, as my underwear had rolled down as a result of my hip thrusts. I pressed my knees into the inside of her thighs to spread her legs so she couldn't get up. This caused her ass to rise and when I leaned in harder to pressure her neck and arm with the half-nelson the top side of my cock slipped against her leotard-covered pussy. I wasn't in great shape and rested for a moment against Tracy, just trying to wear her out by keeping my weight on her and pressing her boobs into the mat. Tracy struggled against me, but couldn't get much leverage with her legs spread and her arms outstretched. I pulled myself up and sat on her ass, interlocked my hands around her chin and pulled her head up as I leaned back. My Mom was right in front of us on all fours a few feet away and looked in make sure I wasn't choking Susan's mom who let out a low groan when I pulled back on her chin. Tracy moaned out "Oh god" and slapped the mat to signal her submission.

I rolled off of Tracy, both of us lying bathed in sweat on the mat. After a minute or so, I got up holding onto my underwear which I wasn't sure would stay on and my Mom raised my hand and announced that I was the winner of the third round by submission. My Mom was beaming, and I couldn't help but notice her nipples poking hard against her suit. Tracy had rolled onto her back and I looked down to see her breathing hard, rubbing her neck and breasts. Tracy's leotard was sweated through and  askew so that most of her full dark bush was showing. Susan came over, looking concerned, to help her mom up and said that her mom was using her time out now. Susan helped her mom out the door as Tracy was leaning on Susan and adjusting her leotard trying, but failing, to keep her ass covered. Mom followed them out and returned with some towels and a glass of water as I was laying down in my corner.

Mom handed me the glass of water as I sat up and she tossed a towel across my lap. She took a cool wet towel and wiped the sweat from my face and shoulders. Mom draped the refreshing towel over my shoulders and rubbed my shoulders. I just sat there and tried to recover from the last round. Mom said, "You're doing great, just keep it up." I laughed and looked down at my towel covered crotch. She playfully slapped the side of my head and said, "You know what I mean. Don't hold back. Tracy will do what it takes not to lose to you in her home in front of her daughter." Mom massaged my back and neck. After a few more minutes, Tracy came back with her daughter, looking refreshed and determined. Tracy had retied her leotard shrunk by our sweat, with most of her pubes showing and pretty much pulled up her ass. I rose and tossed the towel aside and found that my underwear was hanging loosely around my hips. I rolled the waistband down a few times to make them tighter on me, rolled so low that they were resting against the base of my cock, and copied Tracy by pulling my wet underwear up my ass a bit.

Tracy and I started to circle slowly, and I stepped into give a push to her shoulder and tried to get around to her side to her in a headlock, but Tracy was too quick and went to her knees and swept my legs from out from under me and I fell hard on my tailbone against the mat. Stunned, I was able to get to my knees before Tracy crashed into me from behind and pushed me so I was on all fours when I felt her drive her elbow into my right side. I gasped with pain and Tracy secured her arms around my stomach and pulled in hard and drove into me so my face was pressed against the mat, my bare ass high into her stomach. "That's it mom, get your own back!" Susan yelled. Tracy pulled her arms tight, and I felt nauseous. Tracy lowered her grip and she began to tug on my pubes. Shocked, I screamed out "My pubes," hoping that my Mom would call a foul. Susan yelled "Hair pulling's allowed," and I looked up to see Mom give the safe sign to signal that Tracy was not fouling me as she pulled my pubic hair fiercely with her right hand. I yelped as Tracy tortured me for a few more moments with pube pulls, before giving me another elbow to my right side, winding me completely.

I should have submitted right there and then and admitted that Tracy had won this round to escape additional punishment, but wasn't smart enough. Tracy reached around to grip my soft dick through my underwear. My cock had a mind of its own and quickly hardened under Tracy's expert stroking. Unlike her daughter who grabbed my cock with short hesitant strokes during our match, Tracy kept up the pressure and moved her hand steadily up and down my shaft through my jockey shorts, squeezing it as well. She had her thumb wrapped over the top of my dick and her fingers were playing with the underside of my cock. Tracy was putting all of her weight into me, and my neck was getting twisted as my face was making an indentation into the mat. I was pretty much out of it, putting up no defense and moaning from the pleasure and pain as Susan's mom milked me.

I felt Tracy release her hold on my dick and as I tried to raise my head, Susan's mom pulled on my hair so I was yanked back into a sitting position with her legs around my sides. She crushed me with a scissors and I gave out a sickening moan as Tracy added a full nelson and then intertwined her legs with mine. I could feel her breathing hard against my neck as she paused before leaning back lifting my ass off the mat and then dropping me down and pressing me down hard onto my tailbone. I gave out a shout from the pain radiating up my spine from my ass and Susan yelled "That's it mom, keister bump him! Work his ass!!" Tracy lifted me up again, and I was yelling even before my ass hit the mat hard again. I felt like I couldn't move my legs or breathe.

Tracy released the scissors and full nelson, but I was too beat to move. Standing over me from behind, Susan's mom just shoved my head back so I was lying down looking up at her crotch. She deliberately went to her knees, straddling me facing my feet and sat back to press her pussy into my face. Her knees pinching the sides of my chest, she jammed her foot between my left shoulder and the mat so my Mom couldn't start the pin count. Crotch of Tracy's leotard must have gotten shifted over to the side because all I felt and smelled was a very wet pussy and pubic mound pressing hard into my nose and against my mouth. I was really out of it now, almost not realizing what was happening to me in front of my Mom because it was hard to breathe with Tracy bucking her pussy into my face. I felt Susan's mom's wiry pubes and the soft outer folds of her pussy against my lips and nose. My mind was so scrambled I didn't even think to slam the mat to signal my submission. She reached back to pull my hair to hold my face tight against her crotch as she pressed and shook herself against me. "Ride him mom, ride him!!" Susan cheered her mom on. After about twenty seconds, but what felt like an eternity, Tracy's foot slipped out from under my shoulder, and Mom quickly counted the pin.

I just lay there, still smelling Tracy's pussy long after she lifted off me and was back in her corner after my Mom announced that she had won the fourth round by pin and that match was all tied up, 2 to 2. I saw Susan give her mom a high five. I don't know how long I was just lay there woozy on the mat, trying to recover when I heard Susan say that it was time for next round and that if I wasn't ready then I would submit the round. My Mom stood over me and said that if I wasn't ready after a ten count, then I would forfeit the last round and lose the match. My Mom started to count to ten, flashing her fingers like in a boxing match. As my Mom stood over me, she said that it was ok whatever happened to me during the match, but that I should never give up. Inspired but in a haze, I somehow made it to my feet by the count of 9.

Tracy moved in on me deliberately and got me in a front face lock and, bending me over, drove me back into the wall ass first to work my tailbone again. I groaned and Tracy followed it up with a knee lift into my chest. That shot somehow jarred me awake and I realized that I was about to lose unless I did something. Tracy was pretty winded as well and she was content for the moment to just press me into the wall, twist my neck and put her weight on me. With my head against her right hip, I gave her two short blows with my right just a little above her pubic line. Tracy gasped and I guessed those shots must have had some effect because I heard Susan, in a somewhat worried voice urge, "Come on mom, put him away now!"

Tracy gave me another knee to the chest and pulled me in tighter so I couldn't hit her again. I wrapped my arms around her waist and began to collect a crotch of her leotard in my hand. As I began to yank up, she pulled me away from the wall and slammed me back into the unpadded wall ass first. "Oh shit!!" I yelled. Susan's mom shrieked and turned away, holding her pussy. What had happened was that while Tracy was nailing my ass against the wall, I still had her leotard in the back to give her a wedgie and the force of her push caused me to jerk my arms back to me, but my right hand got caught in her leotard causing it to pull very hard into her. I guess the force of the wedgie was so great that it caused the front of her leotard to go up into her pussy. We must have been quite a sight, me lying next to the wall rubbing my ass and Tracy a few feet away rubbing her pussy, both of us moaning and covered in sweat. It felt like my ass was broken.

My Mom and Susan were yelling for us to get up. After a minute or so I got to my knees to find that my underwear was hanging around my thighs. I just crawled out of them as I approached Tracy, who was on all fours. She tried to adjust her leotard to protect her sore pussy. Facing each other on all fours, her breasts swaying in her leotard, I pressed my hand against her forehead, keeping her away as I had longer arms. I moved my hand up to pull her hair and yanked her head down. Tracy gave out a moan as I pressed her face into the mat. I pulled myself into Tracy by her hair and got her in a front headlock beneath me. I lay my head upon the upper part of her sweaty sloping back. Tracy's head was against the mat and her ass high. I squeezed her head and twisted and jerked the hold to put more pressure on her neck. "C'mon Mom, break the hold!" Susan shouted. After pressing on Tracy's head and neck while I caught my breath, I shifted to her side and got her right arm in a half-nelson. Tracy let out a slow moan. I think the power wedgie had drained much of the fight out of Susan's mom.

With that hold, I kept the pressure on her face and neck against the mat as I moved behind her. My dick swung against the outside of her thigh, and I reached below her with my left hand to cup her crotch from behind. I felt her wetness as I stroked her pussy for the first time - and not through her leotard. I could still smell her pussy from the face sitting she had administered to me. Her juices had dried around my lips and nostrils. Tracy began to moan when I played with her moist folds and controlled her with the half-nelson. As I stroked her pussy, my thumb inadvertently pressed against her ass. Tracy shuddered. I rubbed the side of my cock against her thigh as I continued to touch her wetness beneath her dense bush and press my thumb against her ass. My fingers explored her folds and clit, but without entering her. Susan's mom was moaning, pressing her crotch and ass back against my hand in rhythm with my stroking.

My sweaty chest was melded against Tracy's slick back, my face between the shoulder straps of her leotard, and I saw my Mom with her fists clenched urging me on and Susan looking on in shock as I controlled her mom with my crotch and ass grip. "Submit?" I asked Tracy as I circled her clit with my middle finger. "I'll never submit to you." Tracy gasped out. "That's it mom, don't give in!" Susan urged her mom on. I stroked Tracy's pussy and slowly inserted two fingers into her while keeping my thumb against her ass. Tracy moaned and I pressed my cock across her thigh so it almost touched her stomach as I was by her right side holding her right arm in a half-nelson and she was on her knees with her shoulders and face against the mat. "Oh God" I moaned as Susan's mom took her left hand and reached down and across her body to grip my cock. Tracy ran her thumb along the top side of my dick and her fingers fully gripped my shaft. I grunted as Tracy slowly and firmly pulled my cock, rotating her hand each time to work me over.

"Do it to him mom!! Do what he's doing to you!!" Susan shouted, jumping up and down in her mom's corner. My Mom, the impartial referee, kept silent. Catching my wits, I pumped my fingers in and out of Tracy's pussy. Tracy moaned and stopped rubbing my dick, but maintained her grip. My fingers explored the inside of her pussy, and Tracy squeezed my cock. I was about to go over the edge and realized I wouldn't win the match trading crotch grips with Susan's mom. Summoning all of my strength and willpower, I shot my hips back to extract my shaft from Tracy's grip, and then backed my fingers out of her pussy. Pulling up on her right shoulder with my half-nelson, I grabbed her right ankle with my now slick left hand and turned her over onto her back. I hooked her leg, and lay myself hard against her breasts. Tracy moaned out "NOOoooo" as my Mom began to count the final pin of the match. I rolled off of Tracy and her daughter rushed to her side. I rose slowly and stood over Tracy and Susan with my hands on my thighs as I tried to recover. Tracy's daughter helped her up and my Mom stood between us and raised my hand as I stood naked, dick hard, and my Mom announced that I was the winner of the match, 3 rounds to 2. I looked over at Tracy who was cupping her pussy and her daughter who was stroking her back. Tracy went back down to her knees and then lay on the mat, trying to recover from her loss. My ass was throbbing, I could barely breathe but I couldn't help but smile at the sight of the wet spot in crotch of Susan's leotard. My Mom motioned for me to leave the wrestling room.

After I took a shower in Tracy's bathroom, I got dressed, but without my underwear which I had left in the wrestling room. Still in some pain, I walked slowly down the hall and met Tracy who was wearing a robe but hadn't showered yet. I looked down and noticed she was holding my underwear. She smiled and said that Susan had told her that it was tradition that the wrestlers trade outfits after a match. I agreed, and said she was a great wrestler. Tracy congratulated me on my victory and that she wanted a rematch. I held out my hand, and she took it and then pulled me in for a hug. As we held each other gently, I couldn't believe what we had just put each other through.

My Mom met me outside at our car and was holding a small shopping bag which she handed to me. I looked in and saw a sweaty Tracy's leotard. My Mom opened the back door of the car for me so I could lie down for the drive home. She knew it would be pretty painful for me to sit over the next few days. But it wouldn't be the last time I would tussle that summer.

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